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Patrick Curl – The Social Media Idiot

by Jeremy Schoemaker on March 30, 2010 · 170 comments

Meet Patrick Curl. Patrick is a self proclaimed Social Media Expert from Dayton Ohio.

Meet Patrick Curl

For a while this “Social Media Guru” named Patrick Curl has been going around commenting on websites that talk about the ShoeMoney System. He makes up various claims libeling me and my products…. like this one:

“I personally wouldn’t touch anything of Shoemoney’s with a ten foot pole.”

“This guy has made most of his money selling products that teach you how to make money.”

Ok, jackass… Really?

Let’s look at exactly what I have done and how I have made money.

1 – 2003 I created the largest mobile website on the planet which turned out to be quite profitable… with a lot of hard work. Google called me in 2005 and thought I could make some money with their new product called “AdSense”. I tried it and made this check shortly after. From there I followed the money and learned about affiliate marketing, subscriptions, donations and even selling my own products. I built a multi-million dollar website and shared everything I was learning along the way as a newbie.

2 – 2003/2004 I created (originally a blog where I talked about my life in general but also talked about all the things I was learning. The blog is 100% free to read and I never made any money from advertisers until 2007. In 2009 the blog brought in around 1 million dollars in various forms of revenue.

3 – 2006 3 other people and myself (Aaron Wall, Lee Dodd, and Dave Taylor) started a conference called the Elite Retreat. It was limited to only 30 people and cost $5,000.00 a person. In 5 events over 4 years it has sold out every event and I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about it.

4 – 2007 Created my own Advertising network called AuctionAds.  That service made a lot of people a lot of money. I risked a ton of my own money to start this network and never made a dime off of it until we sold it to Media Whiz. The network at the time of sale had over 25,000 active publishers doing over $2,000,000 a month in revenue. Only 4 months after it launched.

5 – 2007 Purchased domain and developed a MMA news site…. a mistake I would like to forget about ;)

6 – 2008 Launched ShoeMoney Tools – An awesome suite of PPC and SEO tools that thousands of people use everyday.

7 – 2008 Launched a 100% free (and just reopened) 12 week course on internet marketing.

8 – 2009 Launched ShoeMoney System. A step by step guide on basically making money every which way on the internet. It comes with a no risk 60 day money back guarantee.

So there it is… all of my stuff I have worked on laid out from the last 8 years.

The FACT is the Shoemoney System,  being my first product that teaches people how to make money online, is only in it’s 3rd month and makes up very little of my net worth.

So lets look at the facts on you, Patrick Curl, self proclaimed Social Media Expert.

On twitter you follow 14,000 people but only 13,000 follow you. Is this autofollow policy what you advise your clients? How the hell can you follow 14,000 people and possibly have a clue what they are saying? Is this some special ninja social media technique that I don’t about?

On your badass Facebook Fanpage (Social Media Maven? ) you have a total of 72 fans. Nice work. I am sure your phone is burning up with clients calling.

Maybe you should focus on yourself and your business a little more and spend less time trying to get attention libeling me? Just a thought?

P.S. Obviously Patrick has a weight problem.  I know sometimes my commentators can be quite vicious,  so from someone who used to be very overweight myself,  I am asking you nicely to please refrain from making fun of Patrick’s health.

full disclosure

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 ryan

it appears his house has boards for windows as well so im pretty sure you should not take this seriously

from own profile = 362 Bolander Ave, Dayton, OH 45408

2 Paul Avery
3 christian

C’mon guys. Don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be his house.

It’s obviously owned by his mother…and he just runs his successful social media business from his room, i mean basement…sorry… i meant office.

4 Karl Hadwen

ROFL, great find.

5 funny stuff

His is the house with a boarded window, click on it and you can see him upstairs in the window on his computer, I shit you not. funny stuff.

6 funny stuff

P.S. Shoe, you forgot that “under a buck” ebay website you pumped and dumped (apparently for sale now?). Maybe that’s what he didn’t like? /shrug.

7 Ricardo

it is fun to use the new 3d option on google street view LMAO

8 Rhode Island Affiliate

Nice crib. Could be a nice project for Bob Villa. I wonder if he would let me have it for a bigger fanpage lol

9 Marie

Jeremy I been with the ShoeMoney System from the beginning (Jan 26th) and its really been awesome.

You can tell you teach from experience and not from B.S.

Dont sweat this clown

10 jtGraphic

I’m a member of the system and started of really disappointed, but it really came around. I at least tried it before I knocked it the first time around.

Disappointed 9 weeks ago:

Happy now:

The whole thread:

11 Jeremy Schoemaker

And we have drastically adjusted the initial content delivery based on user feedback. We actually listen and act to our users ;)

12 jtGraphic

Very true. For those that don’t read the reviews entirely or haven’t seen the webinar videos. I had the pleasure of giving direct feedback and seeing changes as well as a ton of other users.

