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Introducing ShoeMoney Modeling Agency

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 31, 2010 · 146 comments

Well its official

Click here to place your order

full disclosure

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Mubin

April 1st, Kudos

2 SneakerBible

“I feel like I’m still Jeremy from the Blog”
Haha excellent.

3 Shane

Ok yea this is the april fools prank :D

4 Darrell

Prank or not. Absolutely brilliant!! Lol!!!

5 Rob

Brilliant! Great April fools here!

6 Andres Ferraro

Too funny!

7 Profit Addiction

Have any buyers yet? :)

8 Jeremy Schoemaker

Not yet… but its only been live a hour.

9 Edgar

That was awesome! This shows the power you have Jeremy, when I grow up I want to be like you!

10 Phil

I guess its that time of year again. Very funny

11 Rachel

The Lazy Monkey is the best pose. Good for you for thinking big — if this internet thing doesn’t take off, at least you’ll have your modeling career to fall back on.

12 Jeremy Schoemaker

Thanks Rachel

13 Aaron

April fools is tomorrow :). You didn’t top your dharma initiative joke from last year.

14 Nicole

Just paid – Would like to request the Adam Lambert.

15 Jeremy Schoemaker

You got it! email sent.

16 James

Why the hell would someone pay you to model their stuff??!??

17 Jeremy Schoemaker

James I gotta tell you its been hard for me to accept reality too.

18 Andrew Blackburn

It’s late, I’m suffering from a real bad bout of insomnia,and for the first time since lurking here, I’ve felt the real urge to comment on this blog, just to post: LOL!

19 R

Excellent !! Will you offer any review copies or master resale for this in the future ?

20 S Ahsan

Sweeet! so whats the deal?

21 Matt

lol love the video, great sense of humor, and…cup!

I’m sure you will get a lot of “jobs”, great way to raise some money for charity, nice one!

22 S Ahsan

Sorry, at first i missed out the video. Dang, i love the parez hilton and why were you showing your hairy stomach while saying “people find you attractive”? ;) haha!

23 Karl Hadwen

You definitely went to a lot of effort this year for April Fools, a bit overboard if you ask me. Why am I even writing this comment? It’s going to get deleted any ways..Yes, I do remember last year’s April Fools.

24 Jeremy Schoemaker

Actually I dont delete them… I just dont approve them until its over. ;)

25 Shane

Derek Zoolander sends his best regards, and a question … are you an ambi-turner?

26 a

Your april fools jokes are getting weaker and weaker =)

27 jtGraphic: James Thompson

I’m in for three! I’ll take a booking on the weekend of June 5th for a guest appearance at my Summer Chicken Wing and Jello Wrestling Festival. You’ll be facing off against Old Blue in the ring.

28 Brian Clark

Literally laughed out loud at “Jeremy from the block.” Funny shit, Jeremy.

29 Glenda Watson Hyatt

Hilarious! How did you keep a straight face?

30 ibnujusup

looks like real…haha

31 coaching train

Just Speechless. Outrageous video to drum up some buzz. Nice!

32 Val Spangler, SeniorTweet

Off the top of my head I think I’ll try hats. Although my body is almost as photogenic as yours I just don’t think I’m up to competing with the t-shirts. Besides golfers wear hats and my market is narrower than yours. Thanks for sharing your imagination and your humility. – Val


People this is an amazing deal. You have no idea how many sales we have received since we had Jeremy model our Pimp Cups in this video!

LOL…Glad to see you are still rockin the Shoemoney Pimp Cup we sent you. Would have loved a plug in the video though ;)

34 joe

What’s the date today?

35 Ceear

mmm… April Fools Modeling Inc…

36 marhgil

isn’t $2,500 a little bit pricey? come on, you must give at least a trial offer! how about 50% discount for your first customer?

37 Melvin

wow.. this is awesome..

38 Melvin

great! interesting. (¡slooɟ ʎɐp slooɟ lıɹdɐ ʎddɐɥ)

39 Jeremy Blake

this is so funny…awesome moves

40 domainpubber

April Fools!

41 browie

Yes my comment will not be posted because this is your A p r i l F o o l s joke.


42 Big Lou

hahahaha, Well Shoe, you got em.. This is a April Fool’s Prank!!! lol

43 Stuart

If the prices includes the “Blue Steel” pose I think we will order some. No blue steel…. no deal!

44 Travis

When are you going to setup your affiliate program? Cant wait to join. This will convert like crazy.

