This should be interesting…. Affiliate Summit FaceBook Panel With Dennis Yu


This is the 3rd time I am doing the Facebook advertising panel at the Affiliate Summit. This session is taking place Monday January 18th and I recommend you get in their early. The previous 2 times its been standing room only and with all the latest Dennis Yu drama I am sure people will be turned away from the packed session.

This year its going to be interesting…

On the panel is

  • Dennis Yu Founder of BlitzLocal
  • Dr David Klien (former listed BlitzLocal board of advisory member) & Thinktank organizer
  • Markus Frind (funded BlitzLocal) & Plenty of Fish Founder (even though Markus claims he never invested in Blitzlocal he is listed being “THE FUNDER” for the company).
  • Alex Schultz – Facebook Staff
  • Me

So its the BlitzLocal founder (Dennis), One of the people who was listed as an advisor to the porn/scam empire but asked to be removed as soon as he found out he was listed (DK), The guy who is backing the whole BlitzLocal company (according to the affiliate summit profile) Marcus Frind, Alex Schultz (who probably can’t believe he got involved in this shitstorm), and me.

I know a lot of people are surprised I would participate on a panel with Dennis Yu… Well this panel was planned long before all of the drama and I am not one to back out of something I said I would do.

I also want to be able to answer any possible questions the audience might have about the situation in person. As I am sure Dennis does also…..

I was told that instead of doing q&a Dennis has prepared a presentation for everyone. I am sure it will be filled with huge names of companies and people he has conned.

I might prepare a presentation too… but its not going to be about me. Maybe emails from all the former blitzlocal employees about what a dirtbag dennis is and what was really going on there?

Anyway, See you there!

62 thoughts on “This should be interesting…. Affiliate Summit FaceBook Panel With Dennis Yu

      1. Shawn Collins

        “They have been filmed in the past but the quality was really poor.”

        We film all of the sessions and the videos are made available to Gold and Platinum pass holders.

        We’ve got a professional crew and they connect straight into the house audio.

        Sometimes people in the audience don’t go to the microphone to ask questions, but otherwise there shouldn’t be any quality issues.

        1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

          Lemme rephrase lol.. I have never seen a conference video that I thought was like being there. Meaning multiple camera angles catching all the action and stuff.

          Its not like being there live… lets just say that. I am sure Shawn would agree with that.

    1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

      Yes affiliate summit west. Sorry I hit publish before I was ready…… and then got totally owned by private messages about the post and sidetracked.

      Everything is linked up

  1. ways to make money online

    Shoemeister, I hope you rush him like Tyson did for the Lewis/Tyson press conference…

      1. James

        I find this statement is in need of a fact check….

        “(funded BlitzLocal) & Plenty of Fish Founder (even though Markus claims he never invested”

        You put that Markus funded and then you say he claims he never invested. Maybe he didn’t invest…?? Did you ask him or will you believe the con man that he did…

        1. James

          Oh and I think you need to just squash this shit… you got conned (everyone does), either file a lawsuit or squash the shit theirs money to be made.. and the shit gets stressful and can get out of hand… so be smart at the conference

    1. Brad

      just like paris hilton crashin her car and getting out with flashin the cameras.. hahaha, i can’t wait to see what happens. Dennis probaly won’t show thou.

  2. Ryan Rose

    This is gonna be good. And by good, I really mean really effing hilarious. When in doubt, take the high road. When no one is looking, kick him in the sack.

  3. Jim Kukral

    Shoe, I’m moderating this panel as you know. Do you really believe I would let anyone pimp their company? You know better than that. I’ve shut off people’s mic’s before for lesser offenses. :)

    I didn’t know about this drama thing between you and Dennis till now. I guess it is going to be a good panel after all. Let’s keep it civil though.

    Assuming you show up on time for the panel that is. ha

  4. Justin M.

    SWEET! I can’t wait to not learn anything about FaceBook advertising at the facebook advertising panel!!! *rolls eyes @ aff summit seminars*

      1. PurposeInc

        I will back Shawn on this. I am preparing some really cool stuff for the session. Alex is a brilliant guy, and at the top at facebook, and has been a killer affiliate marketer in the past.
        Jeremy is a facebook advertising god, and I will throw in a few cents myself.

