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The ShoeMoney Marketplace has really taken off lately and is now the 3rd most traffic’d page on (behind the main page and the gallery).

Last month the marketplace got over 1 million visitors.

I originally thought I would write this guide to send to advertisers. But then that does not really make sense because they would have already placed their listings… So here you go, my guide to writing marketplace listings that get visitors to your website.

Your number #1 goal is to get the user off of my site and on to your site.

That’s something you are not going to hear from most advertising places… but it’s the truth.

Converting the user once they get to your site is another topic (I will try to cover that shortly for you).


The title will appear in the sidebar of as well as in our weekly marketplace recap posts (it’s the only post on Sunday).  It’s also displayed if people click directly on the marketplace link.

Headline Tips:

  • Do use branding, mystery, and other weapons of marketing.
  • Do give results, not features.
  • Do not use your company name in the title (unless you are a nationally recognized brand).

Examples of what works for products: (Please do not copy word for word.  Be creative, for Christ’s sake.)

  • “1 amazing way to rank in Google” – uses mystery, and brand association.
  • “Get paid while playing Starcraft” – gives result + brand association
  • “The secret to SEO is revealed” – oohhh, what is it?

Your sole job is to get people to click on the listing.


The description is what appears on the listing page for your marketplace advertisement on

Description Page Tips:

  • Do give testimonials from real users about the RESULTS of your product or service
  • Do list the results of your product (feel better, afford the live style you always wanted, have whiter teeth, etc…)
  • Do use weapons of marketing in your description like Scarcity, Brand Association, Social Proof, Authority, Pain, and a Call to Action

Example Description of a Product:

“Get the SEO service thousands of other users enjoy everyday to get free traffic.  Click the link below to get started now!  10% discount to the first 15 people who use code ‘ShoeMoney’” (uses social proof, association, and call to action).

Be as brief as possible.  The ads that get the most clicks are less than 300 words. This should not be a description of your company or features of your service.  Again, this is simply used to get users from my site to your site as quickly as possible where they can read about your company or features on your site.

Don’t be a jerk

As you know, all ads are moderated.  We reserve the right to edit or delete any ads not appropriate or misleading.

Go here to add your listing now.

With that said, we have never had to delete one yet.  Just please respect my name and the ShoeMoney brand.

BTW – If you have not watched my weapons of marketing or Facebook advertising tips video, go do that now.  While it’s not 100% relevant, a lot of the techniques are..

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