13 Jon

We need a Shoemoney System forum desperately. I’m donating tons of money to Facebook “trying” stuff and I’m sure I’m just missing one or two key things. I’m not disappointed in the SMS by any means. I think it is great and I’m looking to keep going. Just wish there was an area where I could get some forum help from other SMS members. The support within the SMS is “ok”. It is usually followed up with “Great question, i’ll forward it on for the webinar.”

But…like I said, I like it so far.

14 Jonathan

Which shows how much you care about your products. There are a lot of people who release something and they think their shit doesn’t stink. They change nothing and the product suffers.

In fact, response like that to feedback just encourages me to get a product more. Thanks for being such an awesome business man!

15 Jamie

What a idiot. Why would you make up stuff and assumptions about someone who is notorious for fighting back. If you are going to take on shoe get your facts straight

16 Morgan Thomas

Ok well from one fatty to a social media expert how about you try his product, do a review then post comments about it like I did on my blog. The system isn’t bad but he started it off for people without a clue in AM which there is nothing wrong with. Don’t say you hate twinkies cause they make people fat try eating a ton and finding out for your ohh well nevermind. Sorry Jeremy I’m already fat so I’m allowed.

17 Melvin

its obvious that he’s just trying to get attention libeling you.. i dont know but all these social media “consultants” or “experts” are mostly just bum. I mean most of the times they ARE actually the ones who (try to) make money by consultations but never really had real world experience (or just even a real website to prove people their claims).


18 Robin Sterling

I think I know what you mean. I’ve seen some of these self-proclaimed social media experts at work. They’re the guys who often post on blogs using online marketing jargon, as though they know everything about social media and marketing. Pffft.

19 Nobby

Have you seen how atrocious his personal website looks? If he can’t even get a simple site to look right, how the hell does he expect to attract clients?

This guy is a total bullshitter, look at his twitter feed:-

None of his blog posts appear on the front page of Google.

I feel sorry for anyone who falls for his lies.

20 Profit Addiction

Haters gonna hate, Shoe. Haters gonna hate.

21 Nobby

By the way. This is also on the first page of Google for the search term “Patrick Curl”

LOL. Nice work Jeremy.

22 Jamie

Now Patrick can start a new specialty… Reputation management

23 Ricardo Solon

“Social Media Guru”… definition please ….. now he must show his “skills” as soon as possible LOOL

24 Rick @ Resell Rights Ebook Store

Shoe you just gave this poor sole exactly what he was looking for.

Acknowledgment and free publicity.

The publicity may be negative. But when you think about it so was Bob Parson’s when he attempted to launch his first super bowl ad and was rejected. As a result that negative publicity catapulted Go Daddy into what it is today.

I, like the rest who have posted, believe in your work. When re-opened I sent it to my list of 27,000 and hoped aboard myself :)

25 Ricardo Solon

Not the same thing …. The ad was maybe sexist … but the service was good … in this case maybe his service is not so good….

26 browie

Some one that’s pissed that he can’t think of something first.

Trust me, I’m even bitter that I can’t think of something cool to launch.

He’s just REALLY jealous about not being able to come up with a unique idea.

27 David

You always demonstrate your donald trump style of taking no sh%t from anyone. From the google employee to dennis yu to now this. He obviously has no idea who you are b/c if he did he did he should realize your the last person to pick a fight with.

I kind of feel bad for this internet troll since you have such a strong following. I hope your followers don’t cross the line themselves and bully this clueless man from ohio. Live and learn I guess.

28 Alejandro Reyes


The interesting thing about this now though is this guy is gonna get a whole lot of traffic now.

29 Cristina Dy

I definitely agree with you, Alejandro. This is Patrick Curl’s chance to get popular! :D

Btw, is your domain name appropriate for your comment or what? Getinternetfamous? :)

30 Alejandro Reyes

I’m not sure I’m following you Cristina?

31 Christopher

Thanks Jeremy for the LOL. This was great, I especially love his domain name “theresabloginmysoup.bomb”. What a looser, but super funny regardless.

32 TYCP Magazine

I always find it funny how no-name people try to bring big name people down. Who the hell ever heard of Patrick Curl before this post? Certainly not I.

33 SmartCoupons | Susan Armand

I actually met Patrick once at a professional mixer when I was in Ohio. He seemed like a nice enough guy, and we had a great conversation about Web 2.0, the power of social media, Twitter, and so on. We chatted for about 10 or 15 minutes or so.

I can’t imagine that he would be so naive to make those posts? He was certainly aware of the power of social media.

That said…. What if there is a Patrick Curl hater out there, dropping comments in Patrick’s name? I may be wrong here, but if you were out to cause trouble with Patrick’s reputation, making nasty comments about Shoemoney would be a sure fire way to do such a thing.

Just a thought.

34 Tdave00

“No press is bad press.” Heck, gives me an idea. I might pay someone to write stupid stuff about me when I launch something. :)

35 Pogul

What’s the saying? “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”.

Ya gotta wonder WHY he’d make such a statement though. As pointed out, he’s obviously never really taken even the slightest look at Shoe content

As a Day 1 SMS member, I’ve been thoroughly satisfied w/ the quality and quantity of information. I wish I had more hours in the day to implement all of the cool things we’re learning!

