If You Have a Pet, You Need PetFlow

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Note:  If you are not a pet owner, this post will have little value to you.  But if you are, your life is about to change for the better 😉  I receive ZERO compensation from any links or coupon codes in this post; however, I want to disclose I do have a good personal relationship with the founders of this company.

I have been a dog owner all of my life. When you have a dog, they are your responsibility… take them out to do their business, take them on walks, and feed them. We have dealt with most of these things fairly easily:

  • Our nanny during the day takes our dog on a walk.
  • We have a doggie door at the house so our dog can feel free to come and go in our back yard at any time, day or night, should he feel the urge.

The one thing that sucks is going to Sam’s Club once a month to get those giant bags of 50 lb dog food. You pet owners know what I’m talkin’ bout. They are too heavy for the nanny or my wife to get and I’m busy (and lazy) … and it’s going to take a good 1-2 hours out of my day for this trip to get dog food. I dunno about you, but I would much rather spend that 2 hours with my kids or working.

Another huge issue that really sucks is my dog is on this special diet and needs special food. I would venture to say 1/3 of the time we go to Sam’s Club to get dog food for him they are out of his special kind, so we have to purchase it and wait for them to call us when it’s in. Sure, I could call ahead but that’s another pain in the ass.

You know what would be really awesome is a service that would deliver my special dog food to my door…

Well my friends and fellow pet owners, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser (AzoogleAds founders) started up a new company to solve that exact problem. They call the company PetFlow. It does everything I ever wanted with some really cool features I did not even think of:

  • The biggest feature (to me) is that they deliver the dog food to your door.
  • Shipping is very cheap… a flat $4.95 shipping fee no matter what the weight.
  • They have also teamed up with the biggest brands to go direct and give you better prices than what I have ever seen in stores.
  • You have full control over your delivery schedule. You can add/remove products and change your delivery schedule around. There is no “contract” — you can cancel your deliveries at any time, and there are no fees.
  • You only get charged when your products actually ship.


They launched with a bang on TechCrunch and within a few months with all the press quickly gained tens of thousands of new customers.

Whenever I tell other dog owners about the service they all have the same reaction. “What?!? That sounds awesome!”  Especially those that live in big cities where transporting big bags of dog food sucks.

Now, it should be mentioned that Petco and Amazon both do online delivery, but everyone I knew of that was using those says that not only are Petflow’s prices lower, but they only charge a small flat rate where the others charge $20+ PER DELIVERY!

I am always a HUGE fan about automating services that improve your quality of life, and every one of my friends that I have referred to this service thanks me for it.

Much like with AzoogleAds (now known as Epic Direct), Alex and Joe pioneered and really re-invented affiliate marketing as we know it. Will PetFlow be the hundred+ million dollar company that AzoogleAds has turned into? I think it’s well on its way!

Postscript – I told Alex and Joe I would be writing about this and they said they would give ShoeMoney readers a coupon for FREE SHIPPING FOR LIFE to the first 100 to sign up. Just use code SHOE when you schedule your order.

Go here and sign up now. You can thank me later 😉

53 thoughts on “If You Have a Pet, You Need PetFlow

      1. Brian Siu

        My mom said I was too lazy to buy our Pomeranian puppies some grub. With this I can be lazy and feed our toy pups, too. Just kidding. Kudos for the heads up, buddy!

    1. WhateverWorks

      My mom pays double the amount for shipping each month. But I don’t hear her complain even once over the cost given the convenience it affords her. I’d say this whole thing is absolutely addresses a need that many pet owners share. It may not be a new concept seeing that competitors have been around for a while but the differentiating factor that jumps at me is the cheaper shipping cost. I’m pretty much sure my mom would be thrilled to hear about this new company.

      1. Hans Anders

        You can save a lot of bucks. Check! Purely convenient. Check! Bigger selection as compared to other pet supply stores. Check!

    2. California Dreamin

      I’d definitely opt for having the supplies shipped. That is, if I own a pet. I’ve been wanting to get a dog but the building where I live doesn’t allow for pets at all.

