Dialing In Your FaceBook Campaigns

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I want to share with you guys a start-to-finish example of a profitable Facebook Ads campaign I have been running.

This campaign took me a week or so to become profitable, but I’ve got in dialed in now and you could actually just copy this and start making money as an affiliate.

Here’s the nuts and bolts of it…

The Product: The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure ( this is my own product on Clickbank, affiliate info is here if you’re interested)

Landing Page: I did direct linking to our sales video which is at 31DayFatLossCure.com/abs (if you’ve never seen a video like this, the add to cart button pops up at the end of the video so they can order…its pretty cool)

So from here I started making some ads…

When I do this I usually make around 20-30 different ads, mostly testing the pictures in the ads.

I’ve found that the picture will give you the biggest change in CTR. So out of the 30 or so ads I tested, these were the top 3 ads.

Just by improving your CTR you can get a much better CPC and your profits will go through the roof. If you have a few extra bucks to spend I highly recommend picking up the FB Ads Manager. This thing literally saves me 20-25 hours each week. I just upload the ads, target the market I want and let it run while Im sleeping.

And by the way here’s a big, big tip that I got from Shoe in the Shoemoney System

Set up your campaign so that in Clickbank each ad has a different sub ID on the end (much easier to do than it sounds). This way you can track the EXACT ads that are sending you the sales.

Of the ads pictured at the top of this post, I actually found that the middle ad sent me the most sales, yet it didn’t have the best CTR.

Now once you have some ads ready, you MUST narrow down and figure out your target market…

Narrowing Your Market For Maximum Money Making

If you’ve ever done any campaigns for fitness/fat loss products you’ll know that the BIG market for these products is in the 35-65 year old age group.

I targeted each of these ads specifically to women in the 35-55 year old range on Facebook. I didn’t target any specific keywords with these ads, just women in general.

Actually I’ll just give you the exact settings I used…

  • Female, 35-55
  • United States
  • CPC – I was bidding around .30 per click

In reality that’s a pretty broad market, but it was still profitable. Since then I’ve gotten more into niching down by smaller groups of years and also by time zones in the U.S.

I think there’s also a lot of money to be made targeting keywords. For example you could target people who like “The Biggest Loser” which is over 1 million people on Facebook – I haven’t tried this yet, but I bet that would convert pretty well.

The Profits

Overall on this campaign I spent a total of $493.76 and I brought in $621.19 in revenue. So the overall profit for the campaign was $127.43. Now you might not think that’s much money, but here’s how I’m going to turn that into a big ole’ cash machine.

During this campaign I was limiting my ad spend each day to $50. Now since this campaign is profitable, all I need to do is up my ad spend to $300 or so dollars per day, and within a few days this will easily turn into a $100 profit each and everyday. That’s an average of $36,500+ per year.

Not to mention, I haven’t even started targeting this campaign to men!

Now a question most people usually have is “what’s better, CPC or CPM?”


This campaign was all run on CPC, but I have been playing around with CPM lately.

Here’s the deal though…

Facebook recently changed its algorithm and they are trying to push direct response marketers over to CPC. Unless I’m really missing something, the days of dirt cheap CPM clicks are pretty much over.

But that’s ok, because even a campaign like this you could still easily make $20k-$30k a year as an affiliate just by direct linking! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

On a campaign like this your goal should be to get as many people to the landing page as possible – for as cheap as possible. If you can find cheap .10 cent clicks this Facebook campaign would be an absolute gold mine.

Now that leads me to my next big tip, which is improving your click through rate!

How To Increase Your CTR on Facebook Ads

One of the keys to making a bunch of money on Facebook is to keep your CR high.

Now the big problem with this, unlike with Adwords, is that the same people are seeing your ad everyday they login to Facebook. So after about 7-10 days your ad is going to lose its good CTR and you’ll need a new ad.

If you have a picture that’s converting well, you can do something simple like adding a colored border or circle around the image.

If that doesn’t work it’s time to test 20-30 new pictures, and then you can simply bring your old one back in a few weeks.

Pretty simple.

There ya have it – If you have any Facebook Ad questions, simply leave me a comment below and I’ll drop in and answer them.

