The 2010 ShoeMonies… errr not quite

Every year I always want to do a year end post about all the stuff that has made a impact on my business life the year before.

Now I toyed with the idea of having my own awards. Yes, that’s right – one of those weaksauce, trafficbait, “get all your friends to vote for you”, and then when you win here is your “badge” to link to my website. My plan was to call them the ShoeMonies.

Think I am joking?

Here are the graphics I had Eddie make for last years ShoeMoney Awards:

And here are the badges you would put on your site when you would have won:

So ya I was serious about thinking about doing it…

Now don’t get my wrong I am not trying to say its lame or dumb. Actually its a great way to get a burst of traffic and links.

I just have this goddamn company that gets in the way of having fun all the time. Bleh.

But I do want to share all the things that have made a huge impact in my business life. And if any of you people want to use the 2009 ShoeMoney Awards badge on your site (just cross out 2009 and put 2010) that would be cool (but ghetto).

So without further or due I present the winners of the 2010 ShoeMonies (if I had them).

The Thank God This Company Exists Award – Google – Where do I start. Gmail, Docs, Maps, Api’s, Chrome, Hosted Scripts, and of course search just to name a few. My life is much easier because of Google. and so is your’s. Even your’s GrayWolf.

Best Mobile Application – Tripit. What did I ever do before Tripit? As much as I travel its very hard to keep iterneraries and meetings straight… but Tripit does it all for me… automatically. Its integration with your Gmail account automatically grabs your confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, car rentals, shows, meetings, you name it. The iPhone application also lets me see my mileage programs for every program I have an account with. When Tripit came out with a pay pro version I purchased it. I didn’t even know what I was going to get but I just wanted to pay them for what they had already given me. But lemme tell you the pro version adds a ton of cool features. I now get instant notifications of when my plane has arrived… how many minutes I have to catch my connection. Alternate flights, delays and a shitton more. Tripit is amazing.

Best industry writer – Lisa Barone (Outspoken Media) . This is WAY overdue. Lisa is hands down the best writer in all of internet marketing. Her conference coverage is second to none. Her knowledge of the SEO, Affiliate, and social media spaces is unparalleled. While don’t always agree with her I always appreciate and respect her passion.

Best Conference – Affiliate Summit (Missy and Shawn). – For some reason I got started off on the wrong foot with with Shawn and Missy… Mostly Shawn. But as I have gotten to know them more they are truly good people who really care about our industry. January marks the 6th Affiliate Summit I have attended and its incredibly impressive what the event has become.

Best everyday use web Application – WordPress. WordPress continues to dominate the market for not only a writing platform but a complete CMS. The WordPress framework is so easy to use and understand that it allows us to do rapid deployment of applications and focus on what we are good at… building the service.

People who don’t use pictures of their kids as their facebook photos. – I just want to say thank you. Nothing more awesome then getting friend requests from 5 year old girls. Use your own goddamn photos people. Also stop tagging your kids as you. K thanks.

Biggest thing to come a long in the SEO industry since Google Guy came out of the Closet as Matt Cutts – With over 15,000 verified users in its first couple weeks and growing at an alarming pace, changed the SEO world over night. FreeSeoReport just inked a deal with HostGator and will soon be in GoDaddy as the best SEO resource in their Control Panels. At first the SEO community shunned this break through application but now has to suck up to the owners because they want the leads from users who are looking to hire SEO’s.

P.S. I own and yes, I am a shameless self promotor so suck it sphinn users. Go back to your circle jerks writing about the latest Google patent or 10 ways to do x in social media while I continue to build real business that give real value to people.

Best Desktop Application – Skitch. I frickin love Skitch. It makes my life so much easier. For those who don’t know what it is… its like photoshop but only has the key features you need and features 1 click uploading and sharing with your friends. Its tits.

Best TV Show – Jersey Shore #fistpump. Specifically “The Situation” and jWow’s twins. I totally love the Jersey shore. Its like The Hills only the cast makes no bones about how over the top insensitive they are. Come to think about it I love the whole cast. How can’t you.

THE WTF INDUSTRY MOMENT OF THE DECADE Disa Johnson (formally Detlev Johnson) holding a session at SMX about he/she transforming their gender from Male to Female. Then when I wrote about it, she sent me a cease and desist for using a before and after image that she didnt even actually own the copyright to in the first place. But the real wtf moment is how I rank for her name despite her best efforts hiring all of her “SEO expert friends” to knock my post out of Google. I still take more shit about this then anything else from oldschool SEO friends.

Best Optimization toolVisual Website Optimizer. When I demoed this and how we use it at the Elite Retreat I think they got at least 30 new signups. Make no mistake this is NOT Google Website Optimizer. This one works in realtime and has cross domain capability. Its EASY to setup and its extremely robust. I accidentally stumbled onto this gem while searching for a way to do cross domain tracking with Google Website Optimizer. If you use GWO give VWO a try today. You can thank me later.

The Thank God They Exist Award – My Lawyers at Fraser Stryker (Stryker I just met her? You are probably to young for that). Specifically Troy Meyerson. Good Lawyers – My guys at Fraser Stryker are fantastic. (hopefully they give me a few hours credit for the link).

So thats the ShoeMonies… kind of. Sorry if you did not win for a made up category. I simply would go on forever if I named all of you that should have won (hows that for a cop out).

See you next year!!!! (probably not).

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