How To Make $100 A Day With An Info Product (Part 4)

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In my last post, I told you I was going to dive into selling and show you exactly how to do this online…

Selling through “the written word” is what everyone refers to as copywriting.  Whether you’re selling through a blog post, email, an online sales letter, or a sales video, the principles are all the same.

The full subject of copywriting can’t be covered in one post, but I’m going to give you 90% of what you need in just this post.  Unless you are a professional copywriter doing client work, this is all you’ll need to sell your information product.

And for this specific example, I’m going to use a video sales letter as an example (the powerpoint style videos like you see here)…

Here are the MOST IMPORTANT parts of a video sales letter….

1.  Your opening “hook” that grabs their attention in the first 10 seconds

Your opening to the video is the most important part, just like a headline is the most important part of a print sales letter.  If you don’t hook them right off the bat, the rest of the video DOES NOT MATTER!  You have to get their attention right away!

2.  Empathize with the listener’s situation

In this part you have to let people know that you know exactly what they are going through.  Here’s one of the big keys to seduction that I learned from Robert Greene’s book The Art of Seduction (and this really applies to selling as well):

-> People will buy from you when they feel TRULY understood.

If someone is overweight and they feel like no one understands their situation, then you need to get to the heart of that and make them feel like you KNOW what it’s like to be in their shoes.  You have to really know your market when it comes to this.

If you can empathize with them, you’ll be able to sell them whatever you want…

3.  Tell a story of going from being in their desperate situation to getting to where their goal is

If it’s weight loss, show them how you went from fat, depressed, and lonely to being in shape, married to the love of your life, and living the greatest life ever!

That’s what people want – they want a “new life.”  They want to be a better version of themselves.

4.  Tell them you came up with a “unique” twist or a new system that will allow them to get the same results

This is where you’ll present them with your solution to their problem.  This whole setup is the classic Problem-Agitate-Solve formula that works very well in selling.  In this part you have to make sure to present your product as “unique” or some type of “secret.”  If you just told people your weight loss program was based on healthy eating and exercise, NO ONE would ever buy it.

Your whole program can be about healthy eating and exercise, BUT you have to “sex it up” when you’re selling it to them.

5.  Show some testimonials and feedback of people who are in the reader’s situation and who got results using your system

Testimonials are crucial to the success of any sales letter, and the more you can dial them in to your target audience, the better they will do.  If your testimonials are all for 20-30 year olds and your product sells to 50-60 year olds, then they probably will not relate.

Try to relate to them on age, race, location, profession…. things like that are crucial in a sales video.

6.  Overcome their objections

Everyone is going to have objections to buying something.  The biggest one will usually be price.  To beat the price objection, you have a few options:

-> Compare the price of your product to other services offered, and show how much better of a deal your product is

-> Stack up bonuses that will make the product worth 10X what you are charging for it.  Online this is easy, because it doesn’t actually cost you anything to add in more PDF’s and audio interviews.

7.  Make a strong guarantee

A lot of people new to internet marketing are scared of using guarantees because they think they’ll get ripped off.  Well actually, the exact opposite happens.  Our product on Clickbank has a 5.5% refund rate (which is very low for our industry), and we offer a very specific result-based guarantee.  Here it is:

-> If you don’t lose at least 10 lbs of stubborn belly fat in the next 31 days, then I’ll instantly give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.  Even if you never use the program once, I’ll still give you 100% of your money back if you just email me at

After you have your guarantee down, the last thing you need might be the most overlooked when it comes to successful sales letters.

8.  Set a deadline

Here’s the truth about human behavior: nothing EVER gets done without a deadline.  Nothing.

People will do everything in their power to put something off if they can.

There’s a reason you see a deadline or a “limited quantity” on every single product launch.  If they left the program open for a year, they would make less sales than they do during the launch week.  You MUST put in some type of “urgency” to get them to act NOW.

Wrap Up

I hope you got a lot out of this post.  I’ll probably wrap this series up with 1-2 more posts.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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– Justin