Flying United Airlines Business Class

Last Friday on my way to the Epic PlayBoy Mansion Party when I checked in at the Lincoln Airport I got upgraded to “Business Class”.  I looked up from the kiosk and asked the United Representative what Business Class was and she said its in between First Class  and Coach.

At first I thought this was a new gimmick to replace their economy plus.  I get complementary upgraded on probably 90% of my flights to First Class and have gotten pretty spoiled.

But when I got on the plane I was stunned at how awesome it was.

Its something right out of Star Trek of all you have this like… 24″ wide screen LCD display in front of you. The in flight entertainment dealio is packed with Movies, Audio, Audio Books, and tons of other stuff. You can even plug in your iPod/iPad/iPhone and watch your own video’s on the screen.

I choose to keep it on the GPS screen as I planned on playing games on my iPad most of the trip:

The served us breakfast about 30 minutes into the 2 hour flight. I had had this same breakfast before flying United First Class and its really yummy.

The center console has so many options for your seating. Its really wild”

Here is a picture of the front side of the remote control:

and on the backside is a full qwerty keyboard that also acts as a controller for video games:

After breakfast I decided to put my seat in “bed” mode and take a nice nap.

Amazing. Good job United!

You can see the rest of my photos here United Business Class