How To Get Ringtones On Your Android Phone – Step By Step Guide With Photos & Video

by Jeremy Schoemaker on November 11, 2009 · 99 comments

Just picked up the Motorola Android powered Droid last week. Have had a lot of people ask for a more in depth review from me…

First of all… lets get our priorities straight. We need to load up some ring tones.

I could not find anywhere that had a good guide on how to do it. There was some information here and there but nothing like step by step walk through. So here you go!

Watch the video for a quick how to:

For those a little slower I made step by step instructions with pics:

Step 1) Get the clip of the song you want to use in mp3 format. I use a program called Amadeus for MACOSX but you can use whatever you want.

Step 2) Plug in your Android phone into your computer via the USB cable it came with.

Step 3) On your phone under notifications click on the USB notification and choose mount:

Step 4) Open the drive and make a new folder called “ringtones” (all lower case) – If you also want to make custom notification sounds then mane one called “notifications”.

Step 5) Copy your ringtones you made into this ringtones folder you just made:

Step 6) Eject the drive from your computer (on your mac just drag it to the trash)

Step 7) Unplug your phone.

Step 8) On your phone go to home -> settings-> Sound & Display -> Phone Ringtone and choose the ringtone you just uploaded.

And you are done!!!!!!!!

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in my opinion, android phone from google are not cool at all, it is like made to be an iphone killer.
didn’t have a self brand at all

2 Jeremy Schoemaker

Thats silly its not made or marketed to be a iPhone killer.

People keep wanting an iPhone killer….

Most iPhone users would not like the droid or know how to write their own apps for it.

Like I said in my original post it feels a lot like a unix based phone. Not super polished but really powerful.

3 Gabe |

Droid will, however, take a bit of market share away from our friends at RIM.

4 Kevin

Thanks for the video and pictures! great tut!

5 Denny Sugar

Lovin the new droid so far, albeit I went for the Eris. Ringtones totlally suck, but Google voice integration is sweet!

6 Rob

Why not just use Ringdroid? You can use the music from your phone and edit/clip/select the part you one ON your phone:

7 Jeremy Schoemaker

I tried ringdroid and it totally screwed up my phone to the point of factory reset… much like a lot of the commentators on the site lol.. Why use some 3rd party app when its as easy as dragging the music to a folder?

8 Mike

I agree with Jeremy. Why install an app if you don’t need one.

9 Sherwin

Wow Shoe, you can sing too!

10 Jeremy Schoemaker


11 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

You are better singer than John Chow.

Recently John sang in a seminar. Although his voice was not that good but his spirit was really high.

12 The Poker Jerk

Wow, what an overcomplicated mess.

On Windows Mobile this is what you do:

-Browse to the audio file in File Explorer
-Tap-hold it, tap “Set as Ringtone”

13 Mike

Basically the same same thing with Android. You click – Music – Songs and then tap & hold any Mp3 you have listed. Menu pops up and select set “Set as Ringtone”. But you can only set it as a ringtone and not a notification sound. Jeremy’s instructions show you how to do that. By the way Jeremy the same method works for “alarms”.

14 domainpubber

Nice to know we’re too “slow” to understand to go to the ringtones config panel. U Da Man Shoe … don’t let it go to your big head too much now, LOL.

15 Tommy

wow thanks a lot for the tutorial shoe

16 leenorman

I am totally unaware of MAC OS… But anyway nice review…

17 2Go Media

That is a nice looking phone wow! I like iPhone a lot, I think I’m gonna go back to my favorite brand Motorola

18 Lee

Really Handy.. thanks for sharing with such a details.

19 Adam Baird

I’ll sing it loud and proud. I love the hills!

20 Health Mind Spirit

Mr Jeremy,

Your diagrams are clear and easy to follow, your instructions simple, easy to understand,

You sure your not a teacher?
thank you.

21 Anand Srinivasan

Now I think I need a Droid!

22 Glen Allsopp

Nice guide Shoe.

BTW, the song is by Nathasha Bedingfield, not Natalie Imbruglia ;)

23 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Seems to me that now you are devoting your maximum time to Droid.

Yes we are still child and will stick to new gadgets at least for few days :)

24 Jeremy Schoemaker

its really fun to play with

25 Dino

Damn, i think i need to get a droid as well. Haha

26 kellex

You are the man Jeremy. Just got my Droid and this is the first thing I thought of…sure enough you were already on it.

27 Stocks on Wall Street

How do you like the Droid???

28 Stocks on Wall Street

How do you like the Droid???

29 Jeremy Schoemaker

2 huge things I love about the droid right off the bat.

1) Verizon network rocks

2) Google app integration is amazing.

3) Google Nav integration is amazing.

Now as I have said a million times its not a very polished operating system. It feels clunky at times and sometimes apps crash (although pretty rare).

The geek in me loves it but I really loved my iphone because everything just worked without me having to worry to much. Well I will do a full review soon.

30 Jack is coming out with an android app that lets you download and upload ringtones easily on your phone. looks pretty cool.

31 Jenn

I downloaded zedge but can not get it to work on my LG aly! but it was an easy download to the phone.

