DIYSEO Review: The Future Of SEO For Small Business

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I sent out a brief note last night about DIYSEO (Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimization). I had some nice email exchanges with several of you guys about what it is and who can benefit from it.

SEO – What is it and who needs it?

There are a ton of small businesses out there who are trying hard to get found in Google and other search engines for their keywords. They don’t know crap about SEO and desperately need the enlist the services of a Search Engine Optimization, SEO Guides, SEO Marketing”>Search Engine Optimization expert. Someone who understands how to make their website rank higher by 1) getting more links to the site (paid or not) and 2) Optimizing various HTML text on your website optimizing for the keywords you want to rank for.

More answers after the jump..

Whats the charge?

The current way many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts work is they charge you a monthly retainer. Usually a minimum of 2 thousand a month and I have many SEO friends who are not interested in any clients for less then 50,000.00 per month. The top top SEO dogs like Neil Patel who’s clients were huge fortune 500 companies charge hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

In addition to this monthly retainer most work on performance. Meaning they get paid a bonus each month as your keywords improve in ranking and get paid more the better they do. For instance if you were a chiropractor in San Diego and hired a SEO to rank you for San Diego Chiropractic then in addition to paying a SEO 2k min per month you could also pay them:

  • $100 per month once your site ranked in the top 10 for San Diego Chiropractic.
  • $250 per month once your site ranked in the top 5 for San Diego Chiropractic.
  • $1000 per month once your site ranked #1 for San Diego Chiropractic.

Why such a big range in monthly retainer?

Well its mostly scalability. Obviously if your Neil Patel and you have clients like Target and HP who want to rank for 10,000 terms and have hundreds of thousands of web pages that’s not something one person can do. So he needs to pay a rather large staff.

So what do they do?

For this fee the they will use tools like ShoeMoney Tools (We have over 2500 SEO’s from the guy with 3 clients to the largest SEO agencies in the world), Raven SEO Tools, SEOMOZ Tools, etc.. They will use these tools to do analysis on their clients website and generate reports for them. These reports will be things like:

  • Backlink Analyzer: SEO’s will analyze who is linking to you verses your competition and with what anchor text. From this they can tell you exactly who you need to hit up for links and with what anchor text to do to BEAT your competitors
  • On Page Analyzer: SEO’s will analyze all the on-page HTML of your web pages vs that of the top rankings in search engines of your competition. Then tell you what you need to change on your page(s) to beat your competitors.

They will take these things into account and also their experience (or lack there of) and give you a monthly list of things you need to do. Go get links here… pay for directory listing here… change title tag here… change image alt tag here… etc.

WAIT! So I am paying THEM to give ME work to do?

Well kind of… yes… but you are more paying for their expertise to tell you what to do. Its kind of like hiring a personal trainer. Everyone knows they need to do physical exercise to lose weight but where do you start? How do you know you are not just wasting your time and energy? Your time has value….. and if you are like me wasting it pisses you off.

Hiring the right personal trainer is the key.


Patrick Gavin has taken an ingenious approach to SEO and I firmly believe its going to revolutionize the small business SEO industry.

Lets be honest…. Most small businesses can’t afford thousand dollar per month retainers and monthly bonus/incentives. I mean you are talking about a lot of small mom and pop shops who are struggling. They don’t have huge budgets.

So what does DIYSEO do ?

First of all there is not giant monthly retainer OR incentive fees.

What DIYSEO does is analyze your website using the same trusted techniques that SEO’s have been using for years and then gives you a step by step daily task to complete.

And here are 2 words you will not NEVER here from a SEO.


That’s right. For today’s launch DIYSEO is offering a 7 day 100% FREE no risk trial of the service.

Patrick asked me to be a beta tester about 3 weeks ago and I thought to give it a fair shake I would have our newest intern use it who has ZERO technical experience. Her job here for the most part is to take pictures on free shirt Friday’s, grab us lunch, and some other menial tasks. Her father owns a local plumbing business so we thought his site would be perfect.

She has been in the program for 3 weeks and as of right now his site ranks #4 in Google for the keyword he was going for. Just from her following DIYSEO daily instructions.

I give this product my highest endorsement and if you are a small business owner or just want to increase your website rankings without making a 10k+ commitment to a SEO I HIGHLY recommend you go sign up for DIYSEO right now. Especially during the free trial.

