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The Guide to Making a Successful Blog

by Jeremy Schoemaker on April 26, 2010 · 146 comments

Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett have just released their 2nd edition of their best selling book “Problogger – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income“.

Ironic since I was just reading a article about how with the USA turning more and more to forced government programs a lot of businesses are trying to go 100% to the web so they have the freedom to live wherever they want in the world.

There is no easier way to start making money online with ZERO technical ability than through a blog. Period. It’s 100% free to setup through WordPress or Blogger and they provide free lifetime hosting too.

Don’t think a free hosted blog can grow into something big? What if I told you almost every blog I know that makes over 1 million dollars a year started on a free WordPress or Blogger account!

But while it’s easy and free there is a lot to learn. What do you write about? What do you do when you get writers block? How do you get links? What kind of titles get people’s interest? and of course How do you make money without turning off your customers?

The Problogger book answers all of these questions and more. I still have the first edition on my desk and frequently browse through it. Its a really good book.

In this new 2nd edition Darren and Chris have a TON of new content, case studies, and examples for you to follow. Its a must have book.

If you are currently blogging or looking to getting into blogging this book is an absolute must have.

Order it now!

problogger 2nd edition

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Lou Sparx

Cool, Hey Shoe have you read it? Would you say this is geared towards newer students or veteran IMers?


2 Jeremy Schoemaker

Its really ideal for both to be honest.

3 Audrey @ Scottsdale Personal Training

What if you just want your site to be better and it’s not your money maker. Does this show how to get traffic?

4 Caleb Spilchen

Hey Shoe,

I was considering buying it. Have you read the second edition? Would it work for any new bloggers?


5 Bputitout

It’s really meant for people interested in getting started blogging, or who have just begun. Intermediate bloggers find it helpful, too.

6 Dandundun

It’s a great read for new bloggers. Give it a try.

7 Edgar

just bought the book, cant wait to read it.

8 fas

Goes to show that in 2 years, alot can change indeed.

9 Chris Pontine

I got my hands on the first book and really enjoyed it from a bloggers perspective. They really break it down for everyone and make it for all to read. Remember, sometimes you have to swallow the fact you don’t know it all and learn from others. This one has to be a classic as well, but I guess I need to get out there and read it and see what I take from it.

10 Darren Rowse

Thanks for the post Jeremy – appreciate it.

In terms of who this is for – I’d say we had beginners in mind when we wrote the first edition but that we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from both beginners as well as intermediate bloggers.

the 2nd edition is an update of the first although we’ve added two new chapters (one on social media and blogging, another is a case study on how I grew my main blog (dPS) and have done loads of other smaller updates throughout the book too.

11 NicMoon

Oh wow, I loved the first edition of your book. I’m looking forward to getting the updated version, though.

12 Constantin

Is there and electronic version one can purchase?

Thank you!

13 Robin Sterling

Search at I found one but it was the first edition.

14 Brian -

Bought. I’ll give it a read!

15 jason

I love problogger – I just bought the book and can’t wait to get it

16 abby | internetFTW

I got to read the first edition of this book ‘coz a friend lent it to me. This time I’ll buy the 2nd ed.

17 F2Xsites

Interesting article. I was just talking to a friend of mine about how most blogs nowadays are used for monetization. If people want to write about their lives they don’t write it in a blog, they share it through social media. I guess it’s just practical to make money out of a personal blog especially if you bought your own domain.

18 WhoSaysWhat01

I know what you mean. Most of the blogs I read, even those in Wordpress and Blogger, have ads. Five or six years ago that wasn’t so common. Now it seems every blogger out there wants to make money on the side by blogging.

19 sasha_482

It may be practical, but sometimes it gets annoying when there are too many ads and pop-ups on a blog. I don’t feel like reading through posts when all i see is a maze of attention-grabbing ads.

20 Lola Dee

I agree with saha. It’s annoying when a blog post you want to read takes forever to load because of all the money-making gizmos on it.

21 georgeblanco

There are lots of ways to make money that won’t completely slow down a reader’s browser or clutter a page up. I bet the book discusses that, too.

22 Kyle

Me too. There’s a limit to how long I’d wait for a page to load, especially if it’s just a blog I’m checking out.

23 EllaineR

That’s usually just a matter of design rather than anything else. Shoe must make tons off this blog, and yet it loads up pretty quickly and is easy on the eyes.

You can also look at and for economically sound aesthetic design that won’t turn readers off.

24 Mark Mead

I think most people get turned off by too many ads in one blog. You come there to read, not to drown in product pushing popups. If I wanted ads I couldn’t avoid, I’d watch tv.

