FaceBook Advertising From Soup To Nuts

by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 17, 2010 · 97 comments

As some of you know for the last 3 Affiliate Summits I have been on the Facebook Advertising Panel.

Its always been a very good panel but I think a lot of the attendees left feeling like they got a lot of canned responses from the Facebook staff and not any real understanding or direction.

This year Shawn Collins (Affiliate Summit co-founder) asked if I would be interested in doing a one hour solo presentation showing real examples from our campaigns and give tips based on our experience managing multimillion dollar Facebook campaigns.

Not only am I planning on doing that but I also feel there are a lot of key things that affilaites don’t understand about the Facebook mentality that leave them frustrated and feeling like its “not fair”.

I also have countless case studies from our own campaigns giving tips on everything from approval to copy to images to conversion and everything else in between.

I can’t wait! Affiliate Summit East is 2 months away but I have already been cranking on my presentation.

I think everyone from the most seasoned Facebook advertiser to the total newbie will walk away with a lot of value. If you are interested in Facebook Advertising you are not going to want to miss this presentation. I also will have some gifts for the attendees.

See you there.


Shawn and Missy are giving away 50 gold passes to Affiliate Summit. Enter Here

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1 Chris Green

Refreshing to see that you and Shawn are taking attendee feedback seriously. Yesterday’s post was about not getting anything out of conferences. Kudos to you and the folks at AS for being receptive and proactive.

2 ILoveMemes

People make the conferences. This lecture is the primary reason to attend Aff Summit. Experts providing updated information on topics you want to hear about. If I can swing it, I will go. Thanks for reminding me.

3 AurorMine

It’s about time someone did this! I wasted about $50 playing with this, and getting no results. I eventually gave up. I’m sure i’m not the only one out there who’s had this experience.

4 Paul Avery

Great Shoe! What is in it for you to give away your secrets?

5 Jeremy Schoemaker

I have always done well giving value to people. Crazy eh?

6 Nicole Burns

This post just got my manager to sign off on my ticket and hotel to AFFILIATE SUMMIT EAST!!!! Thanks so much! I am so excited to go! I am your biggest fan right now! I will use your link to be sure you get credit!!! ;) *HUG*

7 Jeremy Schoemaker

I knew I should have used an affilaite link…… lol….

8 BearPile

Damn. Makes the Summit price worth it.

9 Lou's Internet Marketing

Hey Jeremy,

4+ experts being forced to share their inner secrets for an hour.. now THAT is a conference!

Shoe, for us in UK who can’t make it, does AS usually release dvd’s of the event?


10 Jeremy Schoemaker

I am not positive on the Affiliate Summit policy. I *think* the videos are available to attendees after the event but I am not sure.

11 Shawn Collins

Videos from Affiliate Summit are available online to people who attend with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond passes.

12 Marnie Sho

Boo….. :(

13 ways to make money online

Ya I bet you could learn a lot of good shit there being anyone in the business…I couldn’t even imagine having multi-thousands in facebook adverts

14 d3so

This makes me want to attend but distance is an issue my friend.
Is there any way we can see the presentation after the event?

15 Baseer Hannan

This has been on my to-do list for a while now. I am glad that someone is ready, williing, and able to demystify this beast! Will see you there!

16 Lola Dee

Gifts? Like Oprah giving away cars and stuff like that? Hehehe. I’d settle for a Shoemoney t-shirt.

17 Jeremy Schoemaker

O just wait…

18 Creative Marketer

Very valuable information. Thank you.

19 twitteraddict05

How do you stay on top of all of this stuff? It always amazes me.

20 Exposed SEO

nice. at least you haven’t given up on affiliate events yet like SEO events.

21 Ara600_m1

Who is on the panel with you this year?

