How To Get People To Promote Your Stuff

I guess I am not supposed to write something like this while I am in the middle of a pre-launch …. right? I mean who would be dumb enough to do that… well who also would give away there best tips to sell something before they try to sell you something… that would be me too 😉

I recently got a email asking me what it takes to get me to promote someone’s product.

I would like to divide this up into 2 parts. The first which is something I wrote about in my newsletter a couple weeks back. Its all the criteria I personally look at before promoting something to my email list & Blog and the rules go something like this:

$$$ Money $$$ – First and foremost lets talk about the elephant in the room. If you purchase something through my link I get paid for it. But while this might seem to be the biggest motivator its about 3rd or 4th in line behind the following.

Met In Person – Every person’s product I promote I have met in person and have sized them up. I also have asked around about them and made sure they are the real deal.

No Risk – This is by far the biggest thing for me. I will not recommend anything that does not come with minimum 30 day 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund policy. The bottom line is the product either works for you or it doesn’t. and if it doesn’t I want you to get your money back. PERIOD.

Evaluation Copy – I always personally review the product before recommending it. Sometimes the full product is not available so I have to rely on other factors more.

Purchasing It Myself – I will not recommend anything to anyone that I am not purchasing myself. In the last 6 months I have purchased over $14,000.00 in info products. I have only gotten a refund one of them and it was because the person noticed I purchased it and refunded my money and gave me a free account.

Lets look at the last thing big thing I promoted – Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula. I ended up ranking #10 over all on his JV list in sales. Awesome! I take home something like 40k in profit, but what is even cooler is hearing from all of you folks who purchased it that can’t stop raving about it.

“Shoe, thanks for pointing me to PLF 3.0. It’s exactly what I have been looking for!” -Steve

“I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Jeff Walker (virtually). The production quality of his product launch formula modules is amazing.” – Jason

And the list goes on and on…

The one big thing I have learned over the years is if you sell things that actually give people value then they are more likely to buy from you in the future. Sell people crap and they are gone.

So those are my rules…. but lets say your getting ready to launch a product and are looking to get affiliates for that product and of course… you want the top affiliates. Then I would have some different advice for you.

There are a couple paths you can go and depending on your budget and experience its probably clear what path you should take:

1) Guarantee a earnings per click. Most guys get $5-$10 per click. I know that seems high but its on par with what they make for a affiliate product. Since you have no history its going to be tough to get affiliates on board cause they have to put all their trust that you know what you are doing… again since you have no history nothing makes you different then the 30 other people who approach them a day to pitch their stuff. So you back it up and now they listen. I did this with my first launch and it worked out really well. Also when people see the biggest guys promoting it they want to get on board.

2) Get a well know person to run your launch.. Amish Shaw (magic bullet) did this getting Frank Kern to run his magic bullet launch and he crushed it. You can save yourself a ton of headache by getting a certified product launch manager to run your stuff. Generally they take 20% of the gross and require an up front deposit (like 50k) that goes against their pay. What your paying for with these guys is experience and their Rolodex.

3) Go with it yourself. Like I said before your first launch is really your learning experience more then anything. Just like anything else its going to take you a while to get it down. The cool thing though is you will build a good sized email list to now promote other peoples stuff. That’s where my list came from and it only took me 2 launches to get a list decent enough size to be in the top 10 on BIG launch leader boards. Here is another interesting fact. Ive made over $250,000 in profit promoting other people’s products (from email alone) from the original 20,000 ShoeMoney system 1.0 lead list. When I launched people told me that the money was in the lead list because basically what your doing is scraping other peoples lists getting the best, most active leads they have. They also told me those leads would be worth about $10 per lead per year on average depending on how hard you promote other peoples stuff.

So thats all the advice I have for those looking to get partners to push your stuff…. hopefully it helps 😉