What Does Twitters New Advertising Announcement Mean?

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In case you missed it Twitter made a announcement yesterday that they will be banning all 3rd party companies from using the API to put ads into Twitter. Here is the official quote from Twitter CFO Dick Costolo:

Why are we prohibiting these kinds of ads? First, third party ad networks are not necessarily looking to preserve the unique user experience Twitter has created. They may optimize for either market share or short-term revenue at the expense of the long-term health of the Twitter platform. For example, a third party ad network may seek to maximize ad impressions and click through rates even if it leads to a net decrease in Twitter use due to user dissatisfaction.

Secondly, the basis for building a lasting advertising network that benefits users should be innovation, not near-term monetization. Twitter is uniquely dependent on and responsible for the long-term health and value of the platform. Accordingly, a necessary focus of Promoted Tweets is to explore ways to create value for our users. Third party ad networks may be optimized for near-term monetization at the expense of innovating or creating the best user experience. We believe it is our responsibility to encourage creative product development and to curb practices that compromise innovation.

of maintaining the network, protecting the Tweet stream against spam, supporting user requests, and scaling the service. Indeed, Twitter will bear many of the support costs associated with any third-party paid Tweets, as Twitter receives support emails related to anything a user sees in a tweet stream. The third-party bears few of these costs by comparison.

ShoeMoney corporate bullshit un-filter:

Everybody is making money off of Twitter BUT Twitter. And we are doing all the work and incurring all the costs!

Last night Sponsored Tweets CEO Ted Murphy posted how they are moving forward in a well written out blog post.  Basically stating they are proceeding ahead… just without the API.

The other big kid on the Twitter advertising block Ad.ly,  who just days ago closed on raising another 5 million dollars put out a statement saying:

Ad.ly supports Twitter’s movement today to create standards around in-stream advertising.   Twitter’s changes are aimed at discouraging members of the ecosystem who do not maintain the proper balance of user experience and monetization and who are not invested in building long term value on the platform.

Since inception, Ad.ly has, and still is operating under Twitter’s approved guidelines and terms of service for advertising on its platform. We look forward to continuing to create long term value for our advertisers and publishers, both of whom are key constituents in the stream ecosystem.

ShoeMoney corporate bullshit un-filter:

We really hope Twitter buys us!

I spoke to both Ted Murphy (IZEA CEO) and Sean Rad (Ad.ly Founder) last night and neither said they had any indication from Twitter what so ever that something like this was coming.

So ok… Lets cut to the chase. What does this mean? Well for me its good news (or should I say for our charity) ! But for 95% of people that were making money with twitter its very bad news. Why?

Well here is from my point of view-

Twitter Advertising Before Networks:

Before these networks existed we had advertisers contact us through this blog (we are easy to find and contact) and offer us money to tweet. We got between $800 and $1500 per tweet. These were from some pretty large advertisers… The funny thing? Always in their requirements they specified that we NOT DISCLOSE that we were being paid to tweet.

  • I got paid more money per tweet on average (skipped the middle man).
  • I had more negotiating power (could bundle in advertising deals or paid blog posts).
  • Did not have to disclose they were paid tweets.

Twitter With Networks:

  • Made much less money.
  • Less editorial control.
  • Occasionally had to re-tweet offers if advertiser did not get enough clicks (even though the ad sucked).
  • Paid tweets had to contain full disclosures.

With networks companies can goto Sponsored Tweets or Ad.ly and dump 500k or so on publishers… the networks take a cut but virtually anyone can make money.

But now without networks how are companies going to find the little guys?

Its going to be interesting.

Full Disclosure – I am currently on the board of advisors for Ad.ly and receive compensation for serving that role. I was previously on the board of advisors for Sponsored Tweets and received compensation for that role also.

138 thoughts on “What Does Twitters New Advertising Announcement Mean?

