Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest – 2010

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 27, 2010 · 92 comments

We are going to go ahead and do another Crazy Affiliate Summit Contest.  I really enjoy doing this because it could really change the life of the winner.

Not only will youhave an amazing time at Affiliate Summit with all your expenses covered but you also will make some great industry contacts.

Check out what the winner will receive:

  • A platinum pass to Affiliate Summit West.
  • 2 nights hotel accommodations paid for at host hotel.
  • $500 Airfare Reimbursement.
  • $2000 to gamble on 1 hand of blackjack (can you handle the pressure?).
  • Roll with me at Affiliate Summit.
  • A pass to the Epic Advertising Playboy Mansion Party this fall.

How insane is that?

So what do you have to do to win?

All you have to do to enter to win is write a post telling my staff why you think you should win.  Then put the link to your post in the comments. Thats it.
My staff will narrow down the top 10 posts from people we feel should win.
The deadline for submissions is this Wednesday December 29th.  Voting will continue until Monday January 3rd and the winner will be announced on  Tuesday January 4th.

There is not much time to spare.  DO NOT PASS UP THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!

You can read last years winner Lyndon Reid’s experience here.

Check out the video from last years winner throwing down 2 g’s on Black Jack:

I would like to thank Epic Advertising for providing the $2,000 for gambling and Affiliate Summit for the pass and hotel.

Good Luck!

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1 Lola

Oh it’s really interesting, i’ll never do this :)

2 John Sullivan

I need to go and write that post as I am sitting in the snow in NY from San Antonio and was just talking about going to Vegas with this 18k I got in my pocket :)

3 Danger Brown

Great idea! I’m going to be there anyway, but I’m staying at Treasure Island. Can I still post and have a chance of winning? That ticket to the mansion party sounds great! Thanks for offering this Jeremy!

4 Jeremy Schoemaker

For sure!

5 Danger Brown

Thanks for letting me play Jeremy! Here is my Video Entry:
Spoiler alert: If I win I’ll shave my head and give away the blackjack winnings to a family member of mine that needs gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. Their insurance doesn’t cover it and the money would make a difference.

6 tammy

good luck everyone! this is a great contest!

7 Brian | i-Blogger

This would be a dream come true for most guys like myself – I am going to start writing right now! Hanging out with the top dogs and some Playboy Bunnies, what more could anyone ask for…

Thanks for the opportunity,

Brian M Connole

8 Dave Seeley

As the following question will so obviously show, I need all the education I can get regarding this business. Have a fab idea all laid out on paper and ready to go, but am a bit tech challenged. At 50 I’m late to the race but can run like hell with the right info. So my question is where do I post the reason I should win. I can figure out the link part, thanks for helping.

9 Jeremy Schoemaker

This is probably not the contest for you. I am not trying to be a dick just trying to save you the trouble.

I would highly recommend looking at the free resources I have put together here:

10 Brian P

Wow totally awesome!

11 Stocks on Wall Street

Looks like another totally awesome contest.

12 Kristi

Awesome contest! Here’s my entry.

Please note the chance for souvenirs from Australia. :)

13 William Rock

Great Contest Idea:

This show is one of the leading shows in the industry, tons to learn from many great marketers. One of the key aspects of going to one of these types of events is , EDUCATION…. Lot’s of it, then go back to the office and deploy the madness unless your head freezes up and you go mad… I have seen to many try to do all of the things they hear, a word of caution is to have fun… Before you go to the show do your homework on the sessions and figure out what you wish to take away from the event. Stay organized in your notes otherwise you will get lost when you get back to the office scratching your head trying to figure out what you where trying to write down. Sometimes it works when you bring a laptop and just jot down your notes, I type faster than I can write and typing is clear, again separate your notes by session.

Jeremy you meet a ton of people at all the shows you attend, however we had meet back at pubcon 2007 in Vegas not that means much, I would love to get a chance to pick your brain, not sure if that is part of the package but would be fun… Thx

Will you be speaking at this event?

14 William Rock

I just answered my own question about you speaking it looks like you have 2 panels going on … Very Nice

- Blog Monetization
- The Next Evolution In Affiliate Marketing

15 Jai

All i need to do is write a good blog post correct? how many winners would be selected? from the post you will select 10 best blog posts?


16 Jeremy Schoemaker

yes, 1, yes

17 Russ

Another surefire winner. Now to add it into the que. Getting to affiliate summit on a Shoemoney Ticket will be great for someone!

18 James Jordan

Hi Jeremy,

Sooo excited you have made this opportunity available. You can see my post/pitch here:

I fervently hope you will put me in consideration for the “Crazy Affiliate Summit West Contest” and we get a chance to meet (again….we met at a SF Ad summit in 2008)


19 Nick Throlson
20 Yaxxx


21 Hotdogman

I want to roll with Shoemoney at Affiliate Summit West! The Hotdogman is a man with a plan and I want to win this contest so bad, I can taste it!