25 Jason S.

Most bloggers know this and keep their designs simple enough. It’s really a basic bit of knowledge. You’ve just been looking at the wrong blogs.

26 WhoSaysWhat01

I’m not just talking about popup ads. Links could be annoying too.
You’re reading a well-written, interesting article, and then suddenly you see half of the article is peppered with links. Worse, the preview thumbnail option is turned on so every time you hover your pointer over a link you see a preview. I swear those are the most annoying! It just ruins the article.

27 spameater

Is there are ebook version of this? It’s been a while since I read an actual book.

28 Robin Sterling

I found an e-Book here: Thanks to Google. :) But it looks like it’s the first edition. The second edition e-Book might be out later.

In my opinion it’s better to get the actual book from Amazon than the e-Book. It’s basically the same price, but Amazon has a better deal since they have free shipping for purchases over $25.

29 enajyram00

Thanks. I didn’t know there was a digital book available. I’ll keep your tip in mind too.

30 newmediaist12

Looking forward to reading this. Thanks, Shoe.

31 moolahmachine

Just read the customer reviews on Amazon. Most are giving it four to five stars and saying great things about it. I’ll def give this book a try.

32 Melvin

I would really love to read but I dont think Amazon can ship it in Philippines.. Not sure of that.

33 Fiona Wong

Amazon ships to Asia. I have a couple of books I bought from Amazon, and I’m in Singapore.

34 WanderingMommy

If it does, it will probably take too long. Amazon takes too long even when you’re in the US.

35 Ethan

Absolutely recommending this book. I learned a lot from reading the 1st version, and I’m guaranteed I’ll be learning a whole lot in the 2nd version.

36 KrisM77

Just bought mine yesterday. I heard about this from a friend, a big ProBlogger fan.

37 SmallBiz Sue

This would be a good resource for a new blogger like me. Thanks!

38 The American Dream

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I’ve heard of positive things about Problogger’s book so I might buy this. It’s never too late to learn blogging tricks.

39 OWillWritesWell

I wasn’t able to catch the first edition of this book before I began blogging, and I wonder if there’s anything I can do to tweak my skills and writing style. I’ll be looking for this on local bookshelves soon.

40 Yes2Freebies

I want this book. Now if only I could get it for free.

41 AnnieLouJ12860

I love this book. It’s not like the other blogging books that discusses a great deal about what is blogging, and blah blah blah. It’s focused on making money through blogging. I’m very satisfied with the book’s contents. Really well-written and informative.

42 Alan Alan

I’ve heard of this book, but I haven’t read it. Thanks for the review.

43 Hollaback Will

Playing the devil’s advocate, but is there really anything about blogging you can learn from a book? I thought blogging was a process you could only master by doing. And really, why spend money on a book? Why not attend a seminar, or find what you need off the internet?

44 AL0101

I have to agree and disagree with you. I agree that you learn blogging and marketing by practice, you don’t really learn it in theory. But the problem is there are simply too many resources on the web. There are a lot of “secrets to successful money-making blogging” books.

Now, I’m not saying the Problogger book is the best book — I haven’t even read it. But what I can tell from people’s reviews is this book was able to present all the relevant information for a person to start blogging and monetizing his blog. Maybe it’s like a condensed version of every blogging book out there. I don’t know actually, I have yet to read the book.

45 enajyram00

Why spend money on a book? I can think of a lot of answers to that. But personally my answer would be this — I want my learning resource to be concrete, something that I can hold and keep. Attending a seminar and finding internet resources on blogging wouldn’t satisfy me and I would want to learn more. Although it also depends on the person. Some people I know are completely contented with articles and guides they find online. Me, I’m traditional, so a book would be great.

46 melg

Well, it still pays to read up and do research before doing anything. Wouldn’t you rather avoid the common mistakes that bloggers make when starting out, and just get to the good stuff?

47 WhateverWorks

Books work for the people who want to come back to it as they go along. You can’t always switch on your laptop or scroll through to your favorites pages on your mobile devices. Books are easier for a lot of people to use.

48 Not The Real Shoe

I’ve always wondered if businesses will really try to go 100% to the web, Shoe. I mean, there’ll always be businesses that value person-to-person interaction. What’s more there are always arguments against working from the web – such as being too dependent on unreliable systems such as cloud platforms, such as Google docs.

49 Susan Armand

I think what Jeremy means is that a lot of businesses that can migrate their processes to the web will try to, not that he sees all businesses migrating to the web. I doubt any of us believe that our economy will soon be 100% web-based.