          1. Jeremy Schoemaker Post author

            emailed you. There is no way I am lending any credibility to this con artist. I fully planned on educating the audience on what a dirtbag he is. He has cost me a lot of money and also hurt a lot of my friends.

            If you feel his is a facebook expert and deserves to be on this panel then I respect your wishes and will bow out.

          2. ways to make money online

            Ya screw that, after all that’s been done, your on a panel with some guy that betrayed and deceived you…whoever organized this, it’s like spitting in your face.

  5. purposeinc

    It’s going to be interesting.

    Just to restate it.
    I have never, ever been on the Blitz Local board of advisors, or ever been paid a cent by Blitz Local, ever had stock in the company, ever paid them anything. Nothing.

    There are more details in the comments on another of Shoe’s blog.

    It’s going to be a fun panel. I wouldn’t miss it. :)

  6. U.S. Common Sense

    While I think it would be entertaining to stick it to Dennis, I would hope you would rise above it all and just say something like “buyer beware” (or something along those lines).

  7. Stephan Spencer

    For the record, just like DK:
    * I was never on the Blitz Local board of advisors
    * I have never been paid a cent by Blitz Local
    * I have never had stock in the company
    * I never paid them anything

    That “press release” about me being on the advisory board of Blitz Local has been taken down from (per my request) and was replaced with a statement that reads:

    “To clarify any misunderstanding, please note that none of the following people have ever served on a BlitzLocal Board of Advisors (nor any board of BlitzLocal), have never been employed in any capacity by BlitzLocal at any time, and have never had any investment or financial connection to BlitzLocal in any way:
    Gillian Muessig
    Stephan Spencer
    Todd Malicoat”

    Hope that sets the record straight. No involvement. Period.

    More broadly speaking, I haven’t and don’t have ANY financial ties with ANY affiliate marketers — good or evil. It’s not that I think affiliate marketing is all a dirty business, it’s just not my area of focus or expertise. SEO is what I focus on.

    What is my connection with Blitz Local or Dennis then? There is none — beyond cordial conversations at conferences and the occasional instant message conversation initiated by Dennis. I’m an acquaintance.

    Dennis struck me as a smart, likable guy when I first met him in person earlier this year. I never got the impression that he was involved in anything seedy.

    I met Dennis’ former Blitz Local business partner Harrison Gevirtz at a conference last year (SMX West). Harrison was on a panel with my daughter (it was a panel of teenagers).

    I’m friendly with a lot of folks at conferences. I’m just a friendly guy. :) It shouldn’t be construed as an endorsement.

    1. Shoopadoop

      Why are these high profile internet marketers politely saying they have no connection when Dennis clearly USED these peoples’ names to MANIPULATE others into trusting him?

      Shoemoney seems to be the only one who wants to protect others from this manipulation- a TRUE leader among sheep.

      1. Clint Lenard

        If they wanted to discuss it, they’d have the opportunity to do so on their blog. Most of these people are simply clarifying the situation, since their names were involved.

        Just because they’re not jumping in the drama doesn’t mean they’re not pissed, believe me.

  8. Brian Hawkins

    wow affiliate summit is turning into a Jerry Springer Show.

    With ShoeMoney as Jerry

    Dennis Yu who thinks he is on the show to talk about Facebook

    Then will have all the guest panelist that come out swinging!

    But don’t worry folks, there will be protection with Jim Kukral as MC & personal body gaurd….aka Steve

    Jerrry…..Jerry…..Jerry……I mean Shoe….Shoe…..Shoe…..

  9. johntp75

    if they do a segment about who the babies daddy is remember to run off the stage when the results are read. Who knew blogging had a nasty side….this is such a great story. I can’t wait to see the video from this event!!

  10. jason

    what exciting stuff! The sad part is YU has probably benefited some how from being mentioned on here. I talked to him a couple times on IM and never fully understood how exactly he was making the money he said he was? I mean we do radio and TV, but I guess we dont have porn sites?

  11. borelioza

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