– Justin Goff

P.S. – I personally work with affiliates and any friend of Jeremy’s is usually a good person to work with. Check out the affiliate page, or email me at the address below if you want to make some money promoting our program…

156 thoughts on “Dialing In Your FaceBook Campaigns

      1. Shawn

        I thought Facebook banned all diet type ads or adds that referred to someone’s body types or features? I find it hard to believe you even got these ads approved…

        1. Shawn

          As a matter of fact I’m calling BS on this entire post. I might belive this post if it was from Shoe himself, but this is from the guy trying to push his own product.

          I’ve been doing facebook ads since they launched and talked to a lot of other guys like me doing the same thing. I’m 99% sure you can’t even get those types of ads approved anymore. Even if you did, the fact that you could get people to purchase that type of diet/fitness product and have a profitable campaign is just to low from my experience.

          You’re profitable because you’re getting 100% of the revenue. Affiliates will only get… what half of that?

          1. Justin Goff

            Im getting the ads approved every single day, so they obviously dont mind. I email their support 3x a week and they tell me what I need to do for the ads to be ok.

            Affiliates get 75% commissions plus upsell and backend commissions so they can make good money still

      2. George

        hey Justin I have all the tools needed to set up a marketing campaign just need help setting it up and how to use convert2 media willing to pay for your services please call 8608575760 thank you

  1. Laney Pitt

    Wow! This is a timely post, especially with Jeremy’s presentation at Affiliate Summit coming up. Once again, thanks for sharing the details. Very helpful! :)

    1. Justin Goff

      Once you have it dialed in, you can niche it down to each year – so an ad specifically for women 45 years old in the U.S.

      Right now I get clicks for around .11-.14 a click doing that

      1. belmar

        I call BS. You are not getting 11 cent clicks on all women age 45 in the US with those garbage CTRs in the examples. You would need .2 to .3 CTR and even then you arent getting any real traffic at those CPCs.

        How much did you pay or rev-share with shoemonkey to get this guest post up and have all of the shoemoney sheeple here to waste money promoting your product?

        Shoemoney sheeple – run the same campaigns and split test with truthaboutabs on clickbank. You may get higher EPCs.

        1. Justin Goff

          Obviously Im not getting .11 cent clicks with the ads in the post…

          I have more than just this campaign going.

          The ones getting .245+ CTR are getting me .11-.14 cent clicks everyday. Not a boatload of traffic, but its making me a consistent profit pretty much everyday

        2. Vince

          Another hater. Imagine that. Shoe should make an icon for people like you. A green sheep. Green for envy, and a sheep because you are still obviously following him, just like we are.

  2. Dandundun

    Hmmm…. Another endorsement for the Shoemoney System. I had no idea the Shoemoney system included FB advertising. Nice tie-in, and nice to see that it’s really working for someone. Thanks for the guest post!

  3. Bputitout / Putitoutthere

    From a new person’s perspective, How do you make your ads? Where do you get the illustrations? Do you write your own copy?

      1. Bputitout / Putitoutthere

        Wow. Came back to find that you had responded to my comment. Thanks man.

      2. medomoc

        I think that your visual elements are the ones attracting the most attention from users. They’re have a modern yet easily comprehensible touch that delivers your intended message straight across in no time at all. You’ve done a great job, Jeff.

  4. Brandon

    I’ve seen this ad already somewhere on FB, but in german. Why aren’t there other payment-methods than credit-card or paypal? In german speaking countries not even every 20th person has a cc or a pp-account….

  5. ExclaimedIdeas

    You make it look so easy! Will you be able to do a follow up post? I’d love to see what happens when you move from a CPC to the CPM model. I also think that in terms of scaling up, sometimes it doesn’t actually work. Again, would love to see a follow up in a few months! Thank you!

    1. Justin Goff

      Lately Ive been sticking more with CPC. I seem to get a lot of the Application traffic with CPM, which never converts at all for me.

      If I could get rid of the app traffic altogether, Facebook would become 3x more profitable for me!

  6. Marnie Sho

    What a great example from a great niche. Thanks. This is super helpful, and a very clear example. I’ll be watching for Q & A’s in the comments. I’m sure people will be trying this themselves this week. I’ve not tried FB advertising, but this is one of the niches I know a lot about, so health and fitness is a natural for me. Anyways, thanks for the affiliate link too! I’ll be sure to check it out.

  7. WhateverWorks

    Who has the slogan, “Miss a day, miss a lot.” I feel like that applies to ShoeMoney.com I learned so much last week. This week is off to a great start too! Thanks Jeremy!

  8. smstudent

    Was this the first campaign that you were successful with, or is this your rinse and repeat formula? How many campaigns do you have running right now? Thanks for sharing Justin.