Here is my entry:


22 Finnikin Twinkle

Looking good Jeremy…….’Hef’ just got married, sounds like your shopping too. Heres the link to my post!

23 Chris Kesler

What a cool contest. Glad to be a part of it.
My Affiliate Summit Entry

24 Chris Kesler

Here’s my entry. I don’t believe that my previous comment posted.

My Affiliate Summit Entry

25 Kevin Lett
26 Brad Seid

Learning From Affiliate Rockstars, Smoking Stogies With Ole Hugh, Throwing Down a 2K bet at the black jack table. Sounds like the life i want to live :)

27 Magic G

Thanks for the opportunity…Very much appreciated.

Dear ShoeMoney

28 Chris

Cheers. Thanks for having this contest. I am game.

29 Wanda

Great contest. Sure like the idea of meeting up with the top players in IM and the thought of dropping 2K on one hand of blackjack sounds pretty awesome.

30 Kelly Lee
31 Onuora Amobi

I’m already living the life. It would be fun to meet you guys.

I had fun writing this post – reminded me of how far I’ve come…

32 Khaidir

good luck everyone!!

33 Matthew Bailey

It’s 1AM and I finally have nailed out my epic post on why I Should GO! What a great opportunity Jeremy so thank you for the chance to win.
You can check my post out at

Can’t wait to see the results! Here’s to a sleep tonight with Affiliate Vegas dreams!

34 Gerasimos (Mike) Fois

To the movie fan in you…

35 iAlzaben

Is this only for US people ?

36 Jeremy Schoemaker

anyone is eligible

37 Kedar Bhattarai

I wish It was me to win the contest,a crazy contest as it sounds .I will eagerly wait for the day to come and till then keep my senses awake to perceive the good news

38 Ithamar Fenerson

OK Shoemoney, I want to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity, so here’s my entry:

39 Ithamar Fenerson

Attempting to post my entry again. I want this opportunity!

40 azzlannil

Look forward for cool n crazy affiliate summit if given the ops.
I shall post in my blog for any online biz or affliate income ops at . tqvm

41 browie

I’ll try to win. Free is awesome

42 Jonathan Brodzik

Hey Jeremy,

I like the marketing idea behind this contest. Very smart.
Check out my post here and I look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

43 Brian P
44 Marcus Neto

Count me in. I am hungry for the knowledge so please pick me!

45 Brett Burky

Hello Shoemoney,

Grab a hot cocoa and sit down and read my reasons that I want to attend ASW11 with you.


46 Brett Burky

Hey guys if you tried to access my site a couple of hours ago it might have been down. Hostgator and their caching issues gave me a 403, how ironic.

If you haven’t been there yet, then disregard this.

47 Miami Phillips

Great marketing concept – fun to follow a really good marketer! Thanks…

48 Dustin Olenslager
49 Faisal

too bad i cant participate.., I live in Egypt so I cant come.., that’s even why the shoemoney system cant work for me here..

anyway.., I just wanted, feel iam part of this.. so good luck and have fun all..,

50 Jeremy Schoemaker

Why can’t you participate in the contest?

51 Faisal

even if i won..i wont be able to come..:)

52 Miguel

Here it goes,, the anticipation is KILLING me! This could be the biggest post of my life.

53 Michael Erukuebami

Contest to separate shaft from wheat. Ought to win b’cos followed your steps to wealth making and not regretting it. Cheers.

54 Kelly Lee

2010 has proven to be the worst year of my life. My husband cheated, I had a nervous breakdown affording me a nice stay in my local looney bin and I have been unable to secure a ‘real’ job the entire year. I should go to this summit because I need to go to this summit. I need to learn everything this summit is going to teach me. I want to make money period. I want to escape the worthless rat race of 9-5 jobs and living paycheck to paycheck. I was married for several years and thought my life was planned out, now I have nothing. You can change my life and I am hoping you will. Besides, think about it, you send me, I succeed and I become your success story! It’s a win-win. I have only recently started this venture, I have had one blog for a few days and one blog for one month but I know that I love blogging and I want very much to be successful at this. Please at the very least choose someone that needs the help, even if you don’t choose me.

55 Jeremy Schoemaker

Yet you fail to post it on a blog. =(

56 Ricardo Solon

Shock… what’s up with shoemoney readers?
100 000 readers not even 30 applications….

Did I miss something … at least it inspired my blog post …

Vegas here I come baby … oh yeah!!!! my passport is ready

57 BeltwayBoy

Thanks for having this cool contest! Good luck to everyone, here is my entry.

