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by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 21, 2010 · 78 comments

As you know, once a year I hold a very exclusive, one-on-one event called the Elite Retreat.  I’m happy to announce we will be holding our seventh event this year.

When we originally started seven years ago, everyone told us we were crazy and it would never work.

But we saw a real need in the industry for an event where people could come and not just listen to a ‘stump’ speech from an expert in the field, but actually sit down with them, get to know them, and get really solid advice and direction on how to achieve your goals.

As a well-sought after speaker for large events, I can tell you it is simply impossible to actually work one-on-one with attendees and give them any sort of real value specific to their goals.  Just do the math; I’m talking to thousands of people, and I’m given 45 minutes to talk to all of them.

The Elite Retreat solves that problem by having an expert to attendee ratio that is unheard of.

The event is very exclusive, only allowing 30 attendees who have complete access over the two day event to some of the most sought-after experts in the Internet Marketing world.

From the limo pickup at the airport to the best venues in the city, this is a first class, all inclusive event.

In the past we have had experts like:

  • Guy Kawasaki – Apple Advocate and Angel investor
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – and bestselling author
  • Seth Godin – Marketing guru, best selling author and consultant to the stars

Just to name a few.  And this year’s speaker lineup is the best yet.

I don’t want to bombard you with too much information, but we have received so many emails and we have so many people on the waiting list.

I wanted to give you the save the date as quickly as possible.  So mark your calendars for December 2nd and 3rd in San Francisco.  I will announce the official speaker list, agenda, and venues in the next coming week, and we will open registration on September 28th.

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1 TheSandMan5050

A friend attended a couple of years back. He said it really took his online business to the next level. It’s totally a different ball game there, true experts talking with people who don’t have to fall in line to get more insights.

2 Lou Sparx

I’m in London but when I make enough money from this biz I’ll be straight over lol.

Can’t wait to hear the speakers.


3 Alex Dumitru

I am really curious to see speakers list and agenda :)

4 Marnie Sho

I’ll wait for the details first before I decide if I’ll register. I’ve heard nothing but good feedbacks on the previous workshops. It would be great to learn from the best people in the industry.


Me too! With an exclusive event like that, the list must be impressive. I really look forward to some great blog coverage with tips and info for those of us who can’t make it.

6 Edgar

I cant wait to be there, See you guys there!

7 medomoc

I guess we’ll have to cancel our bowling mini-tourney, mate? I know the place will be jam-packed with newbie and veteran web marketers alike. Last one to sign up is a rotten egg! :D

8 Cygnus

I may have to come out to San Fran and mix it up a bit.

9 TomYoon

It’ll just be a short trip from Orange County for me. I’ve been trying to be on the list since last year. I hope this year I could finally attend it.

10 Nicole Burns

I tried to sign up last year. I was a bit surprised to find out they’ve already closed the registration only a few days after it was opened. I’m taking a shot at it again this year. I’m so looking forward to attending that conference.

11 Nomar

Interesting, I am signing up on this one.

12 moolahmachine

It’s one of the coolest events I know about. Check out this post on last year’s Elite Retreat.

13 Go Harry Go

This is like the BIGGEST web marketing event of the year. You definitely shouldn’t miss this!

14 ways to make money online

Hey Shoemeister…Can you take me????

15 WilmaP

Shoe, is there a chance that I could go with you to the next Playboy Mansion shindig if I can’t get a spot? Just kidding. See you on on given dates. (I hope Justin G. would publish another post or two for FB ads. I think I may have unlocked his strategy somehow.)

16 Chris Guthrie

Any update on bringing back the affiliate program? I had a blast at Elite Retreat and I’m sure I could send some of my friends your way.

If not that’s cool too I’ll still be telling them about it. I learned a lot at Elite Retreat last year.


17 WhoisDoyle

Last year’s event was awesome! What was the name of that guy who got a ticket to the Playboy Mansion Party from AzoogleAds?

18 WanderingMommy

Godin, Schoemaker, Kawasaki and Varneychuk. Is this a dream come true? Shoe, please do reserve me a spot.

Much love, Wandering Mommy of Columbus, Ohio.