Go here to sign up now


139 thoughts on “DIYSEO Review: The Future Of SEO For Small Business

  1. Bputitout

    I think this is great. You know, I am still learning the ins and outs of internet marketing and I have people offering to pay me for consulting. I really think that this is a good option for people who really want SEO, but can’t afford to pay places like the agency I work for. We turn away so much business, and I can see the disappointment when we tell people we can’t help them. Good for DIYSEO for offering a viable solution.

  2. Sean Supplee

    I never heard of this service before but after paying thousands in SEO marketing to others who do it via back linking only this seems like a much better alternative. Being able to see the results and then paying them really is an awesome system. Like always Awesome post and glad to be a Shoe Money Fan!

  3. smmguru

    Personally I tried the program to see what all the hype was about and found it pretty basic… Although I guess if you know nothing about SEO it will be helpful.

    BTW Shoe how come you aren’t verified on Twitter yet dude?

      1. Keith

        Completely agree – I checked it out and it was a lot more basic then I thought it would be… it’s a nice layout and great for someone who is very new to SEO, but it just wasn’t for me.

    1. Jonathan

      Thought the same myself. I think I got one thing out of it. I am glad they offered a free trial and I feel this was made more for the small business that doesn’t know anything about SEO.

  4. Luke

    What’s the cost of DIYSEO after the free trail ends? I can’t find it listed anywhere and I find it really sketchy when services hide their actual cost….

    1. hackcorp

      Doesn’t look like they are hiding, go to sign up and it gives you two options: $49/month or $499/year. My question is why would you need a year… but I guess free trial would be an example of the service…

      1. melg

        Why wouldn’t you choose to sign up for a year? It’s not a tutorial, it’s a software, and it lets you keep track of your SEO efforts and hopefully improve it.

        1. nealcal

          Nice pricing, twelve months for the price of ten. Though I wish he had smaller blocks of time on discount – like six or three month periods.

  5. Creative Marketer

    I am actually interested in (quietly) using this for a few of my own clients. I am a small shop selling SEO, and could use some additional support. I will test it. Will hope that others add feedback as well.

  6. Hdelacruz

    I am sure that this will get all sorts of opinions, but I think that your testimonial speaks volumes. Thanks for the updates on the newest and best in the industry.

  7. Jeff

    So you think SEO’s are going to loose sleep because companies that couldn’t afford them in the first place, now have an option? This is great for those small non-competitive markets, but that’s about it. How many links do you think you’ll get from these two posts?

  8. Eric Itzkowitz

    There is nothing wrong with offering simple, basic SEO software to the 3MM – 5MM SMBs out there, so long as it does not promise the world only to deliver a handful of dirt.

    Further, I don’t think DIYSEO is promising the world, so… I also highly doubt SEO’s are shaking in their shoes. On the contrary, I think that they smell an opportunity. (:

    FYI… Aaron Wall posted a review on DIYSEO.

    1. moolahmachine

      It’s only $49 a month. You could sign up for the trial version first, if you’re not sure about it.

    2. WhoisDoyle

      Read Aaron Wall’s post on DIYSEO. It will give you the answer if it’s worth it or not.

      As for me, I don’t know. Gotta try it, I guess? But I’m not really into SEO. I just have no patience for it.

    1. enajyram00

      Exactly. It is free for seven days, so why not?

      I’m really excited about this software, btw. Totally trying it. 😀

  9. floresparati

    I already started my free trial. I’ve blocked off an hour / day for the next seven days. So far, it’s easy to use. Someone did a great job with the interface. There’s a section that places your efforts at kindergarten level, grade school level, etc. I’m in SEO kindergarten right now!

    1. Husher50

      lol SEO kindergarten level. i wonder where i’d be. probably at the bottom of the SEO efforts ladder.

      btw i’m still not interested even if it’s free.

  10. Matt McGee

    In the real world, there are a lot of us offering SEO services for small businesses for a couple hundred dollars an hour and we don’t require minimum monthly contracts or anything like that. Some of us have worked with companies like Target and The Weather Channel, and just prefer to work with smaller companies where you can actually get things done and make a difference in someone’s life, their bottom line, their ability to add more employees, etc. And we’re not of the mindset to charge these folks $1,000 just for reading an email that they send.

    Sounds crazy, I know, but the real world is kinda crazy sometimes.

