Aunesty Janssen and Patrick Reikofski are bad people

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This post has been removed pursuant to a settlement reached between Kim Rowley, Aunesty Janssen, and Patrick Reikofski in a lawsuit captioned Rowley v. Janssen et al., Douglas County District Court, Doc. 1116 No. 141 (2011).

140 thoughts on “Aunesty Janssen and Patrick Reikofski are bad people

    1. dotCOMreport

      Karma can’t come too quickly enough. I don’t believe people are doing this and getting away with it. They say to beware of your friends but really, how can anyone imagine that a best friend will turn out to be the worst enemy? Good expose Shoe.

      1. Ara600_m1

        Looks like they have a lot of issues they need to address soon otherwise it just may blow up on their collective faces.

    2. Lola Dee

      I don’t understand where that woman is coming from. I’m glad I don’t have a friend like her.

  1. Gayla

    These folks contacted me via Twitter. I’ve known Kim and have followed her work for a very long time. I adore her! When I saw what was being done, I was sick to my stomach. What horrible people! Karma is a beeyotch and this time Karma has at least one real name – Jeremy Shoemoney.

    Jeremy what you are doing here – outing the horrible people behind such heinous acts is priceless. You’re my hero – at least for today *wink* xoxo

    What these people should wake up and realize is GOOD and influential people stand and align around Kim – bad people and bad acts get nowhere but mocked and shunned as they should be.

    What a wonderful way to start my day!

    1. WhateverWorks

      Wow! How low can those people get? They seem relentless in their efforts to ruin her. How sad.

      1. smstudent

        Well, you’ll never really know what people are capable of. Especially those with an axe to grind.

  2. Chuck Hamrick

    Ya I was witness to the Aunesty drama at Affiliate Summit and ABestWeb. She suckered me into a couple of calls saying that everyone was against her. When it became evident that she was a drama queen I disassociated with her. Was glad to here that she moved to Omaha but shocked to hear she was working for Yahoo. Didn’t know about the pain she brought to Kim (who is on my A List) but the timing makes sense. If someone has connections at Yahoo they should forward this post.

  3. UD

    Man I love it when Shoe brings the hammer down. He has this lawyer-like approach of blasting the accused with facts until there is nothing left to do but surrender.

    1. Melanie Johnson

      It’s high time someone exposes what those two are up to. I sure they get to read this and stop their malicious campaigns against Kim, who’s actually the victim from the very beginning.

  4. Mark

    hey Jeremy good on you fella for outing a couple of bastards like these two. this is the sort of stuff we do not need on the net. I do have to agree with you though….. I too do not understand women !! keep up the good work


    1. Vince

      Looks like it’s already started. Anyone who read this post would now have two names to add in the losers list.

  5. JD

    Interesting piece Shoe… There are bad people everywhere; we can only learn(only if we want to) from other people’s mistakes. This is a true life story worth learning from and I wish Kim all the best. Between, your post has little to no errors this time… who is spell checking this time? lol

  6. Jacob

    I think this is my favorite thing about you, the fact that you out people for crap like this. Most people are too scared. Bravo

  7. Anne Haynes

    This is a crazy story. Sure I want to make money doing affiliate marketing, but to associate with lethal individuals like Aunesty Janssen and Patrick Reikofski it makes me want to run for the hills. As my mother would say, “You are who you hang out with” I want to hang with Kim! It concerns me that Kim, being as succesful as she is, had the wool pulled over her eyes, but love creates distorted emotions.

    Shoe, I had a client mention DMOZ directory and the first thing I thought of was the situation you went through with DMOZ. Do you still not trust them or did you make friendly again?

    All the best to Kim!!!

  8. AM

    What a great soap opera. I can’t wait for the episode where it’s revealed that all those terrible things were actually done by Aunesty Janssen’s evil long lost twin sister.

  9. Vinay

    wow what freaks… it seems if they spent as much time working on their own lives and business instead of trying to ruin someone else’s they may not be such massive fuck ups…

    1. New Bee

      I couldn’t agree more. They’d have made something out of what they stole from here if they weren’t too busy bullying her. Losers.

  10. Dan Horton SEO

    Extremely well written and from the heart. Highlights the pitfalls of “trust”. Hat off to you Shoe for bringing this into the spotlight.Why not make your own success in life as opposed to leaching on other’s generosity? All the very best Kim.

  11. Cindy Kuptz

    Unbelievable, that people want to destroy Kim. I am privledged to know her. Kim was my mentor at Affiliate Summit. She ‘s friendly , generous and willing to teach others.For Kim, what come around goes around, and good things will continue coming her way.

  12. Office Revolt

    The old “lesbian affiliate manager sleeping with your deadbeat boyfriend story”… seen it a thousand times.

    Sucks to be anyone involved in this situation.

  13. Affiliate Conference

    Wow.. I can’t believe these people would do that to her. I’m glad that site was taken down and the story behind this is being published for other people to be aware of what these two are up to.