22 Dandundun

Thanks for the heads up. I will actually run a few more tests so that I will have some questions prepared. To be honest, I’m a little skeptical about FB ads. I often get shown ads that have absolutely nothing to do with me. I’m a businessman who loves travel and adventure. Why am I being shown ads for purses, or breast feeding, or things that are so far removed from my life that I actually am hesitant to spend on FB. Is it because the people placing the ads don’t know what they’re doing, or is because FB doesn’t know what it’s doing?

23 Bputitout / Putitoutthere

I heard from a friend at an agency, that there are no breaks for bulk buying of ads. Is that true?

24 AL0101

Great panel topic. I learned that eMarketer predicted that FB spending would be up like 40% for 2010. It seems like I’m seeing more ads than I used to, so I am guess that the # of advertisers is increasing. Remember when we all used to see the same ads over and over? Lol!

25 FirenzeZ

I never respond to those ads, as a matter of principal. First, I find most of the ads to be annoying and irrelevant. Second, I am still disturbed by the fact that FB is using all my personal info to try and sell me crap anyways. Trust me, I GET IT. They want to make money. I am old school in the sense that I want my social networks to be social networks. Not an opportunity for yet another corporation to push their wares on me.

Now that I got that off my chest, I’m still interested in hearing what you have to say about FB ads. Always an opportunity to learn about your testing and tracking methods. Good luck on your presentation.

26 Undercover Affiliate

Can you talk a little bit about FBs tracking methods? The word on the street is that they are not all that accurate and that they overstate clicks. Is true? Do you trust their tracking methods, or do you have another way that you use to track?

27 Sanjay

I’ve actually had some success with some of my offers. I had to play with it a bit, but so far it is working for me. I am up for more tips from the Master!

28 Husher50

Shoemoney usually packs the house. Too bad I won’t be at AS East to see this.

29 mondex1

Very insightful article. I am glad how you handle concerns seriously and addressing it accordingly. Two thumbs-up :)

30 KrisM77

OMG. Can’t wait!

31 newmediaist12

Two months to prep? My expectations are VERY high. LOL! Looking forward… I’m sure you wont disappoint.

32 Robin Sterling

My agency has had success with a recent campaign. We used FB to launch a new product. The FB ads, in conjunction with YouTube videos and a Twitter campaign, resulted in taking our FB fan page from 10 to 1,000+ in just one week. Our product was a $89,000, hi end, highly targeted product. We spent $800 in ads. With 2,000 video views and 1,000+ fans AND actual orders placed for the product within ONE WEEK, our campaign was a HUGE success. (I wish I could share more specifics, but I am forbidden to do so by my client.)

I am sharing this because I am a big believer in FB ads, and wish others similar success. Our agency got in on FB ads early, so there was a huge learning curve. To save time and energy, I would recommend a presentation like this. This is an opportunity for an independent or a small shop to get expert input in ONE HOUR. This is a must see, in my opinoin.

33 PokeYerFace

You rock. Can’t wait for this one.

34 sasha_482

If we can’t get the video presentation, are you allowed to share your slideshow?

35 The American Dream

A few people were asking which conferences to go to. I highly recommend AS. This is light speed learning and access to the experts, who happen to be pretty approachable in this industry. I owe any affiliate success I’ve had to my first Affiliate Summit conference, just 3 years ago. (Has it been 3 years?) Worth every penny.

36 AnnieP78

I wish I could go too. I hope Shawn Collins gives away free passes this year again. My friend in Ohio got one last year. I will be watching on Twitter!

37 Shawn Collins
38 internetFTW

Music to my ears! That came out of nowhere! Thanks, Shawn!

39 NicMoon

That pass is as good as mine! I am going to become an online stalker to try and get one!!!

40 MVZP_01

Kudos, Shawn! I am so excited to be there (hopefully on a free pass!).

41 bicycle gourmet

while we all continually applaud your generousity, I can’t help but wonder if your business relationship with facebook might(unconciously) limit the extent of your presentation.

42 Jeremy Schoemaker

Honestly my first slide in my presentation is asking all facebook employees to leave ;)

43 Conceptual Wise

I am a idiot

44 moolahmachine

Will you talk in terms of the 70% of FB users outside the US?

