Do Not Miss The Boat, the newest twitter advertising network, today announced a 12% referral system. This is HUGE. For instance if I would have signed up for through your link just from the few tweets I have done so far you would have made almost 4 THOUSAND DOLLARS.  For nothing!  Just for giving me a link to signup!

If making 12% off of people you refer into the system was not enough they are also having some contests giving away macbook pro’s, ipods, and other awesome prizes!

So go sign up now and refer your friends. Oh, and not to mention make money off of twitter yourself.

I have been doing really well with But, honestly it’s been because I am a pretty big deal on the internet (yes thats a joke… kind of… ).

I was talking to CEO Sean Rad (cool name huh?) and he was telling me they are about to launch their self service platform very shortly. He also told me they had thousands of advertisers ready to pounce and expect millions of dollars to come through the FIRST DAY!

Sean told me that unlike every other Twitter network, the self service platform works off of a quality score. A user with 200 REAL FOLLOWERS could make more then someone with 20000 bot followers that never click or convert.

This is what advertisers have been dying for on twitter and is about to deliver.

This is a serious game changer and means that a lot of you guys with 100-500 followers are about to get paid.

But guess what? The longer you wait to sign up the longer you are leaving money on the table.

Even if you are not a dirty capitalist pig like me you know you want to at least see what your quality score is.

So go sign up now!

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