  14. Hotdogman

    Wow. Sounds like a bad soap opera: “As the Web Turns.”

    I love it when assholes get what’s coming to them! Any way you could do a post on my ex-wife? ;op (just kidding)

  15. Pond Supplies

    Supposedly Aunesty has released a statement in regards to this post, she says she has “proof” of certain harrassment stuff that was going on by Kim (which I don’t know Kim so I can’t say anything about her character).

    There are a couple of things that shock me about this now though:

    #1: The domain WHOIS has since been returned to private registry.
    #2: Aunesty says she has proof, but failed to show any in her response.

    1. PokeYerFace

      I read her post about still being harassed by Kim Rowley. I don’t know who’s telling the truth but they need to fix this soon. A story like theirs only leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  16. Christine

    That is seriously wicked what some people will do! Disgust.

    Thank you for sharing Kim’s story. I am sorry that she has to still deal with Patrick as a father to her kids. And Aunesty for being a stalker. Stay strong, Kim!

    I am glad you posted this for many people to see with all the information. And I am happy to spread the word via social media.

      1. Tool

        I think Patrick breaking up with Kim was the best thing that happened to her. Imagine being saddled with that kind of guy for a long time. But I have a feeling that Aunesty’s worst than the guy. They belong in a padded cell.

      1. AnnieLouJ12860

        Maybe up to a certain point only. I don’t think that she’ll just allow these people to drag her name through all of this without fighting back.

  17. Jeremy

    No one deserves this high school nonsense!!! How old is Aunesty.. 13?! Grow up and get an effin’ life!

    Just because your life is a waste doesn’t me you need to try and bring others down.

  18. Austin

    They should have used all those efforts and energy managing “their affiliate business” instead of stalking and harassing her.

  19. AurorMine

    The industry doesn’t need people like those two. I hope this post would make them realize that people who know Kim Rowley would stand by her.

    1. MVZP_01

      I don’t do business with these people so I really don’t care. Good luck to them though. I hope they’ll be able to settle it soon.

    2. Jona712

      “To go a step further, Kim Rowley repeatedly discussed her sex blogs with me, and also let me know what other prominent affiliate marketer had one (whom she believed had one, I won’t state this persons name, but I do have the IM conversations where she gives details and the link to this persons site). The two sex blogs she ran, one before she met Patrick and one she ran WITH Patrick are not made up by me, but rather her work.” WTF?

  20. Big Al

    I wonder what those two have to say about all this. I’ve always believed in the benefit of the doubt. But in this case, hard to believe that there’s anything remotely reasonable about their motives for doing those bad things to Kim.

  21. LC

    Stalkers suck! Kim, I feel your pain. Stay strong and I think you are awesome! Shoe – thanks for doing a post like this.

    1. Sanjay

      Seems like Aunesty J. didn’t waste time clearing her name. I read an article she wrote claiming she’s the victim.

      1. Creative Marketer

        Well, the three of them are the only ones who know the real deal. They should at least make an effort to resolve this.

      2. Greg Hoffman

        The real problem was the anonymous attack targeting Kim’s friends and family. No matter what happened in the past or where the truth lies, the actions of Aunesty and Patrick in the last 5 days are truly reprehensible.

    2. socialanim00

      How do you exactly stop one? It must be really scary to be stalked like that. Scary and irritating.

  22. B.Logan

    Major mud-slinging fest. I hope the truth will emerge for the sake of the real victim, whoever that may be.

    1. Rachel

      i agree… didn’t always, but then again, nobodys perfect…. and I myself still have A TON of learning to do, what I am sure of though is even though it sounds like some real shitty stuff has been done to this woman Kim, it will be best for all involved to forgive, especially on Kims end,not because she is wrong,i don’t know either way,but because she was wronged… Unresolved anger,hate or even just slight animosity is not good for anyone… It will slowly but surely eat you alive from the inside out, your own self is put through much more pain and suffering than the one(s) our anger is aimed at…People that are just pure vicious evil are bothered far less,if at all,than those of us who are hurt or taken advantage of by them and we will only prolong the pain by holding back our forgivness… Anyhow, i am prayerful that the truth will reveal itself all in God’s good time and those who were wronged will be stronger for it in the end

  23. joonlee97

    “And now Kim Rowley has encouraged her boss to make posts about me and Patrick spreading more lies, thus continuing the Cyber Stalking and Harassment we have endured for more than two years at her hands. (as has been discussed with State Law Enforcement)” – from Aunesty Janssen and Patrick Reikofski’s official statement posted on their site

    Are you the boss she’s referring to, Jeremy?

    1. ExclaimedIdeas

      Of course she’ll do her best to discredit the person she’s attacking. Shame on you, Aunesty!

  24. thoushallpass

    I guess I don’t want to take sides on this one. I wasn’t there and I don’t want to be involved, too. I just want to stay a Shoemoney fan and that’s about it.

  25. NicMoon

    Hmmm…sounds like a plot for a soap opera. Seriously though, I think that Kim should move on and get on with her life. She’s better off than the other two and I know there will be more blessings for her in the long run.

