How To Make $100 A Day With Your Own Info Product

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When I first started selling my fitness product, my initial goal was to make $100 a day in profit.

And guess what?  Once I did it, I realized the first $100 a day is actually the hardest part!  Once I got to $100 a day, it wasn’t long before I was doing $300 a day in profit – and then within a few weeks I even had my first $2,000 day.

In this post, I’m going to show you the steps you can take to make $100 a day with your own product.

Step #1 – Create a product that solves a BIG problem in people’s lives

Now, I’m not talking about coming up with a revolutionary pill that will cure cancer.  But thinking along those lines won’t hurt.

The 3 biggest areas where you can solve a pressing issue in someone’s life are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

People will pay a lot of money if you can solve their problem in these areas.  Here are a few products that are big sellers on Clickbank:

  • The Diet Solution  (nutrition program for losing fat)
  • The Lotto Black Book (how to win the lottery)
  • The Magic Of Making Up  (how to get your ex back)

Each one of these products solves a pressing need in someone’s life.  These are the types of problems that people sit up all night and think about for hours.  If you can solve their problem and push their emotional hot buttons in your sales pitch, there’s no end to the amount of products you can sell.

This is such a simple and crucial part of selling an info product, but most people ignore it.  If there’s something that people are looking for or something they desperately need, there’s an opportunity for you to make a product.

Step #2 – Position your product as the “magic bullet” that will solve their needs…

Most of my copywriting clients hate when I tell them this.  And I actually don’t really like selling this way.  But the truth is… it flat-out works.

People want a MAGIC BULLET for their problems.

We live in a society where we want an instant cure for everything. No one wants to work for anything.

If you have a cold, you take a pill.  If you want to lose weight, you take a pill.  That’s the way people think…

I remember reading an old Dan Kennedy newsletter where he did a direct mail piece for 2 separate fat loss products.  One involved moderate exercise and eating properly, while the other was some type of “ab belt” you strapped on, and as you laid on the couch it gave you a flat stomach.  The ad copy was pretty much similar for both, and the only major difference was the offer…

Guess what the results were?  The ab belt outsold the “logical” weight loss product by 4x!

In your sales copy you need to make sure you hit on the most important things:

  • A good headline
  • Empathizing with your reader’s situation
  • Your story
  • Proof that your product works (testimonials and customer stories)
  • Overcome their objections (price, worried about getting scammed, worried it won’t work)
  • A deadline for ordering
  • Give them a guarantee that takes away all the risk (60 day, 100% money back guarantee)

Once you have the first 2 steps down, then it’s time to get to business with testing your landing page and different sources of traffic.

Step #3 – Start testing small amounts of traffic (and split-testing your sales page)

This step will determine your success or failure.

I see so many people who have a site going and they spend money on traffic, yet if it doesn’t make them money right away, they scrap it and say it doesn’t work.

This is a BIG mistake.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that just from split testing our landing page, I’ve been able to increase conversions by almost 300% from the original version I put up.  That took my paid traffic from unprofitable to profitable with just a few small tweaks to the landing page.

I actually heard a story recently about a conference Ryan Deiss was having.  He got on the topic of split testing and asked everyone in the audience to raise their hand if they split tested.  A good amount of people raised their hand.  Then he asked how many of those people split tested at least 1 thing EVERY single day…

There were 8 people with their hand up.

He went around the room and asked them about their businesses, and much to the surprise of everyone in the conference, each one of the 8 guys who split tested every single day, each one of them made more than a million dollars per year!

Split testing is not the “sexy” part of the business like driving traffic is.  But it’s the major variable that separates the failures from the successful people in the online marketing world.

Here are a few of my favorite sources for testing traffic:

Paid sources

  • Facebook
  • Plenty Of Fish
  • Media buys on niche sites

Free sources

  • SEO
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • Affiliates
  • Blogging/article writing

If you have money to spend, you should start with paid traffic as it will give you the quickest stats for split tests.  If not, start with the free sources and make sure you continually split test your main sales pages.

Wrap Up

I’ll probably be back next week with a follow up to this article.  If you have any questions or comments, leave them for me in the comments below…

– Justin

130 thoughts on “How To Make $100 A Day With Your Own Info Product

    1. AnnieP78

      Split testing is important in the success of any direct response campaign. It requires time and effort. Using a multivariate testing software helps if you’re willing to invest on one.

        1. GQmeansGeek

          I use Google Website Optimizer for split-testing. I usually do the split tests soon after I launch a website.

          1. Blog Tyrant

            One thing you should probably mention along with positioning yourself as a cure-all is that you have to be honest otherwise you are going to get a lot of chargebacks.


