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Last January I had a contest for someone to attend the Affiliate Summit affiliate conference. The winner not only got to attend the event but I also covered their hotel, airfare, conference pass and gave them $2,000.00 to gamble with. (Thanks Sponsors affiliate summit and AzoogleAds!).

You know what though? There were not very many entries… and of the people that did enter only 1 person really applied himself to win the opportunity of a lifetime. Forget about the fact that he went back to Canada over $6,000.00 richer, he was the talk of the show. In the video even the winner, Lyndon Reid, commented on how easy it was to win just by sitting on facebook chat, waiting for his friends to come online, and asking them to vote for him. I thought that was pretty out of the box thinking!

The original contest thread is riddled with a lot of the same comment, “Sounds like a really cool contest.. too bad I cant do it because of X”.

This stuff pisses me off to no end. Sometimes I think if people spent half the time applying themselves as they do coming up with reasons why they are not successful they could do amazing things.

But I digress…

Right now AzoogleAds is having a contest to send someone to their exclusive playboy mansion party. All you have to do to enter is write a essay of 250 words or less of why you should come to the party on August 28th. It doesn’t mater how much revenue you generate or who you know… you just need to apply yourself a little bit and creatively explain why you should attend.

Last years party was unreal… only the top 50 AzoogleAds affiliates were invited and I don’t know that I have ever hung out with a more concentrated group of top level affiliate marketers.

So get your entry in here

And I will see you this August.

36 thoughts on “When Opportunity Presents Itself…

  1. Lyndon Reid

    I’d be the guy that was lucky enough to win the Affiliate Summit West contest… Listen to Shoe you should be entering this stuff. Make it through the door and you will have the time of your life, you’ll meet the industries best and you will return as motivated as ever. I can go on and on and on. Just ping if you want me ramble 😉

    You should be trying to get this event. Create a theme song for the Shoemoney System if you have the skillset, write the essay, watch the Shoemoney blog for other opportunities, do whatever you need to do.

    I know I’ll be trying to get in.

    1. Jonathan

      You are right, the opportunity is there. I have entered. I plan on winning as well. I won’t stop until I get to network with industry professionals and party it up.

  2. Edgar

    I have been the playboy mansion a few times and let me tell you its awesome. you find pictures on my facebook.com/myboxingfans

    See you in August!

  3. ritchie

    So true! Before I got into the business, I suspected huge-scale numbers literally everywhere… couldn’t have been wronger. (Especially since I live in Austria which is a *really* small country.)

      1. WhateverWorks

        LOL. But seriously, maybe it’s time for Cody to let his girlfriend understand what it means to be invited to a Playboy Party. It’s not just about the women (although for some that’s the only reason), it’s also a chance to meet great people. Great business-minded people, like Mr Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner.

    1. spameater

      You’re just assuming your girlfriend will kill you. Who knows? Maybe she’ll say yes, but you have to explain to her how the Playboy Mansion Party is awesome NOT because of the half-naked women. Hopefully she believes that.

  4. James Howard

    Not used them for a while and can’t remember my ID grrr.

    Have got it touch with support so see what they can do.
    Who wouldn’t want to enter, looks like a great prize.

  5. Jonathan

    It seems like people always assume they have no chance of winning, so they don’t put any effort into something where there is only the POSSIBILITY of success. Although at the same time, how much effort do we put into marketing campaigns that fail or offer poor returns?

  6. AnnieP78

    Does sound like a cool contest. But so far I’m seeing a lot of males in the comments. Does this Playboy Mansion Party contest have any place for a lady? I’d love to go, but not for the Playboy bunnies.

  7. Nate

    Didn’t he also have help from John Chow creating a blog post stating to vote for him since he is his friend?

    I think there was a little more than just going on Facebook even though it probably helped some.

  8. Pogul

    “Sounds like a really cool contest.. too bad I cant do it because of… ”

    because of the restraining order that Hef and Bunnies still have against me from the last party! 😀

    Sounds like I may have to break out the writing skills for this one.

  9. ZK@Web Marketing

    Wining contests is a good feeling even if the prize is not monetary and the perceived value of the prize is not high..its just gives a feeling of achievement for an individual…Its the best method for a marketer to reward his following…..Its been a while since I won a contest :)

    1. Travis

      You do realize that you were supposed to put that link on the actual blog post comment section for the theme song in order to enter right?

  10. Travis

    I am always surprised as the low response rate as well for contests like this. You can bet your ass I will be throwing my hat in the ring and hope to kick it with Jeremy if I win :)

    1. Husher50

      I know, right? It’s easy to write a 250-word essay. Just explain yourself why you want to go to the Playboy Mansion, that’s it. I believe the people who keep on making excuses don’t really want to join the Playboy contest. As for the Shoemoney theme song contest, I actually want to join that but — (and this is not a lame excuse) I can’t compose. I don’t even have software to make music. But for that Playboy Mansion contest, I’d join, definitely. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

      1. Travis

        I had wanted to put something together for the Shoemoney System theme song but couldn’t get my resources together fast enough… Winning this Playboy Mansion entry would be the perfect graduation gift to me! :) I think it helps that I bought up “themansion2011.com” that I would kindly hand over for free if I win hehe

        1. Husher50

          Just curious, what did you plan to do with that? themansion2011 seems like a random name for a website, unless you really were planning to join the Playboy Mansion contest.

          1. Travis

            I bought it as soon as I saw the domain for the current contest. Did a quick search, it was available and worst case scenario I am out 10 bucks.

  11. Tammyexperiments

    I want to go, too! Do girls get in free if they wear a Playboy bunny-esque costume? Kidding! Of course I’ll enter the contest too. Hope I can get in!

  12. Tim Wilkins

    Wow that would be awesome to party at the Playboy mansion. I want to swim under that waterfall. Ive heard some pretty wild things happen in that cave.

  13. Dandundun

    Aside from the fun parts of the party, there’s always the chance for networking. Imagine the kind of people who attend these things, the connections you can make! I’m definitely going to work on my entry!

  14. Allan Meffert

    hey I like this post. I found it from doing a google search. Ive been looking for this sort of thing for a while. This info will come in handy to me. I will check back soon to search the rest of your blog. thanks

  15. SnowBall

    It’s true, people could really make something of themselves if they would take their excuses and make them successes. I think I’m going to get on this contest, I want to go to the party!

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