19 Mis sold PPI Claims

Will you be reserving an allocation of International seats? Or is it first come first served. Thanks for the advance notice. Dr N

20 newmediaist12

I think you’re right. Everyone’s raving for a spot and I am signing up right now to guarantee a seat. Web marketing rules! ** NYC Shoemoney Fan Club **

21 The American Dream

How do you choose the 30? With so many vying for a slot I’m sure you’ll be sifting through tons of emails asking to be on that list.

22 Cristina Dy

I read somewhere that registration to the two-day workshop costs a lot more than that of Pubcon or SES. The event is said to be definitely worth the fee.

23 GQmeansGeek

Having the money to pay for the approximately $5K fee does not even guarantee entry. My friend tried to register last year, he was more than willing to spend that much to be there, but he wasn’t picked. Apparently, there’s a long wait list even before registration officially opened.

24 FirenzeZ

With the attendees/speaker ratio, I bet it’s worth every cent.

25 KrisM77

With Guy Kawasaki and the rest of the crew speaking at the event, I know I have to be there. Anybody else thinking about the awesome after-parties that will be happening?

26 sasha_482

Who gets to attend? Is there a fee? It would really be helpful if you could add more info soon. Thanks in advance!

27 enajyram00

I sent an email soon after last year’s Elite Retreat asking to be on the next event’s list. I can’t recall if I received a reply though. I hope I can make it to this year’s group.

28 Susan Armand

Still waiting for my confirmation mail, too. Hope to receive it by tomorrow morning. I am so excited.

29 Fiona Wong

Just got mine a few hours ago. Hope to see you in San Diego. Much love to Bryce and the kids, Susan.

30 Husher50

How much is this year’s registration?

31 Robin Sterling

Wish it would just under 400 bucks. By the way, I just got the go signal from the SBA loan program and I am all high hopes for my start-up online bookshop.

32 nealcal

The two day workshop is $4,850. Competitive pricing against Pubcon, SES or AdTech.

33 NicMoon

Isn’t that super expensive? Can’t you provide deluxe reservations for us, Jeremy?

34 AnnieP78

I love this concept. Plenty of F2F interactions with web experts. A great arrangement to learn as much as possible from industry leaders.

35 Dandundun

It is indeed one of the best web marketing events of the year. With Shoe and the rest of the gang giving us solid points on goal achievement, I definitely have to be there. Shoe, can I get a price-off from Delta Airlines if I mention the Elite Retreat while booking tickets?

36 georgeblanco

Man, I’ll finally have the opportunity to own a coaching certificate from the best gurus ever. Sign me up, Shoe!

37 Yes2Freebies

The last conference I attended had over 300 people in it. It was interesting to learn from guest speakers but there wasn’t enough time to answer a lot of our questions. It would be a nice change to attend a more intimate event with Internet marketing masters.

38 Laney Pitt

4000++ for a two-day conference? Isn’t that a bit too overboard, Shoe?

39 Creative Marketer

You can’t pay enough for the learning you’ll be getting. It’s now or never, baby!

40 ExclaimedIdeas

Not from what I heard. Seems there are many who want to pay that much to be there.

41 RedBlack88

If you want to get great value for your money then Elite Retreat is for you. That is, if you don’t mind paying extra for the privilege.

42 AnnieLouJ12860

Sounds like a good investment. It’s not everyday that one could consult with the best minds in web marketing.

43 KrisM77

I knew I had to be there when you dropped Guy Kawasaki’s name. He’s one of my favorite web marketing gurus (of course, you got the top spot, Jeremy). Apart from being a full-time dad, he is also a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. Guy is the author of nine books including Reality Check, The Art of the Start, Rules for Revolutionaries, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy, Selling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.

44 Tammyexperiments

Shoe, is the $500 still required for the VIP status just like last year’s Retreat?

45 twitteraddict05

If my memory serves me right, I think I stumbled upon a tweet that announced free iPods will be given away, too. Is this confirmed, Jeremy?

46 PattyT12

What’s the VIP status for?

