Withdrawing From The Affiliate Summit Facebook Panel


12/05/2009 – A well informed birdy just told me Dennis Yu has been asked to step down from the panel. No official word yet.

12/4/2009 – I had been told before that the Affiliate Summit board of advisors had voted that Dennis be allowed to speak at Affiliate Summit. This source was incorrect. I was told today from the Affiliate Summit people that the board is still reviewing whether or not to let Dennis speak. Sorry for the confusion.

Yesterday I wrote about how Facebook panel I was going to be doing at Affiliate Summit was going to be interesting because it contained the founder of Blitzlocal, Dennis Yu, and his chief investor, Markus Frind (Plentyoffish founder).

Yes Markus has repeatedly publicy denied ever being an investor in blitzlocal… but he is listed many places around the internet including the official affiliate summit website as being the funder for the porn/scam empire BlitzLocal

Dennis was no doubt going to give a epic presentation about all the amazing Facebook things he is doing for all these huge name clients…… Even if it was all bullshit (like the last panel I was on with him).

Instead of giving a presentation on Facebook I have been working on a PowerPoint presentation where I was going to be showing and reading out loud all the emails from former employees and clients of Blitzlocal about what really was going on there and some horror stories from people about what happen to them in their dealings with Dennis.

Well… From my post the powers that be at Affiliate Summit made it very clear this was not going to be allowed. The only thing to be discussed was Facebook on this panel. Everything needed to be civil and people would be muted if we did not stay on topic of Facebook advertising.

I can’t do that and if Jimmy Kukral muted me then we would have a massive beef…..

You can read the comments and my responses here from the thread from Affiliate Summit founder Shawn Collins as well as Moderator for the panel Jim Kukral.

See postscript at top for correctionI was also told the board of directors for Affiliate Summit recently took a vote on whether or not to let Dennis Yu speak and they overwhelming approved him to do so. (unlike Affiliate Convention who threw him off his panels).

While I do not feel giving this self proclaimed scam artist a stage is a good thing…. I do not hold it against Shawn Collins or the Affiliate Summit. I never want to put my friends in a position of choosing me or them… I hate that crap.

There is just no way in hell I could be on the same stage with this scumbag and be extremely clear with the audience on what a scumbag he is.

The bottom line for me was earlier today when I got a call from a nice young lady who told me about how Dennis took over her PPC campaign and now was basically extorting money from them to keep it going. She said she met him at SMX and was sure he was legit because he was speaking on the panel and stuff. She asked me how such a crook wormed his way into these speaking gigs to leverage them into conning clients. I told her to call Danny Sullivan and ask him.

So I apologize to anyone who was wanting to learn Facebook stuff from me. I will be around for the entire conference and happy to tell you anything you want to know from my experiences.

I just can’t be on the same stage as that weasel and listen to his BS. I hope you understand.


Convert2media – Affiliate Summit put shoemoney back on the facebook panel

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