When Opportunity Presents Itself…

Last January I had a contest for someone to attend the Affiliate Summit affiliate conference. The winner not only got to attend the event but I also covered their hotel, airfare, conference pass and gave them $2,000.00 to gamble with. (Thanks Sponsors affiliate summit and AzoogleAds!).

You know what though? There were not very many entries… and of the people that did enter only 1 person really applied himself to win the opportunity of a lifetime. Forget about the fact that he went back to Canada over $6,000.00 richer, he was the talk of the show. In the video even the winner, Lyndon Reid, commented on how easy it was to win just by sitting on facebook chat, waiting for his friends to come online, and asking them to vote for him. I thought that was pretty out of the box thinking!

The original contest thread is riddled with a lot of the same comment, “Sounds like a really cool contest.. too bad I cant do it because of X”.

This stuff pisses me off to no end. Sometimes I think if people spent half the time applying themselves as they do coming up with reasons why they are not successful they could do amazing things.

But I digress…

Right now AzoogleAds is having a contest to send someone to their exclusive playboy mansion party. All you have to do to enter is write a essay of 250 words or less of why you should come to the party on August 28th. It doesn’t mater how much revenue you generate or who you know… you just need to apply yourself a little bit and creatively explain why you should attend.

Last years party was unreal… only the top 50 AzoogleAds affiliates were invited and I don’t know that I have ever hung out with a more concentrated group of top level affiliate marketers.

So get your entry in here

And I will see you this August.