        2. Wordpress Split Test Plugin

          If you are using WordPress, there are some simple split testing plugins out there. Some easily integrate with Google Website Optimizer, others don’t. It’s really a personal preference. Some people like the GWO interface and stats, others prefer using their own script.

  1. John Bakken

    All very important points all 3! Split testing is very important in every case when you own a site online and try to monetize it.

    Thank you for this, and keep it coming! ;)

  2. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach

    While it might work, I disagree with one thing – positioning a product as a ‘magic bullet’.

    The fact is, in virtually ALL cases, there IS no magic bullet, and to me, that’s just dishonest marketing. You’ll get one sale and (unless you’re a member of the bigdogs network) you’ll then lose that customer when she/he realizes your copy was a lie.

    One unhappy customer == big huge bunches of negative feedback.

    That being said, writing compelling copy that showcases said product as a critical component to success – that’s just good plain business sense!

    But the magic bullet? It’s what gives the Internet marketing industry a baaaaaaad name.

    1. enajyram00

      I agree. But there are many people who continue to pay good money for a magic bullet. It’s probably the reason why the idea still sells regardless of how dishonest such strategy may be for some of us.

      1. FirenzeZ

        Some people are just too lazy to realize that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That’s why the web these days is riddled with unscrupulous online business advice that are more harmful than good to newbies like us.

    2. WhoSaysWhat01

      I’m not comfortable with using the magic bullet approach. I don’t want to create false hopes especially if I’m not sure if my product can deliver the promised cures or solutions.

      1. Saver

        Agreed. I’ve seen a lot of ebooks offer the “magic bullet” to medical issues. These people with the medical issues are probably desperate and willing to try anything.

  3. TrafficColeman

    Testing is very important to a website life must go through the steps to make good changes which will grow into profits.

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

    1. WanderingMommy

      True. Establishing your web business is just like cooking. Try serving a batch of your favorite pasta dish next time without tasting it beforehand and you’re definitely going to get some surprises.

  4. Samuel

    Awesome post Justin! Yeah the fact is if you can provide the solution to peoples problem, you will hit the cool cash. because everybody wants a cure to his or her problem. Thanks a lot for sharing. Have fun.

    1. Yes2Freebies

      Everybody wants a cure. And most of them want it fast, which is why offering a magic bullet gets your product noticed.

      1. Bryan Jake T

        “Here’s a few products that are big sellers on Clickbank…

        -> The Diet Solution (nutrition program for losing fat)

        -> The Lotto Black Book (how to win the lottery)

        -> The Magic Of Making Up (how to get your ex back)”

        Lotto Black Book, seriously? I thought the lottery is all about luck. The best advice I can give if someone asks me how to win it would be to buy a ticket or something.

    2. Runs With Scissors

      Nice article. I still a lot about split testing but it sounds like it can help bring conversions to the next level.

  5. Jim Rudnick

    “magic bullet” — sorry, I’m old enough to read same and automatically translate that into “silver bullet!”

    ….in a cloud of dust…HiYo Silver!



      1. Ara600_m1

        Even though there are some people who still go for the easy route, I just bear in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Catch my drift, Shoe?

        1. Nicole Burns

          Good read. At the end of the day, successful businesses are all about giving people what they want. And that’s why it’s important to engage clients or customers to get an idea as to what it is that they want or need.

  6. Tom Wozniak

    Hey Justin – Great post and excellent advice. It is amazing how many marketers don’t do enough testing, especially if a campaign starts to make a little money. It’s like working out. You don’t stop or sit back and relax as soon as you start seeing results. That’s when you double down and start working out even harder to turn those initial results into serious success.

    1. spameater

      I completely agree. Testing is a primary factor in getting your web marketing initiatives off the ground. Sitting on your laurels can get you in trouble in the long run. Remember Friendster and MySpace? You’re welcome.

      1. Dandundun

        Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress. This should be the guiding axiom for all web marketers.

        1. Tom Wozniak

          That’s a great point. If you aren’t setting up your tests effectively or monitoring the results and acting on, then you are just spinning your wheels.

    1. Husher50

      It’s about time, too. I’ve been bugging Shoe for a while to sneak a peek at this post ever since Justin promised a third installment.

        1. veronica_sm

          I guess this will be satisfactory for now. Just kidding, Jeff! Now who’s up for a round of Manhattans at the Fort?

  7. Wordpress Split Test

    Great post! Split testing is definitely something that is often overlooked, but is a must. I’m still amazed at how often the version I think will perform better gets blown out of the water by my test variations.

      1. joonlee97

        The reason why I love Shoe’s blog? I learn something new everyday. Now when will we be catching the post on split-testing and its formulas?

