Affiliate Summit Forums Are Now Live!


Shawn Collins announced last week that the Affiliate Summit forums are now live.

The affiliate industry is in bad need of an affiliate marketing specific forum that has quality people and not just a bunch of kids acting like they are big ballers.

The Affiliate Summit IMO is in the perfect position to do it.

Go register now =>

107 thoughts on “Affiliate Summit Forums Are Now Live!

    1. Jim Petersen

      Nice one! This should be both an excellent networking platform and go-to place for quality resources.

      1. sasha_482

        I enjoyed reading some of the discussions there already. Found some links that pointed me to really interesting recaps of this year’s ASW.

    2. Fields of Clover

      Looking forward to reconnecting with people I’ve met at ASW as well as get to know those I haven’t had the chance to meet. Props to the Affiliate Summit people for launching this!

    3. edtorrez

      Not much is more exciting than joining a new and growing community. Except when money is involved and fresh and new ideas are being shared.

  1. New Bee

    I think this is a great platform to keep track of relevant industry news. Thanks for the heads-up, Jeremy!

    1. Nikki Stewart

      Not only that. I think more than the updates you get it’s the opportunity to build your network that provides the most value. This would offer a great venue to form and maintain a strong circle of contacts. A solid network is worth more than information you pick from it IMHO

      1. B.Logan

        I couldn’t agree more. Most of the time, you only get to do that during industry events. I think that this forum should help strengthen connections that have already been established in former affiliate summits.

      2. moolahmachine

        I believe that this is an effective way to add a boost to my email list. Hope my warm market improves in the next few days since I am looking forward to joing Qivana’s bandwagon.

    2. Andrew Says So

      Always good to find a reliable source of information and updates. I’m definitely signing-up!

  2. Austin

    The tools and services section certainly makes a great addition. I’m sure a lot of people would benefit from this forum.

    1. Mark Mead

      Found some interesting information there already. Looking forward to discovering some really cool tools from there.

  3. Melanie Johnson

    Is this forum open to everyone, including newbies? This would really be a great way not just to network but get the latest updates and industry news as well.

  4. AurorMine

    Hi, Jeremy! Thanks for the info! Is this exclusive to previous affiliate summit attendees or open to everyone?

    1. Creative Marketer

      I think it’s an open invitation. It’s an excellent venue indeed not just for networking but for finding great resources as well. I’m really excited about it.

  5. Sanjay

    Interesting. This would really come handy if you wish to keep track of relevant news and trends. Great way to network, too.

  6. Undercover Affiliate

    I’m really excited about this! It’ll be easier for me now to get the latest conference related information. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

  7. Lola Dee

    This should make a great venue to discuss affiliate summit insights and experiences. I like to follow updates so this would be a huge help to me.

  8. AL0101

    This is a great idea introducing an affiliate summit forum. I hope this will bring together web marketing enthusiasts — veteran or tenderfoot — in a positive way.

    1. Richard Pascal

      There’s a wealth of information available at various social networking sites. Unfortunately, you’d have to sift through tons of info to find the ones that are relevant and reliable. I think this forum would be a great go-to site for affiliates to get quality information more easily.

      1. Nicholas Oli

        Although the idea isn’t novel, the concept of having a forum just for affiliate marketers is just innovative. I hope to learn new stuff from all the veteran contributors. Hey, what ever happened to Justin Goff’s follow-up post?

  9. Cristina Dy

    Just signed up and read the latest posts. It really does help if you were a previous Affiliate Summit attendee to have an idea what all the nitty-gritty’s about.

    1. BigMoneyBrooklyn

      I’ll be attending the next one. In the meantime, I could get the information I need from this forum.

      1. SmallBiz Sue

        That’s why I follow this blog. There’s always something fresh, interesting, and useful to find here. I’m not into affiliate marketing but I’m very much interested with this forum. I hope I can join, too.

  10. Bash Bosh

    This looks great… going to register right now.
    I think this would be a great source of information for all affiliates out there!

    Thanks for sharing

    1. California Dreamin

      Make someday today. Joining this forum may not be a perfect substitute for attending the conference but it’ll do for now. :)

  11. John Dillon

    Though forums aren’t exactly new, somehow, this one’s different from the rest. Judging from what I see so far, this particular forum is a great resource for relevant information. Kudos to Affiliate Summit organizers for setting this up!

  12. Willow

    This is good news! I’ve only recently started with affiliate marketing. Am I qualified to sign up for this?

    1. Jason S.

      I haven’t been to any Affiliate Summit event. Would I still be able to join? I’d like to sign up and learn more about affiliate marketing.

  13. Gabby Dell from SC

    The calendar’s one of my favorite features already. I’d love to attend the conference so this would make it much easier for me to keep track of updates.

    1. BTK

      Same here. I’ll be right back to check on the sweet sweet stuff I’m gonna get in a while. Thanks for the tip off, Shoe!

    1. F2Xsites

      About time! This would keep the momentum for those who attended an affiliate summit. And a great resource for newbies and those who’ve been in this business for a while.

  14. medomoc

    I’ve come across some forums discussing the affiliate summit. At least now there’s one that’s initiated by organizers themselves.

  15. April

    “You will not use this forum as a venue for resolving issues with moderators, affiliates, merchants, networks, agencies or other service providers;”

    Looks kind of dead, only 3 people online. I think most people already talk to each other on Twitter. Looks to be more of an “affiliate summit” forum rather than an “affiliate marketing” forum. I guess that’s why it’s called a networking forum? Lightweight chit chat, networking, the usual people you already see online all the time and based on what I quoted, I guess no talking about real issues because the might offend some of the advertisers or somebody you might need to retweet something you’re pushing. Not for me, right now looks pretty boring.

    1. Shawn Collins

      > based on what I quoted, I guess no talking about real issues because the might offend some of the advertisers or somebody you might need to retweet something you’re pushing

      We simply don’t want to be the place for people to take their private battles public – we created it to foster networking and education, rather than be a troll party.

      Sorry if that’s boring to you.

  16. Amy Ely is thrilled to be part of the new Affiliate Summit Forum! We’re looking forward to meeting new affiliate marketers, networking, continuing industry discussions between conferences, providing insight, and fielding any questions.

    Thanks to the Affiliate Summit team for officially launching this great new community. We’re looking forward to watching it grow :)


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