Why “Hard Work” Won’t Make You Rich…

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Hard work doesn’t make people rich.

This is probably the exact opposite of what you’ve been told your whole life.  But the truth is… the people who are rich, don’t work nearly as hard as the people making minimum wage.

And there’s good reason for this…It’s because rich people focus on the few select things that make them money. They don’t waste their time on projects and tasks that don’t produce profits.

I’ll give you an example of some of the stuff I do throughout the week that makes me money…

  • Make Facebook Ads
  • Setup new media buys & traffic sources
  • Setup our newsletters & blog posts for the week
  • Write 1 blog post for Shoemoney.com
  • Get links for SEO
  • Keep in touch with our affiliates
  • Split test variables on our landing pages
  • Come up with new ideas to increase our customer value

Now here’s a list of non-moneymaking things that I used to do, that I have outsourced…

  • customer service
  • blog post & newsletter writing (for our fitness site, I still write my own Shoemoney posts)
  • design for banners, ads
  • programming and website updates

Whenever I try to narrow down my work and focus on my most profitable tasks, I’m always reminded of a quote I heard Bedros Keulian say at a fitness marketing seminar…

Focus on your 5%.  Anything that’s not in your 5% of money making tasks has to go…

Remember working hard or working long hours everyday doesn’t make you a better person or a more deserving person when it comes to money. It’s all about getting maximum profits from the least amount of work possible.

When it boils down to it, what we all really want is more freedom… And the simple way to get more freedom is by working less and making more money…

One of the things you need to figure out is what you want your 5% to be

Write down what you want to be in your 5% and them work on eliminating all the tasks that aren’t in your 5%

– Justin

39 thoughts on “Why “Hard Work” Won’t Make You Rich…

  1. TrafficColeman

    Justine you are right bro..you have to work smarter not harder to make it in the world..Just do things that will bring in money and not running around YouTube looking for traffic building tips..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    1. enajyram00

      I couldn’t agree more. I only started seeing the results I want once I started focusing on the more important things in my business. I used to spend a lot of time on social networking sites especially Facebook. But now, rarely use it and instead focus on article marketing and running PPC campaigns.

  2. James

    Wow, that sounds entirely opposite to what Jeremy would usually say… the rich work the hardest and that’s why they are rich…

      1. Yes2Freebies

        So true. That’s why I started exploring affiliate marketing a few months back since I needed an extra income from my day job.

    1. spameater

      I think working hard is relative. The rich may be working the hardest but it’s probably only for those things that either generate the most revenues or they’re really passionate about. Could be both.

  3. Anon

    i really feel this is bit of a fluff post. very generic and very “black or white” kind of “advice”. logically we’d only want to be doing something that is very profitable, yes. realistically life is not like that. *yawn*

      1. F2Xsites

        I totally agree. I don’t think there’s anything much of significance that can be achieved without focus.

  4. Brian P

    You are still working hard lol! But yes you are not doing the other stuff that is time consuming that is taking up your time and needs to be done which does not really make you money.

    Good post my friend!

    1. newmediaist12

      I guess it would depend on what you’re working on in the first place. Some people work hard making others rich. But if you’re working hard and smart for yourself then that would increase the chances of making yourself rich.

  5. London Jobs

    You so right, we do a lot of thing in the internet that dosen’t make us any money. We should work on thing that make us money and in the free time we shold work on thing just fo fun (like the things you wrote in the post..).

    1. MVZP_01

      I’ll try to keep this in mind next time I find myself working on 3 projects at the same time. The last time I did that I felt that I’m not giving each one my best.

  6. 300 Net Marketers

    I was told a long time ago that it’s not about working harder…. but about working smarter. If you ever do something more than once, you develop and refine a system, allowing you to work smarter.

    1. Bryan Jake T

      Working smart is essentially about focusing on what truly matters. Spending considerable amount of time each day checking various social networking accounts instead of creating a product or service is not very smart at all.

      1. ILoveMemes

        I used to be guilty of that. That’s why I decided to deactivate two of the SN sites I frequent. It sure did make me more productive.

    2. melg

      “Getting more done with less is an art,
      It’s a quality requiring much heart,
      But I must confess
      How I turned failure to success
      Was to work hard at working smart.”

  7. WhoisDoyle

    Eliminating time vampires is one of the first things you should do if you’re serious about doing more substantial and profitable work. You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish just by minimizing the amount of time you give them.

  8. Husher50

    It’s always been easier said than done for me. I tend to spread myself too thin. There never seems to be enough time to do everything and yet I often feel like I’m not accomplishing anything.

  9. TheSandMan5050

    Working on a lot of things at once is not only stressful. It kills creativity. You can do anything much of value if you don’t have the creativity to come up with something that could make more money for you.

  10. WhoSaysWhat01

    Find that which provides more value and spend more time doing it instead of those that won’t make any long-term difference whatsoever.

  11. socialanim00

    But what if one doesn’t have the money to outsource some of the important tasks? Sometimes there’s no other choice but to work hard regardless of how much you focus on the important stuff.

    1. georgeblanco

      It helps if you don’t do anything at once. If you’re going to start a business on your own then it’s important that you set realistic goals. What is it that would really drive the business? Everything else can follow.

  12. WhateverWorks

    “Focus on your 5%. Anything that’s not in your 5% of money making tasks has to go…” — Great advice. I hope I’d be able to quickly figure out which ones I need to let go.

  13. smstudent

    Less is better. It’s far easier to finish something if you can give it your 100%, which ultimately gives you more time to take on other important tasks.

  14. amanda

    Thanks so much for this post Justin. Right on time. I’ve been busting my hump doing practically everything and recently realized it isn’t sustainable and it’s basically stupid. Any tips on good outsourcing software, automation, et. that you use?

  15. Ryan Critchett

    I’m for it! This is right on.. man, this whole ideology is transforming the world. No more do you have to bang hammers to get ahead, gotta use that thing that not many people are conscious of, but that shapes all of our lives called BRAIN. Great post, love this stuff.

  16. Evans Graphics

    Focus on your 5% is great advice. It’s easier these days to do all of this from your desk but the problem is a lot of the activity gets lost in the noise. There’s a whole crowd of people shouting out there.

    As printers we’re seeing a resurgence in traditional printing; posters, window displays, signs. If you want to stand out from the crowd that’s typing, put up a great big sign. Traditional methods are the new hi-tech.

  17. Naveen Chavan

    I came across this statement once that says “Out of every ten people who are born on this Earth 9 work for the tenth” , ironically the tenth doesn’t work harder than any of the 9, but definitely he works smart.

    Justin, Thanks for this awesome post… there was so much to learn from it!!

  18. mayline olidan

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  19. Agent 700

    Yes, 9 people may work for the 10th, but pretty soon there comes a time when they reach their limit and fucking kill the 10th and take away all his damn money … So, fuck you!You’ve got it all wrong, asshole!

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