45 Jeremy Schoemaker

This presentation is based on my experience. While I have advertised outside of the USA on Facebook I have zero experience what it is like living outside of the United States. Although I think most of the stuff will apply.

46 WanderingMommy

WHat about all this privacy buzz on Facebook? Do you think that makes user less likely to trust Facebook? I know I sure don’t. In fact, this whole privacy deal is one reason why I’ve chosen not to advertise on Facebook.

47 Jeremy Schoemaker

I think it has zero impact. Mainstream everyday Facebook users don’t care about their privacy if it means they can get to play farmville all day.

48 Sean

the fools that they are. Also questionable not to advertise on FB if you have something to promote.

49 spameater

HELL YES I will be there!!!!

50 purposeinc

This is going to be historical!!

51 Lou's Internet Marketing

Facebook ad PROs..

1. extremely targeted. Golf Secrets/ 20 to 60 year old’s ;)

2. Cheap. At the moment.

3. extremely trustworthy source. Again, this wont last. Meaning it’s not like GoDaddy’s homepage where you are blind to every ad.


1. Near impossible to get your ad accepted 1st time. Pure luck of the draw in regards to who you have review your ad on the day.

2. Your split/testing could be wasted. It’s early days and prices/ROI will fluctuate and be different in 8 months time.


52 RedBlack88

Interesting. Think point #2 under cons is thought provoking. While the ads are still under development, our stats could be unreliable. For now.

Still think the pro’s outweigh cons.

53 Bryan Jake T

Notice how effective quit Facebook day was. LOL!

54 B.Logan

There seems to be a lot of excitement over this lecture and this summit. I do’nt know if I’ll be able to attend,but I do know that this topic is of great interest to me.

55 TomYoon

It’s great to know you’re on the bandwagon. Facebook advertising has been producing less than stellar results lately for me and the challenge here is how to turn things around with the extremely high CPM’s and even lower click-thrus. I just can’t wait to see what you’re going to pull out your sleeve!

56 Cristina Dy

I guess the real problem here is that Facebook users are more concerned with the site’s content rather than the advertisements produced. It’s only fault is being just too engaging!!!! If they can manage to turn around the ads in a couple of months, then there’s going to be an advertising revolution on the popular social networking site. It would be very exciting to see how you’ll present this one, Shoe.

57 WhateverWorks

Great topic. Looking forward to hearing your take.

58 PattyT12

I just checked the schedule. I am torn. You are against the session on Avoiding the Google Slap, which is of critical importance to me I now have to make a tough choice!


59 Mark Mead

I like that you rated your lecture beginner / intermediate. I hate it when people try to clam to target beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can’t be all things to all people.

60 Ethan

If you are late for the panel, we will know where to find you. hahaha

61 California Dreamin

I have to say that I actually like the Facebook interface. I am just testing it now, but it is pretty self explanatory. You can really drill down to find your target market. Seems like a slam dunk!

62 WhoisDoyle

Facebook ads are so economical, they can be almost bought for a song. However, a rational CPC bid can do the trick if you’re a serious web marketer. That should be the prime focal point for this upcoming Facebook huddle.

63 WilmaP

If you ask me, the best strategy to raise impressions on Facebook is to increase your bid on CPC’s. It’s not rocket science people: set a realistic bid and you will get the clicks.

64 medomoc

See you in a couple of months, Shoe!

65 AnnieLouJ12860

I guess Facebook’s decision not to monetize hastily is a superb strategy. As long as they continue to provide better user experience, they will eventually stub off other social networking giants and continue to dominate the playing field in the next few years. Then,my friend, the money will come rolling in easy as pie. Hopefully for us and for them.

66 TheSandMan5050

In my personal perspective, Facebook should carry on engaging its users as much as possible to avoid losing them in a snap. Remember the social networking titans of not so long ago MySpace and Friendster? They’ve stopped getting their users involved and paid the ultimate price.