Hey Patrick Curl – you might want to consider putting down your ten foot pole and actually checking out some of Jermey’s stuff. Maybe start w/ the FREE info. It might actually help you to someday become that Social Media Guru that you’re aspiring to be now.

36 AnnieP78

Seems like a troll to me, Jeremy. He’s probably just an attention-seeking hater who wants to be successful by taking a shortcut: through lies and deceit and rumor-mongering. It’s sad that some people would rather pretend and bring somebody down instead of work hard. Tsk tsk.

37 WhateverWorks

Playing devil’s advocate here, but I agree with Annie. What if this was a planted comment? Almost anyone who’s anyone knows what you’ve done to get where you are now, Shoe. Maybe someone is posting this drivel to make the two of you fight.

38 GQmeansGeek

Could happen, definitely. You just never know if someone’s posting comments using your name and picture.

39 Pogul


Shoemoney’s visibility on the social web using @HowSociable – Scored 330:

Patrickcurl’s visibility on the social web using @HowSociable. Scored 36:

And this is your bread n butter??

‘Nuff said!

40 spameater

Argh, what a messy page. And I gotta say a fake Facebook page is unoriginal and inappropriate for a self-proclaimed “social media guru”. And I am so sick of people claiming to be social media geniuses/gurus/masters. You can’t really say that, can you? Especially if you can’t show any results. Plus, you don’t see the most talented and the smartest people saying they’re awesome. And you don’t see Shoe telling people his Shoemoney System is the most successful system out there. So this guy = FAKE.

41 Wendy

I was in the Shoemoney System (had to bail because three kids are expensive. Dang kids having to “eat” and “wear clothes”. Kids these days!) and it was awesome. Anyone who wants to beat on it doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Unfortunately for this Patrick character, he’s going to get a lot of publicity from negativity, which is just bad karma. I’d rather toil away in obscurity being able to sleep at night rather than use other people to pave my way to wealth any day.

42 Jona712

Seriously? Is this a real person? I doubt it is. There are shady marketers out there, I’ve heard. There may be someone who’s insanely jealous of Jeremy and his success with Shoemoney system, and he’s hiding behind this Patrick Curl character.

43 Richard Scott | Jewelry Secrets

I have to say that I didn’t know you did all those things. I’m impressed, I thought you only had this one site. I never heard of Patrick, but it seems that I don’t get around much. lol
Nice job on setting the facts straight. Some people want to scream and yell to get attention, but the truth hurts doesn’t it? :)

44 author wanglili

Dear, you just DID a free advertisement for him. An Emperor never fights with a beggar in the street. If an Emperor fights with a beggar, the beggar is an emperor actually, or the emperor is a beggar actually.

have a nice day

45 newmediaist12

Wise words. Jeremy shouldn’t have stooped down to Patrick Curl’s level. But I don’t blame Jeremy for being defensive.

46 WanderingMommy

I agree with this comment. Couldn’t have said it better

47 medomoc

So Shoe is the emperor, and Patrick is the beggar. Interesting analogy.

48 Yes2Freebies

Shoe would like that analogy. At least I would, if I was Shoe and I was compared to an emperor.

49 Donovan Moore

Those that live by the sword will surely die by the sword- Jesus. Be careful what you judge in another person, because it will come back on you. There is nothing wrong with making money or showing others how to make money. Only the attachment to. Otherwise, it’s all good.

peace out,

Donovan Moore

50 California Dreamin

Patrick – Helloooo……. ? Do you have experience in PR Crisis Management? Because I think you need to do some serious PR Crisis Management ASAP. And you better get busy with your SEO, because “Patrick Curl” is sitting pretty at #5 in Google right now, thanks to Shoemoney.

51 mark

Is it realy allowed in the US to call people “idiot” in their face without getting sued? In Germany you surely would get sued. And of couse if he’s not a celebrity you wouldn’t have the right to post his picture without his approval.

I can understand that Jeremy is pissed, but insulting someone on your blog is kind of low behavior.

52 Jeremy Schoemaker

Its legal if its fact.

53 Hmm

While the part about how much money was made from where can obviously be proven false… the idiot part seems more like a grey area and more like a statement of opinion than fact… so you can’t prove or disprove it, and the bar for proving libel would be higher since Shoe is a more well known figure. I guess it comes down to your lawyer.

54 Bill

It’s legal if it’s opinion.


this f***ing guy
for soon 2 B n00bs like me his kind is the worst kind!
all these “gurus” and other ambulance chasers. you stop listening
‘cuse after a while U finally get it that they R full of s**t

BUT no you SHOE )-:
your o.k in my book

56 JD Pruitt


57 Rahul

You might like his recent guest post on “How to Secure Your First Social Media Consulting Gig”

58 Patrick Curl

First off, I wouldn’t doubt that this gets altered or deleted, of course you probably don’t want me to address you here.

If you have a shred of decency though, you’d let me speak my peace. 1st off – I am not a lurker posting malicious things about your programs, “all over the internet” in fact that one comment was a singular incident resulting from a blogger who’d posted about your shoemoney program in a negative light.

