DIYSEO Review: The Future Of SEO For Small Business

I sent out a brief note last night about DIYSEO (Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization). I had some nice email exchanges with several of you guys about what it is and who can benefit from it.

SEO – What is it and who needs it?

There are a ton of small businesses out there who are trying hard to get found in Google and other search engines for their keywords. They don’t know crap about SEO and desperately need the enlist the services of a Search Engine Optimization, SEO Guides, SEO Marketing”>Search Engine Optimization expert. Someone who understands how to make their website rank higher by 1) getting more links to the site (paid or not) and 2) Optimizing various HTML text on your website optimizing for the keywords you want to rank for.

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Whats the charge?

The current way many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts work is they charge you a monthly retainer. Usually a minimum of 2 thousand a month and I have many SEO friends who are not interested in any clients for less then 50,000.00 per month. The top top SEO dogs like Neil Patel who’s clients were huge fortune 500 companies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

In addition to this monthly retainer most work on performance. Meaning they get paid a bonus each month as your keywords improve in ranking and get paid more the better they do. For instance if you were a chiropractor in San Diego and hired a SEO to rank you for San Diego Chiropractic then in addition to paying a SEO 2k min per month you could also pay them:

  • $100 per month once your site ranked in the top 10 for San Diego Chiropractic.
  • $250 per month once your site ranked in the top 5 for San Diego Chiropractic.
  • $1000 per month once your site ranked #1 for San Diego Chiropractic.

Why such a big range in monthly retainer?

Well its mostly scalability. Obviously if your Neil Patel and you have clients like Target and HP who want to rank for 10,000 terms and have hundreds of thousands of web pages that’s not something one person can do. So he needs to pay a rather large staff.

So what do they do?

For this fee the they will use tools like ShoeMoney Tools (We have over 2500 SEO’s from the guy with 3 clients to the largest SEO agencies in the world), Raven SEO Tools, SEOMOZ Tools, etc.. They will use these tools to do analysis on their clients website and generate reports for them. These reports will be things like:

  • Backlink Analyzer: SEO’s will analyze who is linking to you verses your competition and with what anchor text. From this they can tell you exactly who you need to hit up for links and with what anchor text to do to BEAT your competitors
  • On Page Analyzer: SEO’s will analyze all the on-page HTML of your web pages vs that of the top rankings in search engines of your competition. Then tell you what you need to change on your page(s) to beat your competitors.

They will take these things into account and also their experience (or lack there of) and give you a monthly list of things you need to do. Go get links here… pay for directory listing here… change title tag here… change image alt tag here… etc.

WAIT! So I am paying THEM to give ME work to do?

Well kind of… yes… but you are more paying for their expertise to tell you what to do. Its kind of like hiring a personal trainer. Everyone knows they need to do physical exercise to lose weight but where do you start? How do you know you are not just wasting your time and energy? Your time has value….. and if you are like me wasting it pisses you off.

Hiring the right personal trainer is the key.


Patrick Gavin has taken an ingenious approach to SEO and I firmly believe its going to revolutionize the small business SEO industry.

Lets be honest…. Most small businesses can’t afford thousand dollar per month retainers and monthly bonus/incentives. I mean you are talking about a lot of small mom and pop shops who are struggling. They don’t have huge budgets.

So what does DIYSEO do ?

First of all there is not giant monthly retainer OR incentive fees.

What DIYSEO does is analyze your website using the same trusted techniques that SEO’s have been using for years and then gives you a step by step daily task to complete.

And here are 2 words you will not NEVER here from a SEO.


That’s right. For today’s launch DIYSEO is offering a 7 day 100% FREE no risk trial of the service.

Patrick asked me to be a beta tester about 3 weeks ago and I thought to give it a fair shake I would have our newest intern use it who has ZERO technical experience. Her job here for the most part is to take pictures on free shirt Friday’s, grab us lunch, and some other menial tasks. Her father owns a local plumbing business so we thought his site would be perfect.

She has been in the program for 3 weeks and as of right now his site ranks #4 in Google for the keyword he was going for. Just from her following DIYSEO daily instructions.

I give this product my highest endorsement and if you are a small business owner or just want to increase your website rankings without making a 10k+ commitment to a SEO I HIGHLY recommend you go sign up for DIYSEO right now. Especially during the free trial.

Go here to sign up now