The Guide to Making a Successful Blog

Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett have just released their 2nd edition of their best selling book “Problogger – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income“.

Ironic since I was just reading a article about how with the USA turning more and more to forced government programs a lot of businesses are trying to go 100% to the web so they have the freedom to live wherever they want in the world.

There is no easier way to start making money online with ZERO technical ability than through a blog. Period. It’s 100% free to setup through WordPress or Blogger and they provide free lifetime hosting too.

Don’t think a free hosted blog can grow into something big? What if I told you almost every blog I know that makes over 1 million dollars a year started on a free WordPress or Blogger account!

But while it’s easy and free there is a lot to learn. What do you write about? What do you do when you get writers block? How do you get links? What kind of titles get people’s interest? and of course How do you make money without turning off your customers?

The Problogger book answers all of these questions and more. I still have the first edition on my desk and frequently browse through it. Its a really good book.

In this new 2nd edition Darren and Chris have a TON of new content, case studies, and examples for you to follow. Its a must have book.

If you are currently blogging or looking to getting into blogging this book is an absolute must have.

Order it now!

problogger 2nd edition