The Night SEO’s Couldn’t Sleep – DIYSEO Is Coming Tomorrow

In the last 15 years nobody has had a bigger impact on Search Engine Optimization then Patrick Gavin. He built a company around gaming Google selling Text-Link-Ads…. and did it well. Google put out many new rules and regulations about buying and selling Text-Link-Ads but they couldn’t stop Patrick and eventually he sold his company for a rumored (from a very good source) 45 Million Dollars.

Tomorrow Patrick is launching a new SEO company and it has ALL SEO’s on tilt. The product is called DIYSEO and much like TLA I have no doubt its going to revolutionize SEO as we know it.

I talked to Patrick earlier today about it briefly and he told me the product was a easy step by step Search Engine Optimization system analyzing your website and telling you EXACTLY what you need to do to rank better.

Now you can see why SEO’s everywhere are not sleeping well tonight. Small businesses are the last frontier for them and with PG’s reputation you can bet this product is going to be killer.

Check out the preview video up now at DIYSEO and make sure to check back tomorrow after noon to see what all they hype is about.

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