Who Are You Trying To Impress?

You know that guy in the club… who paints his fingernails black, has some crazy hair thing going on, and wears eye liner and girls jeans?   The weirdo who is on the dance floor cutting it up with the chicks while you and all your buds sit and laugh at him.  Who the hell does he think he is?  What really burns your ass is how the weirdo leaves the club every night with the hottest girl.

Maybe if you were not so focused on impressing your buddies with stories of how you beat up some nerd or downed a whole keg by yourself you would figure out what he is doing.  He is trying to impress his target… not his peers.

If you want to know one of my biggest secrets… that’s it.  I don’t care what my peers think.  I care about what my customers & consumers think.

When I first came into the SEO/Affiliate/Make Money Online industry I was hated by my peers. And still, very much to this day, unless people have met me or have seen my results they hate me for being the odd man out. But eventually people get to know me and ask me why I do some of the things I do and see the results. Then the hate either goes to enlightenment… or envy… BTW envy is the worst sin. Most of the other sins have at least some upside. Maybe I will do a post on that someday.

But I digress…

When we first announced the Elite Retreat, a conference that came with a $5,000 price tag per person, lots of our peers took shots at us…. We were selling out… we were exploiting newbies… blah blah… Yet the people that attended give us amazing rave reviews. Now the event sells out instantly after being announced.

Meanwhile the jackasses that took shots at us jerk each other off to try to hit the front page of sphinn to be recognized for their latest post about 10 things you didn’t know about X.

While the Elite Retreat was my first major real “product” it was not my last. And with each success brings more peer haters. AuctionAds, ShoeMoney Tools, ShoeMoneyX, and the new ShoeMoney System.

Trust me I know from experience… just look at our advertising page of all the places I have been featured.

I’ve launched a company on the front page of Techcrunch
and while it got me a lot of atta-boy’s from my peers it didn’t reach the people that would turn into customers. But people like John Chow, Darren Rowse, and John Reese sent 10x more CUSTOMERS then the biggest blog in the world.

Actually John Chow is the perfect example. People rail on him all the time because he openly admits he makes money by talking about how much money he makes. John cares about 2 things. His readers and his bottom line. Hate all you want he is gonna stay true to what he wants to do.

A couple years ago I did a blog post about a new cool way to make money called triggit.

The day after the CEO made a blog post about how I sent him more traffic then all other press that covered their launch… including Techcrunch.

One of the best case studies is the milliondollar wiki guy who wrote about how 1 review of his product on ShoeMoney.com sent him over 40,000.00 in sales.

It always amazes me how people approach me with new really interesting products that I know my audience would love and they only care about hitting the front page of sphinn, digg, stumbleupon, or techcrunch/mashable. Why? While they will give you props from your peers they are not going to send you any customers.

I see this issue over and over again. Mostly with VC funded companies. They are sitting on a pile of cash and would rather get press that inflates their ego and gets them pats on the back from their peers then actually reach their customer. It’s so annoying.

So who are you trying to impress?