Dialing In Your FaceBook Campaigns

I want to share with you guys a start-to-finish example of a profitable Facebook Ads campaign I have been running.

This campaign took me a week or so to become profitable, but I’ve got in dialed in now and you could actually just copy this and start making money as an affiliate.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of it…

The Product: The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure ( this is my own product on Clickbank, affiliate info is here if you’re interested)

Landing Page: I did direct linking to our sales video which is at 31DayFatLossCure.com/abs (if you’ve never seen a video like this, the add to cart button pops up at the end of the video so they can order…its pretty cool)

So from here I started making some ads…

When I do this I usually make around 20-30 different ads, mostly testing the pictures in the ads.

I’ve found that the picture will give you the biggest change in CTR. So out of the 30 or so ads I tested, these were the top 3 ads.

Just by improving your CTR you can get a much better CPC and your profits will go through the roof. If you have a few extra bucks to spend I highly recommend picking up the FB Ads Manager. This thing literally saves me 20-25 hours each week. I just upload the ads, target the market I want and let it run while Im sleeping.

And by the way here’s a big, big tip that I got from Shoe in the Shoemoney System

Set up your campaign so that in Clickbank each ad has a different sub ID on the end (much easier to do than it sounds). This way you can track the EXACT ads that are sending you the sales.

Of the ads pictured at the top of this post, I actually found that the middle ad sent me the most sales, yet it didn’t have the best CTR.

Now once you have some ads ready, you MUST narrow down and figure out your target market…

Narrowing Your Market For Maximum Money Making

If you’ve ever done any campaigns for fitness/fat loss products you’ll know that the BIG market for these products is in the 35-65 year old age group.

I targeted each of these ads specifically to women in the 35-55 year old range on Facebook. I didn’t target any specific keywords with these ads, just women in general.

Actually I’ll just give you the exact settings I used…

  • Female, 35-55
  • United States
  • CPC – I was bidding around .30 per click

In reality that’s a pretty broad market, but it was still profitable. Since then I’ve gotten more into niching down by smaller groups of years and also by time zones in the U.S.

I think there’s also a lot of money to be made targeting keywords. For example you could target people who like “The Biggest Loser” which is over 1 million people on Facebook – I haven’t tried this yet, but I bet that would convert pretty well.

The Profits

Overall on this campaign I spent a total of $493.76 and I brought in $621.19 in revenue. So the overall profit for the campaign was $127.43. Now you might not think that’s much money, but here’s how I’m going to turn that into a big ole’ cash machine.

During this campaign I was limiting my ad spend each day to $50. Now since this campaign is profitable, all I need to do is up my ad spend to $300 or so dollars per day, and within a few days this will easily turn into a $100 profit each and everyday. That’s an average of $36,500+ per year.

Not to mention, I haven’t even started targeting this campaign to men!

Now a question most people usually have is “what’s better, CPC or CPM?”


This campaign was all run on CPC, but I have been playing around with CPM lately.

Here’s the deal though…

Facebook recently changed its algorithm and they are trying to push direct response marketers over to CPC. Unless I’m really missing something, the days of dirt cheap CPM clicks are pretty much over.

But that’s ok, because even a campaign like this you could still easily make $20k-$30k a year as an affiliate just by direct linking! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

On a campaign like this your goal should be to get as many people to the landing page as possible – for as cheap as possible. If you can find cheap .10 cent clicks this Facebook campaign would be an absolute gold mine.

Now that leads me to my next big tip, which is improving your click through rate!

How To Increase Your CTR on Facebook Ads

One of the keys to making a bunch of money on Facebook is to keep your CR high.

Now the big problem with this, unlike with Adwords, is that the same people are seeing your ad everyday they login to Facebook. So after about 7-10 days your ad is going to lose its good CTR and you’ll need a new ad.

If you have a picture that’s converting well, you can do something simple like adding a colored border or circle around the image.

If that doesn’t work it’s time to test 20-30 new pictures, and then you can simply bring your old one back in a few weeks.

Pretty simple.

There ya have it – If you have any Facebook Ad questions, simply leave me a comment below and I’ll drop in and answer them.

– Justin Goff

P.S. – I personally work with affiliates and any friend of Jeremy’s is usually a good person to work with. Check out the affiliate page, or email me at the address below if you want to make some money promoting our program…