    1. Justin Goff

      This was one of the ones that I was successful with. I have a few running now that have a .2+ CTR or higher which is getting me some cheap clicks in the .11-.15 range.

      I only do campaigns for my product though, no other products or CPA offers…

  9. WanderingMommy

    Can you offer any more tips on testing? I use just 3 ads in my test rotation (mainly to save time.) Maybe i really do need to do more? Do the illustrations work better, or is this just for your niche / target market. I just haven’t been able to make it happen in FB, and I think it may have something to do with the way my ads look. Thanks!

    1. Justin Goff

      test ad copy, headlines and pictures.

      You need to test at least 30 pictures

      peak their curiousity and use power words in your ad that grab their attention.

      – Justin

    2. newmediaist12

      I’ve also learned that if you use a picture, it really works well to include a face in the shot. Maybe not for weight loss, but in general. Make sure that the people are really ugly or really attractive.

  10. Eric | My 4-Hour Workweek

    Justin – What was your experience like for getting ads rejected? Even when I think I’m following EVERY SINGLE one of their strict rules, I find my ads are rejected far too frequently, and it’s very discouraging.

    1. Justin Goff

      Yeh it can be an absolute battle.

      My suggestion is to make an account of a 55 year old woman, and look at some of the ads running for them for this niche. You can try to model those ads. You’ll prolly see ours along with 2-3 other products in our niche.

      Ive found if I made my ds more food related they are less likely to be turned down…. ex… “This 1 food secretly increases belly fat”

      The biggest thing is you cant present a health condition in negative light. So saying that “belly fat” is bad is against the rules.

      Also make sure you email affiliates@facebook.com, theyve been very helpful in showing me what I need to change in an ad

  11. internetFTW

    I haven’t been able to duplicate my PPC success on FB. I’ve run 10 campaigns, and have either just broken even or lost $. Is there a difference in the thinking between PPC and FB? Any tips on translating the success?

    1. Justin Goff

      I suck at PPC, so I couldnt help you much there…

      The thinking is definitely different though – If you have profitable campaigns on the content network, Facebook would be similar to those campaigns rather than search…

  12. FirenzeZ

    Attractive affiliate offer….

    “If you’re looking to promote a quality fat loss program with high commissions ($26.98 per sale + an upsell + backend commissions) you found the right product. “

  13. GQmeansGeek

    Alright. That’s a really good video and splash page. I can see why this is a huge success. I want to turn heads EVERYWHERE I go! LOL! Congratulations.

  14. James Is (Not Working)

    Note to Shoe readers: Justin’s site has some pretty good copy writing tips. I know I get lazy with this because I am cranking out so much content (think spinning), but I just read one of his articles and it made me think about my quality over quantity in general. The article is called “Wrong appeal = DISASTER in an ad”


      1. Sanjay

        So I’ve learned that your post title is CRITCAL for click thru, as is the headline in PPC. Is it really the same for FB? You have to work that headline? You gave some nice examples in your blog, BTW. It’s about getting inside someone’s head. LOL!

  15. sasha_482

    Nice post. Repackages a lot of the concepts that Jeremy has been promoting all along. Advertising success has to do with planning, research, ads, images, targeting, understanding the tools, combining tools, testing, adjusting, and doing it all again. Thanks Justin and Jeremy! You guys are awesome.

  16. Go Harry Go

    I was totally confused by the headline. Thought that there was a Pay Per Call program being introduced via Facebook. LOL! Something to think about, right?

  17. Chris Pontine

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for breaking this down and showing the exact setting you utilize for this campaign. Nice to just see some transparency.

    Good approach as well in trying out different pictures to increase your overall performance.

  18. Fiona Wong

    I would guess that it is highly possible to make a LOT of money just by mastering the art of the Facebook ad, simply in terms of being able to scale it up. But the key is being able to effectively leverage multiple disciplines. This is the PERFECT example.

  19. TheSandMan5050

    I experimented with some international stuff last year. Not sure if this still works, but it may be worth testing. If you are promoting an international product that redirects non-international traffic, you wont’ get approved. To get around this, direct link to the offer itself rather than using aff links. Once the ad get approved you can switch to your aff link. If you do this, be sure to monitor the campaign closely.

  20. The American Dream

    Hey what are your thoughts on the first few hours being indicative of the success of the campaign overall? Do you apply this thinkng to your testing too? Nobody wants to blow through a ton of cash figuring this stuff out. THanks.