Secondly it was due to someone not receiving a refund, and I felt empathetic with them, and a bit angry. I apologize if the comment was a bit over the top.. Hopefully we can let bygones be bygones and put this behind us… If not that’s your perogative. I’m not looking for free publicity. I’d much earn it on my own merits. I, having never tried the shoemoney system can’t vouch for whether it works or not.

I just have a sore spot for ‘make money online’ only promoters who’s only products are about making money online. I’ve bought quite a few, and most of them are just re-churned garbage. Most of my comment was a generalized comment aimed at all these ‘make money online’ gurus, and I’m sorry if it was mis-directed at you.

It’s upto you whether you accept my apology or not. It’s out there for everyone to read though. I’m reposting this comment on my blog to make sure everyone gets to see it, if you decide to hide it. Either way se la vi.

59 Jamies

“If you have a shred of decency though, you’d let me speak my peace”

Where was your decency before you spewed complete bs trying to crap on Shoe’s brand?

Its nice of you to apologize but don’t act like your the victim here. You said it. Now own up to it.

60 Chino

What a turd. Why would you comment on a system you have never even tried? Yes “Make Money Online Gurus” are pathetic but I don’t think it is as bad as a “Social Media Guru” taking stabs at programs they know nothing about.

61 Ron Hekier, MD

I can’t add much more than to what Jeremy said so please reread Jeremy’s post. He is hardly a marketer who has only been able to generate income by selling “make money online” systems.

Additionally, if you ever met him, you would have quickly learned that he is genuinely interested in helping others and sharing his expertise.

Hopefully you have learned the truth. If not, se la vi, I mean “c’est la vie.”

62 Jeff Dempsey

Wait did you say you bought “make money online” stuff? You sir are an idiot. Wait did you also get ripped in 4 weeks? Or Lose 30 pounds in 30 days? Or did you make 1200 a month work from home with Google…. Oh and I bet there is single women in your area looking for heavy set guys…

63 smmguru

Wow…. Grow some balls dude.

64 Jimmy

I think this issue be considered as settled amicably. He has given his version of what has happened and there is no point in further trashing him.

65 Paul B

I wrote a tongue in cheek post because I (and so I found out later a number of other people) have had an issue with ClickBank only refunding 1 payment from the Shoemoney System.

When I saw the comment from Patrick come in – it was one of those flip a coin moments approve or delete. Approve = Shitstorm.

66 Birk

Free advertisment for this poor fellow !

I just wanted to add that there is and there will be guys like him all the time. Why do you let yourself get bothered by a guy who has 72 FB fans ?

Had fun reading this ;)


67 purposeinc

I don’t know why you had to rehash the entire shoemoney story, when it is told so eloquently here,

The really funny thing is actually that people try to diss Shoe publicly. I forgot to mention it, but at the Ads4Dough (most excellent) conference in San Diego, there was an attorney on stage using the Shoemoney picture lawsuit as an example about trandemarked and copywritten images.

First rule of internet marketing. Don’t try to diss shoe :)

68 moolahmachine

Haven’t heard of this guy before. When did he start being a social media maven? If he was a real maven he’d have been on the business for more than a couple of years, at least. And I would’ve heard of him. I lurk at marketing blogs, even the new ones. But this guy is totally new to me.

69 Robin Sterling

I’ve googled him, and one blurb mentioned that he attended talks, seminars, and small conferences and workshops on social media. But which seminars? I don’t see any mention of specific seminars or even dates. Just curious about him.

70 enajyram00

I kind of feel bad for this person. Obviously if he was smart he wouldn’t have posted this about someone who have lots of fans and followers online. Or maybe he has been waiting for Jeremy to see his bad comments so he could get attention. Hmm, still not smart. Seeking for the bad kind of attention is stupid. Sure, you can get more views with your page, but the successes — if there’s any at all — are temporary.

71 AL0101

This could ruin his online reputation. I feel bad for him :(

72 Nicole Burns

Well, you know what they say about shallow streams, Shoe. They make a lot of noise, but nothing’s really going on there.

73 Deelip K

Bad Shoe.
You should not have brought his weight issue. That does not look like reaction from someone very respected and talented in the industry. I have nothing against you, in fact I am also a Shoemoney tools user and a very satisfied one.

And that was very smart to first insult him and requesting commentator not to do so. But very bad.

74 TomYoon

Jeremy didn’t call him fat, nor did he insult him for it. The only insult I read in that entire post was the word “jackass”, which wasn’t used to insult the guy for his weight.

And I think Jeremy was sincere when he wrote his commentators shouldn’t attack the guy for his weight, because he himself used to be overweight. He wasn’t being sarcastic about it. Just my two cents.

75 TheSandMan5050

Bad move on Patrick’s part.

76 WhoisDoyle

Seems like this guy is working hard. He’s constantly updating his twitter and facebook with links. Too bad he said bad things about Shoe.

Lesson: Work hard, and don’t take on someone who’s bigger and more successful than you.

