The Night SEO’s Couldn’t Sleep – DIYSEO Is Coming Tomorrow

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In the last 15 years nobody has had a bigger impact on Search Engine Optimization then Patrick Gavin. He built a company around gaming Google selling Text-Link-Ads…. and did it well. Google put out many new rules and regulations about buying and selling Text-Link-Ads but they couldn’t stop Patrick and eventually he sold his company for a rumored (from a very good source) 45 Million Dollars.

Tomorrow Patrick is launching a new SEO company and it has ALL SEO’s on tilt. The product is called DIYSEO and much like TLA I have no doubt its going to revolutionize SEO as we know it.

I talked to Patrick earlier today about it briefly and he told me the product was a easy step by step Search Engine Optimization system analyzing your website and telling you EXACTLY what you need to do to rank better.

Now you can see why SEO’s everywhere are not sleeping well tonight. Small businesses are the last frontier for them and with PG’s reputation you can bet this product is going to be killer.

Check out the preview video up now at DIYSEO and make sure to check back tomorrow after noon to see what all they hype is about.

96 thoughts on “The Night SEO’s Couldn’t Sleep – DIYSEO Is Coming Tomorrow

  1. melg

    Something this interesting hasn’t come our way in a long time. Considering who came up with it, I’d say this is something to watch out for. Thanks for the heads up, Shoe.

  2. David R

    That was MY idea! @#$#$! I hate it when that shit happens! And now your stuff is all over shoemoney. Hard to come up with anything these days.

    1. Hollaback Will

      You snooze, you lose, my friend. But really, this has been a long time coming. Eventually someone would have figured out that since SEO is an essential business tool, you can make a killing by making it easier to use, and for much less than some people are charging to do it for you.

      1. Ed

        Nothing is too late. If you can compete with this service and provide a case study where for two websites on the same niche, one had the SEO done by you and the other done by the competition and yours win then you just have created your brand name!

  3. Not The Real Shoe

    Money shot. Long overdue. So this will make all the one-man shops cringe.

    Note to Readers: There will always be a market for faster, cheaper, and almost as good. The bottom line is the bottom line. Read it and weep.

    Patrick has a good track record. Let’s see what he can do with this one.

  4. Angelo

    Revolutionize SEO? Seriously? Jeez, either you’ve got some low standards or Patrick paid a little extra ad money for the hyperbole.

    This is just a glorified to-do list coupled with a basic task/time manager. A nice tool for people who can’t be bothered to read a basic guide on SEO but hardly anything revolutionary.

    You can accomplish the same by spending an hour reading a good SEO best practices guide and some free backlink and result position tools.

    The real issue in SEO is the time and energy that goes into building backlinks and this tool doesn’t solve that.

    Now if it actually did all the tasks it sets forth for you on it’s own, then you’d have something.

    1. Hollaback Will

      Revolution happens in many ways. If you were hoping for red coats, then maybe you’ll be disappointed. But this does have the potential to make SEO a whole new ball game. For one thing, even the simple task of building backlinks can be intimidating to people who aren’t familiar with it. And let’s face it, some people just can’t get a hold of the logic or the tech behind it. If these same people were to become more informed and less intimidated, that would mean more players, wouldn’t it? More players would mean more competition, more competition means that you would have to work harder for everything you achieve.

      Not to mention the fact that this would probably knock down the overpriced service providers back a peg or two.

    2. EllaineR

      Why on earth would you want a software that does all your tasks for you? You don’t learn anything that way, and I doubt that any software could replace old-fashioned wit and good judgment.

    3. JABacchetta

      Lol, I stopped coming to this site right around the time that Shoemoney was blogging about how incredible Entrecard’s ad system was. Not only had he never tried their ad system, he never even participated in the community. So he couldn’t have possibly understood what sort of traffic it would deliver. He sold out in exchange for a spam email sent to all Entrecard users that promoted his tools.

      Figured I would come back to see if there was anything useful, and this is what I read? Lol yeah, everyone can’t wait for the DIY program that tells you to submit your site to DMOZ, and will even give you your site’s pagerank!!!

