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by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 13, 2009 · 42 comments

Factory Direct Craft is a huge website for every crafting thing you could imagine. They have painting, doll making, floral supplies, metal, lamp kits, and supplies for weddings and parties. This is a great website that is very easy to navigate, even if you have no idea what decoupage is. I am thinking of starting doll making…well maybe not… but if that is your thing you should defiantly check out there site at factorydirectcraft.com

The shirt is a little big they said it was the only size they had left but like their website the shirt shows they provide more for your money.

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Too big t-shirt for you, I think this is your future t-shirt size. Nice smile again.

2 Learn Internet Marketing

Not trying to be mean, but this looks like a shirt that Shoe could have used before the surgery, however it’s great that it is way to big now :)

I hope that didn’t come across wrong

3 Giancarlo Massaro - AnyLuckyDay.com

That shirt looks massive on you!

4 Kalvster

I thought it was Factory direct and was avout to go… /facepalm. :lol:

5 Kevin

Nice shirt shoemoney! It is quite a big size

6 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

T Shirt Colour’s is good but this will suit you when you will wear it after few years as you are not taking your body weight seriously.

7 Dino

Nice site, checked it out and yes the tee-shirt was too big for yah!

Dino | Dinono.com

8 Donny Gamble

I think that is a real plain shirt from the front. They should have put the words on the logo on the front of the shirt instead of on the back.

9 James

cool t-shirt, I thought you are in a surgery room

10 Jim Clark

The Mary Jane clothing were better, but this one isn’t that bad.

11 Batterycentury

Not too bad, maybe I will get one too, ha.

12 Merle

I’m a big crafter….creating things is a real stress outlet for me and something I thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for turning me onto this great site for supplies.

13 Air Tools Sale

The shirt may be too big — but it looks comfy and it is a Great color for you …

14 daydaily.com

yeah, thats too big for you shoe, and if i wear it, i must be sungked :P

15 Ashli Norton

Now you just have more room to grow,lol

16 Business Solutions

The site is looking great. But you looks too massive on the T-shirt :(. I may like to order some good crafted (painted) T shirts soon. ( Very very smaller in size. :D)

17 fas

Over size for sure.

18 Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

How does it feel to wear a near Sears coloured shirt again?

19 Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

Jeremy, you know on the right column of the blog that friend of yours from college who always appears there with the nice simle under ‘Shoemoney Friends & Fans’ …. she’s always there, so is she your only friend and fan or is it just that she is – um – sticky?

20 Kevin

Great shirt shoemoney!

21 Eat My Shorts - Yea You

Still gettin’ shirts eh? I am gonna send one in for you to wear. It will be a pretty color and perfect size :) Stay tuned.

22 Cris16

Nice shirt! :)

23 scheng1

haha, the picture of your back looks better than the one with your face!

24 rick kats

nice shirt and color, a bit long though.

25 Sally

Love the shirt, love the green!

26 Tinh

You look so green in this and I hope all blogger will be more green in the future :-)

27 christian

Calling Jeremy to the operating room. Dr. Shoemaker to surgery stat.

28 craft storage

Nice to see that they also own FactoryDirectCraftSupply.com and have it forwarded to their main homepage. Wish they would also own FactoryCraftDirect.com.

29 Filipino Entrepreneur

Nice shirt. Looks like a scrub suit :) because of the green color and kind of loose fitting.

30 tommy

the site sell good stuff i can buy it for my kids :D

and good shirt even i think it’s too big for you


Shoe its smelling bad now. 4 days to go to get the new free T-shirt.I think you are in love with this massive green.

32 La Digue Island Lodge

The shirt is so green but it’s definitely nice. It’s a pity it’s not your size otherwise it would have suited you better!

33 Ps3 Modern Warfare 2

T-shirt is good but it does look very huge on you.

34 Blazing Articles - Submit your unique articles free

lol, nice shirt dude :P

35 Surfer

Doll making? Seems a bit off topic for you, isn’t it? :)

36 Eri Ricaldo

looks massive on you!

37 Smaxor

That is one ugly ass shirt. Come on is the piper fitters union next?

38 Alonso Vanhauen

Very good post.Suchinteresting read and info, thanks for sharing this post, I have already bookmarked your weblog. I can see that you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your blog and detailed articles!

39 cricut just because

I would rock it. With some green air force ones

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