77 WanderingMommy

I’m hoping there’s a misunderstanding about all this. I don’t know Patrick Curl, but I wouldn’t judge him just because of two anti-Shoemoney comments.

78 AL0101

My thoughts exactly. I think it was stupid of him to talk bad about Jeremy, but I don’t want to judge him just based on that.

79 Jona712

True. It’d be terrible if he loses his credibility because of his alleged opinions.

80 Bryn Youngblut

This should be a nice warning to people who talk shit about others before they know the truth.

81 purposeinc

yeh, like when I made fun of your icon pic before I met you :)

82 Dave

Despite the fact that he seems like a know-it-all and he’s a liberal, I don’t know if I’d agree with the route to call him out. I mean, he’s a nobody and he insulted you on a couple blog comments. And your response is to post his picture of him and basically try to ruin his business by getting on the first page of google?

He was clearly in the wrong, but I don’t know….just seems pretty mob-like. He talks a little sh*t and you basically try to ruin his entire career.

83 Janetlynn K

He seems like a nice guy, not that I’m a good judge of character (and not that I judge people based on pictures and blogs). But does he really go around sites saying those things? You never really know for sure on the internet. Maybe there are people who don’t like him who are posting comments using his name and email. That could happen, right?

84 PattyT12

I think this may be it, or he really is doing things to get your goat so you’ll mention him in your blog, prompting people to look him up and thereby driving traffic to his site. The conspiracy theorist in me believes that the latter may be more believable.

85 nealcal

If he has to resort to these tactics to get noticed, how good could he be? I mean, I haven’t even heard of the guy till today.

86 The American Dream

No comment on Patrick Curl. Can’t really say much about a person who claims to be this and that, when he doesn’t have proof and results.

Anyway, Jeremy, I’m really inspired by your story. You worked hard for your success, and you’re living proof that success doesn’t happen overnight. And I did not know this blog is almost seven years old.

87 Mike Chiasson

Normally I could empathize with the smaller guy getting drilled out by the bigger one but the individual in question DOES have 14,000 followers, does that mean he’s a big shot? Arguably from internet marketing standards that puts him on a same follow-ship level with Jonathan Volk. Now I feel Jon could more than handle a situation like this and his reputation would speak for itself. So let’s see if this guy can do the same. After all if he specializes in social media and what not he should have no problem turning this thing around….

Either that or his ‘specializing’ ‘living out of house to save costs’ are just more ‘big words’ to try and sell his ‘Have me make you money through social media’ program.

As we all know, social media is the new SEO. You can promise the world but then can’t be held accountable when it doesn’t work out, as long as you got paid.

88 Kevin Muldoon

Think this has created a Storm in a Teacup.

I kind of agree with author wanglilis comment that Shoemoney shouldn’t respond to comments like this. The more successful you are, the more haters will come out and abuse you in a troll like fashion.

Think it’s wrong to assume anything about Patrick too as he might be a nice guy. Though his original comment was a bit offensive, so I can understand why Shoe would be annoyed.

Here’s his original comment (as per his facebook page):

“I personally wouldn’t touch anything of Shoemoney’s with a ten foot pole.

This guy has made most of his money selling products that teach you how to make money.

The secret is this: Create a product that’s even only mediocre, in that content use a lot of selling phrases to convince your customers that they’ve bought the golden ticket. Teach them a few mundane tasks that may work a little, but only if they work their ass off.

Slowly he tries to make it more and more complex, and for some he succeeds. His ultimate goal by the end of the course is to convince the person they have the golden ticket, but it’s too hard for them to accomplish, and they’ve failed because they just don’t have the ability.

Then they feel ashamed, and instead of request a refund, they hide in shame, and he makes the big bucks. It especially helps since people call him the magical ‘guru’ term. He’s just a two bit thief. I’ve read many posts in forums, and would highly avoid it.”

This last statement in particular was a bit ott. Calling Shoemoney a two bit thief is extreme and offensive to say the least.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of people out there selling inferior products who are promoting themselves as gurus etc. But you can’t assume every product is garbage because there are some good courses out there.

I don’t think anyone should be leaving comments or posting reviews about any product unless they have tried and tested the product themselves. That’s the main issue for me. It’s like slagging off a porche for poor handling even though you’ve never drove one!

89 Newport Craig

Don’t mess with Texas!

90 Free Classifieds Blog

How Chris Brogan can manage so many followings? I certainly think Chris is a social media expert.

91 Sawyer

Time to choose your side…I choose the MiB …aka Patrick Curl… so I can get off this damn island….come on people…join me….the time is near…


lol he’s fat.

93 Dan Deiretch

That’s an understatement.

94 AndrewSaysSo

Check out Andrew’s reply… He posted a Stop the War pic, talks about his weight, freedom of speech, admits he’s a nobody, drops Hitler’s name.

95 Samn

It disappoints me when I see posts like this on (and it’s not the first time), it kind of makes you seem really childish having to slap your achievements in peoples faces who might say something negative about you.

Most of the times I love reading this blog – but its times like this I wonder why I respect your opinion. It’s the type of defending post your fans should make on their blogs, while you yourself should raise above it. Imagine how the msn site would look if bill gates bitch about every negative comment someone had to say.