      Install the Chrome SEO extension for Google Chrome, and save yourself $50 a month. Stop taking advice from this trash.

  5. WhateverWorks

    Everyone seems to be buzzed about this new software. I’m definitely excited about it, and am going to try it, but I think we should all manage our expectations.

  6. James Is (Not Working)

    These people have an Affiliate Program. Imagine That? “Our affiliate program is powered by Google and is currently offering $50 per monthly subscription and $250 per annual subscription!”

    Blah blah blah white hat, blah blah blah expert advice for next to nothing, blah blah free trial. It’s all good.

    These people need to put some pics up too. Just because I said so.

  7. Shane

    Never used TLA but the concept was sound … they built a platform for bringing together advertisers and publishers.

    DIYSEO just looks like a pro-analysis of your site. If they build services to do the actual work for you … it really could revolutionaize SEO. Otherwise it just seems like another fancy “ebook”.

    So … is he building a $5MM campaign here or a $50MM business?

  8. Dave Starr

    Yep. Send me a teaser about virtually any other aspect of SEO or other ‘krazy kewl’ new tool and I am going to yawn and hit the next arrow. but I’ve seen Patrick perform over the years, and his legacy lives on … a couple of tiny sites keep getting a monthly check from TLA like clockwork, I wish the other 99% of similar services could even begin to perform half as well. I’ll be watching … I expect good things.

  9. Olgi Zenullari

    Something is wrong on their site, they don’t have the “Register” button. I figured it myself by visiting /signup

    You better let them know as they might have lost a lot of potential clients

  10. Florida SEO

    I have a feeling that this isn’t a service to be used by SEO prospects with viable budgets, but small mom & pop shops whose needs aren’t extensible.

    1. The American Dream

      I agree. People who know SEO enough won’t need this software. It may just be the students and the beginners who could learn from DIYSEO.

  11. Kiley

    Stop it, Shoe.

    I’m not an SEO, but someone needs to take you to task.

    You sh!t on SEO’s every chance you get. SEO was how you got started. Forgo the linkbait just one time, and have a little respect for your foundation.

    You have beaten the “SEO is dead” horse until well — it died. Whether you believe that or not I’m not clear on, because you flip-flop more than John Kerry.

    The infamous Adsense photo wouldn’t exist if not for your adventures in SEO and scraping. You might even say, you, in your current capacity, wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for SEO.

      1. Kiley

        I know you’ve never sold SEO services. But you’ve used SEO heavily in the past.

        Bullsh!t! You may not make money know by gaming the SE’s, but you have. Did you forget about all the sh!t you used to take on DP for scraping?

    1. ScamBusters

      Great comment, way to call this phoney on his crap. Suprised the worm posted it or did’nt edit it to his liking!

  12. enajyram00

    This is GREAT news. This would be perfect for SEO newbies like me who are scared of huge SEO costs. I run a small boutique, and I’m planning to get a website for my business soon. I’m pretty sure I could use this DIYSEO software.

  13. spameater

    Cool story and cool video, bro. Seriously though, this is good news to wake up to. SEO is never easy, but that DIYSEO video makes it look easy. And it looks pretty simple to manage. I bet I could even get my mother to use this, lol. 😀

  14. Paul

    When I followed your link to their site and clicked “How it works” it was more than a little disappointing to see “Submit to DMOZ” as the first step in their example. My impression is DMOZ has been largely impossible to deal with for a long time. Right or wrong it gave me the immediate impression of 3-4 year old advice wrapped up in a new package.

  15. Robin Sterling

    Some of those big-time SEO folks must be scared.

    I’ll definitely stay tune for updates on Patrick’s new software.

  16. Jim Rudnick

    yup, totally in agreement with that DMOZ notice….typical advice on that submission is to forget it once you do…as you’ll never hear back….so yes, any advice that advocates using a DMOZ sub as a ‘beginning’ of an SEO DIY campaign starts off wrong, in my book.

    still will go and look over what they offer and may even signup a small client to see what can be achieved….

    hopeful I am…but not sold yet, eh?


