How To Sell Shit

2 weeks ago we were in L.A. meeting with the Fox Audience Network folks (formally MySpace MyAds) and during the course of the night we got into this discussion about how all of these people are entering the world of “making money online” or “making money from home” but have no clue about the basics of salesmanship or marketing. Offline or Online.

I am talking about the “weapons of marketing” if you will. Things like scarcity, fear, authority, association, trust, perception, social proof, and call to action. Course there are quite a few I am leaving out off the top of my head.

Its amazing to me how many people just make a website, landing page, ad, email – not incorporate any of these – fail… and then give up “cause it doesn’t work”.

So… I think I am gonna put together a free video defining all of these and then show my past emails, posts and adcopy about how we use them and how well they worked.

Now most people would read this and think… wait your going to show me how you got me to buy stuff and then think I am ever going to buy stuff from you again?


So it will take us a bit to put together but watch for this in the next week or so.