96 CoreBloggers

I like the way you showed self proclaimed social media “guru” his place and I always thought that your main focus is affiliate marketing, i didn’t knew that you made the biggest mobile site also :-)

you are one of the people I really respect since I have read your story and i can understand how difficult it is to turn around your life when everything seems to unfavored you and specially when you are in debt.

Great work :-)

97 jim

You can’t linkbait an internet marketer, you’ll just get the backlash without any of the links. :)

98 krillz

That dude ended his “webmoney guru” life right there.

If you think about it, it’s a little like talking shit about a boss that then turns out to be a good friend of the other firms’s bosses you really like. You won’t ever get a job there.. he just cockblocked himself when it comes to internet marketing.. in the sense he will never get it to the top.

If you wanna get to the top you need to become good friends with someone in high up in the industry as the shit we get to see are old news they used some time ago.

99 Paul Avery

ha ha, this post is number three for “patrick curl”

People love an underdog, Go Patrick!!!!

100 Adam Struve

Shoemoney Wins
Flawless Victory

101 Jami

Shoe… come on. Really? There are soooo many other bigger fish to fry. It really makes you look like more of a dick to go after a guy like that.

102 andy

I 100% agree with Jami – I like blog and read it often, its disappointing when its wasted by flaming some dude no one has heard of before and no one cares about

103 Chris Guthrie

Very odd. I’m not sure what the benefit is for Patrick to make comments like that in the first place.

Lol at the earlier comment showing this post for his name as #3 in Google. Wonder what his response will be.

104 Sockmoney

This guy knew exactly what he was doing. A rap-off with shoe is worth thousands in free publicity.

Maybe he is not as foolish as some think?

105 AffiliateObsession

I agree with you. The guy knows about how to market himself or a product he sells, BUT, he can still do so with facts instead of rambling statements that EVERYONE knows are not true.

Now, are his statements general and meant for interpretation or just a lack of information on his part?

Either way, Shoe just gave him all the information he needed. His future statements should be a little more accurate :)

106 Mike Chiasson

Man the more I think about this, the more I am thinking ‘its too damn close to April Fool’s Day to not suspect everything is a prank right now’. Hmmm.

107 Shane

This better not be an April Fools joke

108 Kevin Muldoon

I was thinking the same thing.

109 Travis

This is GREAT. The site where this guy made the comment actually took the comment off. Then he went to Patrick’s site and posted this:

“Paul B
Patrick, due to the amount of hassle your comment has caused I’ve decided to delete it. There’s a world of difference between what I posted and what your comment was alluding to. No hard feelings, I’m just not comfy having it on my blog.”


110 Paul B

Is it any wonder? To be honest I’m more than capable of upsetting people on my own without having a first time commenter chip in.

I’m pretty pissed off that what was a cheeky post with a serious message (i.e. I and a number of other people have requested refunds from the Shoemoney System and only got the second payment refunded – THIS IS LIKELY A CLICKBANK ISSUE) has been bypassed.

111 fas

His aim is achieved, free publicity.

112 Darin Carter


113 Hmm

You’re blowing this way out of proportion.

114 Cody

People just get jealous of what others accomplish. The ones that can’t overcome jealously will quickly burn out. I know when I first saw your adsense check the first thing I thought was “holy shit, how can I do that?” and at the time I was making $0 online. I soon followed you as well as Darren Rowse on Pro Blogger and now 7 months later while I’m still not raking in 6 figure adsense checks per month I am making enough money from my websites to not have worry if I lose my job. Which to me is pretty good I’d have to say.
Currently I’m expanding more and am working on a blog network similar to the cheezburger network but I’m trying to find my own way to make it unique.
Anyway I went on a bit of a ramble. The guy’s a douche and he obviously has no clue how to properly run a website or business. His facebook fanpage is hilarious and utterly pathetic. Granted I have a fan page and don’t have that many fans, the difference between him and I is I am not pushing the social media market that much yet. I should, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Another funny thing is his website is so god awfully ugly I didn’t even stay to read a single article.
Anyway it’s a nice day out so I’m going to take my Guinea Pigs out to eat some grass and soak up some sun.

115 Shane

-Amazing Story

You should do a testimonial for the Shoe money system

116 Cody

You’d think so. But I don’t use the ShoeMoney System :)
So far I haven’t had the need for it, I just do a lot of my own research and bust my butt, if it were a little cheaper I’m sure I would try it out but I can’t say that it would benefit myself at the price it is now.
Granted I’m not saying it’s garbage, it’s far from it from the videos I have seen for it. But for the price it wouldn’t make sense for me to use it, I can get enough info for free to give me enough ideas.


Is this going to be a new trend.

1) Make a crappy comment about an A-list blogger/celebrity and hope they get offended
2) A-lister responds with a thundering roar
3) Yeah… Im FAMOUS!