50 California Dreamin

I agree with Susan. It’s more practical for a lot of businesses to go online for a lot of their processes, especially for companies that want to offer more items for sale but don’t really want a massive warehouse/showroom. But I don’t think everyone’s going 100% to the web. It’s just like outsourcing. Some things are better done online, some aren’t.

51 Husher50

I don’t usually judge books by their covers but I can’t help but comment: Awesome book cover. I like the simplicity. Simple and clean covers are the most effective.

52 E. Langdon

Is it really possible to make one million dollars a year by just blogging? Well if you say so, Shoe. I better get this book to find out.

53 Feilds of Clover

It’s quite possible. A lot of people make their living through blogging these days. Or if not actually a living, a decent profit.

54 Cristina Dy

I read this book, I liked it. And to think I’m not into marketing and blogging for money, although I do write for money.

But I found it too easy, I guess? Easy in a sense that I think only those who are new to blogging could learn more from it. The people who have been blogging/writing for years — not so much. But I still liked this book.

55 Big Al

Same here. It didn’t really offer advanced blogging and monetizing tips. Maybe the 2nd edition has more tips for advanced bloggers.

56 Healthy Cafe

I already have Darren ebook but I`m waiting your ebook shoe I want to learn from you too…from basic step until the expert step. is it possible shoe????

57 WhoisDoyle

Looks like I’m going to have to spend some money online again. At least I’m spending it on a book this time. ;)

58 James Is (Not Working)

Think of it as a very sound investment.

59 medomoc

I get excited for new interesting books. Thanks for the recommendation, Shoe. I’ll make sure to buy this book.

60 Sanjay

I’m definitely getting this book soon. Not now, I’m kinda low on the funds right now. Definitely soon though.

61 Doolittle


When you said, “Ironic since I was just reading a article about how with the USA turning more and more to forced government programs a lot of businesses are trying to go 100% to the web so they have the freedom to live wherever they want in the world.”

Could you post the link to that article, I’d love to read it.

62 Jeremy Schoemaker

Its in the May Playboy issue that just came out.

63 KrisM77

Hey, how about your book? Are you going to write a book about the Shoemoney system?

64 TomYoon

Wow one million a year. Will read this book for sure.

65 Work at Home Dad

This seems a great book. I will definitely buy this one. Thank you for sharing it to us.

66 ZK@Web Marketing

A lot has changed in the last 2 years since the first edition, the second edition will be good to learn new tricks of the trade

67 Vince

I have to admit I never really understood how people can make a living just by blogging. Not my thing, though. I’ll just send the link along to my writer friends.

68 Cristina Dy

Blogging isn’t just blogging, really. Nowadays when you say blogging it implies writing, advertising, selling. If blogging is just writing articles on a site I wouldn’t think you could earn one million dollars in a year. But advertising/marketing by blogging could actually bring you a lot of money.

69 AurorMine

A six digit profit off a blog? Does this really happen in real life?

70 twitteraddict05

Love the book! not a blogger, but I got it last week!

71 ara600

A friend gave me this as a gift for my birthday last week. So cool. :)

72 Creative Marketer

I wonder how long it takes for an average blogger – not someone who already has a claim to fame – to achieve a six-figure profit from just blogging.

73 GQmeansGeek

A looooong time, that’s for sure. An average blogger probably doesn’t spend a lot of time optimizing his blog or trying to get a lot of traffic.

74 GQmeansGeek

Probably a long time.

I swear I commented on this earlier. My comment got eaten up

75 GQmeansGeek

A looong time, that’s for sure. An average blogger probably doesn’t spend a lot of time optimizing his blog or trying to get a lot of traffic.

76 B.Logan

Is it really possible to make a six-digit profit from blogging alone? I find it hard to believe.

77 B.Logan

I find it hard to believe that one can make this much through blogging. Is it really possible to make a six-digit profit from blogging alone?

78 Andrew Says So

I think it’s possible. You see, aside from the backlinks and all the affiliate stuff as mentioned in the book, there is also the chance of publishing a book version of your blog (AmateurGourmet is a good example of such), and then there are the advertisers who will want to advertise on your site. Finally, there’s ex-deals, imagine the products a very popular blogger gets.

79 AurorMine

A six digit profit off a blog? Does this happen in real life?

80 MVZP_01

I doubt that too. Maybe it’s possible, but you have to spend a lot of time doing SEO, spreading links, getting into different aff marketing programs, etc. That adds up to a million bucks.

81 joonlee97

I’ve always wanted a concrete reliable source of information on blogging. Thanks for the recommendation, Jeremy.