    1. Chad Bailey

      I think Twitter is becoming abused and I don’t even read twitter posts anymore because of it. If people start keeping their follow lists small because of this it will be useless place to advertise

    2. Steve

      another example of useless, non-contributing post by this character profitaddiction. This so called “internet marketer” wanker who’s name is Jeremy Litwicki claims on his website that he offers PPC campaign management services. How can this herb/tool/piker call him an internet marketer if he has not used Twitter yet???

      I think AffBuzz and all blogs his tool spams with his non-sense posts (i wish i had tried, i wanted to but.. haven’t tried yet… etc) should ban all host posts since he does not contribute in any way to the community at all.

      on a relevant note… i think twitter is doing the right thing but not lettering third parties (middle mad) to use their API. It actually allows twitter users with a following to negotiate and to deal directly with the advertiser to “customize” the sponsored tweets. I applaud this move by Twitter.

  1. Brian Breslin

    really this screws a lot of the clients out there. Tweetie not so much anymore, but the others like echofon, twitterific, tweetdeck, seesmic, hootsuite, twitbin (disclosure, twitbin is mine), etc. are all affected by them affecting the ad networks 140proof, thedeck, etc.

  2. Jonathan Volk

    At first I thought twitter was just killing Sponsored Tweets, ad.ly, etc all together. Now I realize that they can go forward without the API.

    Either way, crazy stuff

  3. Denny Sugar

    It’s the same problem with web video right now. The studios get huge 7 figure sponsors and turn around and want to produce and distribute shows using free web talent/sites/content.

    Distribution is the holy grail of new media (google tv, iphone ads, twitter, etc) the problem, or question, is who can aggregate cross platform and effectively manage their ad spend?

    I think if you can show these big guys coming into the web sphere how to spend there money here, there is a huge opportunity to make a serious dollar whether it be twitter or whatever..

  4. RyanBuke

    This is a good thing. Makes the barrier for entrance much higher and gets alot of the BS/Spammy stuff out of the way. And for the companies, adjust or get out.

  5. Ricardo

    So far Twitter is so predictable…. Most of their users are not using twitter.com so they went after mobile app …. (Desktop client is next)

    Then all those third party networks were making mad money … ad.ly had a new round (twitter could not sit there and watch the train) they realize that their stream was their best asset and they need to control it) smart move .. it was about time…

    Those third party networks can always be the middleman and match the right advertiser with the right publisher. they still have a solid analytics UI and their contacts… unless twitter decide to buy one of them….( but they can always kill twitter on customer service … something twitter don’t have at least with their developers)

    Next stop it is content …. The most popular is photo …. Official twitter photo app is coming soon…

    Finally twitter will buy bit.ly or start their own short url ( they have already register their short url domain)

    It’s business… if you want a friend go buy a dog…

    Moral of the story : create a fun and cool app for twitter and hope twitter will buy it or create a platform that use twitter but it’s 100% independent from any twitter moves …..

    PS: twitter should hire someone talk with top twitter developers …. At least be polite…

    1. Will

      Some good points, Ricardo. If you are a leader in your app space, based on Twitter’s past history, there seems to be a chance they could buy you. They already bought Tweetie and bit.ly. So the question is, will they buy Tweetdeck (the desktop leader) and TwitPic (the photo leader)?

      What about popular sites like Twitlonger.com? They’re making off Twitter’s content. Does Twitter like that?

  6. derek

    Looks like Twitter has ad.ly right where they want them.

    By making these changes, they could acquire them for a pretty cheap price, thats if Twitter decides to go in that direction.

    I also get tired of looking at spammy advertisements that people tweet. That’s wrong on so many different levels.

    1. Will

      Derek, if they buy ad.ly for “cheap,” then that’s a failure on ad.ly’s part (they’ll be sold for less than their liquidation preferences). I see no reason why they would bother buying ad.ly. The technology is nothing special, and they can easily get their own advertisers + users. Seems like buying ad.ly would be a waste. If they don’t buy ad.ly, and just compete with it head-on for publishers and advertisers, they will die. Ad.ly wasn’t really that great an idea for a businesses, way to reliant on Twitter. I suppose IZEA could stand to have their sponsored tweets unit destroyed because of all the other stuff they do.