118 Charles Bohannan

Don’t you love it when all you have to do is tell the truth to defeat your enemies? I appreciate your honesty, Jeremy, even if this is an April Fool’s joke…

119 joe

Holy huge contradictions bat man.
his comment > “He’s just a two bit thief”
“Most of my comment was a generalized comment aimed at all these ‘make money online’ gurus, and I’m sorry if it was mis-directed at you”
Um… huh?

120 R

u just made this guy famous.

121 Will

Or infamous, but why split hairs?

122 S Ahsan

he will shave his chest live on ustream if his page hits 1 million fans, now beat that show ;)

123 someyoungguy

can you say PWNED? hahaha

124 Keith


125 Jeremy Schoemaker

I have been building my brand for far to long to let some jerkoff take shots and not be held accountable.

126 James Rylance

I had hoped this post was your April Fools.

In my opinion it makes you look like an insensitive, heavy-handed, ego-maniac.

Yes, you have a right to protect your brand, which I – having read your blog for 4 years – have witnessed first hand being built.

Not even big league corporate unleashes a nuke on every Tom, Dick, and Harry that criticizes their brand.

127 Will

Actually they do. They have to. A small business that infringes on the McDonald’s trademark can rest assured that they will eventually hear from McDonald’s. Big brands have to go after small offenders in order to prove to people that they take their brand seriously and prevent rampant abuse.

128 Rob McFaul

In response to James above.

I personally met Jeremy at an event recently. And he was far from egotistical or heavy handed. He bought me a drink and 3 other random people at the bar. He was easy going and very approachable.

But this the internet my friend and it allows, Jeremy or anybody else to publish what they think and we all vote by reading what he has to say or not.

At least he doesn’t have some corporate PR moron whispering in his ear that he should not write anything controversial or someone ‘might” be pissed off.

A dude said something on the Internet and Shoe has the right to respond.

And I am glad he did. Whether he was right, politically correct or whatever is irrelevant. He get to speak and that his his right.

I can say he is not an ego-maniac. He was just pissed at someone firing unsubstantiated nonsense at him.

I will keep reading.

Off to read Mashable. LOL!

Let’s just hope we can keep saying what we want on the Internet.



129 TYCP Magazine

Patrick didn’t even try the system. You can criticize something you’ve never tried before. Shoemoney had every right to call Patrick out on his shit.

130 TYCP Magazine


131 Darren Rowse

Hi there all – this is the real Darren Rowse (I’ll verify it with an email to Shoemoney shortly) and I just want to say that the above comment from me is not from me. The first I heard about this was an email from a reader a few minutes ago remarking on my comment above – surprising since I didn’t leave it.

I’m not going to comment on the situation as I’m not aware of the full story – except to say that if you’ve impersonated me above and I find out who it was (I’ll be asking Jeremy to check the IP address) I’ll be particularly unimpressed.

132 pants-on-the-ground

FACT: The guy has you pegged and is correct.

FACT: The “Shoemoney System” is a big rip-off

FACT: Can’t win a libel/slander case when it’s true

FACT: You are a big asshole and full of yourself (and crap)

133 Joe

This must be comming from Patrick? Wo are you trying to kid bro? You have boards on your windows…Do you know how much good attorneys cost these days?

Be a man and use your real name..Not pants_on_the_ground

134 Learn Internet Marketing

He just achieved his goal – people now know who he is

135 Livelife

I only recently discovered this blog and thought it was good natured and funny……..untill now

This guy has withdrawn his comments and apologised so I don’t see what else he can do. I personally find the whole post unpleasant reading and it puts me off the blog and the shoemoney system.

136 nocarez

This is what I imagined as I read this article.

Patrick has you backpedaling from a vicious uppercut!
Shoemoney is on the run… he’s luring Patrick in.

Shoemoney in the the gray shorts with a blue ‘S’ takes down Patrick in the black trunks. Patrick is mounted!

He better start defending himself… the ref stops the match due to lack of intelligent defense!

Shoemoney showing class checks to make sure Patrick is okay and helps him up to his feet.


137 Matt

I don’t see that there is any come back from that!

These haters, hopefully this will teach them.

I personally value the materials which you produce, and fair play for generating the revenue’s which you have mentioned above!

138 Michael Henry

As they say in the business, the only kind of bad press is no press at all. I should try this tactic. I’ve been too busy focusing on a political campaign to work on my affiliate marketing. I guess if I don’t win the election, I’ll start HenryDigital up again and the first post will read:

“In response to Patrick Curl, Michael Henry found himself a 10-foot-pole and much to the surprise of Mr. Schoemaker touched him with it. The experience was one that neither would soon forget.”

139 sean

we need to call you shoebama with this action.

140 Kevin

What cracks me up most about this is Patrick’s reply. wow

141 coaching train

The Shoe Money Circle of Influence ( the shoemoney system, partnerships, blog, the list goes on…) have been my mentors over the past couple of weeks. It has been a great ride so far and would recommend there impressive style of learning, leadership, and experience to anyone! Thanks Coach Andy B.