I assume you’ll provide some sample portfolio images so we can create landing pages?

45 nickycakes

not as good as the lost one last year

46 Ricardo

LOOOOL at the pimp cup… good one *wink*


Just like a fine wine, it gets better year after year.

48 Charles

how nice of you to donate the proceeds of this project.

do you fly anywhere? i mean, to other places other than the US just to do this project? what’s the catch?

49 Josh

That was hilarious. Best. post. ever.

50 lawrenceq

What happen to the B-Boy Stance?

51 Matt

Is there any chance this will turn out to be an April Fools joke? This seems out of Jeremy’s style.

52 christian

You still have a few hours left till April Fools Day Jeremy…but I applaud your effort to bamboozle all of the sheeple. So far you got 20 commenters who were completely clueless to the date.

53 d3so

lol I wonder if you guys are being serious or sarcastic…..APRIL FOOLS!!!!
fools…. Nice one :)

54 d3so

Smart move… You queued comments and approved those who were seemingly fooled.

55 Dilip

I am sure this is a April Fool 2010 stunner from the Jeremy Stable. ;-)

56 Fadi

Yeah right, happy April fools day LOL

57 Internet Marketing Malta

Good April’s Fool Joke Jeremy :) Your ideas are always the best

58 Anthony

April Fools!

59 Mega Champ

Nice, beats the last year’s Lost Video :D

60 Janusz

I’ve never actually realized you look very similar to Ben Stiller!
Great product Shoe , I have hired few models in the past so at this price this is a steel ;)

61 ian

The “I’m still Jeremy from the block” line made me lol.

62 Nick

Happy April Fools!

63 pants-on-the-ground

lame Aprils fool attempt

64 Mike T.

More importantly, did you ever get that 5th ice cube?

65 jehzlau

is this serious or another awesome april fool’s day joke? :D

66 Ronald Redito

Wow, this is my ultimate goal! To be famous and model for other peoples’ products.

Work of pure genius!

67 RU for real

Great idea this time around if you know what I mean!

68 Nathan Driver

LOL I’m dying man – this was hilarious! Great this year

69 Charley

this is a great idea to give back to the society thru your skills. More grease to your elbow

70 D' Intelligent Investor

Is this another April Fool’s joke ? Cause it’s really good hehehehe :-)

71 Free Wallpapers Fan

What sort of models are you looking for? I’m a average guy, not too ugly…is it ok to join?

72 Justin

Is this an April fools joke? I know you’re famous for those and I can’t believe no one else has asked.

73 Abhik

I’ll take this as a April Fool’s prank :p

74 Richard Scott | Jewelry Secrets

This has been a great laugh this morning. Loved it. SPANDEX? lol OMG Good stuff. Happy Fools Day!

75 Reggie

Just one question Shoe, what song is playing in the background??

76 Andrea Schoemaker-Timbrook

I think it’s RuPaul – Supermodel

77 Reggie

awesome! thanks :)

78 Scott Skinger

Nice work Zoolander…really digging the “laid back monkey”! Check out our new Windows 3.1 Training release video on our home page, very end made me laugh and think of you. :)

79 Laura

I loved this!!! Made my day!

80 Rob McFaul

If I need you to wear a hat instead of a T-shirt, would that be cheaper. Cause a hat is small than a t-shirt. We have hats for our drinking website, but no t-shirts.

Maybe we should have t-shirts.

Let me know.


81 ways to make money online

If it wasn’t April Fools, this idea would have been acceptable haha

82 Sensei

Lol, this is a great April Fools day, you put lots of effort in it I guess ;)

83 Dave

I still think last years is really hard to beat. The fact that you had all those people wanting to call you on your joke and let only the ones that fell for it through was genius.

84 Darin Carter

how many orders have you gotten so far ???

85 Shane

Fock Yes

86 AndrewSaysSo

Brilliant! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to wait 1/2 way through to see the different poses and expressions. THIS is what modeling should be about. Move over Tyra Banks.

87 hackcorp

Haha, how come you didn’t remove all the comments of people saying that it’s April fools this year? :)
Just submitted your video to all the modeling agency sites, please let me know if I can plug in my affid anywhere… :)

88 Andrey Gayvoronsky

nice joke, man! :))))


If I pay 100 for an autographed pic, can I really get it?

90 Jeremy Schoemaker

yes of course. Just make sure you specify your desired pose.

91 jtGraphic

wait, so if I pay $5k for you to come out to Vermont, you will?