      1. Patrick R

        I have to say I was impressed with the wide variety of foods they have available, from economical brands to top of the line, super premium foods. PetFlow boasts more than 50 brands for dogs and cats, including dry and wet food, pet treats, litter materials and Wee Wee pads. Then, I stopped for a minute and thought: WTF? Dogs these days have wee wee pads? 😛

  1. Zac Johnson

    Awesome idea for a site. Unfortunately it wasn’t cheaper than Petco for my brand :(

    Natural Choice Senior Dry Dog Food
    By Nutro (50 lb bag)

    Petco: $41.39 / PetFlow: $52.99

    1. Alex Zhardanovsky

      Zac – Firstly, hi! Been a while :)

      We’re still working with a couple brands to get volume breaks on pricing – it’ll happen very soon.

      Few things to consider:

      – You pay taxes with PetCo most likely, not with us. (we only charge taxes in NY/NJ).
      – The 41.39 price on PetCo is a sale price, with us, the price you agree to is the price you pay.

      Shipping with PetCo is at least $11 on this item, probably more depending on your location.

      All said and done, you’ll save money with PetFlow, even though at first glance our price seems higher. Unless, of course, you want to drive to the store – but something tells me your time spent online making money is worth more than that drive to PetCo.

      1. Jim Petersen

        I haven’t had the time to compare prices yet but I’m glad you took the time to explain the pricing difference. Good to know that there’ll be no surprises hidden behind those price listings.

  2. TYCP Magazine

    Yeah, it’d cost more for me as well. Like you said though, the biggest plus is that they can deliver the food. It’s not that me & my bf don’t take care of our cat, because we do (obviously), but we’re both so ridiculously busy these days, so it’d be nice if the cat food could be delivered!

        1. Alex Zhardanovsky

          shipping is 4.95 for any order, regardless of size, but if you use the code that shoe posted, shipping is waived – and that’s for the lifetime of your delivery schedule, so long as you hit the minimum requirement for each shipment. Pretty simple.

    1. Susan Armand

      What cat food brand do you buy for your pet? The vet recommended Wellness Chicken Formula for my daughter’s Siamese. But it’s expensive than most of the brands I’ve checked. And more importantly, the cat doesn’t seem to like it.

      1. Nikki Stewart

        We serve our cats Natural Balance or Science Diet food. They’re reasonably priced. We usually go for the Natural Balance reduced calorie and Science Diet optimal care minced canned cat foods.

    2. Richard Pascal

      The brands that PetFlow offers vary greatly, so you’re sure to find the type of dog food that yours eats. You’ll be able to buy some of the most popular brands along with those that aren’t so well known. You’ll even find natural dog food. The website makes buying dog food extremely convenient, quick, easy, and more affordable. $4.95 flat shipping on all orders over $20? Sweet!

      1. Dmitrii Anastas

        They’ve definitely won me over with this instructional on their homepage:

        Order from PetFlow in 3 easy steps!

        1) Use Quick Select or Browse by Brand below
        2) Find the items you need
        3) Setup a delivery schedule & checkout

  3. Nicole Burns

    I’m thanking you now! :) Convenient and relatively cheap. Exactly the kind of deal every pet owner would love. I can’t wait to tell my husband about this!

    1. Alex Zhardanovsky

      Tom – Keep in mind we don’t charge tax unless you’re in NY/NJ. Also, if our prices are a little off, contact us and we’ll try to get as close as possible. We won’t be able to do it on all brands (yet), but we’ll try. Cheers.

  4. RedBlack88

    Their site seems easy to navigate. The side-by-side price comparison is a nice feature that I don’t see in the site where we currently order supplies for our dogs.

    1. melg

      I like the quick select option. I makes it simpler to look for specific products without browsing through tons of other product offerings I don’t need.

      1. Alex Zhardanovsky

        We’ve actually been toying with the idea of removing the quick select, as we also have dropdowns at the top of the site for you to be able to find exactly the category of food you might need – glad to hear that it was of value to you. We’ll keep it for now! :)

  5. EllaineR

    We regularly buy a selection of Blue Buffalo products and some Three Dog Bakery. That usually means a car full of supplies that my kids and I have to unload once we get home. We tried purchasing online but we weren’t happy with the service so we reverted to buying the stuff ourselves.

