This should be interesting…. Affiliate Summit FaceBook Panel With Dennis Yu

This is the 3rd time I am doing the Facebook advertising panel at the Affiliate Summit. This session is taking place Monday January 18th and I recommend you get in their early. The previous 2 times its been standing room only and with all the latest Dennis Yu drama I am sure people will be turned away from the packed session.

This year its going to be interesting…

On the panel is

  • Dennis Yu Founder of BlitzLocal
  • Dr David Klien (former listed BlitzLocal board of advisory member) & Thinktank organizer
  • Markus Frind (funded BlitzLocal) & Plenty of Fish Founder (even though Markus claims he never invested in Blitzlocal he is listed being “THE FUNDER” for the company).
  • Alex Schultz – Facebook Staff
  • Me

So its the BlitzLocal founder (Dennis), One of the people who was listed as an advisor to the porn/scam empire but asked to be removed as soon as he found out he was listed (DK), The guy who is backing the whole BlitzLocal company (according to the affiliate summit profile) Marcus Frind, Alex Schultz (who probably can’t believe he got involved in this shitstorm), and me.

I know a lot of people are surprised I would participate on a panel with Dennis Yu… Well this panel was planned long before all of the drama and I am not one to back out of something I said I would do.

I also want to be able to answer any possible questions the audience might have about the situation in person. As I am sure Dennis does also…..

I was told that instead of doing q&a Dennis has prepared a presentation for everyone. I am sure it will be filled with huge names of companies and people he has conned.

I might prepare a presentation too… but its not going to be about me. Maybe emails from all the former blitzlocal employees about what a dirtbag dennis is and what was really going on there?

Anyway, See you there!