Twitter is dead to me

Since the world is busy this week with holiday stuff and I can’t get shit done business wise I thought I would rant a bit.

When Twitter first came out I didn’t get it….

Then one day I did…

I became somewhat obsessed with twitter… Having contests to get followers

Then I made a shitton of money with twitter… Sometimes as much as 5 grand from one tweet (WTF?)

But now Twitter has become MySpace. It has become over run with shit. and I dont mean shit like a lot of stuff… I mean shit literally.

Its like someone emailed all •*¨¨*•-:¦:-•*MySpAcE UsErS AnD tOlD ThEm ThEy CaN AnNoy PeOpLe In ReAl TiMe•*¨¨*•-:¦:-•*

I think Twitter will be awesome for the former MySpace users. For advertisers its too bad they are broke.

I have over 100,000 followers and I am willing to bet 99% of them are bots.

Lets talk about money and ROI

I still make about $600 a week from sponsored tweets. All my stats are publicly available in sponsored tweets and its obvious (to me) that its not a “good deal”, but advertisers keep coming. Maybe its a branding play… whatever…

Twitter is THE WORST ROI that I have ever experienced. Without going into too much detail I will tell you I have received FREE money to spend on twitter advertising networks. I have done sponsored tweets with accounts that have millions of followers. It backs out to pennies on the dollar.

So how do I use twitter now?

I pretty much only use twitter now to post links from my latest blog post, things I am currently reading, or paid advertisements.

If you follow me now on twitter its because you must like to read the same things that I like to read, like to see what I am whoring myself out for, or are a bot.

The real deal is that almost everyone I know is using twitter the same way that I am (well most without the ads).

As far as following people

I don’t. Its more of a link roll of friends.

As far as checking out who @shoemoney’s me

I rarely look at anyone who @mentions me because its usually:

  • A plea for me to re-tweet about a charity or someone in need.
  • Some retarded DJ who wants me to re-tweet about how awesome his song is.
  • Some anonymous weasel talking smack.
  • A plea for me to re-tweet about their latest dumb youtube video.

Maybe I am just spoiled by the quality of Facebook.