  17. newmediaist12

    I’m impressed with the preview video. It’s simple, short and straight-to-the-point. Some preview videos and video ads aren’t like that. Sometimes the main message gets lost because there’s too much irrelevant info, blahblahblah.

    With this it was clear that: a) DIYSEO is cost-effective, b) it’s simple and easy to use even if you don’t know much about search engine optimization. So A+ for the video.

    1. medomoc

      I would. This is the kind of SEO product that I’m looking for.

      Do-it-yourself SEO isn’t exactly a new concept. A lot of people are into DIY SEO. But it seems like this product isn’t like the usual DIY SEO in a sense that you need to know a lot of stuff and you need to have experience with SEO. Plus I can tell this software is updated. So I’m willing to try this out. :)

      1. twitteraddict05

        You can tell that this software is updated? You mean they’re marketing a spiffied-up version of an older program?

  18. WilmaP

    Just checked the FAQ section of DIYSEO. I see they have free trial. Nice! Better tell my friends about this.

    1. twitteraddict05

      Free trial. Them’s the magic words. Let’s see if this software is all it’s cracked up to be. Its developer seems to have a lot of confidence in it, if they chose to grant consumers a free trial period.

  19. SMB SEO Guide

    Meh. I’ll hold judgment until we see how well it performs. It’ll never compete against competitive webmasters, but it will most certainly make Gavin and Hagans a boatload of money, so congrats to them.

    1. WanderingMommy

      Exactly. What usually turns me off about SEO is the cost. Sadly, the huge, expensive SEO campaigns tend to be more effective.

      1. KrisM77

        What? SEO isn’t expensive. It’s even cheaper than PPC. Considering the ROI produced by PPC vs SEO, SEO is more affordable. And to answer AnnieLouJ, in my opinion SEO *is* worth it, whatever the price is.

        1. AnnieLouJ12860

          SEO may be worth it, but not everyone can afford it. That’s my point. I know SEO will give me results, but what if I can’t afford it? See, then it’s not exactly affordable.

  20. AL0101

    A software that tells you exactly how to optimize your site? Wow. Okay. I would’ve loved to use something like that a few years ago. Yeah, it would be a helpful tool for small business owners/people who don’t know much about SEO.

  21. internetFTW

    I think it’s also important to mention that DIYSEO has an affiliate program. Subscription rates: $50/month and $250/year. So anyone here interested? 😉 It’s a pretty good product to sell to your friends with websites.

  22. James Is (Not Working)

    I just came back and checked out the video. Really nice video. Well done.

  23. SmartCoupons | Susan Armand

    I think that this is a great idea. This is obviously targeting one-person shops, or small businesses. With places like Rosetta charging 100K, or agencies asking for a starting budget of 10K, many small businesses simply couldn’t afford SEO. They were left in the cold, piecing together whatever options they could scrape up.

    I wish this new business much success!

  24. Kyle

    I’m a little skeptical. So will this constantly be updated to keep up with SEO and its changes? If the whole point is to automate the process to reduce costs, what things could be missing that would impact the end result? How could it be that one process could work for all sites?

    1. Tammyexperiments

      Those are very valid questions. I happen to be leery of one-size fits all solutions myself. Maybe we should wait and see. Either way, it promises to be very interesting.

  25. BigMoneyBrooklyn

    This will sell well to people who know nothing about SEO. I am going to pawn off my Aunt and her shop off on these people. Sick of giving free advice.

  26. Cristina Dy

    I admit I know very little about SEO, but this line, “easy step by step Search Engine Optimization system analyzing your website and telling you EXACTLY what you need to do to rank better” piqued my interest.

    Maybe we ought to experiment a little. Let’s have someone who know nothing about SEO get this software. Let’s try it if it works.

    1. GQmeansGeek

      Great idea! I used to have a neighbor who hates technology. Maybe I can do this experiment on her. But first I have to convince her that computers aren’t evil.

  27. Tara Pingle

    Sounds hot. I’m all over any tool that hits the market that helps us do our job. I’m curious to see how it compares to a more “human” evaluation. 😉

  28. Husher50

    Not interested. Even if I were interested, I won’t jump on this too quickly. I’ll wait for user reviews.

