Who Are You Trying To Impress?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on February 2, 2010 · 63 comments

You know that guy in the club… who paints his fingernails black, has some crazy hair thing going on, and wears eye liner and girls jeans?   The weirdo who is on the dance floor cutting it up with the chicks while you and all your buds sit and laugh at him.  Who the hell does he think he is?  What really burns your ass is how the weirdo leaves the club every night with the hottest girl.

Maybe if you were not so focused on impressing your buddies with stories of how you beat up some nerd or downed a whole keg by yourself you would figure out what he is doing.  He is trying to impress his target… not his peers.

If you want to know one of my biggest secrets… that’s it.  I don’t care what my peers think.  I care about what my customers & consumers think.

When I first came into the SEO/Affiliate/Make Money Online industry I was hated by my peers. And still, very much to this day, unless people have met me or have seen my results they hate me for being the odd man out. But eventually people get to know me and ask me why I do some of the things I do and see the results. Then the hate either goes to enlightenment… or envy… BTW envy is the worst sin. Most of the other sins have at least some upside. Maybe I will do a post on that someday.

But I digress…

When we first announced the Elite Retreat, a conference that came with a $5,000 price tag per person, lots of our peers took shots at us…. We were selling out… we were exploiting newbies… blah blah… Yet the people that attended give us amazing rave reviews. Now the event sells out instantly after being announced.

Meanwhile the jackasses that took shots at us jerk each other off to try to hit the front page of sphinn to be recognized for their latest post about 10 things you didn’t know about X.

While the Elite Retreat was my first major real “product” it was not my last. And with each success brings more peer haters. AuctionAds, ShoeMoney Tools, ShoeMoneyX, and the new ShoeMoney System.

Trust me I know from experience… just look at our advertising page of all the places I have been featured.

I’ve launched a company on the front page of Techcrunch
and while it got me a lot of atta-boy’s from my peers it didn’t reach the people that would turn into customers. But people like John Chow, Darren Rowse, and John Reese sent 10x more CUSTOMERS then the biggest blog in the world.

Actually John Chow is the perfect example. People rail on him all the time because he openly admits he makes money by talking about how much money he makes. John cares about 2 things. His readers and his bottom line. Hate all you want he is gonna stay true to what he wants to do.

A couple years ago I did a blog post about a new cool way to make money called triggit.

The day after the CEO made a blog post about how I sent him more traffic then all other press that covered their launch… including Techcrunch.

One of the best case studies is the milliondollar wiki guy who wrote about how 1 review of his product on ShoeMoney.com sent him over 40,000.00 in sales.

It always amazes me how people approach me with new really interesting products that I know my audience would love and they only care about hitting the front page of sphinn, digg, stumbleupon, or techcrunch/mashable. Why? While they will give you props from your peers they are not going to send you any customers.

I see this issue over and over again. Mostly with VC funded companies. They are sitting on a pile of cash and would rather get press that inflates their ego and gets them pats on the back from their peers then actually reach their customer. It’s so annoying.

So who are you trying to impress?

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– who has written 2895 posts on ShoeMoney.com.

Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Tom | Market Samurai

This has to be the best post I have read from you Shoe! Really challenged the way that I blog and look at who I am trying to impress.

2 Dave

Good post shoe. the level of circle-jerkness in the SEO/SEM crowd is insane. I think it’s likely to the point where there are very few contrarians (sp?) because they don’t want to get out of line with thier peers.

3 Paul McIntosh - pmctosh

So. Right. On.
Truly most people have their priorities screwed up.

4 Dot Com Note

Yes, it is true folks. If your product is featured here, you can bet that you’re going to make a killing. I remember some two years ago one guy made almost 100K selling some wiki pages when his wiki pages for sale was featured here. Can you believe this? Power to shoe and long live his charisma.

Shoe is the true Internet marketer. He does not promote million affiliate products by constantly sending emails to others like most Internet marketers.

But when he features something, like the wiki thingy, you bet your bank account will swell.

5 Mother Pucker

Yeah I fully agree with this. I actually have a friend who is getting hammered at all angles by our other hockey “peers”, but is successfully building a brand for herself. I kind of think this applies to me as well because I don’t aim to please the peers, because frankly most of them don’t pay any attention to me haha

6 Sebastien

You kick ass! No, seriously, you really kick ass and that’s why I love reading you. Keep up the ass kicking!

7 Kiley

Spot on, Shoe!

