FaceBook Advertising From Soup To Nuts

As some of you know for the last 3 Affiliate Summits I have been on the Facebook Advertising Panel.

Its always been a very good panel but I think a lot of the attendees left feeling like they got a lot of canned responses from the Facebook staff and not any real understanding or direction.

This year Shawn Collins (Affiliate Summit co-founder) asked if I would be interested in doing a one hour solo presentation showing real examples from our campaigns and give tips based on our experience managing multimillion dollar Facebook campaigns.

Not only am I planning on doing that but I also feel there are a lot of key things that affilaites don’t understand about the Facebook mentality that leave them frustrated and feeling like its “not fair”.

I also have countless case studies from our own campaigns giving tips on everything from approval to copy to images to conversion and everything else in between.

I can’t wait! Affiliate Summit East is 2 months away but I have already been cranking on my presentation.

I think everyone from the most seasoned Facebook advertiser to the total newbie will walk away with a lot of value. If you are interested in Facebook Advertising you are not going to want to miss this presentation. I also will have some gifts for the attendees.

See you there.


Shawn and Missy are giving away 50 gold passes to Affiliate Summit. Enter Here

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