    1. Dandundun

      I have found the same. It’s a matter of shopping around and trying to find something that works within your budget. There are always low-cost solutions for those willing to dig around a bit. And there are good consultants that offer cheaper packages that can point you in the right direction. With no knowledge of SEO, the $500 spent on the wrong efforts could end up doing you no good at all.

    2. ara600

      I find this to be true. A lot of freelancers are available to the job for smaller businesses. They don’t charge an arm and a leg, and I think they’re better equipped than a program that runs on a bunch of set parameters.

    3. floresparati

      As I said, I’m liking the program. And it’s true that a lot of freelancers are available for the job, but maybe, more than making use of it ourselves, it’s a better used as a supplement to learning the ins and outs of SEO. That way, when you hire an SEO specialist, you can work with the person better, instead of just letting them do their thing and not have a clue what the hell they’re doing.

  11. internetFTW

    I strongly encourage readers to check out seobook’s take on DIYSEO. His opinion is very different from Shoemoney’s.

    I know others have cited it here, but I think it’s worth checking out points of view from the two industry experts. For those of you looking for deals, the seobook post has plenty of low-cost suggestions at the end of the article.

    1. The American Dream

      Interesting point-of-view by Aaron Wall. I understand his point completely, that SEO is not just something that can be mastered in steps. If an SEO novice uses DIYSEO, he would probably still need an expert to consult with.

    1. funny stuff

      Ahem, money, that’s how James.

      As for this system, I’d stake 10 grand of my own money to take it on one on one in a controlled 6 month competition. I doubt very much Patrick would stake the reputation of this system (which I’ve never seen) against my SEO skills one on one because he knows that no two websites are alike and a cookie cutter approach to SEO is doomed to be beaten by the knowledgeable SEO who does it themselves.

      The system doesn’t even touch the subject of internal link structure apparently, tsk tsk.

      1. Eric

        I have no doubt there’s an incentive for Jeremy to to pimp this product, but at the same time, I know he doesn’t waste people’s time with lame offers. SEO may be doomed, but it’s not yet dead.

    2. Butputitout

      Well, think of it this way : SEO used to have no future, but now it has. Things change.

    3. ExclaimedIdeas

      Well, at least Shoe is man enough to realize that there are some things that he got wrong. As social marketing evolves, it has become that properly executed SEO has a vital role to play. So it is only makes sense that there will be applications, programs, and software that will be developed to make the utilization of this resource “easier”. Some will be complete hoaxes, and some will only serve as crutches, but everything is so dynamic right now that no one can really predict with certainty what will happen in the long run. Remember how everyone thought that the iPhone will be an amusingly quick and expensive flash in the pan?

    4. spameater

      Maybe Shoe changed his mind. DIYSEO (and $$$) made him see the light at the end of the dark SEO tunnel.

  12. Bryan Jake T

    The best way to learn is by doing. This acts as a great tutorial for those who want to get started with SEO 101. I think it’s great.

  13. GQmeansGeek

    I don’t think it will revolutionize SEO, to be frank. Wait, scratch that. It will revolutionize SEO if it works. Now the question is, will it work? I guess I could try it for a week. It’s free anyways.

  14. Cristina Dy

    I still stick to my opinion. Let’s see if this works by having someone, a business owner who knows zero about SEO, try this software. I doubt a complete novice would turn into an expert by following a step-by-step guide. It just doesn’t work that way.

    1. LaneyPitt

      Just my two cents… but isn’t it really hard to find a business owner that knows absolutely zero about SEO? I mean, even to buy the software, you have to know something, or else it wouldn’t do you any good.

      1. Cristina Dy

        Of course there are business owners who don’t know SEO. My uncle is one. Given the fact that he doesn’t have a website for his auto parts business, he knows nothing about optimization and whatnot. And there are a lot of small businesses that don’t have sites.

  15. Jona712

    Number four in Google? REALLY? From no rank at all? That’s amazing. But I don’t want to completely believe it. Shoe, how about showing us a screencap of it?

    1. WilmaP

      Yeah. Getting to the No. 4 spot on google isn’t impossible to do, but I want some proof with that claim that it works

    2. Bryan Jake T

      I’m pretty skeptical myself. At first I thought this was a good thing, but it’s too-good-to-be-true promises like this that set me on edge.

