So I Met a Guy in a Bar in Vegas Last Month…

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As many of you know, I am not very good at writing, which is ironic being I have one of the most read blogs in the world…..

I failed English class as a kid and still struggle a lot with stupid things like there, their, – then and than, and so forth. I always get shit like that confused.

Hey! I am a sales guy… not a writer!

But let’s get back to copyrighting. Two years ago, I was really struggling and a friend of mine who lives here in Lincoln, Nebraska and has a very successful real estate business brought over this HUGE binder that was filled with example sales letters, landing pages, and copy.

Don’t tell anyone, but I photocopied a lot of it and still use it today. The course was written by a guy named John Carlton. Google his name and you will see he is the reverend pimp daddy of copyrighting.

I tried to hire John then but at his rate of $50,000 to do 1 sales page, I passed. But I was able to get set up with some of his students at a much more reasonable $5-10k per page.

A John Carlton student is to copyrighting what an MBA from Warton is to business management.

So here is where this email takes a funny turn. Last month, I am sitting at a bar at the MGM Grand at a small Internet event and this old man asks me what I do, and we chat for a while. Ironically, he is also in Internet marketing. He schools me on the history of selling stuff.

I wrote about the conversation on my blog. It was called the new robber barons.

Anyway, the guy tells me his name is John Carlton, and it took me over an hour to realize he was THE John Carlton. I tell him how I photocopied his $5,000 course and he looks and me and says, “You shitbag” or something. He was joking – it was a funny moment. You had to be there.

Anyway, the next day John must have Googled me or something and realized I am kind of a big deal, because he asked me if I had a minute to check out his new course he was going to put out.

The product is called the Simple Writing System Express Course, and maybe you’ve seen the difference in my writing style in the last couple months and how I have been crushing it in affiliate competition. Honestly, this is amazing and has helped me make over $250,000 and win a brand new $75,000 BMW X5.

But here is where you can really benefit. John is giving away a TON of his best tips for free in anticipation of the launch. I mean this stuff is REALLY good.

The content is 100% free. You just need to opt in (give up your name and email). I can tell you John Carlton is about as trustworthy as they come and will not share or sell your information.

Now, I am guessing this product will be between $2,000 and $5,000 when it’s released. John is giving away some amazing content because obviously he wants to prove what his stuff can do. So make sure you grab it while it’s available.

93 thoughts on “So I Met a Guy in a Bar in Vegas Last Month…

  1. Jason

    His free “mini-tutorial” emails so far have been great! They’ve been filling my inbox over the last few days. Looked him up after you mentioned him in one of your videos. Good Stuff!

  2. Mick M

    Well ya can’t get much better than this can ya.

    Been following John Carlton for a few years now and I gotta say everything he produces (free stuff too) is just pure gold.

  3. Paul Avery

    I took your 15 day trial of SM 1. In there I listened to a Webinar with Frank Kern. One of the tips he gave about e-mail marketing helped me crank out one of the performing sales letters for

    The right sales tool is valuable.

    1. E. Langdon

      I wasn’t able to sign up for that. But I already put my name on the wait list of ShoeMoney Sytem 2.0. I wonder when he’ll reopen the reg.

    1. Nicole Burns

      I couldn’t agree more. But I think choosing the right tool and maximizing it is the key, not the tool itself.

        1. spameater

          What’s wrong with misspellings? I do it all the time and nobody seems to care. Grammar nazis are completely ruining this blog daily.

          1. Tool

            I’m good in spelling and I have better than average skills in writing. I own a blog where I right daily. But I don’t get much traffic there, not even remotely near to what this blog’s traffic at any given day. So, no. Spelling and grammar don’t guarantee success.

    1. Tammyexperiments

      Just a typo, I guess. In any case, first thing he said was he’s not good at writing. If one has good stuff to say or sell, I’d say typos are forgivable. Just saying.

      1. socialanim00

        You make a good point. But still, it doesn’t hurt to recheck and edit your work once in a while. You have to admit, a lot of people do tend to notice those things.

      2. PokeYerFace

        Yes. It’s the meat of the post that matters most. But presentation can certainly make the meat look better.

