Patrick Curl – The Social Media Idiot

Meet Patrick Curl. Patrick is a self proclaimed Social Media Expert from Dayton Ohio.

Meet Patrick Curl

For a while this “Social Media Guru” named Patrick Curl has been going around commenting on websites that talk about the ShoeMoney System. He makes up various claims libeling me and my products…. like this one:

“I personally wouldn’t touch anything of Shoemoney’s with a ten foot pole.”

“This guy has made most of his money selling products that teach you how to make money.”

Ok, jackass… Really?

Let’s look at exactly what I have done and how I have made money.

1 – 2003 I created the largest mobile website on the planet which turned out to be quite profitable… with a lot of hard work. Google called me in 2005 and thought I could make some money with their new product called “AdSense”. I tried it and made this check shortly after. From there I followed the money and learned about affiliate marketing, subscriptions, donations and even selling my own products. I built a multi-million dollar website and shared everything I was learning along the way as a newbie.

2 – 2003/2004 I created (originally a blog where I talked about my life in general but also talked about all the things I was learning. The blog is 100% free to read and I never made any money from advertisers until 2007. In 2009 the blog brought in around 1 million dollars in various forms of revenue.

3 – 2006 3 other people and myself (Aaron Wall, Lee Dodd, and Dave Taylor) started a conference called the Elite Retreat. It was limited to only 30 people and cost $5,000.00 a person. In 5 events over 4 years it has sold out every event and I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about it.

4 – 2007 Created my own Advertising network called AuctionAds.  That service made a lot of people a lot of money. I risked a ton of my own money to start this network and never made a dime off of it until we sold it to Media Whiz. The network at the time of sale had over 25,000 active publishers doing over $2,000,000 a month in revenue. Only 4 months after it launched.

5 – 2007 Purchased domain and developed a MMA news site…. a mistake I would like to forget about 😉

6 – 2008 Launched ShoeMoney Tools – An awesome suite of PPC and SEO tools that thousands of people use everyday.

7 – 2008 Launched a 100% free (and just reopened) 12 week course on internet marketing.

8 – 2009 Launched ShoeMoney System. A step by step guide on basically making money every which way on the internet. It comes with a no risk 60 day money back guarantee.

So there it is… all of my stuff I have worked on laid out from the last 8 years.

The FACT is the Shoemoney System,  being my first product that teaches people how to make money online, is only in it’s 3rd month and makes up very little of my net worth.

So lets look at the facts on you, Patrick Curl, self proclaimed Social Media Expert.

On twitter you follow 14,000 people but only 13,000 follow you. Is this autofollow policy what you advise your clients? How the hell can you follow 14,000 people and possibly have a clue what they are saying? Is this some special ninja social media technique that I don’t about?

On your badass Facebook Fanpage (Social Media Maven? ) you have a total of 72 fans. Nice work. I am sure your phone is burning up with clients calling.

Maybe you should focus on yourself and your business a little more and spend less time trying to get attention libeling me? Just a thought?

P.S. Obviously Patrick has a weight problem.  I know sometimes my commentators can be quite vicious,  so from someone who used to be very overweight myself,  I am asking you nicely to please refrain from making fun of Patrick’s health.