    1. Alex Zhardanovsky

      Hi Ellaine,

      We have both Blue Buffalo and Three Dog Bakery products :) Orders placed by 1-2pm usually ship out same day, and anything after goes out the next day. We ship with FedEx and can cover most of the country in about 3 days, so hopefully you’ll be happy with our service :) If there’s anything we can do, let us know. Cheers.

    2. Bowie

      Our new puppy developed an allergy after we gave him a Blue Buffalo food product. But we’ve been feeding our other dog the same food for over two years and we didn’t encounter the same problem.

    1. Kevin A

      Another thing I liked about them is that a portion of the proceeds from any purchase will be donated to the Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center, one of Long Island’s oldest no-kill shelters.

      1. Heinrich Sture

        Petflow is one of the few websites the offers only dog food. This makes the website much easier to manuever as there is no need to go through food meant for other pets or other products that the website offers. Petflow also provides other features that competitors do not, such as side-by-side price comparison, to show customers that Petflow offers the lowest possible prices out there. The website also allows customers to set up re-occuring delivery dates.

  6. Austin

    I could make some cost comparisons but the shipping rate here is the biggest draw. Its definitely a lot cheaper than what I usually spend for every delivery.

    1. Mark Dee

      With Petflow you never have to worry about whether or not there is enough food for your pet to eat in the house. You will be stocked up at all times and you can even customize a delivery schedule that is right for you. Definitely a win in my book!

  7. Feeding Frenzy

    Well, this certainly removes one of the key reasons why I’ve been stalling to get my son a dog. At least I don’t have to worry about having a steady supply of food at home.

    1. Rylan Howie

      Woof! Woof! Ruff! Ruff! (Yapping) Woof! — that’s my dog, Fido, saying he’s very pleased to see this post. 😀 (Petflow is a great solution to those who want to save as much money as possible and get a good overall deal for the food they buy. Each order you put it in with this website will reach your front door promptly, so there is no waiting period in which you have no food for your cat or dog, and that is something that every owner wants.)

  8. Rod S. Lee

    If you’re ever looking to save some money and a trip to the local pet store, this is definitely the website for you. Purchasing dog food for our Doberman puppies hasn’t been this convenient and easy on the budget ever since. Kudos for posting this, Shoe.

  9. Norman Nevelle

    There are dozens of brands to choose from, including Halo, Pedigree, Zuke’s, Science Diet, etc. If you aren’t quite sure which food to choose, then Petflow will be able to recommend a number of suggestions that may be right for your cat or dog.

    1. Alex Zhardanovsky

      Thanks for all the kind comments everyone. We’ve worked very hard at making the site really simple to use, without ads. We certainly won’t be nearly as profitable as we could be if we charged full shipping as others do, but then again we wouldn’t have as many customers as we do. As we get more and more customers, we’re hoping we’ll be continue to lower our prices, while still offering a great deal on shipping.

  10. Heinrich Sture

    Never again will you have to worry about not having enough food for your pet to eat. This system is one of speed and efficiency, so you can always count on regular deliveries according to the preferences you have set up on the website. Whenever you feel like making any changes or adding something to your order, you will be able to go on the website’s panel and do it within minutes. It is certainly one of the fastest ways to get the food you need when you need it!

  11. Vee Sweeney

    At first I was thinking “um Petco has been doing this for years”…but then the shipping charge was thrown in there and can imagine that it would definitely be cheaper in many instances. I do not think I would use it for my cat though…just simply based on how I need to go grocery shopping every week anyway…is there any way they can send me groceries too? :-) j/k!

  12. Raul Lago

    According to their site information, Petflow is a simple online service that allows you to quickly find food for your pets and set up an auto-ship program so you never have to run to the store last minute again! PetFlow was created for one very simple reason, to ensure that you never run out of food for your pet. Setup a customized delivery schedule that fits your individual needs. Their programming and design team is located in New York City, NY, however, they ship from two distribution centers, one on the east coast, and one on the west coast.

  13. Steve Benson

    Obviously this post was done on a friendly basis for your friends formerly from AzoogleAds. You were seen in photoshopped images holding big checks and now you repay them by posting this article for them.


  14. Steve Benson

    Isn’t there suppose to be a disclaimer here for you promoting your buddy’s business when you have some $$ stuff going on w/ them? fighters.com?

    Obvious remuneration going on here.

  15. mayline olidan

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