So I Met a Guy in a Bar in Vegas Last Month…

As many of you know, I am not very good at writing, which is ironic being I have one of the most read blogs in the world…..

I failed English class as a kid and still struggle a lot with stupid things like there, their, – then and than, and so forth. I always get shit like that confused.

Hey! I am a sales guy… not a writer!

But let’s get back to copyrighting. Two years ago, I was really struggling and a friend of mine who lives here in Lincoln, Nebraska and has a very successful real estate business brought over this HUGE binder that was filled with example sales letters, landing pages, and copy.

Don’t tell anyone, but I photocopied a lot of it and still use it today. The course was written by a guy named John Carlton. Google his name and you will see he is the reverend pimp daddy of copyrighting.

I tried to hire John then but at his rate of $50,000 to do 1 sales page, I passed. But I was able to get set up with some of his students at a much more reasonable $5-10k per page.

A John Carlton student is to copyrighting what an MBA from Warton is to business management.

So here is where this email takes a funny turn. Last month, I am sitting at a bar at the MGM Grand at a small Internet event and this old man asks me what I do, and we chat for a while. Ironically, he is also in Internet marketing. He schools me on the history of selling stuff.

I wrote about the conversation on my blog. It was called the new robber barons.

Anyway, the guy tells me his name is John Carlton, and it took me over an hour to realize he was THE John Carlton. I tell him how I photocopied his $5,000 course and he looks and me and says, “You shitbag” or something. He was joking – it was a funny moment. You had to be there.

Anyway, the next day John must have Googled me or something and realized I am kind of a big deal, because he asked me if I had a minute to check out his new course he was going to put out.

The product is called the Simple Writing System Express Course, and maybe you’ve seen the difference in my writing style in the last couple months and how I have been crushing it in affiliate competition. Honestly, this is amazing and has helped me make over $250,000 and win a brand new $75,000 BMW X5.

But here is where you can really benefit. John is giving away a TON of his best tips for free in anticipation of the launch. I mean this stuff is REALLY good.

The content is 100% free. You just need to opt in (give up your name and email). I can tell you John Carlton is about as trustworthy as they come and will not share or sell your information.

Now, I am guessing this product will be between $2,000 and $5,000 when it’s released. John is giving away some amazing content because obviously he wants to prove what his stuff can do. So make sure you grab it while it’s available.

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