8 Travis | Purple Martin House

Great post, you are right though, obviously no one cares what I say over at WF, but I have respect for you not going off on those over there in the thread about the Shoemoney System. What makes me even smile a little bit more is that as soon as you responded and it was clear you weren’t trying to hide anything, they quickly backed off. It’s pretty amusing really. The people in this industry can be really annoying at times.

9 Learn Internet Marketing

Haters Gonna Hate. I really enjoy this post. I know when me and my partner started our most recent project, we had a few naysayers and haters badmouthing us and telling people we would flop in a few months. We are still going strong and grow stronger by the day.

However I do think that you may not need to impress your peers but you need them on your side still, they can be useful for various reasons :)

I also know for a fact, when your targeting affiliate marketers, often some tend to get unhappy with that, either way if your making money and your customers are happy – who cares

10 Jeremy L. Knauff

Great post Jeremy! Most people seem to take the opposite approach that you do. Instead of thinking about what their customers (or potential customers) will think, they spend their time worrying about what their peers, friends and other people that have no impact on their success think.

11 Brian

Dude so on point… my true friends from high school could care less about what I’m doing online. I’m looking to impress my target market with my products and maybe my parents… but thats about it.

12 Mike Gracen

Seriously Shoe. You are my hero.

13 Mike C

Perfectly said. Ive seen affiliate marketers who would rather have 50,000 followers and make 10 sales than have 5000 followers and make 100 sales. Makes no sense.

14 John Paul Aguiar

Ok this is a AWESOME Fukn post.. lol excuse the grammar but I think it fits the vibe of this post..

Who cares what others think.. worry about you and your readers and your customers.. that’s who matter, that’s who help put food on your table. not your peers.

Best part is usualy your biggest critic is actually doing some of the things you say to do..so be tru to you and your readers and you will be fine.

15 Agent Deepak

I read this article and ………………. its an eye opener for me.

If only I could, I would have already met you in person. Hopefully someday I will.

I want to learn the way you work.

16 Paul Avery

Look at all the flak Mr. Cameron is getting… same deal. He targeted his consumer, not his peers.

17 browie

Good post.

Here is my deal with TechCrunch and the stories about them not sending as much traffic.

They do not have a readership like yours and chow’s. I’ll visit TechCrunch from time to time and there are story after story. There are so many stories each day you can’t keep up.

18 Dave

Speaking of advertising. I just noticed Shoemoney Tools being advertised when I login to Comcast Email. Is that you or an affiliate?

19 Jeremy Schoemaker

banner retargeting ;)

20 Dave

interesting. learn something new everyday. never heard of it.

21 Dilip

Jeremy, what is banner retargeting?

22 Jeremy Schoemaker

I will do a post on this soon.

23 FitnessOver50

Hopefully my readers, who then become customers


24 Tim Paulino

Reminds me of Howard Stern. He talks about the same thing. How advertisers avoid his show because it’s too risky, but he too has helped jumpstart many businesses in the same manner.

25 Donald

Great post Jeremy, good advise for everyone I guess to keep your eyes on the ball and go straight to the goal! It is the result that counts.

26 Tech

So what you’re saying is you secretly want to wear black nail polish? :-)

27 Jeremy Schoemaker

Actually blue… on my toes, with shoemoney logos. More to impress my daughter.

28 S Ahsan

Right On Shoe!! this post is the real deal.. got to learn some good stuff :) cheers

29 Shane

Great post! I love the analogy it starts out with, too.

Man, that really is something to think about…

30 Lyndon Reid

You’ve built an extremely powerful (and profitable) brand.

Everyone stands to learn from you.

I know I’ll get flack for saying it but… I can’t believe how many Internet “marketers” don’t get that.

31 Kevin

“Most of the other sins have at least some upside.”

That really cracked me up.

32 Will

“Then the hate either goes to enlightenment… or envy… BTW envy is the worst sin. Most of the other sins have at least some upside. Maybe I will do a post on that someday.”

I’d like to see a post on this topic, seriously. Make it.

33 Will

I think Aaron Wall is a great example of someone who follows this philosophy. He was recently offered a chance to appear on Jason Calacanis’ show TWIST (the offer may have been empty, but that’s tangential), but he turned it down. He said: http://twitter.com/aaronwall/status/8510553906

Unfortunately, I think the vast majority of people are tempted by the bright lights of Hollywood and even when it makes no sense whatsoever, cave into that temptation. They can hear the music but have no interest in deciphering the words.

34 purposeinc

Aaron definitely follows his own beat. One of the things I adore about him. Truly an individual following his own path.