142 Lily

I’ve learned quite a bit from your videos and blog topics since January, so thank you for sharing with us your experience and knowledge. Now I even have your short resume from the last 7 years :)

While his actions were certainly inappropriate, I frankly did not think it would be your style to slam this guy in public. Isn’t that why you have lawyers, to halt this type of thing and address it in a civilized manner?

Kind of makes me wonder Shoe how you would react to any negative opionions or feedback to the ShoeMoney System if I actually signed up …

Or is this another lesson, like peeing on Microsoft, of how to use shock value and negative publicity – and the majority of us are missing the point?

143 Steve C.

Not sure what to think about this. I thought it was going to be one of Shoe’s elaborate April Fool’s Day jokes but it’s not looking that way. Whether he meant it or not, Patrick got a ton of traffic from the ordeal.

No matter what business you’re in, you’re always going to have critics, haters and plain ol’ competition. I think Shoe was out of line on this one but it won’t stop me from reading his blog. He’s passionate about what he does and what he’s built.

144 Gunnar Andreassen

Ouch! :-)

145 Victorino

Opss. Okay I will not make fun of Patrick’s health. But the action he made just made him really look what Jeremy is describing. To be a social media expert, is to be a real socialized person. How could he call himself a social expert with that Twitter stat? Boasting is never a good move in grabbing attention.

146 Jason Capshaw

Love your stuff Shoemoney…but way harsh man

147 TYCP Magazine

Some people missed the point. It’s not that he had a negative opinion. It’s that the facts were wrong ANNNNNNNND Patrick didn’t even try the system for himself. Now I run an online entertainment magazine & it would be like if I went & slammed a film I’ve never seen in my life. How does that make sense? Oh, that’s right. It doesn’t.

148 LOL



149 LOL

LOL Patrick Curl
Patrick Curl LOL

150 Jon

My only problem with this post is that I am sending people to the Shoemoney System and they go check out the website and then I get this message: “Is this the guy that is teaching you that stuff about online marketing? He is blasting some guy on his blog.”

Great…really makes the SMS look good. ( which it is by the way )


Dear Jeremy, You’re absolutely right, but this post was really unnecessary. It’s out of your style. I’ve been following you for years but i’ve never seen such an offensive post in this blog before. You did what would Trump do. And you know that, he is not always right.

152 Tech

By writing about him you’re making him feel even more important.

153 Scorpiono

Tousands are thinking how to grab your attention and get a link back or a mention on this blog, I’m surprized to see you fall for this kind of stuff, it doesn’t worth it Shoe!

Although I haven’t followed the Shoemoney system, I admire the way you market it and never pass the “stuffing-things” on subscribers throat. Keep it up bud!

154 Brent Csutoras

I work in social media and some might know who I am. I would work with Jeremy and have nothing but great things to say about the guy.

155 Alan Green

If people start writing about you it means they want to use your fame to get into the spotlight too.
Thus Shoemoney you are famous

156 ZK@Web Marketing

I have a similar Patrick Curl commenting on my blog about Shoemoney and the Shoemoney System ..have a look at the discussion.

157 ritchie

I guess dealing with this kind of “bad PR” even if it comes from a pretty ridiculous “expert” in an affirmative way is a smart thing – I just wonder why he’s so angry that he actually goes through the effort of posting so many negative comments?

158 adsense alternatives

Get him, Shoe. You don’t have to justify yourself to anybody but yourself.

159 rick

lol, this is good shoe. This is why people should not talk shit about other people unless they have factual data to back it up with! 1 – nothing Shoe – Patrick.

160 Don

“I have been building my brand for far to long to let some jerkoff take shots and not be held accountable.”

Don’t worry about them, these jerks don’t stay long in the business world with the attidute like this.

If I were you, I would ignore people like him, because it’s not worth any of your sec to make excuses and fight with them (better invest that time to your bussiness).

Let your clients do the talk, people who are learning from you. If they are happy – that’s all what you need. They will spread the word.

I don’t think that a jerk like this will affect your bussiness in some kidn of way.

Good luck to you.

P.S. I have seen your podcast for PokerAffiliateListings and I was amazed by your cretivity and ideas. It taked 3-4 times to rewatch that video to eat all that info, because it was too overwhelming :)

161 Livelife

So when Shoemoney do you consider the score evan. Are you waiting for Patrick to harm himself would that then be evan?
You are obviously not content with humiliating this guy so what is enough for you. Maybe we should crucify him……….?

162 SnowBall

I wouldn’t even worry about this guy. He is no threat. It’s really stupid that he’s going around saying crap about you, it seems he has nothing better to do with his time.

163 PLR could have done so well… what went wrong?

164 Social Media Trainer

Great post, i belive blog posts like this add so much value to the marketing community,i have learnt some valuable info from you. Keep it Up! Sincerely, The Social Media Trainer

165 fiq09

every victory need a hardwork. igree

166 Zeeshan Parvez

Hmmmm…good thing you wrote up this article because up until now I also thought that the only way you were making money was by telling other people how to make money!

167 Tim Boyle

You know Shoe Your a Dick I know it’s not your First time hearing it,But Dude You Are..

Shoemoney 168 Anonymous

*You’re* (facepalm)

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