    1. Justin Goff

      Not really because time of day and certain days actually have a big impact on sales…

      If you’re low on funds you’d be better off bidding really low and trying to get traffic that way, then spending all your funds in 3 hours and hoping it works out.

  21. Exposed SEO

    I think that by using .5 pound increments in the text you’ve given your ads a slightly higher air of believability than say a rounded number. Have you tried experimenting with really high or low pounds lost numbers?

  22. AnnieP78

    Finally, an updated, specific article on FB marketing. Who can handle another eZine article when you do a search? Some of the oldies but goodies on the top blogs still apply, and FB actually offers some good advice too, but seeing a real world example is always the best way to learn. Bookmarking this one for future reference (and inspiration).

  23. browie

    Great post Justin,

    FB has been a thorn in my side since the beginning but I am determined to make it profitable for me. Good inspiring post.

  24. Dan Walker

    Hey Justin, great read! It’s posts like this that really motivate me to keep on trying, maybe I’ll give the weight loss market an attempt soon =]

  25. spameater

    Rough ride balancing slicing down your target market once you get started. Slice it down too much and your costs go up! I am getting conversions, but not to the degree you are. I have heard of people creating custom pages in FB to support conversions, as you can use your wall comments to further support conversions. Hoping that Shoe adresses all of this stuff at ASE. I hate learning curves!!!

  26. WilmaP

    I see I’m not the only one who was having trouble figuring this out. That’s so great that you share this stuff for free. It’s official. I am hooked on Shoemoney.

  27. Robin Sterling

    The coolest thing is having a client that will do the 25K homepage engagement ads! There are more options to control and you can do cool things like include pre-filled formed. This is only probably possible with bigger companies, but other agencies should be aware that it is an option.

  28. mondex1

    Nice tip Justin. I will try to narrow down my target range in FB ad if ever I will launch it now :) I hope I will earn like you. Thanks

  29. Love

    Great information… my first few tests with facebook advertising were quite successful in terms of ROI, however, once I got over confident and left my ads for a days without watching them. I find facebook marketing requires consistant updates and monitoring. Be weary to walk away with confidence.

  30. RedBlack88

    Hey… with 400+ million FB users and growing, we can all use some tips on getting campaigns up and running. Thanks for the tips.

  31. Undercover Affiliate

    So not fun, as we are not allowed to promote perscription drugs or gambling. Like a strict, domineering parent. Blah.

  32. Cristina Dy

    Your ads certainly exhibit the sacred trinity of web advertising: relevance, timeliness and visual aesthetics. Keep up the good work, Justin.

  33. Jona712

    Interesting info. Good placements equate to more clicks, this means more money for you and more for Facebook. You don’t need massive figures to make CPC worth your while, just some decent positioning.

  34. enajyram00

    “If you have a picture that’s converting well, you can do something simple like adding a colored border or circle around the image. If that doesn’t work it’s time to test 20-30 new pictures, and then you can simply bring your old one back in a few weeks.”

    Perhaps one of the most quickest, easiest web advertising tips I have ever come across. You sure know how to keep people engaged!

    1. Justin Goff

      Thanks – I forgot to reference this, but that tip I got from Jonathan Volk in his FB Ads Guide.

      Anyone wanting to make money with FB Ads should definitely pick up his guide.

  35. AnnieLouJ12860

    Great post, Justin. However, I just want to emphasize that when it comes to the great fight between CPC and CPM, it looks like we’re still going to need a few more rounds on this one.

    1. Yes2Freebies

      Cost-per-click might get more eyeballs, but cost-per-thousand might guarantee those eyeballs are pre-qualified. What do you think, Justin?

    2. Justin Goff

      CPC seems to be doing better for me now, but before the algorithm change CPM was like shooting fish in a barrel. Super cheap clicks!

      Im sure it will still shake out a bit more…

    3. Mark Mead

      CPC sits in the middle of the online pricing spectrum. It involves risk from the advertiser’s side in that they pay for every click on their ad. This forces them to make sure that the ad is relevant to what is being offered so that a click has a good chance of turning in to an action. At the same time, the publisher takes on the responsibility of displaying the ad in appropriate places so that it will receive clicks. No clicks, no revenue. It’s a very simple formula for both sides.

