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Factory Direct Craft is a huge website for every crafting thing you could imagine. They have painting, doll making, floral supplies, metal, lamp kits, and supplies for weddings and parties. This is a great website that is very easy to navigate, even if you have no idea what decoupage is. I am thinking of starting doll making…well maybe not… but if that is your thing you should defiantly check out there site at factorydirectcraft.com

The shirt is a little big they said it was the only size they had left but like their website the shirt shows they provide more for your money.

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  4. Merle

    I’m a big crafter….creating things is a real stress outlet for me and something I thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for turning me onto this great site for supplies.

  5. Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

    Jeremy, you know on the right column of the blog that friend of yours from college who always appears there with the nice simle under ‘Shoemoney Friends & Fans’ …. she’s always there, so is she your only friend and fan or is it just that she is – um – sticky?

  6. Alonso Vanhauen

    Very good post.Suchinteresting read and info, thanks for sharing this post, I have already bookmarked your weblog. I can see that you’re putting a lot of time and effort into your blog and detailed articles!

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