  8. The Adsense Consultant

    Well I just think that this is GREAT advice for anyone that would like to be able to make money online! There are so many work-at-home-scams that people should see that it is up to THEM if they want to be able to make money online.

      1. moolahmachine

        Is it true that you can earn quadruple that amount when you go to the other side (i.e. black hat)?

    1. B.Logan

      This is so timely. I’ve been racking my brains on how to position some of the products I’m marketing right now. I’ve picked a few tricks here that I’m sure will be really helpful. Thanks!

  9. Colonic Therapy Manchester

    Really insightful stuff. The mind blowing thing about creating information products is that there are so, so many avenues (not all of them obvious) to find people who need a problem solved. Lateral thinking works best. For instance – a general dog training eBook is not going to solve a specific problem and marketing it will be really hard. An eBook on ‘How to stop Golden Retrievers from Jumping Up’ might not get 1,000’s of customers per day, but it WILL get attention from a buying audience. Then if you can rinse and repeat the model, you could have an eBook for 100 different dog breeds!

    1. melg

      This is so exciting! I’ve heard of a musical formula where there are specific notes and keys where a hit song can originate. But for a web marketing initiative? Absolutely a rare find!

  10. Vee Sweeney

    Under #2, you mention sharing your personal story. I think this is very important to note and remember. If the reader does not feel as though the writer relates to what they are going through, that can be a major turn off and send people begging for refunds all most immediately. If a person feels however that the writer has been in their shoes and the personal connection is made, people are more likely to recommend the product and be happy with their purchase.

    1. TheSandMan5050

      Everyone loves a good story. In selling, making it personal allows you to show your empathy with others.

  11. Nikki Stewart

    Great post! Promising a magic bullet may sound lame for some but it does work. A lot of people are always on the lookout for the quickest solutions that they take notice of any product that offers to do just that.

    1. Cristina Dy

      While there may be news of people making it big in a flash, hard work is still the way to go in my book. Look at today’s industry moguls like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, etc. They didn’t earn their way up wishing for some miracle to happen.

        1. EllaineR

          Or how the time-honored 4chan classic: Display thy mammaries or be gone? Nonetheless, a superb post to complete my day.

    2. MVZP_01

      Sometimes logic has no power against belief. As long as people to choose to believe in quick and easy solutions to their problems, we’ll see more magic bullets around.

  12. WhoisDoyle

    Whether it’s an idea or product, you can never go wrong in offering something relevant and useful to people.

  13. Surge Blue

    Wow! This is an amazing post. step 3 is what ive been truely trying to understand and you’ve nailed it! Thank You So Much for such an informative post!

  14. Robin Sterling

    Your 31 Day Fat Loss Cure sales page is the perfect example of what you said on your post. At this point, the main challenge for me is to create a product around the niches you mentioned.

    1. Marnie Sho

      I strongly believe that the best strategy to conquer a niche and its sub-niches is to be as adaptable as you can. Look at Facebook, for example. Popular as a social media network, yet also trailblazing as one of the hottest websites in terms of gaming. Carpe Diem!

    2. California Dreamin

      It took me over a year to get in shape using a personal diet and fitness plan. I’ll make sure to keep your product in mind next time I need to lose some weight.

    1. TomYoon

      Now you know why I am a staunch Shoemoney blog fan for three straight years! Still waiting for my Playboy Mansion party passes though. (Just horsing around, buddy.) ROFL

  15. Charles

    Thank you for this great post and advice.

    One thing to consider is to make sure that your product works and solves problem.

    a $100 / day is still my dream goal. :)

  16. internetFTW

    The early stages of any business is usually the hardest part. It’s the same thing with making money online. It was especially hard for me when I was starting out because I had to learn almost everything from scratch. The ROI was worth all the hard work though.

  17. The American Dream

    Now you’re talking! I’ve been waiting for this post right here for a while. Thanks a million, Justin and Shoe! :D

  18. socialanim00

    Awesome! I want to learn more about split testing. Can you recommend some of the best resources you know on the topic?

  19. RedBlack88

    I enjoyed reading this. The 3 niches you mentioned explain a lot the nature of products and services I receive in my mail everyday.

    1. Ethan

      The “magic bullet” positioning depends on the product I guess. I’m sure it’s not something I could use with what I’m selling.

  20. iKeeps It PoppingTon

    When you say they split test something EVERY single day.. what kind of volume should you be getting?

    I’m assuming that if you can split test, look at the data, and decipher the winner in one day you have to have a lot of traffic coming to the page / offer, right?

  21. donTed

    I’m a bit confused with split testing…
    If we send paid traffic to sales pages, we’ll see nothing. We should send people to free stuff for building ROI and then send them to sales page. Right ? How should our split-testing pages look?