  36. F2Xsites

    You’ve got me when you said “But that’s ok, because even a campaign like this you could still easily make $20k-$30k a year as an affiliate just by direct linking! It doesn’t get much easier than that!”

    I am so excited to try a similar FB advertising strategy.

  37. purposeinc

    Justin, I just love your posts. They are easy to follow, and slam down the basics. The video for your product, which I watched a few weeks ago, is fantastic. What could be better than something where you have to spend a couple bucks, and it motivates you to exercise more. Just rockin.

      1. ExclaimedIdeas

        Wow. I just checked out this blog. Who knew? Hard to keep up with all the good stuff out there.

  38. TomYoon

    One way of engaging users’ attention is to display images that they can easily understand or relate to. Add a touch of well-written copy and you’re definitely good to go. (Yeah, right).

  39. KrisM77

    How did you figure this out? Is this something you started from scratch? Or is this a combination of tried and tested Facebook advertising strategies integrated with your ideas? It doesnt seem like a big deal at first, but once you try playing with the ads you can see what a challenge it really is.

  40. H delacruz

    These ads are like 30% cheaper than the ads at Google, Yahoo, etc. So worth the trouble of learning and testing. Who knows? A year from now, this could be the most expensive ad gig on the block. I say take advantage now while you can. It pays to be an early adapter.

  41. Financial Adviser online

    You said it! Narrowing the market will maximize the return. I’ve read one of your earlier posts ( your 10 failed projects). I also did the same mistake. Whenever i think about a web venture, i always trying to include everything in this universe in to one website. and i learned in a very hard way that – That would be a big failure.

    Micro niches are ruling the web now a days. finding a good niche is the greatest challenge it seems. if you can establish such a one, and if you can add a lil bit of your dedication.you can surely win!

    I really liked all of your posts. i think the very unique thing about your website is very unique content, and most of them are real life incidents and your real life experiments. that will help many wannabe internet money makers. Way to go!

    1. Justin Goff

      Thats a Facebook Fan Page that they did HTML on to make that happen.

      Ive never tried it yet, but for email submits it probably works much better than sending them to a website…

  42. Affiliate Inn

    Things just aren’t that way and you know it.

    If you’ve managed to make a profit of roughly $100 with an ad-spend of $500 or so that doesn’t mean things will work out the same way for you if you’re going to spend $300 each day.

    You need to carefully test each keyword to see how it performs.


    1. floresparati

      Purpose Inc just listed the top 100 KWs on Facebook. Here is a list of 10. Some of these could be useful for targeting, eg – Grey’s Anatomy, as the show has already figured out a pretty specific demographic.

      | Barack Obama | 10301335 |
      | Pizza | 9720680 |
      | House | 9502293 |
      | Music | 9072848 |
      | Simpsons | 8948958 |
      | Family Guy | 8411748 |
      | Sleeping | 7821784 |
      | Chocolate | 7505349 |
      | 2008 | 6337348 |
      | Grey’s Anatomy | 6175846 |
      | Dormir | 6086160 |

      Oh… and check out the #1 KW. LOL!

  43. Rob

    Hi Justin,

    Some great tips here for getting started with Facebook ads.

    Quick question – have you tried putting the price of the product in the description? Just wondering if this may further pre-qualify those people who click through and therefore save a little on irrelevant clicks?


  44. joonlee97

    Hmmm…Does this product really work? I’ve let myself go for a long while now and I need to shed those excess pounds just before our family trip to Florida in a few weeks. I’ll definitely check out your ad.

  45. thoushallpass

    Great post and advice! Hope to read another “bestseller” from you soon, Justin.

  46. Lola Dee

    In determining which pricing model is best, CPC proponents will say that you can’t always trust impression counts in CPM. But shouldn’t they be just as concerned about click fraud in CPC?

    1. PattyT12

      The one problem with cost-per-click type ads is that they’re subject to click fraud. That is, it is possible to build networks of people that click on ads with no interest in the product or service being sold. The motivation behind such activities can be to drive up advertising costs to force certain companies off the playing field or it can be an attempt to generate revenue by clicking on ads that appear on a publisher’s site that is involved with the fraud. It’s a no-brainer why there are lots of cons and scammers on popular social networking sites. Click fraud is alive and well!

    2. veronica_sm

      Calling for proof, we constantly hear of marketers who want studies to gauge the effectiveness of online advertising. But what exactly are they measuring the effectiveness of? CPC and CPM are separate enviroments to master.

