Why Bloggers Fail & Why More Succeed With DevHub

Lets be honest…. with all these free website builders and hosts there are TONS of websites that lay vacant across the web. How many blogs have you come across that haven’t had posts in months?

They all started off with great intentions…. They had visions of living the 4 hour work week… blogging from the beach and bathing in money writing about their passion. It all makes sense, right? So people have the perfect theme made and get after it… but peter out after a couple posts.

Where these people left off DevHub has made it simple to stay engaged and continue growing their online empire and improve the chances of people being successful.

Devhub took the website builder concept and gamifyed it. At it’s core its still a website builder but it’s also a game. With DevHub users can build a web site/ blog and when they’re done they’ve got something real, something they can make money with, share with their friends, or their community.

DevHub has ‘tracks’ that a user can build on i.e. social media page, local business website, blog website, import your blog and affiliate websites so far. DevHub guides the user through building a quality site while maintaining ‘web standards,’ and the latest social media plugins.

Users get experience points and DevHub coins for building pages, adding a blog, or publishing content to and from their social media sites. Users can trade coins in at the Market and buy site upgrades, discounts on services or merchandise.

Additionally, the entire platform is able to be utilized for companies looking to engage their own user base to create related sites and user generated content.

Its really cool stuff and you should check it out. We have had fun building sites with DevHub and working with people to get them up and running in a few minutes over the last year.

And DevHub also just announced a new, amazing, affiliate payout. For everyone you refer you earn 10% of what they earn for 3 years.

UPDATE: DevHub pinged me when they saw this post and said for anyone signing up through this link they will start you off with a cool ShoeMoney Devatar!