Why “Hard Work” Won’t Make You Rich…

Hard work doesn’t make people rich.

This is probably the exact opposite of what you’ve been told your whole life.  But the truth is… the people who are rich, don’t work nearly as hard as the people making minimum wage.

And there’s good reason for this…It’s because rich people focus on the few select things that make them money. They don’t waste their time on projects and tasks that don’t produce profits.

I’ll give you an example of some of the stuff I do throughout the week that makes me money…

  • Make Facebook Ads
  • Setup new media buys & traffic sources
  • Setup our newsletters & blog posts for the week
  • Write 1 blog post for Shoemoney.com
  • Get links for SEO
  • Keep in touch with our affiliates
  • Split test variables on our landing pages
  • Come up with new ideas to increase our customer value

Now here’s a list of non-moneymaking things that I used to do, that I have outsourced…

  • customer service
  • blog post & newsletter writing (for our fitness site, I still write my own Shoemoney posts)
  • design for banners, ads
  • programming and website updates

Whenever I try to narrow down my work and focus on my most profitable tasks, I’m always reminded of a quote I heard Bedros Keulian say at a fitness marketing seminar…

Focus on your 5%.  Anything that’s not in your 5% of money making tasks has to go…

Remember working hard or working long hours everyday doesn’t make you a better person or a more deserving person when it comes to money. It’s all about getting maximum profits from the least amount of work possible.

When it boils down to it, what we all really want is more freedom… And the simple way to get more freedom is by working less and making more money…

One of the things you need to figure out is what you want your 5% to be

Write down what you want to be in your 5% and them work on eliminating all the tasks that aren’t in your 5%

– Justin

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