Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest – 2010

We are going to go ahead and do another Crazy Affiliate Summit Contest.  I really enjoy doing this because it could really change the life of the winner.

Not only will youhave an amazing time at Affiliate Summit with all your expenses covered but you also will make some great industry contacts.

Check out what the winner will receive:

  • A platinum pass to Affiliate Summit West.
  • 2 nights hotel accommodations paid for at host hotel.
  • $500 Airfare Reimbursement.
  • $2000 to gamble on 1 hand of blackjack (can you handle the pressure?).
  • Roll with me at Affiliate Summit.
  • A pass to the Epic Advertising Playboy Mansion Party this fall.

How insane is that?

So what do you have to do to win?

All you have to do to enter to win is write a post telling my staff why you think you should win.  Then put the link to your post in the comments. Thats it.
My staff will narrow down the top 10 posts from people we feel should win.
The deadline for submissions is this Wednesday December 29th.  Voting will continue until Monday January 3rd and the winner will be announced on  Tuesday January 4th.

There is not much time to spare.  DO NOT PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!

You can read last years winner Lyndon Reid’s experience here.

Check out the video from last years winner throwing down 2 g’s on Black Jack:

I would like to thank Epic Advertising for providing the $2,000 for gambling and Affiliate Summit for the pass and hotel.

Good Luck!