82 socialanim00

I liked the first version, I learned a whole lot. Which means I’ll be picking up my own copy of the second edition soon.

83 GoHarryGo

I saw this in a local bookstore the other day. This makes me think I should go back and get it.

84 ExclaimedIdeas

I’m getting one for my niece – she runs her own blog about baking specialty cakes. I’ll let you know if she starts making more than I do, lol!

85 floresparati

It’s really encouraging to know that a novel idea, some decent writing, and a FREE blog platform can earn you that much money if you know what to do with them.

86 Hdelacruz

Imagine… making a million dollars annually from something that began as something to promote yourself online and was, for a time, a general bother to people.

87 Tammyexperiments

Sounds like Twitter and Facebook, doesn’t it?

88 Bryan Jake T

I really doubt anyone’s ever going to rake in a million dollars a year on Facebook, Tammy. Twitter, with their recent monetization attempts, maybe, but not FB.

89 Nicole Burns

A lot of blogs are still personal and meant for non-profit. What was annoying back then – and still is now, actually – is the number of emo people griping about anything an anything in a very non-interesting way.

90 smstudent

Can someone suggest a good blog platform? I’m partial to Livejournal, myself.

91 AnnieP78

Wordpress is the best. Livejournal isn’t really for monetizing… it’s just weblog site. If you want to make money Blogger and Wordpress are good, but in my opinion between the two Wordpress is the best. Lots of plugins and features available, it’s completely free, and it has anti-spam.

92 moolahmachine

Been blogging for a long time, and it’s been Wordpress for me since day one.

93 RedBlack88

I like Blogger, myself.

94 WhoisDoyle

If you’re new to blogging, it’s either Wordpress or Blogger. But I noticed Wordpress is much easier to work with. You don’t have to know codes to put widgets in your blog. You can post music, photos, tag cloud, twitter posts, etc.

95 Get That Ball

I never looked into it, but there are a ton of free blog platforms out there.

Here’s a link: Best of all, it’s all free.

96 thoushallpass

I’ve been following Problogger a while. There was a post about this in 2006. Here’s the link:

They say it’s really more about the talent than the tools, and I heartily agree.

97 PattyT12

I love the fact that the book discusses creative difficulties such as writer’s block along with technical stuff. I’m ordering this from Amazon as soon as some cash gets freed up.

98 thoushallpass

Agreed. A lot of how-to books get bogged down in the technical side of things.

99 Guy Cleveland

These days, everyone has a blog. It’s even an app on some social media sites.

100 Jason S.

I think this book is just what I need to perk up my blog. I must have it! *manic laughter*

101 AffiliatePaying

Cant wait to read it. Thanks for the recommendation, Shoe!

102 Mario

I must have this book!

103 Brit

> “What if I told you almost every blog I know that makes over 1 million dollars a year started on a free Wordpress or Blogger account!”

Names and references of blogs that make over 1 million dollars a year, please, or else I don’t believe it.

104 Greg London

That’s pretty surprising to me. Most of the blogs that make a million dollars started on free wordpress or blogger accounts? Weird but cool. That’s all I got to say about that.

105 Big Al

Actually it ain’t that surprising. A lot of people, me including, would rather use a free platform.

106 Creative Marketer

I guess it’s completely possible. A lot of people who start out and never expected to make so much money started out using free platforms.

107 Jona712

I was just looking blogs and book and resources about online marketing. This isn’t exactly about online marketing, but it’s relevant at least. Thanks for the tip.

108 WilmaP

I honestly have never heard of anyone making one million dollars a year by blogging. I know there are guys out there in affiliate marketing who have earned five figures in a month or so, but a million a year is just pushing it. It’s not like you can earn five figures or even four figures every single month. There are times when you’re going to struggle with sales.

109 internetFTW

ok, just bought the book! I’m psyched, I can’t wait to read it!

110 TheSandMan5050

Cool. Not so much into blogging though, but I’ll look for this book. Might learn something or it might convince me to start blogging

111 Husher50

Does this book teach you how to write too? I think I need to write properly first. I don’t think blogging = good writing, necessarily.

112 Guy Cleveland

The reviews say that the Problogger book gives tips on how to structure a proper article and how to get past writer’s block, but it doesn’t necessarily teach you how to write or have good grammar. Basic grammar and correct spelling is necessary, but there’s always spellcheck and grammar check for that. Don’t put off getting into blogging too long, or you might regret it.

113 d3so

I would love to read this book but I’m not big on buying books. Is anyone willing to get it for me? :)

114 PokeYerFace

Did ProBlogger just release this?