58 Teasastips
59 Eric Siu

Here’s my entry:

How I Increased My Income From $32,500 to $72,000 In 6 Months @ 24 Years Old:

Good luck to everyone. And me:)

61 Vinay

Wow! I have been giddy with excitement since I read this post yesterday. Big day of post planning. Here is my entry:

Shoemoney and staff you are all super awesome sexy people. Please pick me :)

62 deStone
63 Bryan

I think this sounds like a cool idea and I’d be excited to see if theres anything i could even teach you guys if I won. Not to be presumptous but it’s my mindset to always to to events like these in the role of a mentor. My learning is not only selfish because yes i want to learn for myself, but its also self-LESS and generous because im looking to share some nugget of information Ive synthesized, some introduction i recognize as valuable for you, some form of memorable, impactful value.
the blog post to enter the contest is at :
thanks for the chance

64 Erik Emanuelli @ FreeMakeMoneyAdvice
65 Tammy Nozawa

Awesome contest- thank you so much for doing this Shoemoney. I can’t believe Lyndon hit 21- amazing!

Here is my blog post:

66 Donny Gamble

Here is my post for the contest (prepare to laugh just a little bit)

(I wanted to think outside the box, since everyone’s post were pretty similar, enjoy :-))

67 Gerard (BigG)

Why I should win the contest:

68 Tom

Prepping to launch my new biz in 2011. Looking to network new relationships with other affiliates leaders, learn about new products and services, and most importantly meet Jeremy because I think he’s the real deal, then go role with the Shoemoney Crew and have a good time chilling with the bunnies, oh yeah! TB

69 JR Crayne
70 jtGraphic: James Thompson

My Entry:

I can party like you wouldn’t believe. Everyone should read this. Not just the judges.

71 Konrad

here is my entry for this great contest:

Thank you ;)

72 The Electron Plumber

So awesome that you get to give out stuff like this!

What I Learned From Not Making the Shoemoney Extreme Payout Threshold

73 Deep

Damn! That is some crazy contest – Talk about given back. I mean there is not a lot to say, you are rocking with what you do, Vegas is the place to be next week – plenty of fun and money making relationships about to form with people you have no idea about right now, and they could potentially become a life long business partner.

In Vegas you can be who you want to be, but I’m just going to be me.. 2011 is about to blow up and the best part is, I would love to be in your position where the giving back can be on this level..

Let’s have fun and make money…


Ps – Thanks for the opportunity.

74 Aaron
75 Kirk Taylor

Here’s my entry, I hope that you find this entry unique and entertaining!

76 Tim Bourquin

Hello all,

Here is my entry:
How Getting Shot At From a Stolen Car is Like Affiliate Marketing

Thanks for the opportunity,


77 Wendy Lee

Well here it is ,why I should win the Crazy Affliate Summit Contest.
Thanks for this awesome opportunity.

Wendy Lee

78 Charles Bohannan

Hi Shoe — I’m really feeling it these days. I’m not only going to make it to Las Vegas next month, but I’m going to do it in style with you and your friends. Thanks for holding this contest. Here’s my entry:

79 Jay

Thanks again for this awesome contest. Hope to see ya soon!

edit: This may be a double post

80 Joe Bencar

Thanks for this opportunity. It’s great that someone’s life will be changed so drastically! Here’s my entry:

81 Jeffrey Reidy
82 Jeffrey Reidy

Link didn’t work in my previous post for some reason…

83 Doran Brown

Future Winner of Crazy Affiliate West Contest

84 - Search Engine Optimization


Thanks for making this opportunity available. My entry:

85 Marshall Stevenson

It’s still Wednesday December 29 where I am, so I’m hoping this submission still counts – Why I shouldn’t win Shoemoney’s contest – it’s true!

86 Jeremia

Other than being pretty good with a bo staff, I think I’d be a great choice to for going:

Thanks for giving everyone the opportunity and good luck to everyone – hopefully it does change someone’s life :-)

87 Brandon

Why should I win? Because every fat kid should get to party at the playboy mansion.

88 Jared Rose
89 Jared Rose

It’s late, and I just noticed the date stamp says Dec 30th. I’ve been busting my ass to get this post done today, and although you could totally say “too bad” I missed the bus. I sincerely hope you’ll still consider my post in the contest. Thanks either way for the opportunity. The best!

90 Sean Rigo

Hello Jeremy and Staff! I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays this year. Here is my entry for the 2010 Shoemoney Crazy Affiliate Summit Contest. May the best entry win!

Warmest regards,
Sean Rigo

91 Linda Sherman

Just under the wire – my submission for your wonderful contest Jeremy

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