  29. moolahmachine

    Cool. I have a couple of sites that can use SEO. Haven’t tried it before though, since it’s expensive. Usually I just build links on FB and forums.

    1. Butputitout

      Cool. If you don’t mind, please come back to the forums and let us know how that worked out for you.

  30. Jeff

    Eh, I’ll still sleep well tonight. There are still plenty of companies that want to focus on other areas of the business then using a DIY option. I do think he’ll make a nice bit of money, but he won’t affect my income. The companies that DIY aren’t the companies I’m interested in working with.

  31. searchbrat

    If you haven’t got more than $49 per month to spend on SEO, then you shouldn’t be spending anything on SEO. You are in a horrible market and should throw up a few PPC ads to get what little traffic there is.

    1. ExclaimedIdeas

      Well, for businesses just starting out, this could be a great boon. Just because you don’t have the budget for it doesn’t mean you won’t need it later on.

  32. RedBlack88

    This might have the potential to revolutionize the SEO industry. I’ll be keeping my eye on this, and I recommend that everyone start learning as much about it as you can.

  33. Bryan Jake T

    Text link ads used to be what you would use to get reliable, solid links. Google tried to moderate this, but failed. And now, we have this, which promises to make SEO even more affordable so that even smaller companies can afford it. I cannot wait to see how this changes the industry.

  34. Bryan Jake T

    I completely agree with this. While it’s true that sex and profanity sell, there’s a place for such things, and this wasn’t one of them.

    1. Bryan Jake T

      Drat. I should really watch out for the double tabs when reading this blog. I’m sorry, everyone, my bad. I meant to comment on the previous posting.

  35. Dandundun

    I wonder if making SEO cheaper and a tool for everyone is the wisest route. What if this sparks a price war? In the end, everyone loses.

    1. floresparati

      I don’t think this is big enough to start a price war. It’ll just be another option for the people who don’t have enough money to launch a grand SEO effort.

  36. veronica_sm

    It makes me wonder if this will have any impact on SEO writers – you know, those who offer their services writing stuff for content on blogs and such.

  37. nealcal

    Not completely sold on the idea of do-it-yourself SEO. In my mind, this only enables a lot of people to fumble about the whole thing with a lot more confidence, creating more clutter for the rest of us.

    1. smstudent

      I agree with you, Neal. If people want to do SEO themselves for their businesses they should read about it or take up a short training course. I think Shoe might have even posted about one such training tool in his weekly marketing posts. The point is, a little information can be a dangerous thing.

  38. California Dreamin

    After reading the reviews, it sounds that DIYSEO won’t be anything like TLAs. I think people wanting to have SEO done for their site should either learn to do it or save their money until something better comes along.

  39. funny stuff

    Haha, PLEASE, everyone who thinks they know SEO JUMP on this now (you’ll make my life of beating you in search that much easier).

    Cookie cutter anything cannot beat full custom in any playing field.

  40. The Truth about DIY SEO

    The truth is, Patrick Gavin will learn even more about SEO over the years to come as it evolves, simply by spying on your websites information. He ranks a lot of his own sites you know

  41. Jay

    Businesses and owners who actually type in seo or are seeking seo services is a tough sell for any seo company. The quick sell and larger market is the average business owner who doesnt know what seo even is.

    1. peter

      Yes it is dead….UNLESS….you can get some commision sales on it…then it’s okay. You see running a scam on people never gets old when you can make money off of it.

  42. car insurance

    Ladies and gentlemen with the internet you can use tools that are free to get you your desired results. Read some tutorials, find some good tools, use analytics and you’ll be on your way.

  43. Blogercise

    I don’t think those selling SEO services will really be losing too much sleep. Google themselves have been putting out great FREE resources on how to optimise your site for ages and yet people seem to ignore this stuff choosing to buy in services from individuals and “gurus””.

    During my time working for one of the UKs most successful .com boom websites (we’re talking 9 figure sums – and in GBP not USD!) I thought I would learn all the industry “secrets” but was disappointed that our search team got its information the same way as the rest of us can – reading free resources from the search engines themselves.

    Start with Google’s free PDF:

    And there’s much more where that came from.

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