      1. Ricardo

        twitlonger does answer a specific need ( be able to follow a very long discussion) and I don’t think twitter will touch it…. I do think they will go after a photo app to have one directory and create their own Flickr for twitter….

        they might buy ad.ly after all… they have the talent, money, clients and technology… it is very interesting to watch how a simple idea goes this far….

  7. d3so

    I really do hate seeing ads on my timeline especially if they don’t relate to my interests at least make them targeted towards specific users. I haven’t made any money from twitter so I could care less.

  8. internetFTW

    This technically means the untimely end of Ad.ly and TweetUp, which freely offers analytics and monetizing valuable content you (hopefully) produce in streams. Although I don’t see this modification as a real problem, I think it would be interesting to find out how the developer community reacts to this.

  9. GQmeansGeek

    Finally! I wished Twitter would do away with annoying, commonly useless, money-making ads ever since they sprouted like wildfire in the last two years or so. Hooray!

  10. Dandundun

    Not a reason to evacuate to an open source microblogging network yet. This is just Twitter’s way of saying “you’ve been enjoying the benefits of a free platform for a very long time and now it’s time for change.”

  11. MVZP_01

    Sounds like your average corporate voracity: Twitter can profit without a hitch but not the users? If it matters, Britney Spears has passed Ashton Kutcher as the most followed user. Now we’re officially full of FAIL.

  12. Tammyexperiments

    I personally don’t like the new-style retweets because you can’t even add a comment or response before or after them. Is this a subtle reminder from Twitter that we can’t have our say on the issue?

    1. joonlee97

      This is what you call all-out capitalism, sister! It’s either you cooperate or forever say goodbye to your Twitter account.

  13. Baseer Hannan

    Simply put, Twitter makes money off promoted tweets but only third-party networks share revenue with users. If you’re a developer, better look for a loophole ASAP before it’s too late.

    1. OWillWritesWell

      Just another teen who’s so full of himself that he feels that the world owes him. Switching to ignore mode.

  14. Kyle

    Don’t be such a dick, Costolo! All this talk about “long-term health” and “value of the network” is just a scheme to sponge off successful user streams.

  15. Yes2Freebies

    Does this mean my tweetie won’t be functioning anymore? Or is Twitter planning to have an even more wonderful array of features in the next few days?

    1. FirenzeZ

      Don’t like the new set-up Twitter is introducing for your tweetie? So be it. They now have an official free application that will take your place in no time.

      1. Bryan Jake T

        Best recourse for Twitter to garner as much user support as possible? Do away with restrictions and let the developers sign contracts that they should have a portion of the pie.

    2. H delacruz

      I guess Twitter has just found out that users have been mooching off lots of cash from the ads they support. As a contingency plan, they cut them all off and leave us hanging in mid-air. Twitter won’t just allow users to profit from advertising on top of their content. Typical corporate/establishment technique.

      1. PattyT12

        It’s just like a comprehensive marketing plan. Introduce a product that people observe they can freely benefit from. When they’re hooked, slap on a higher price and you’re officially in business.

  16. AnnieP78

    Yeah, well. I’m not tweeting ads/using ad.ly, so this won’t affect me. But interesting news, nonetheless. And thanks for the BS unfilter. That’s SO MUCH easier to read. 😉

    1. Gabby Dell from SC

      Same here. I don’t give a d when it comes to monetizing Twitter. But anyway thanks for the post.

  17. socialanim00

    Great news for Twitter. Bad news for every developer who has hitched on their bandwagon. Say hello to less favorable terms when it comes to API usage!

    1. AL0101

      I think it’s high time that Twitter has discovered that the money is in the 3rd-party ads and not in their website. The squeeze is definitely on.

  18. ara600_m1

    Wow, Shoe, you consult with Ad.ly now? Is there anything you don’t do anymore?