    3. Nicole Burns

      I remember the days when one had to spend months of effort (okay, at the very least, weeks) to reach the first page on Google. Unless you were somehow unique, and the search engine picked you up really easily. But if you’re a generic site, it’s really hard to get to the fourth listing.

      1. Marnie Sho

        Maybe that’s how the site got the fourth listing – by being so unusual that there were no others like it? Like, sea otters in blue eyeshadow?

        1. ILoveMemes

          While I think that would work, Marnie, you can’t always rely on that. People will use different key words to search for things, and SEO is largely the placement the correct key words in your site content so that they will be more attractive to search engines, as well as creating links and backlinks that will direct traffic to your site. The better you do this, the higher up you are on a search engine’s listings.

  16. Alan Bleiweiss

    Jeremy I think it’s a shame you find the need to promote the likes of this service. They offer no real hope for the vast majority of small business owners who will unknowningly buy into this service, with the false hope that they’ll be able to magically appear on the first page of Google after following along, even though SEO is an art, not a science, let alone the fact that an automated service can never properly guide someone in the complex task of choosing keyword phrases, let alone explain the just as complex relationship of true keyword seeding.

    I’d continue this rant but Aaron Wall has already done an excellent job detailing the flaws.

    Seeing this here just confirms my already serious leanings recently that you’re just promoting any garbage so you can continue to rake in the money.

    Too bad. I won’t be recommending you to anyone anymore as you’re no longer a positive roll model.

    1. KrisM77

      Oops wrong spelling. It’s role model, not roll.

      Anyway, no further comment. You’re entitled to rant on whatever blog.

        1. KrisM77

          I know what you mean. I get confused with your/you’re and there/their a lot when I’m typing fast too. I have to look through what I typed and I see a lot of misspells.

    2. ILoveMemes

      I think Shoe’s still a good role model. His body of work speaks for itself, serving to inspire all of us aspiring internet marketers.

    3. Hollaback Will

      In my opinion, saying that Shoe is no longer a good role model just because he has a marketing OPINION post in his OWN BLOG is fairly unfair thing to do. After all, who’s to say that he doesn’t really feel that this might be something big for the SEO industry?

  17. AnnieP78

    Sounds good. I’m willing to see if DIYSEO will give me good results, so maybe I’ll sign up for this. I only have one site, a media arts blog. I could use that for DIYSEO.

    1. ara600

      If I may, I suggest that you make use of the trial version first. I know it’s only $49, but in the long run, you don’t want to spend on something that is basically going to tell you what you could have figured out by asking on the net or reading books.

  18. Lola Dee

    I think this will be more useful as a tool for learning about SEO than anything else. You’ll still need the personal trainer, but now you can call him out when he does something you feel isn’t right.

    1. F2Xsites

      Or you could just e-mail him?

      And I think I read in a review that this software was designed to eliminate the need for an SEO consultant, because you would only have to follow the steps and instructions on the program. That you wouldn’t need an actual person telling you what to do. Maybe that says something about the developers, that they don’t think much of consultancies and interaction. IDK, just my opinion.

      1. Lola Dee

        I know that that’s what it’s supposed to do, but I stand by the belief that no automated doohickey can take the place of professional opinion and the human ability to react beased on previous experience. The doohickey just teaches you how things are done.

  19. newmediaist12

    Good post, Jeremy. I don’t know much about SEO consultants and how it all works (them giving you more stuff to do). So thanks, this is very informative.

    1. medomoc

      Thanks for the links, Robin. Haven’t read any reviews yet, but the opinions in this thread made me ask, is it worth it? and will it deliver results? It would be great to read opinions of other people in the online marketing business.

    2. AL0101

      So far John Andrews’ review is the most detailed. It really takes you inside diyseo. I kinda got the feeling Shoe’s a little biased and Aaron’s was too negative (he did say diyseo was like a car w/o an engine), so I was looking for someone who could say neutral/unbiased things about diyseo. Thx a lot for the links.

    3. FirenzeZ

      Was just reading a few hours ago. Still waiting for updates, maybe he’ll post his final thoughts about the product?

    4. Hugo

      Thanks for posting the link to my review of DIYSEO. Feel free to track me down if you have any questions or want my opinions on anything.

      You can find me via Twitter @hugoguzman (don’t want to post my email on this board).