35 Paul Avery

tangential: of superficial relevance only; digressive

I had to look that up… you impressed me! Was I your target? ;)

36 Will

Yup. :)

37 Jeremy Schoemaker

Totally agree- Just had this conversation last night with some folks. Aaron is one of the few SEO’s who really get it.

38 Andres Ferraro

I think what you are seeing is the difference between people who are “Internally Motivated” and those who are “Externally Motivated”. Your description of your attitudes would put you in the category of intenally motivated. In formal writing about this subject they replace “internally” and “externally” for the much cooler-sounding “intrinsically motivated” and “extrinsically motivated”, in case you go look for that on Google or Wikipedia.

39 Jack

John Chow is a frigging idiot. You were smart enough to branch out and expand your revenue streams while that moron is still slinging aweber subscriptions. Have you seen how his traffic (and his ad rates) have been tumbling for the past 6 months?

For a guy who supposedly cares only about what his readers think, he sure can’t seem to optimally monetize them.

40 purposeinc

Easy there tiger. Last time I saw John, his plate was pretty full of Kobe beef, and about to catch plane.

I think he is doing o.k. ;)

41 Jeremy Schoemaker

blah blah blah

42 Mario Apel

Always be youself!

By the way D. Trump said once ” Think big and kick ass” This is it. Keep going Shoe

43 Chris Porter

On the subject of Envy, Shoe. William Penn said “The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves” – amen to that.

44 Semen

Such articles compel me to teach English :)

45 Jeremy Schoemaker

because mine is so bad or because you want to impress little kids with your knowledge of the english language?

46 what ever

that was a mean comment.

47 scheng1

It all depends. In school, obviously wanted to impress my teachers. At work, my boss. At home, myself!

48 Simon Bunker

Hello Jeremy, This is a well presented post that covers an interesting topic. I recently have been through the mill with friends who have basically shunned me, because of my internet business. I think you have to stay true to yourself and your followers/clients customers, call them what you will. Its a shame that we live in a society that no does not seem to appreciate people being successful or just that little bit different.
Congrats on winning the Megamac challenge, even though yet again people have to have a pop at you for winning!

49 Jeremy Schoemaker

its the way it goes ;)

50 Bobby Huang

Great post Jeremy.

I stopped caring what people think recently and focused on the important aspects in my business and my personal life.

I can tell you I attracted and created a great relationship with a wonderful girl.

My business world is only beginning, though great things will happen, the shoemoney system is great, I’ll write about it soon.

51 cheap CHI flat iron

i am just a little surprised about this paper.

52 rustin watson

I think this was a pretty cool post.

53 Paul

These are my favorite kinds of post that you do the ones that inspire. Thanks for sharing or should I say reminding us how we should be running out businesses.

54 Matej

Oh please, I like the post and Jeremy, but John Chow .. phew!

What’s real about him, maybe being “evil” ? You forgot to say that before everything, he cares about his advertisers, just look at his recent posts.

It’s his personal blog, what does he do? TheTechZone looks dead to me. I don’t know, maybe he has bigger revenue sources than his worthless blog ( worthless to readers ).

He doesn’t even share how much money he makes. That’s why he changed his site title btw, right … ? Not that I care really. I know how he makes money from blog, I see it all over the place. What else?

And not, I’m not envy, not that kind of person, I just hate it when people say nice things about him while he doesn’t bother to answer or forbid send me this TTZMedia 100$ check for over a year and half now.

And yes, I’m writing this because maybe he’ll see it and prove his “evilness” by not responding hehe :P it’s a matter of principle …

Except that, great post. Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Twain. Came to mind when you were mentioning clubbing in the beginning.

55 La Digue

Yes you are right. Instead of going through different ways, it’s better to identify your targets and impress them right away. Definite great read.

56 fas

Its just that people want to be at places with the big names, techcrunch, etc.

57 Al Silva

What an inspirational article. I love it when someone has an idea and stands behind it all the way no matter what anyone thinks or says….we live in a very jealous world…go head guy :>)

Kind Regards,

Al Silva

58 affiliate marketing tips

Excellent points you make. There will always be others who tell you that you’re ‘doing it all wrong’. You can’t bow to the pressure. Thanks for staying true to your cause.

59 como agrandar el pene

He is a great internet marketier, no doubt about that.

60 SnowBall

Goofy hair, black nail polish, guyliner, girls jeans…you must be talking about my ex-boyfriend. Feel free to laugh at my idiocy. I’m glad you realize how ridiculous these types are. I finally do, hurray!

61 Rodriquez

My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

62 Brian

old post, but great read.. highly motivating

63 Brian

who cares what they think, i want to expand my bank roll

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