  19. RedBlack88

    It looks like we’re having another impending giant website collapse. Remember when Friendster and MySpace were dominating the social networking category? Twitter’s in for a surprise when their decision to ban advertisements will discourage millions of users from patronizing the microblogging site.

    1. Lola Dee

      But why would people stop using Twitter just because they can’t see or make ads?

      1. georgeblanco

        Well, people may continue to use the site, but without advertisers, Twitter won’t get any income.

        1. Ellaine R.

          But why would that matter? A lot of advertisers deal directly with Twitter, and with millions of consumers using it and subscribing to popular feeds, I don’t see why Twitter’s income would dry up.

    2. F2Xsites

      Well I don’t think they’re banning ads, really. They’re just banning 3rd-party ad networks. People can still advertise in Facebook, but it’s direct, no middleman involved. The con is, as Shoe pointed out, how will the companies find advertisers? Hmmm.

    3. Brent

      What do you mean “remember when”? If I’m not mistaken MySpace is still dominating as far as ad revenue.

  20. ExclaimedIdeas

    Can’t say that this was anything of a surprise. Twitter was setting it up with the establishment of sponsored tweets.

  21. Nicole Burns

    What is all this hubbub? The way I see it, Twitter is only banning stream ads. If you are a developer, you can still look for ways how to embed an ad without making it look like a suspicious “tweet.”

    1. chromedaffodils

      That was how I read it too. I see it as a way to enhance the way the ad is created, and how it reads. The thing is, no one is forced to follow anyone, so if you don’t like their tweets, don’t follow them, or just bookmark them if they somewhat interest you. Frankly I don’t mind and I also use the sponsored tweets, I am allowed to pick and choose what tweets I want and I basically write them, so I can make them more friendly to my tweeties.

      Another thought, Twitter is only ads – every tweet is an ad, or announcement, what you are doing, reading, watching, going, links, and so on, so stopping ads – really? really? nah, but it is always better for people to work directly with a company than to be third party getting the table scraps of the deal, no matter what line of income it is.

      This is an interesting move by twitter, but they should have thought this all out when they released their product. Anyone in business knows if there is software freely available, it only makes sense to try to make money using it. They should get creative for their own money making and maybe sell the use of their third party access app or something.

      I am thinking of making a sponsored tweets guild/group or something where business could easily find those interested in sponsored offers. Maybe even a simple yahoo group.

  22. Laney Pitt

    I guess ad.ly is absolutely off the hook. Twitter’s concern is “third-party” services that place ads into the stream after it’s left Twitter’s server. Erase ad.ly and all Twitter marketing initiatives will be as shady as buying an ounce of coke from your local dealer.

    1. Marnie Sho

      Don’t blow your gasket yet. This just means advertisements can’t be embedded in a user’s timeline. You have Twitter apps to do that for you. Just something we can easily make our way around as soon as we see the whole set-up.

  23. spameater

    it’s about time. i expected this. like what you said, everyone’s posting ads and making money off of twitter. twitter realized they could make so much money too.

    1. TheSandMan5050

      Um, no. Not completely. Some will still tweet ads. It’s just the people/companies who use API who will be affected.

    2. georgeblanco

      It’d be better if they just take out the ads completely. At least take it out from the feed.

  24. WhoisDoyle

    If Twitter can pull this off smoothly, it’s not time to cry over spilled milk yet. Change can be a bit annoying at times and this is a prime example. Can’t take sides yet, though.

  25. Cristina Dy

    I can see why people are so affected by this brouhaha. Twitter is as important as the people you follow. If you’re following worthless douchebags who only post “Must drink beer” all day, then you’re in trouble. However, if you follow smart, innovative individuals and/or companies that give you prime information in and around the web, now that is priceless.

    1. The American Dream

      This is just inevitable. Nevertheless, if Twitter manages to pull this off with flying colors, the microblogging site can easily outdo Facebook give or take a couple of years.