47 spameater

I’m right ahead of you, shoe. As soon as you mentioned the date, I had to be a part of it. Thanks a million! Best wishes from Raleigh. (P.S. When will be the next Humongo Nation tour?)

48 joonlee97

I believe they’re going to hold another leg next year. Gotta love that Ford Flex they are using. Superb decals, superb rims and of course, super SEO tricks. 5 stars!

49 Lola Dee

The Elite Retreat still takes the cake for today. Go, Shoe!

50 F2Xsites

Great to hear that! Are you going to prioritize first timers? I heard that there’s a lot of those who’ve attended it before who sign up again.

51 Bputitout / Putitoutthere

San Francisco, get ready for a rocking good time with the best marketing geniuses this December! Only a few more months to go. (Can I hitch a ride on your Hummer, Shoe?)

52 EllaineR

No, he can’t since he’s taking me with him. After that he’ll even treat me to a weekend swimming with manatees. LMAO

53 Mark Mead

Luv, I just booked next weekend for a diving trip with Crystal Tours. I never knew you could check out shipwrecks as closely as possible for less than $300.

54 MVZP_01

Shipwrecks make me think of lost treasures. A few gold coins could probably fetch me a slot in the Easter Retreat.

55 Jason S.

My buddies and I are planning to check out the diving sites there next month. We’ll probably take a side trip to Archaeological State Park before we head back.

56 WhateverWorks

That’s right, they better get ready for us geniuses. ;)

57 floresparati

It’s tough to learn a lot when you have 300 to 400 fellow participants all wanting to get as much info as they can. Having a smaller, focused group is the best idea yet. Kudos. Regards from Manhattan.

58 H delacruz

Shoe, is there a way poor boys like me could join the party?

59 WhoSaysWhat01

Is there any ticket up for grabs? I’d gladly join contests or whatever to get a free ride.

60 Hollaback Will

I can’t think of one.

61 Get That Ball

not unless he raffles off a ticket and luck favors you to win it. i’m actually wishing he would.

62 veronica_sm

Yippee! Dibs on the front row seat!

63 California Dreamin

ROFL. I signed up for the retreat days ago. See you there, honey.

64 thoushallpass

John Chow’s offering tickets up for grabs on his site!

65 AL0101

Will he be at the conference? It would be fun to have him goofing around throwing rockets at Jeremy.

66 smstudent

You still have to sign up for an account at Rocket Profit. If you are already a Rocket Profit publisher, you can skip this part. Rocket Profit has all of the hottest offers on the web, as well as a wide array of exclusive proprietary deals. You should open an account even if you don’t enter the contest. The more revenue streams, the better.

67 purposeinc

This event basically made me in the industry. It honestly will cut 5 years off you trying to go big in the internet business world. Just an amazing pool of talent on the speakers, and an equally strong pool of talent in the attendees.

I can truly say that if I had not been allowed to attend, I would not be anywhere close to where I have gotten to online.


68 internetFTW

I’ve read some of the former attendees’ blog posts. All have nothing but high praises for the workshop. There’s no way I’d pass up a chance to up my game.

69 ILoveMemes

Nice to hear that. Not a lot of people gets to have that chance. I won’t be able to attend this year but I intend to sign up next year.

70 California Dreamin

Nowhere will you get the one-on-one time with this many true experts. These aren’t “gurus” who just want to get you to the conference so they can sell you something. They are absolutely the real deal. It’s either you attend or miss an opportunity of a lifetime.

71 Websitism

Hope all Great Speakers will line up for this year also.

72 BigMoneyBrooklyn

I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Thanks for the heads-up!

73 David R

That’s an impressive list of former speakers! Any chance you can invite Seth Godin again?

74 melg

I enjoyed reading almost all of his books though I love The Dip best.

75 socialanim00

not exactly the kind of conference a student can attend. do you organize workshops more catered to a student’s budget?

76 Kyle

About time. It’s been over a year since the last one. I was on the waiting list last year. I expect I’ll have a better chance at getting a slot this time around.

77 Mary

This has really motivated me to crack on with my internet marketing. Then I can use the proceeds to attend the event! Whoa Hoo.

78 Nathaneal Mohr

looks like a great line up of speakers.

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