67 F2Xsites

Half of all Facebook advertising works, I just don’t know which half. It’s either the annoying ones are getting persistent or those that are relevant finally get the exposure that they merit.

68 Yes2Freebies

Keeping your users perpetually engaged is the best strategy ever. As long as they keep seeing the stuff they like, there won’t be any problem at all.

69 WhoSaysWhat01

The best question that should be keyed in is this: What are the key indicators that a particular action on a particular platform (at least) can benefit Facebook’s mission and vision? If you can’t do that…. It’s all downhill from there if you ask me.

70 Alan Alan

Thinking about the after parties. No sleep for the weary… :)

71 Tenant Screening Report

I have heard the traffic quality on Facebook is pretty bad?

72 ZK@Web Marketing

Hey Shoe,

Any chances of the presentation being shared here

73 Jeremy Schoemaker

Its not up to me ;)

74 BearPile

I think you need to contact Shawn Collins, the guy who commented earlier about the free passes.

75 Elton

Great informations. It is my first time here.
Great blog!

76 ExclaimedIdeas

Social networks focus on the content. Usually the advertising gets in the way, and users are more interested in the content and don’t click on ads, so the CTR and eCPMs are poor. If Facebook can successfully make the ads as favorable as their content, then they’ve hit the sweet spot.

77 floresparati

Looking forward to having a drink with you guys. Thanks, Shawn!

78 joonlee97

Getting more than a hundred “fans” on your fanpage is not a concrete proof that your advertising initiative is working or not.

79 H delacruz

Expect a crowded house, Shoe!

80 Laney Pitt

Two more months to go! I just can’t wait.

81 Tammyexperiments

This is a superb read on Facebook ads and its impact on users. http://www.allfacebook.com/2007/11/is-facebook-advertising-effective/

82 socialanim00

the whole selling-your-privacy-to-sell-ads is a legitimate Facebook initiative.

83 veronica_sm

Catch the users attention for every Facebook ad made and viola. problem solved. solution = great ads.

84 nealcal

Facebook should add web search into their search capabilities and display related ads in there. It’s much cooler than frequently seeing these mostly irrelevant and pesky ads all over the page each time you log in to your account.

85 thoushallpass

That’s actually a good idea.

86 Gregg Zban

It will be interesting to see your take on Facebook advertising. I have been advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook and Facebook was the first to get cut because the conversion was horrible.

With all those eyeballs I am anxious to learn how to increase the conversion rate.

87 MBASamachar

I was wondering how affiliates can make money out of Facebook Advertising. How can I use affiliate links in fan page. Many more questions come to my mind that makes me passionate about Facebook advertising. Well Shawn and Shoemoney are the masters who can have answers.

88 David stillwagon

I don’t know that much about facebook advertising but is sounds very promising.

89 book mafia wars strategy

Hi buddy, your blog’s design is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog posts are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!

90 Merrill Cash

This sounds great, I hope you put the video of your presentation available on your site or YouTube. Cannot be there but would like to see it or pay to view it.


91 Dave

Nickycakes is reporting that you have to have a diamond or platinum pass to see this event. Is this true? Those passes are 1k+

92 Corner Bathroom Sinks

Hey Jeremy,
I read somewhere the other day that Facebook is either now, or soon will be, the largest search engine on the internet. Could that be true? Google has such a large market share it is hard to believe. Anyway, good luck. I wish I could go, but can’t.

93 Blue Mountain Chalet Rental

Is there available dvd’s on the said summit? Hope you can share us one. Even if we buy, I will be interested. Thanks a lot Schoe.

Mike here from bluemountainchaletrental.ca

94 AndySamuels

Love your blog man!

95 Debby


Are you going to use me in your presentation?! :-) j/k Hope all is well with you, J and the girls!


96 Numbers Cratin

Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Exceptional blog and amazing style and design.

97 verna

Thank you that interesting web-site, although i possibly could certainly not discover the rss feed

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