  20. Jason

    Love the SEO sucks shirt lol. SEO is critical even more than ever in todays competitive online marketplace. If you are a beginner and are trying to get seen out there in cyberspace I would highly recommend hiring a reputable SEO expert to do this for you.

    I t will save you tons of time @ energy and it will be an investment that can put a lot more money in your pocket.

  21. WanderingMommy

    Seems like this is the SEO software for me. I’m not a complete noob, but sometimes I just hate it when an expert gets all condescending and tells me what to do with my site. And it’s just $49. Hmmm not bad.

    1. veronica_sm

      When that happens, ditch the “expert”. Real smarts don’t have to act all high and mighty, and you do know what’s best for your site, even though they may have the better technical know-how. If they can’t work with you without b!tch!ng, then you should shop around for new advisors.

  22. TheSandMan5050

    Off-topic, but how does anyone intern for Shoemoney? It sounds cool. Making you coffee, following you around, taking pictures of your shirts, hanging around in your office? i’d be interested if I didn’t have a job.

  23. Yes2Freebies

    Free trial? As long as it’s free, I’m there. Kidding. I don’t know what I’d do with that.

  24. AnnieLouJ12860

    Is this an official review? Doesn’t seem like it. It seems like a marketing post. I’ll have to read an official DIY SEO review before I believe anything.

    1. Hdelacruz

      A lot that goes up on this site is about marketing – but a lot of people trust Jeremy to pick the products he promotes.

      1. AnnieLouJ12860

        Not that I think marketing posts are wrong. But If he wasn’t marketing the product, he could say honest things about it. He could say that he thought such and such didn’t work or that he didn’t like such and such. The whole post is basically an advertisement, because the product just sounds too good to be true. And frankly, it’s hard for me to buy something that’s overhyped and overpraised, even if it’s coming from Shoe.

        1. Marnie Sho

          Amen to that. If something’s being marketed as too good to be true, it probably is.

  25. smstudent

    I read John Andrew’s review on DIY SEO. It looks like it’s pretty impressive. I still wouldn’t recommend relying on something like this completely – people should get their backgrounds in place if they’re venturing into SEO.

  26. WhoSaysWhat01

    Interesting comments. I just spent 20 minutes reading and trying to understand the posts linked in the comments. I don’t care about SEO, so I learned something new today. And wow, anything that Jeremy pimps here always gets responses. Sorta like Perez Hilton.

    1. Hollaback Will

      Hah! Perez Hilton ain’t got nothing on Shoe. Shoe gives us leads we can actually use.

  27. All about ebook

    I think SEO master will become good business and become Google competitor because it can modify result.

    Google must have prevent their costumer to get what they searching for in google

  28. Chris Peterson

    For small business owner always invest small budget. According to the invest it will be better to target low search volume keyword as result it will be very easy to reach the better ranking that what we promise to the client and also we will finish such type of project in limited budget.

  29. EllaineR

    The more I read about this, the more confusing it becomes. Is it or isn’t it any good? I guess there’s nothing for it but to try it myself.

    1. Robin Sterling

      That’s exactly what Hugo Guzman said on his blog. “Don’t rely on other people’s opinions; test, retest, and research for yourself.”

  30. twitteraddict05

    DIYSEO has been belittled and praised from all sides. It’s becoming more and more obvious that someone has to have gotten it wrong, but until measurable results come in (and that can take a while) everything else you read about it is just an opinion.

  31. thoushallpass

    Has anyone noticed that DIYSEO has attracted a lot of attention in such a short time? I wonder why it inspires so much passion on both the pro and con sides.

  32. MVZP_01

    OK, folks, here’s what I think. If you’re interested about this DIYSEO product, don’t mind the reviews. Try it for yourself, since the first seven days are free anyway. If you don’t like it, it’s not for you, cancel within the week. But if you’re seeing results and you like it, then you need $49, which is pretty cheap for SEO. So go ahead.

  33. PattyT12

    Let me get this straight. This is for retail businesses only? I wonder if there’s an SEO application for bloggers like me?

    1. veronica_sm

      I think bloggers like you have a lot to gain from SEO. Why don’t you give the new program a whirl? You might like it.

  34. Kyle

    Cool shirt, Shoe. Where can we get us one of those? Still not interested in SEO, despite all the new information today.