  22. Paul

    These are the types of affiliate articles that I like, something different than direct linking on the serps. Did you try sending paid traffic from google adwords to your info product as well?

  23. Ryan Bombard

    Split testing is definitely very important. I honestly don’t think I’d have ANY profitable campaigns right now if I didn’t split test each numerous times from the very beginning.


  24. free traffic web

    Your website is very famous in my country, so I want to see your website. and correct your writing is very good, like I have diligently read your writing and learn from your

  25. Tony Simmons

    Awesome stuff. I had this on my mind for years but seems so tedious and being a perfectionist I need to have some good project management goals set before i attempt this.

  26. Gino Orlandi

    Great tips, info products are def the way to go whether you create your own or promote someones product.

    I also find it very helpful to study successful sales letters to see what elements they use and how their copy is written.

  27. Mary

    Good stuff. I’m doing some article writing and am testing landing pages for that. Hopefully I’ll nail it and see a return on my time invested.

  28. Nail Yener

    Great article Justin. You clearly explained each step but for me the most difficult part is the first step: To create a product. This is not everyone can do in my opinion, but it is worth trying.

  29. David

    “each one of the 8 guys who split tested every single day, each one of them made more than a million dollars per year!”

    Thats digital gold, thanks.

  30. max

    Nice article, I think it will work except I m working on how to make $10,000 a day, $100 a day is chump change for mich. :) Good luck.

  31. Andy

    Unfortunately, some of the products that people create fail to solve the problem of the desperate punters and simply scam people such as with magic formulas to win money from random events.

    So I want to add that it is important to actually provide a product that you would be happy to recommend to your mother for example, assuming that you are still on speaking terms.

  32. Jay @ Affiliate Lessons Blog

    Great post and I agree if you can solve a burning desire in a person something that they think about daily than you stand to make a lot of money.

    Taught by Travis Sago who is the creator of the magic of making up book you mentioned.

  33. Bodybuilding Programs

    Great article. I have been doing SEO on a couple sites, and then throwing adsense up on them, but i am looking to get into affiliate marketing to build a list and then build a fitness product to sell.

    I just set up a video squeeze page that i am going to start using paid traffic for, but i am not sure how to do split testing. Does google have an acceptable product for this, or do most big boys out there use different services/scripts?

    I am planning on buying a solo ad on someones big fitness list to see if i can get some signups with my free ebook and send them to an affiliate,

    Anyone got thoughts on the plan?

  34. David


    Can you give me any tips on how to create an info product and make $100 given that I don’t have any real value to give for people that can be put into an info product? Should I study a subject for a year before I create my product? Or just research like crazy and make a product by ripping off other products (I see many people doing it)? Or should I just make up a random solution? LOL

    Thank You!

  35. Cheryl Jones

    That is highly impressive that only the eight people split tested were the ones who had made a million. The other thing that impressed me, though I knew the answer was coming…the ad with the belt where you can lie on the couch and lose weight was the winner. Laziness wins out..the thing is, when it comes to internet marketing it is not for the lazy, you have to be dedicated to do the work, how can you realistically present a “magic bullet” or maybe it has to be in a different niche than internet marketing? I really enjoyed your article. Thank you.

  36. Christine Robins

    The fastest way to have your own product online is finding a source of quality private label rights products. PLR allows you to change the product (personalize it and add more value to it), change the graphics, add your name as the author. Most often it comes with a website, ready for you to add your name and your payment link and upload it to the net. Don’t buy any plr product where you can’t see the plr licence first and details of exactly what it is that you’re purchasing i.e. is it just an eBook or report but no site?

  37. ron

    this is just wat i needed to see thanx bro i need help with my info book how much for your help putting it together

  38. zimbrul

    I totally agree with the idea people are looking for the quick cure or the quick fix. People are lazy. People are NOT well informed. Take this couple I ve seen the other day in a high street computer shop trying to buy a laptop computer 30% over the online price. Why? They were lazy.
    From the marketeer point of view I think the article points the finger in the right direction: the quick fix is what the people want.

  39. zimbrul

    I totally agree with the idea people are looking for the quick cure or the quick fix. People are lazy. People are NOT well informed. Take this couple I ve seen the other day in a high street computer shop trying to buy a laptop computer 30% over the online price. Why? They were lazy.
    From the marketeer’s point of view I think the article points the finger in the right direction: the quick fix is what the people want.

  40. zimbrul

    I totally agree with the idea people are looking for the quick cure or the quick fix. People are lazy. People are NOT well informed. Take this couple I ve seen the other day in a high street computer shop trying to buy a laptop computer 30% over the online price. Why? They were lazy.
    From the marketeer’s point of view I think the article points the finger in the right direction: the quick fix is what the people want.

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