6 Years of Blogging on ShoeMoney.com

Today is the 6th anniversary of this website (ShoeMoney.com).

I originally tried to register the site in 2002 but it was owned by someone else…. so I used Godaddy’s backorder service and kind of forgot about it.

Then on May 20th 2004 I got a email from godaddy that the domain had dropped and I could register it (dropped services then are not what they are today). I snapped it up and started writing. Back then I was using postnuke as my blogging platform.

Sometime in 2006 I switched over to WordPress. I lost a few posts in the process but no big deal.

I started this blog mostly because a good friend of mine convinced me to stop posting my tips and experiences on forums and post them on a blog. It was also a one stop place my friends and family could go to see what I am up to. Also now users could get updates pushed through them via RSS and email digests (from rss).

I was huge on the photo gallery from the beginning. I love photographs. All you have at the end of your life is memories…. and its cool to have a visual representation of a lot of the times you have had over the years.

I never accepted advertising on the blog until 2007. I was so focused on our other projects it just seemed like a big distraction… plus in the bigger scheme of things it didnt move the company needle that much.

Really if you look back through the years on this blog… its actually a true blog or web-log as they were called before blog took over. More like a diary then anything else.

I probably get at least 5 questions a day from people who tell me how awesome their blog is but want to know how to make money with it. Sadly when I look at their blog they are less then a month old…. and usually have about 1 post a week.

The truth is I have never known one person who started a blog with the intent to make money who actually succeeded. Now this doesn’t count the Adsense spam blogs… Those can do well… for a couple months or so at a time.

I think ShoeMoney.com has done well because I have always kind of treated it the same whether it was 1 or 100000 people reading it. I keep the same level of transparency. As I learn new things I share them. Whether its making money on twitter, building and growing my own ad network, making money with ringtones, blowing 40k on PPC advertising and sharing my findings or even the post I made yesterday about building a million dollar product in 4 months while blocking Google – My level of transparency has always remained the same.

I also make no bones about what I do or how I benefit financially or otherwise from every post on this website (Disclaimer is on each and every post).

I also try to be as clear as possible that these are my opinions based on my experiences. You are welcome to read them… but I would hope you do your own research before acting on any of them.

About once a month or so for years people have made a big stink about something I wrote and declared how “I have ruined my reputation” or “How ShoeMoney killed his blog” or many other things… Mean while the blog has doubled in reach pretty much every year its been going.

ShoeMoney.com has been featured in mainstream television shows (20/20 and local news) , tons of traditional print media, and as of recently its been cited in a couple college level marketing course books. You can see a large list here.

Looking at the post count it says 2172 published posts have been made. 6 years comes to 2190 days so its almost exactly 1 post per day. Or about 1.3 posts per “work day” if you factor in weekends.

Its really crazy because I don’t know anything that I have ever stuck with for 6 years… and I never would have believed if you told me I would write something every day for 6 years on a blog…

But here’s to 6 years of being a blogger 😉

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