  26. Butputitoutthere

    I read the blog post and honestly – who has a problem with manual tweeting? In fact, if I were a tweeter, I would rather generate my own content than have some random company or entity just pop up on my personal feed with their ideas.

  27. AurorMine

    I don’t use Twitter to make money, but I have friends who use ad.ly. I wonder what’ll happen next.

  28. ILoveMemes

    Good move on Twitter’s part – and they’re keeping a smile on their face the whole time while they must be scrambling to cover all their bases. You’re right, Shoe. This is going to be interesting to watch.

  29. TomYoon

    Anything that involves a large-scale social networking push is a potential goldmine. Think Twitter will just tolerate users from profiting off their site? Change is here to come and let’s just our fingers crossed that it won’t be as asinine as MySpace did.

  30. NicMoon

    I’m having trouble understanding what an API is, and how it is relevant that Twitter removes the API and makes people write out their own Tweets. Does this mean that if I tweet something, it’ll no longer show up on my FB status?

  31. KrisM77

    Offtopic — Nice Shoemoney system banner you got there, Shoe! Is it new? Just noticed it.

  32. Robin Sterling

    So this is the next step after they released their Sponsored Tweets. Interesting move, Twitter.

  33. E. Langdon

    This is good news for users. But for marketers? NO.

    On the upside, maybe (just maybe) Twitter will buy adly? Wishful thinking.

  34. sasha_482

    Twitter sure is smart. But isn’t it a bit late? I was thinking they could have done this months before or they could have prevented businesses from popping up in Twitter. There should’ve been guidelines about advertising tweets from the very beginning.

    1. thoushallpass

      I don’t think Twitter was completely aware of its earning potential at the start. Either that or they were feeling much more generous before. Either they’re just wising up now, of they’ve suddenly had a change or addition to their management that enabled them to properly look into the monetization of their site.

      1. sasha_482

        You know what, that actually makes sense. I remember Twitter has been around for a few years already. Since 2006? And yet they only became popular recently, around 2009 if I’m not mistaken. The main purpose of Twitter was to make communication easier between a group of people. Same thing with other social networking sites. But somehow because of the increase in traffic there’s the absolute need to make money out of it. Can’t say that’s not practical.

  35. Fiona Wong

    It’s a good thing I don’t use ad.ly. Although I do advertise on Twitter, I don’t use third party networks.

  36. twitteraddict05

    These are all part of new and exciting changes that are coming to Twitter. I can’t wait! The buzz that began with the advent of sponsored tweets is now reaching fever pitch. :)

  37. WhateverWorks

    People are blowing this way out of proportion. So you don’t get ads in your twitter feed. Is that such a bad thing? I for one am glad that I don’t have to scroll through so many commercial posts – though I bet when Twitter gets its money-making schema on, I’ll once again see these posts popping into my personal feed.

  38. Vince

    Just another teen who’s so full of himself that he feels that the world owes him. Switching to ignore mode.

  39. Undercover Affiliate

    Most people don’t even use 3rd party apps to tweet at all, so really, regular users are largely unaffected. So go on, people, nothing to see here.

  40. melg

    Some people are absolutely estatic that this is happening, while other camps are ready to boycott Twitter altogether. Shoe’s right – we do live in interesting times.

  41. Ethan

    Are there many companies that use Sponsored Tweets to advertise their products? coz I’m assuming Twitter isn’t doing that well with Sponsored Tweets if they had to announce this. Most companies were probably using 3rd party networks.

  42. Hot Girl Singing

    I’m new to twitter, and I’ve realized how powerful it is for traffic, branding, and money potential it is.

    Can anybody tell me why Twitter isn’t implementing any sort of money making stream from twitter?

  43. Jona712

    To summarize the effects of this based on my understanding — this would be good for Twitter, good for the “tweeple” (Twitter users), bad for the small businesses, and bad/good for big companies. Let’s see how this will work out.