  47. georgeblanco

    I love the way you utilized the current health trending patterns through one of the most popular social networking platforms these days. Above and beyond mastering the tool, it’s about being in the right place at the right time. Nice job, and thx for the post.

  48. Bryan Jake T

    You’ve completely converted me into a fan the moment I watched your video. Sounds like a great weight loss program and a great opp for an affiliate.

  49. Nicole Burns

    Nothing beats regular exercise and a healthy diet over some new-age weight loss program. Don’t get me wrong but jogging daily and watching what I eat has kept me fit for 20 odd years.

    1. Justin Goff

      Well that’s all any program is – you just can’t sell a program though if you make it sound as simple as “jogging and eating healthy”

      Because most people think they have tried that – and that didnt work for them – so theyre looking for the “new diet” or the new breakthrough thats gonna help them…

  50. Creative Marketer

    We’re enjoying some success by targeting friends of fans. So if your a fan of a brand page, we’ll target your friends. This in turn may create an incentive for additional users to join the brand page. Gives us a great base to work off of!

    1. Susan Armand

      We’ve tried that method too. We’ve found that users do not consistently update their info tabs on their profiles. They tend to sign up and leave the profile info untouched unless there is a major status change (i.e. marriage, new job, relocation). People do not consistently change out their favorites or add new books, hobbies, shows, etc. which makes real targeting impossible.We did find some data that showed that the Bible is the most common book. We also found The Family Guy to be a common denominator as well. We sometimes do targeting based on that info for some of our campaigns.

  51. BigMoneyBrooklyn

    THis is a great post b/c FB remains so cryptic about how to be successful with their ad programs. Most of us are dependent upon people like you and Jeremy to provide direction. Tried and true rational optimization techniques don’t seem to work. FB optimizes ads based on CTR, but the sample size is too miniscule to be effective, so its hard to test. THe management tool is a step in the right direction, but there is plenty of room for improvement.

  52. FitBabes

    I’ve had zero luck with Facebook. At least as difficult (for me) as honing in on a profitable campaign is getting an ad approved. They have to be so dang cryptic and mysterious. I realize they probably have an enormous volume of ads to disposition, but a simple “rejected” is usually not enough to figure out what is wrong.

  53. Kyle

    The response to this just kind of supports Jeremy’s talk at ASE. Nice to know I’m not the only one with Q’s about Facebook advertising. I”ll be the first to admit that it’s a mystery to me too. I like to think of it as “failing up.” I figure that with enough tries, I’ll be able to master it too. Posts like this help. Kudos to you Justin. Appreciate your post.

  54. Ethan

    Facebook is attempting to do relevant ads but still doesn’t have quite enough information. Facebook only knows what you tell it.

    So if app developers contributed to Facebook’s open graph, Facebook could really get involved in what you do in a daily basis. For example, it would also know you work in what field, and could then suggest a blog – a book- or a product – or a fan page – on the subject that it knows you haven’t seen yet. Can you imagine Facebook being this intuitive? This is what web 3.0 will enable and IMO, this is what Facebook is trying to achieve.

    Stay tuned on the evolution and its impact on advertising…. Good Stuff.

  55. David R

    Nothing like a real world example. Nice to see you can put your $ where your mouth is.

  56. Baseer Hannan

    J – Are you normally this responsive with all your affiliates? Makes an attractive offer, if this is the case.

    1. Justin Goff

      Yep – We’re a pretty new product and I know a few good affiliates can really help get us off the ground and cranking…

      Im also working on building an affiliate center and coaching affiliates of our product with everything I know about online marketing

  57. BearPile

    So when you think about FB advertising, you can see why people are trying to nail it. The statistics alone are staggering. According to TechCrunch’s interview with the FB COO a few months back, 175M people log into FB daily. Can you imagine that? That’s like 1 in 5 people in the world! And FB doubled it’s #s since last year. Knowing that AND the fact that FB is working on increasing the # of friends individuals can connect to means that anyone who is ignoring FB ads for whatever reason are going to miss the boat. Keep the FB info coming!

  58. Get That Ball

    Good one. Am posting a link to this on my own FB, esp after seeing all the ads that I just saw that have nothing to do with me! Here’s to targeting!

    1. Justin Goff

      Not sure yet – Ive kind of blocked out the conferences for a while as I know exactly what I want to do, and I really dont need any more info at this time.

      But I may go to Aff Summit as its one of the best networking conferences I hear!