  35. Dandundun

    Whoa, the comment thread’s rather busy. So far, the only concrete conclusion we can draw is that the jury’s out on this program. I say, get the free trial and give it a try. If it works for you, then well and good. If not, then you’d have lost nothing.

  36. Butputitout

    This discussion will have to wait until someone comes up with measurable results that are directly attributed to the use of the program. Otherwise, as someone else said, everything is just an opinion.

    1. Mark Mead

      Won’t proving these said results be difficult? For all you know, increased traffic to a site wasn’t caused by better SEO, but by some unrelated factor, like a link ending up on Failblog or something.

      1. California Dreamin

        Agreed. Like, if you come out with a new commercial or a print ad and suddenly sales go up 20 percent, you can’t automatically say that the ad did it. You have to look at all the marketing efforts together to see to what influenced your consumers. Sometimes it isn’t the ad at all, but the supplemental efforts done through PR and social media marketing.

        1. Alan Bleiweiss

          It couldn’t just be anecdotal info on one or a few sites. It would need to be based on verifiable data across a wide swath of sites in different markets.

          1. Nicole Burns

            I see. This would be an interesting thing to study. Does anyone know of any sites that have published the results of a similar, reliable study on the effect of SEO on websites?

          2. RedBlack88

            SEO is a very well documented phenomenon, Nicole. There are actually more than a few e-books on it. If you do a quick Google search on it, I’m sure you’ll find some interesting reads.

      2. RedBlack88

        Not really. It’s pretty easy to prove cause and effect, even in matters as dynamic as internet marketing. It just takes time.

  37. Sam

    Hi Jeremy,
    This is just a quick note to let you know of a technical problem on This morning the secondary pages appear in my browser without formatting. All the text appears in a single column on the left side of the screen. My browser is Firefox 5.0, running with Windows XP Home.

    Have a good day.

    Funny Chix

  38. John

    What’s not Included in the 50 bucks a month is the hours you’ll spend going through the jobs it gives you and playing with your site. The actual cost will look something like:

    Diyseo fees directory listings your time

    You’ll struggle to rank for good enough terms with this system to get a decent ROI on this. Spend that money on some ppc or telesales instead!

  39. Pattaya Girls

    I just wish free trial meant free trial, eg no need to give any billing / CC details until the free trial ends. The offers where u give CC first always seem dodgy to me as they want you to forget to cancel them.

      1. Pattaya Girls

        In this day and age it would be odd to presume that someone from a first world country doesn’t have a cc. Even kids have access to their parents cards. Imho most people do not like giving their CC info out for trial offers I just wish I had some stats to prove it :-)

      1. Felicia

        Jonathan, may I ask why you cancelled? I’m considering this as opposed to paying thousands for a consultant; never know what you’re going to get. I also view it as a learning experience. Two things concern me: (1) is 7 days long enough to evaluate this? and (2) there doesn’t seem to be any human support. What if you get stuck along the way, or have questions? Shouldn’t this fee include at least email support?


    1. Alan Bleiweiss

      We have to assume Jeremy has financial gain in this post given his disclaimer page and since he didn’t say otherwise. Which is also a reason I need to chill out in broad-stroke condemning him as I did originally. I forget about that disclaimer page all the time.

  40. Mike B.


    Where is the disclosure here that you are promoting this program and getting an affiliate commish?


  41. Paul Avery

    I think Patrick has a problem with his business model. A competent webmaster can get through the program in 7 days…

    He should slow deal out the rest of the program over 12 months. Maybe he does, but it is not apparent that more is coming.

  42. Jordan

    Sounds like a really nice piece of software. diyseo might be the thing that will change the world in how small businesses do their own SEO.

  43. Dallas Apartments Ninja

    I know just as much if not more about seo (my particular industry) then every “professional” SEO I’ve ever hired. It seems like nobody really knows what they’re doing. Not saying I’m awesome or anything, just saying…just fyi. I need like a time management/SEO dude as opposed to the “top 5 Google rankingsor your money back” dudez. Someone to keep their eye on the big picture and to make sure all efforts put into seo count. This type of service is the only thing that would makes sense to me. Anybody need a job? Holla back.

  44. Vfrankz

    Wow. Two great new features to add. I am very impressed you are taking the time to customize the “How To Complete” areas for particular applications. This in itself would be a huge time saver. Especially for someone who is not that familiar with the application.

    Keep up the great work all.

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