  44. Alan Alan

    lol i had to laugh at twitter’s blog post. “Enduring Value”, “Ecosystem Clarity”. Ok, twitter. Whatever you say.

  45. Not The Real Shoe

    I called this. There’s no way Twitter would allow companies to get richer than them.

  46. Justin Dupre

    Twitter made a great move for it owns survival. Social Network site is getting more and more powerful at this day of age! Let’s see how this move will turn out for them!

  47. moolahmachine

    Oh man. I was just getting started on Ad.ly! I haven’t made money though. Still, I feel like I’ve been robbed off a chance to earn money on Twitter.

  48. City Sylvester

    Don’t worry everyone, you can still make money on Twitter. You just have switch the game plan. If you’ve got a large following and strong influence try contacting a company about a confidential tweet package.
    It requires a little more leg work, but like Jeremy said, it pays off bigger dividends.

    1. BigMoneyBrooklyn

      Good plan, but not realistic for some people. If you’re a newb you’ve practically got no chance to succeed. Only the people with a huge following can accomplish big earnings.

  49. Fields of Clover

    Was I the only one who was scratching her head while reading twitter’s blog post, re: Twitter ads announcement? They said a lot of things there that could be summarized in a few sentences. Thank goodness Shoemoney has a corporate bullshit un-filter.

  50. Geoff Software Club

    Well it’s about time in my opinion, because I see automated spam going into my Tweet Stream like industrial waste flowing down the Ganges, or the Hudson River. They’re right. I had almost stopped reading the API supported corporate BS material and Twitter needs to get back to the individual hand written tweet. :)

  51. IamDavid

    haha, yea your right Jeremy. Honestly I think Twitter should adopt a Youtube Partner strategy for advertising and income generation.

  52. Big Al

    Finally, Twitter makes up its mind instead of wishy-washying it around with third pary providers. Now maybe they can start making money of their own.

  53. nealcal

    It’s times like this that you wish people would get all their facts straight before they go jumping the gun. Admittedly, none of the big name bloggers are going ballistic over this, but some “influential” people and random people on FB and Twitter are saying the most ridiculous things – like Twitter will no longer allow trending. Big duh. It’s been adjusted, is all. Learn to live with change, people.

  54. jennaporter89

    Sorry that this move is cutting into your earnings, Shoe, but you gotta admit, Twitter’s gotta look out for their business.

  55. Smart Coupons

    I wonder what they mean when they say that third party advertisers are not supporting the kind of experience that Twitter seeks to provide. That was really a weird excuse – thanks for clearing up what they meant, Shoe.

    1. Hollaback Will

      That is euphemism for “3rd party networks are not giving us money”, I believe.

  56. Caleb Spilchen

    I find it tough to get like $1 a tweet w/ Sponsored Tweets — But TTP.

    If Twitter says we own what we tweet, why can’t we use API advertising services, its our choice, so we don’t really own what we tweet do we?

  57. Bryci

    I think the gist of it is, Twitter is still trying to figure out who they are. Things are and will remain in a state of flux as Twitter’s economic model catches up with their popularity. New rules, changing of rules, it’s all to be expected.

  58. doom and gloom

    I know what you are saying, I do not know why twitter has not eve tried monetising its platform, who is financing them?

    Even with venture capital, this is still very strange, to burn money like it is nothing.

  59. veronica_sm

    I think that this is a crucial step that Twitter needs to take in order to protect its own interests. For those of us who like the site, it’s something good, because the people behind Twitter are finally looking into the sustainability of the site and appear to want to make it live a lot longer.

  60. TYCP Magazine

    I like Twitter, but they’re only just NOW realizing that they could’ve been making a killing off their platform? That’s the baffling part.

  61. Hour A Day Fitness

    I agree with Sylvester. There will still be plenty of money to be made for anyone who is willing to figure out the right model. With twitter basically being in the embryonic stage, there is exponential room for growth thus future revenue streams. I’m sure there are many no one has even though of yet.