  59. Big Al

    With obesity on the rise and our growing obsession with diets, this seems like a great offer. And look… he even TELLS you how to make it work on Facebook. Throw in some PPC and I’d bet on a winner. ;)

  60. Alan Alan

    Good call on targeting shows as part of your campaign. “The Biggest Loser” is a great fit for this. I am going to hope you do a follow up. Am really interested in hearing how your tests pan out.

  61. Screechy Rich

    So is it foolish to think in terms of local search for FB ads? Looks like are advising to start broad, then drill down in terms of target. Trying to apply what I’ve learned from paid search classic advertising to this as well, but not sure if I should even attempt to drill down to local.

    1. Justin Goff

      You can run global offers such as ours on the local level too if thats what you’re asking.

      Narrow it down by time zones, which would helps to keep click costs down

    1. siping yang

      just do the math, if you set 300 dollar budget per day, before i get paid, i need to spend $300*15=$4500, Am i right?

  62. Alan Mclaren

    Interesting post but haven’t found it to be as easy as it seems.

    How much did you have to spend and tweak to get winners?

    I’ve been targetting a different product but at a similar market and found after just a few days that views dropped off to 0 and that even pushing up the CPC as FB suggested didn’t do squat.

    How often did you need to tweak your ads and pictures to get to this position – I’ve also got the FB adbar so its no issue to crank out 30 or so with different pics etc but am curious if every couple of hours or every day you were changing what you had or adding more.

    What did you set your CPC to and did you go in and raise it up to get more clicks?

    And finally whats your EPC on this offer?

    Sorry for so many questions but I’m interested in giving this a shot with your product.



    1. Justin Goff

      It took me about a week or so to get this profitable. I spent around prolly 500-$1000 before it was profitable.

      I have different ads running now, but I have not switched them for over 3 weeks and CTR are still the same, no drop off.

      My CPC now are set for .15. I set them higher at first to about .30 and then lower them as I get a good CTR.

      1. Alan


        Interesting you were able to drop your CPC I’ve also got JV’s guide and he recommended against that saying they stop your ads – did you launch new ads with the same text and lower CPCs?

        Whats your EPC work out at i.e. hows your conversions?



  63. teeceo


    You said “Narrow it down by time zones, which would helps to keep click costs down” do you mean running the ads at different times in the day then shutting them down? If so, whats the best times of day/night that have worked for you?

    Also, you said you are getting your clicks for 0.30 CPC on FB, is that the STARTING bid you are using for your cpc campaign OR is that the CPC that you have gotten it down to after running a ad for awhile and since its preforming so well, your cpc went down?

    Last q: at what CTR do you see your cpc start to drop and at what CTR is like the lowest it will go?

    1. Justin Goff

      I mean if you’re doing U.S. traffic, you can narrow it down to Eastern, Pacific, Mountain, Central time… and then if you want to do day parting its easier and more accurate.

      Just watch when your sales come in and on what days – certain days and times seem to convert better than others

      Once an ad is running well on Facebook you can drop your CPC down. As long as your CTR stays high, your CPC will be lower…

  64. Lou's Internet Marketing

    Justin, That’s a great post bro. Hey, if we all steal your campaign and it gets saturated…. you still win lol.

    Keep up the good work and these helpful posts.. coming!

    Louis from Yoebo.com

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    Thanks a lot for the helpful posts.

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  66. Ayush Pant

    Hello Justin,

    This is a great post for most people that are out there who need a little help in learning the ropes of facebook.

    However, I wouldn’t advise anyone to copy this campaign. The reason is that you being the owner of the product were able to get $621.19 in revenues after a $493.76 spend.

    Most people here fail to realize that they would get 70% commission – not 100%.

    Therefore one would make a gross revenue of $434.83 after $493 advertising spend.

    Its a net loss of $58.93 overall. However, I would not undermine the methods used. You touched great points like split testing, narrowing down the target market, CPM vs CPC model etc etc. Good share. But copying – NO!

    Affiliates need to do their own optimization to come up with a positive ROI for their campaigns.

  67. dustin

    I targeted my local area for a certain business and noticed that after about 2 days the campaign lost its drive. I got bored and changed the picture to a random party photo and the clicks went through the roof. It has worked more than once now, especially with photos that are related to the locals.

  68. Sadek

    Great info. I used to spend alot of my time yachting and being involved in sports. It was most certainly the most memorable period of my young life and your info kind of reminded me of that. Thanks

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