  26. Marnie Sho

    So here goes the time line:

    Kim and Pat started dating – March 2006
    Patrick and Kim broke up – December 2007
    Aunesty met Patrick – June 2008

    (Didn’t Kim know that there were other fish in the ocean, if you know what I mean?)

  27. KeepinItReal

    Well I looked up aunesty janssen and saw her and patrick reijdhfhski and I have to say…Kim you aren’t missing much by not being with that dude. He’s FUCKING UGLY.

  28. H delacruz

    I found this interesting tidbit of confession: “Yes I lied to Kim about the budding relationship between Patrick and myself, we (Patrick and I) agreed it would be best. I do wish Kim would not have found out about our relationship they way she did, I would have preferred to tell her myself, but when she chose to hack into Patrick’s Facebook account and read his emails, she got an eyeful.”

  29. internetFTW

    Now that you are out of my life,
    I’m so much better,
    You thought that I’d be weak without ya,
    But I’m stronger,
    You thought that I’d be broke without ya,
    But I’m richer,
    You thought that I’d be sad without ya,
    I laugh harder,
    You thought I wouldn’t grow without ya,
    Now I’m wiser,
    You thought that I’d be helpless without ya,
    But I’m smarter,
    You thought that I’d be stressed without ya,
    But I’m chillin’
    You thought I wouldn’t sell without ya,
    Sold nine million.

  30. Steve Kilberg

    Great post Shoe! It’s sad how people can be jealous in this world. What worse, IMHO, is that the Affiliate industry has more than it needs of people stuck in High School with their insecure behaviors…

    1. TomYoon

      I leave the judging to the clouds, man. You see, each of us have skeletons in the closet and Aunesty and Patrick just had theirs at the right place and the right time. Sucks to be them though.

  31. Bill Cornell

    Jeremy, Congratulations! I’m new here and. usually don’t jump into this kind of thing. I gotta’ tell you I don’t believe 90% of what I hear and less of what I read (especially on the internet). As I am legitimately a G.O.M. (grumpy old man – 53 y-o) and don’t have a lotta faith in what is being shoveled on the www. However, I want to tell you that I am shocked that such a young, successful man your age would have the guts to stand up for your friend and announce to the world not only the names of the thieves, but also their addresses here in Omaha…AND, by having the kahonies to explain how they ripped your buddy off. GOOD JOB! I believe you have started to change my mind about all the BS on the net and the character of young folks your age…GREAT JOB!
    Bill in Omaha

  32. Amanda MacArthur

    Wow, great blog. Using their full names in the titles (and the comments) is a sure-fire way to make sure that this blog is the first thing that shows up when someone Google’s their names!

  33. Red

    Wow! I live in KC, so I googled Miss Aunesty (Honesty? Really?) and saw that at one time (no date on post) she had announced her candidacy to run for State Representative. She sounds like just the kind of people who give politicians a bad name.

  34. TYCP Magazine

    The part where you said “I will never understand women” – you probably weren’t even being all that serious, but oi! Not all of us would do this. I would never ever hand over my sites to someone else like that. I don’t care if I’ve known the person all my life. At least Kim learned her lesson. That’s the important thing here.

    As for Aunesty, I’m not surprised she failed. Some people are talking about karma. I think it’s safe to say that it already hit her. Kim is reaping the good because she’s a good-hearted person. Aunesty just got herself into deep crap & pretty much ruined any chance she had at making it in the business.

  35. Darwin

    Why did you even post this? I don’t know any of these folks and it’s none of my business. What does it have to do with your IM business?

  36. Kimitee

    Really??? These are grown-up people pulling this kind of shit? People with children? Fuckin’-Ay! Some people never get their shit together. I enjoyed your putting them on blast. lol

  37. Phoebe

    What a horror story … I hope that these two people get the entire affiliate marketing networks to boot them for life. Just give them enough rope to hang themselves.

    I am glad she never had kids with this man :(

  38. Amal Buechler

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  39. R.H.

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  40. katherine

    Good for you, It’s nice to know that there are people out in this world wide web tha do look out for the kim’s of this world. She’s lucky to have you in her corner.

    Kim, chin up. You certainly don’t need people like that in your life. You go girl!!! I believe in Karma and it looks like karma is biting them both in the ass. That’s what you get for trying to screw good people.

    Sorry for the potty mouth, but it had to be said.

    Take Care

  41. Dagen

    Oh my god, the world needs more fearless friends like you to stick it to the bottom feeders of the world . God bless you , I was kind of on the fence about signing up with but after reading this I’m signing up for sure. Just as soon as I get some funds I’ll be there .

  42. Beware of Rob Gelhausen

    You’all beware of this jokester. he set up an affiliate site for 30 days using and then screwed everyone that signed up. I only lost $112. I have his contact info if anybody wants it. Thanks Shoe!! You’re the BOMB BABY!!!!!!!!!

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