  62. Cristina Dy

    What can I say? I believe it’s time Twitter lay down the law on developers mooching off their site. Unfair? I don’t think so.

  63. moolahmachine

    Now my chances of profiting off Twitter have banished forever! Way to go corporate establishment!

  64. WhoisDoyle

    This issue puts the final nail on the coffin for all of us who have been setting sights on making money off our tweets. While Twitter has the final say on site modification, its owners could have at least given a bit of slack to developers and hopeful users.

  65. Geoff Software Club

    It is indeed weird that Twitter has not worked out a sustainable monetization model, to benefit themselves. Is this going to go the way of YouTube and get GG ads over it one day? How many billion? :)

  66. Ryan - Mylinkclub

    lol you’ve been to all the events I have, and you HAD to have known this was coming. People have been building their entire business models around twitter, and with the ad networks sucking the experience dry now…

    What if they really do want to keep it guerilla though? Would that be so bad?

  67. enajyram00

    I was expecting there’d be a Free Shirt Friday post in here. And then I thought, wait, it isn’t Friday yet! Too early for that. Did you mistakenly write an FSF post, Shoe? I got an email message.

    1. AurorMine

      I thought I was the only one. But if Shoe really posted it ought to be called Free Shirt Thursday

  68. Screechy Rich

    Who knows? There’s a big chance ad.ly will be bought by Twitter. They’re big. Almost everyone I know who’s making money on Twitter uses ad.ly. If Twitter’s smart they’d try to buy ad.ly for sure.

  69. newmediaist12

    Great news! The ads were getting annoying. Even some celebs are posting ads in twitter.

  70. David R

    WTF twitter???

    I’m sure a lot of the “small people” are pissed. While people like Shoe……………….. for them, this is a great opportunity. No networks, more money.

  71. Farzad H.

    Saw this news on almost every marketing blog I went to. If they didnt post about it someone in the comments would mention it. I guess its big news, huh? I dont really use Twitter. I mean I do but I dont regularly update it

  72. Runs With Scissors

    Wow, wasn’t expecting this. I thought Twitter would go for another option, w/c is to let third-party networks go on but having strict guidelines about advertising. E.g. they could charge networks. They could actually make more money if that’s what they decided…

  73. Go Harry Go

    Good thing Im sticking with Facebook and MySpace ads. I’m not so much into tweetering, whatever that is.

  74. Sanjay

    Gotta admit the guys behind twitter are clever. But apparently not clever enough. In a few months this won’t be an issue anymore and people will start earning money without adly and other ad networks.

  75. Chris Green | CouponSaver.org

    I read a comment somewhere talking about boycotting or leaving Twitter, but I just do not see how this new advertisement policy is going to affect the general population of Twitter users. How many users actually follow people who tweet advertisements? And how many of these pay attention to ads? Say, we have 20 out of 50 people who pay attention to ads — how many find ads annoying and how many find them helpful?

    But anyway point is, I’m sure there’s a small number of people who believe they’d be affected by this. Saying people will start boycotting Twitter because of new ad policies is a stretch.

  76. Get That Ball

    Shame, I was looking forward to a new online venture. Maybe I should try Facebook ads.

  77. WannaT

    I had a flurry of activity using the Sponsored Tweets API but somehow I missed out on this announcement until I read about it here.

  78. Jeff Bullas

    It had to happen I have found Twitter to be the best social media marketing platform for my blog. I suppose it is now watch this space. Cheers

  79. SnowBall

    I would be pissed if I were Twitter. If everyone is making money but them. That really sucks. I would ban third party ads too. I like the corporate bullshit un-filter. Very helpful.

  80. Tonda Fadri

    You lost me, buddy. I mean, I suppose I get what youre saying. I get where youre coming from. But you just seem to have forgotten that you will find persons out there who can see this issue for what it definitely is and properly not agree with you. You seem to alienate a whole bunch of folks who could possibly have been fans of your web site.

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