    1. RedBlack88

      Yes, it is. I could just imagine the conversation they’ve had. Esp. the part when Jeremy admitted to photocopying his course. That one’s hilarious.

    2. Husher50

      Yeah. I just wish I could an encounter like that sooner or later. I’d like to meet Adriana Lima sometime and have a “funny” conversation with her. When I said funny, I meant “sensual.” Sorry, just daydreaming (or should I say nightdreaming). LMAO

    1. Cristina Dy

      That’s what Shoe said in the first place. He’s not a writer — he’s a salesperson. Aren’t you reading the post?

      1. enajyram00

        Sweetie, we’ll be at Rad 7th by 10. Hope you can catch up. John’s going to bring his new girlfriend. Are you with me? And don’t forget the iPad this time. I have tons of new Workshy tracks to share. A bit of Incognito and EBTG, too. See ya!

      2. Andrew Says So

        True that. But even salespersons, and most of everyone else actually, could learn from a feedback, esp. if it can be used for personal or business improvement. Not that I’m saying purists are correct all the time, just that there’s always something that can be improved on.

  4. Marnie Sho

    Copywriting’s always been a skill I want to learn. I like the idea of writing persuasively without being pushy. I know it’s not as simple as I think it is but I’m optimistic that I’d learn something from this express course. Thanks for the post, Jeremy!

    1. Kyle

      I learned copywriting on the job and began to appreciate it’s value soon after I saw my boss create a copy that earned the company a significant amount of profit. I’m still learning the ropes so these free stuff from Carlton would definitely help me improve my skills.

    2. New Bee

      I’m sure you will. I only a few days ago but so far I feel like I’m actually getting better at copywriting.

    3. B.Logan

      I hire freelance copywriters to do what I can’t. I trust them to do a better job at it than I would. But I’m interested to learn more about copywriting, just so I could try do it myself when I can.

  5. BearPile

    I don’t usually sign up for freebies, offline or online. But for this one, I’m going to make an exception. I can’t wait for the “lessons” to begin. Nice post, btw.

    1. Fields of Clover

      Me too. I worry about where the personal information I provide end up. But most times, there’s no way around it. There are stuff you’d sign up for, regardless.

  6. Bryan Jake T

    Good one. It’s a very convincing post. You managed to convince me to sign up, which I did just now. Looking forward to learning what I can from it.

    1. TomYoon

      I’ve always been a skeptic all my life. From ghosts to unscrupulous telemarketing pitches, I have always been careful not to delve in too much. However, this one takes the cake. Here’s to you, Shoe! Best wishes from Tempe.

      1. Yes2Freebies

        How do you make copy to lure as much Bunnies as you can? That’s the best thing that will ever happen to copywriting. LOL

          1. ExclaimedIdeas

            You still haven’t paid me for the loan you asked for a couple of months back and now you’re risking your arm? LMAO Call me tomorrow. Jeff and the rest of the gang will be in town this weekend.

  7. Sanjay

    I got my free reports already. They’re everything they’re purported to be and more. I’m glad I signed up.

      1. AnnieLouJ12860

        How about a box of Lady Godiva, a great novel and scented candles? Whoa, that just turned me on somehow. Talk about awkward…

  8. David R

    Weaving the right words and phrases can make or break your a sale. I think copywriting is powerful stuff. It’s something worth learning no matter which part of the ladder you’re currently on.

    1. WanderingMommy

      Copywriting is like cramming a whole paragraph into one sentence. Sounds confusing? That’s how you do it.

      1. internetFTW

        I feel ya. That’s probably one of the toughest things in marketing online and offline. It’s like pitching a product, advertising, marketing, begging, forcing and more begging in one bunch.

    2. Feeding Frenzy

      And might I add, knowing the target readers/markets are can help you create the suitable copy using the right words and phrases that your targets would find interesting.

  9. WhateverWorks

    I’m excited to get my copy of “Storytelling For Maximum Selling”… I think stories make selling more fun and exciting. I love listening to stories, like most people do I guess.

    1. moolahmachine

      I completely agree. Stories are integral components of our formative years and I think that apart from making learning more fun, they add a bit of creativity and wonder, too. Kudos for the post, Jeremy. 5 stars.