115 spameater

problogger just blogged about it today or yesterday, not sure. very recent. so we can assume they just released it.

116 AL0101

“There is no easier way to start making money online with ZERO technical ability than through a blog.”

Is writing a technical ability? I think you need to be able to distinguish bad grammar from good grammar at least if you want to earn through blogging. I’ve seen some really bad blogs out there with bad articles. Just incomprehensible.

117 Jeremy Schoemaker

I think I am the case why grammar really does not matter

118 Not The Real Shoe

I beg to disagree, Shoe. Your grammar doesn’t matter because you have a significant offering that isn’t minimized by bad grammar. But it would matter for different kinds of blogs.

Just think if you were running a cooking blog and you couldn’t describe a process or a flavor well enough. Who’d want to read that?

119 Susan Armand

Well, writing isn’t a technical ability. I think they mean the whole “how-to” of setting up the links, or your user pics, etc.

120 John

I think this is a good guideline for those who want to earn from online and making money. Thanks for posting.

121 Screechy Rich

Just curious, are you getting commission for this? I don’t see an affiliate link somewhere. I’m assuming you’re not since you seem to be good friends with the problogger people.

122 Yes2Freebies

‘Course he does!

Maybe not.

123 James Is (Not Working)

Networking is power!!!

124 Gabby Dell from SC

Just ordered my copy. Thanks for recommending the book. :)

125 Runs With Scissors

There are a lot of things to learn about blogging. It’s not just about picking topics, knowing the right subjects, etc. The money-making aspect of it is actually what makes it challenging. I’m glad that this book touched on all those topics.

126 Fiona Wong

I have this book, first ed. I’m not sure if I’ll buy the 2nd one. I’ll look for reviews first before deciding. Thanks anyway, Jeremy.

127 The Salad Project

I have read thier first book, and it was amazing! Highly recommmend it!!

128 Marnie Sho

This will make the perfect blogging companion for me.

129 ILoveMemes

Just goes to show how fast the landscape of blogging is changing – two years, and you need an update.

130 veronica_sm

I’ve always wanted to branch out into blogging to market my products, but didn’t have the inspiration. Maybe this book will be it.

131 nealcal

Not very interested in blogging, though this seems to be a very interesting read. Thanks for the lead, Shoe.

132 BigMoneyBrooklyn

A lot of fuss over blogging these days. It ain’t as easy as people make it out to be – get the book, read it through, then get started. Fail a couple of times. Then you’re due some success.

133 Sanjay

Too bad they didn’t have this when I got started with my blog. But I follow the Problogger blog, so I’m pretty confident I’m not too far behind.

134 Undercover Affiliate

Nice to see all the Problogger followers out here at Shoe’s site as well.

135 Ethan

Just finished ordering my copy on Amazon!

136 Payday Loan Savvy

In blogging it is not a foot race it is more of a jog. Or should I say a blog is like a fine wine it gets better with age. As years go by, I hope to have some of my blogs make some coins to help pay for me girls college. Could be Sweet. :)

137 blognseo

well as always problogger comes out with fresh stuff every time ! hope they would live up to the expectations !
blognseo’s last post blog and seo

138 Computer Expert

I love the stuff Darren puts out. Can’t wait for my pay check so I can order this book!

139 vehicle

I was considering buying it. Have you read the second edition? Would it work for any new bloggers?

140 Stefan

Darren always has the best blogging tips.

It seems that every site is promoting this product, John Chow also

141 Yasagun

That’s a very helpful book. I think I need it too…. thanks

142 Craig

I read ProBlogger weekly (don’t have time for daily blog reading) and there are always good tips in there. Better yet, they are actionable tips.

The 31 days to a better blog book is killer.

143 Costi

I bought the first edition, very good, but unfortunately because of a lack of time I couldn’t put in practice too many things, maybe I will buy also the second edition, so when I will have the time I will have everything in hand!

144 Alex

I have some much books on Blogging. I just want to run a Blogging course now for newbies. For people that need Blog set up for them from a – z

145 adam

Have not had a chance to read pro blogger I think alot of blogs are starting to put too much advertising on them now trying to make money off everything. Personally I use my blog to offer free information and give aways without trying to make a dolloar from it, am I crazy probably by doing this I gain trust in my readers then when I do have something of value that has worked for me or my own product I can recommened it through my list, then there more likely to buy because I have created the trust.

146 Offersking

The success of a blog often depends on its audience size. When many people read your blog regularly, your content will potentially be circulated widely, which grows your site faster.

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