If You Have a Pet, You Need PetFlow

Note:  If you are not a pet owner, this post will have little value to you.  But if you are, your life is about to change for the better 😉  I receive ZERO compensation from any links or coupon codes in this post; however, I want to disclose I do have a good personal relationship with the founders of this company.

I have been a dog owner all of my life. When you have a dog, they are your responsibility… take them out to do their business, take them on walks, and feed them. We have dealt with most of these things fairly easily:

  • Our nanny during the day takes our dog on a walk.
  • We have a doggie door at the house so our dog can feel free to come and go in our back yard at any time, day or night, should he feel the urge.

The one thing that sucks is going to Sam’s Club once a month to get those giant bags of 50 lb dog food. You pet owners know what I’m talkin’ bout. They are too heavy for the nanny or my wife to get and I’m busy (and lazy) … and it’s going to take a good 1-2 hours out of my day for this trip to get dog food. I dunno about you, but I would much rather spend that 2 hours with my kids or working.

Another huge issue that really sucks is my dog is on this special diet and needs special food. I would venture to say 1/3 of the time we go to Sam’s Club to get dog food for him they are out of his special kind, so we have to purchase it and wait for them to call us when it’s in. Sure, I could call ahead but that’s another pain in the ass.

You know what would be really awesome is a service that would deliver my special dog food to my door…

Well my friends and fellow pet owners, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser (AzoogleAds founders) started up a new company to solve that exact problem. They call the company PetFlow. It does everything I ever wanted with some really cool features I did not even think of:

  • The biggest feature (to me) is that they deliver the dog food to your door.
  • Shipping is very cheap… a flat $4.95 shipping fee no matter what the weight.
  • They have also teamed up with the biggest brands to go direct and give you better prices than what I have ever seen in stores.
  • You have full control over your delivery schedule. You can add/remove products and change your delivery schedule around. There is no “contract” — you can cancel your deliveries at any time, and there are no fees.
  • You only get charged when your products actually ship.


They launched with a bang on TechCrunch and within a few months with all the press quickly gained tens of thousands of new customers.

Whenever I tell other dog owners about the service they all have the same reaction. “What?!? That sounds awesome!”  Especially those that live in big cities where transporting big bags of dog food sucks.

Now, it should be mentioned that Petco and Amazon both do online delivery, but everyone I knew of that was using those says that not only are Petflow’s prices lower, but they only charge a small flat rate where the others charge $20+ PER DELIVERY!

I am always a HUGE fan about automating services that improve your quality of life, and every one of my friends that I have referred to this service thanks me for it.

Much like with AzoogleAds (now known as Epic Direct), Alex and Joe pioneered and really re-invented affiliate marketing as we know it. Will PetFlow be the hundred+ million dollar company that AzoogleAds has turned into? I think it’s well on its way!

Postscript – I told Alex and Joe I would be writing about this and they said they would give ShoeMoney readers a coupon for FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE to the first 100 to sign up. Just use code SHOE when you schedule your order.

Go here and sign up now. You can thank me later 😉