92 Karl Thomas

Great post Jeremy. It’s important to keep things light and entertaining. Especially on new years. Humor brightens up peopels days and sinc everyone loves to laugh it will create a loyal following.

93 Muhammad Azhar Qayyum

Nice, happy April fools day LOL

94 fas

I think this was an awesome effort.

95 Jon

Brilliant! Great April fools here!

96 BigEdinTX

Kudos! Out of the Park home run. Best of the whole lot today.

The tummy power roll was the head shakenist moment. The stuff dreams are made of.

You are in a league of one.

97 Samn

Here in the UK i’ve wanted to post this was an April fools joke since 8AM — but KNEW you’d be removing comments that gave it away too soon. Must be getting towards the end of the day in Lincoln NE ahh?? :-)

Great Post :-)

p.s — I always forget to put my email when i leave a comment – and when you get the error saying – please fill in email, i have to write out my whole comment again. Could you please not do some form validation with ajax on page, instead of with a server side check? Thanks!!! :-)

98 Resell Rights Ebooks

OK…I am done!!!

*Moment to compose myself*

I was watching this and cracking up! My wife is calling out from the other room “What’s so funny?” I was…correct that…am in tears.

When the adam lambert pose flashed I totally lost it. Couldn’t breathe and had a hard time getting my ass off the couch and outside for some fresh air. Once outside I am still roaring and in tears. Look to my left and there are my neighbors sitting at their patio table starring back at me. The look on their faces made me crack even more.

Great post. Definitely made my day. Hope the new venture does well. Keep us posted!!

99 Melvin

really hilarious! i just can’t help laughing again and again watching the vid..

100 AffiliatePaying

Very funny, happy April fools day!

101 Livelife

Thats really funny…… :)

102 Virtual Worlds For Kids


Dude you always have the best April fools stories. Nice work and very funny!

103 Millionaire Acts

Nice April Fools Shoe! :)

104 Agenzia modelle bologna

That’s very nice! I am very glad to know it, Really I agree with you !!!

105 Melody

hahahaha that “hoe” cup is pimpin!

106 Rick Vaughn

Gotta love the one-legged spear chucker.

107 web

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108 Alan Green

Do you wash the shirts every day?

109 40% OFF Offer

John’s April 1st Joke was great.

110 RayBurton

Omg… the chocolate blueberry. Just spit water on my keyboard….lol

111 Brian P

Wow you really got me.. I have not been here for a while and I was like no way!

112 spameater

Ahh too bad I missed your April Fool’s post! Btw Shoe, this modeling agency is a great idea. ;) Just sayin’

113 KrisM77

What about the Zoolander pout, Shoe? That’s a must for a male supermodel like yourself.

114 WanderingMommy

Okay, so if anybody pays you to model a bikini would you do it?

Kidding aside though, that was a funny video! Good job on your April Fool’s blog post. But I’m not sure if a lot of people bought it. That Tom Sawyer pose and lazy monkey pose were so funny! :D

115 MVZP_01

Just a question, has anyone or any company ever sent you something else besides a shirt? A mug, a cap, a poster?

116 floresparati

Hahahaha! And here I was, thinking I might get a shirt printed for you to wear.

117 F2Xsites

I remember a site that sent Shoe… a mini easel or sth? But yeah, Jeremy gets other stuff, I suppose. He’d still post about it even if it’s not a shirt.

118 WhateverWorks

This really had me going for a minute there, Shoe! Great gag!

119 Jonathan

Lol, I haven’t laughed from a video in quite some time. I still snicker about it every once in a while.

120 Mikey

Keep the awesome content coming. LOL. Shoe’s got a great sense of humor fo’sho.

121 Joel

I just love it!!!!
I love his sense of humor THE BEST

122 Tech

Lol good one!

123 Steve

I was really hoping it was chicks modeling. Not Shoemoney Modeling.

124 Portugal

But Shoemoney Modeling is funny :)

125 Plapper Man

You have balls, haha. Nice video, great sense of humor.

126 Eyeonmodel

That’s pretty cool. Thanks for the widget.
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127 Andrew Blackburn

Loving the nofollowed comment spam… this is why I subscribe to future comments… brilliant!

128 sandeep

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129 PLR

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131 katrina kaif

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136 fas

How did this pop up in the email?

137 Courtney

OMG! Yes! I will have a laid back monkey AND the Princess Diana. Thanks for linking back to this post. Super funny.

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