        1. TheSandMan5050

          Simple strategy but works everytime: Bring a flashy car, a wallet full of Franklin bills, some bling, a nice musky cologne and of course, the piece de resistance, a suave mustache.

    2. Get That Ball

      Noticed how Schoemaker’s into a bit more of storytelling lately? Maybe that’s a John Carlton influence. Anyway, it does make for more interesting reads.

      1. medomoc

        Influences make a person better or worse. With John Carlton’s guidance, I’d be making better copy in no time! Or worse if I don’t sign up right now.

      2. Willow

        His posts are certainly getting more and more entertaining in my POV. I guess it’s the story that makes the push so subtle. I think subtlety, if used sensibly, can be quite effective.

  10. The American Dream

    You had me at the 50k price tag. I signed up faster than you can type “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” bit. Thanks a million, Shoe!

    1. Jason S.

      I heard about freelance copywriters getting paid exorbitant fees but I didn’t realize they could earn that much. Makes me think I’m in a wrong career.

    2. F2Xsites

      As a DJ, I have a lot of experiences where words can make or break a sale. One time, a CEO of a huge food chain dropped by our station for an interview. I accidentally referred to the competition’s brand when introducing him and I knew he wasn’t going to invest. No doubt about it. Thankfully, my manager talked him in it and we had the sale.

      1. GQmeansGeek

        Do you work for WTLA? I heard about that fiasco when I was interning for Hot Radio six years back. Man, that’s quite scary!

  11. ILoveMemes

    I discovered John Carlton’s blog a few months back purely by accident. I instantly became a fan of his after I’ve read his take on several copywriting topics. The SWS freebie is a chance I wouldn’t pass up.

    1. floresparati

      Gracias por el aprendizaje maravilloso. Estoy muy agradecido por las cosas buenas que comparten a diario, especialmente los consejos y trucos de marketing online para nosotros los novatos. Sigan con el gran trabajo!

  12. Jona712

    I met a hammered David Hasselhoff at Club Orange way back in ’98! Too bad it didn’t bolster my web marketing career though. Knight Ryder!

    1. KrisM77

      No shit! I met him too when my wife and I spent a holiday in Reno 5 years ago. Brenda even referred to him as “the guy in the beach sitcom.” LOL

  13. Robin Sterling

    Another bestselling post from Jeremy. Congrats! (P.S. Please do write more about Humongo Nation. I am looking forward for next year’s tour.)

    1. Dandundun

      I had the chance to share a few brewskies with the Humongo Nation team when they had the Raleigh leg. Keeping my fingers crossed that I will be included in next year’s selection. (Shoe, can you help me pitch my online pastry shop for them?)

  14. medomoc

    Had an opportunity to work with the guy along with Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert for a couple of years in Manhattan. Amazing guy. I’d love to sign up for his course.

  15. Screechy Rich

    Catchy title and interesting content. All in all, a really good post that I totally enjoyed reading.

  16. GQmeansGeek

    I had an opportunity to interview him for Literature 110 in ’04. Loved how he made me feel really welcome. Cheers to John Carlton and Shoe!

  17. Bputitout / Putitoutthere

    Fresh post, new learning, fresh step to a better web marketing strategy. Thanks a million, Jeremy! Regards from Tulsa.

  18. Laney Pitt

    Signed up for the program a week ago. My traffic went up, sales generation climbed by 30% and I am learning a few magic words to include when composing my sales pitch and copies. Isn’t that awesome or what?

  19. Big Al

    Nothing like good content to capture, hold, and stir interest and attention. If I could somehow manage to do that, every sales pitch would be a piece of cake.

  20. Kaylynn

    This just goes to show you, that you never know where or who you will meet that will change yours or their lives. I am glad that you were able to visit with him and I know that he is glad that you visited with him.

  21. Demyan Lavor

    Hello… wow you made over $130,000 in one month… wow!!! I work so hard on adsense and my biggest month was around $40,000 but NEVER NEVER NEVER $130,000 !!! It’s just amazing !!!! WOW!!!!

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