32 Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

Nice guide, but still seems easier to get a toe ring on the phone than a ring tone.

33 coops

OSX is unix based, but I’m guessing you’re meaning more on the raw side.

34 Kevin

Wow! Already 30 comments.

35 My Brute Game

I am a dedicated iPhonian and have been for about 2 years now, but I’ll even admit…the Droid looks pretty badass and I kind of want one :(

Keep up the videos Jeremy. They’re so much more fun than reading :)

36 Mike

My daughter switched from IPhone to Android after she saw my G1 and she has never looked back.

37 fas

NIce guide there. However very few people use andriod yet!

38 Learn Internet Marketing

You can really tell Jeremy has a passion for this, and it’s great to see!

39 Todd

This also works for “Notifications”
You must create “notifications” folder and put the files in there ;-)

40 Chris Hunter

Hey, Shoe!

Can you give us a video of the Droid’s web browsing action?

I’d like to see how it compares to the iPhone.



41 Mike

It works good with 3G and fantastic with my WiFi at home.

42 Ps3 Modern Warfare 2

I would like to now have Droid. Nice Guide Jeremy!

43 thomson

Really a very useful information for me dude. I am using android phone and now only loaded ringtones to my phone with the help of this wonderful article. Thanks

44 Bob

Any idea the directory for the notifications ringtone would go? I didn’t see the new phone ringtones show up in the list?

BTW: You saved me a headache looking around on SD card and trying to figure out I needed to create a new Dir. THANKS!

45 Bpb

Never mind, I realized it was within all the responses that were posted.

46 Cruise Ships

This phone is great according to many people. I will love to buy such phone. Really looking useful and great

47 tommy

wow thanks for the tips shoe
it will help many people who use droid phone

48 Sabine D.

WOW – what a amazing Step By Step Guide for my Android. I don´t found this stuff in German – and here it is. Thank you very much from Berlin / Germany – you are the Best !

49 Derek

Just a note that, at least on the Sprint HTC Hero, the folder had to be lowercase, unless I just did something wrong on the first go that I didn’t realize.

50 Josh

This article works if you have the music already. On the contrary, if you dont have mp3s you want as your ringtones, you could download ringtones app from mabilo in the market’s entertainment category.

51 will

Hey im trying to get ringtones on my samsung moment….its pretty much just like the tmobile g1 but i dont have a mac i have a pc and i dont know what software to use to convert the mp3 to a smaller file….anything u can suggest? thanks a ton…ur blogs rock!!!

52 Jessica @ Ringtone downloads

Nice tutorial, for me I use Cooledit to edit and make my own tunes for what ever phone I have at the time. You can get some plugins for the big audio packages out there that help you convert it to the right format etc.


Very interesting information! It was of great use to me. I found RingtoneSmash has a great review of Cellware ringtones.

54 Mike

FYI – The same method works for “alarms”. Just thought I would add that. You do a fantastic job for your readers. I gotcha bookmarked!

55 Wendy

Thanks. The video was funny and very helpful for someone who is clueless.

56 hodoalany

Е-мое, отменная заметка

57 jack

wow…great thanks alot

58 Cristobal Hiedeman

Just obtained a Mythic for myself and will probably be having one for my wife soon! It has just the correct mix of attributes. just brief of the total smartphone. I’m keeping an eye on the Captivate for any potential future cell phone..
.price ranges are way as well great when released. I’ve been in higher tech for 20+ years and basically hack every little thing I own to create it superior laptops, GPS, vehicle navigation techniques, etc. and yes cell phones too. Inside handful of days I’ve owned the telephone I have by now set up Opera Mini, Bolt 2.1, freecaddie, Google Maps w/GPS functionality, deleted all locked unproductive apps right after backing them up and absolutely modified the menu method to my exact needs with no all unproductive apps.

59 Jester

Thanks man!

60 htc hero

Does anybody know which sort of video files are supported? I keep in mind the Intuition solely might dl 3gp utilizing opera mini. I downloaded the twist ap, possibly that’s the problem? How can I watch videos from sites apart from youtube? Which file sorts? Usually I am given the choice of 3gp or mpeg4. Cannot get both to work. Thank you on your time! Rattling I wish I used to be eligible for the improve to EVO!

61 Casey

Hey, how can i turn put my mp3 as my ringtone? can i do that? I’ve tried to open a ringtone folder but nothing happen. Do you know what’s wrong with it? Im using Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 . Hope U can help. =(

62 Seganku

I love my Android, but this had me scratching my head. Thanks for the guide!

63 Jenny

Wow, it worked… thank you so much!

64 sooner

has anyone seen and know where to get the ring tone application that is on the show
Fairly Legal on usa network?????


wooow..thank you very was really driving me crazy how to put my music as a ringtone… your instructions were really useful :)

66 ashley johnson

so u cant download a ringtone off a website and use it? do u have to have a computer?

67 Get Dropbox FREE!

My english isn’t very good. Could u give me website link to some translator? I desire to be allowed to examine this so mucho .

68 Wid

Thanks! That worked great.

69 Treya

How do you get ringtones not using a PC. With my old phone I use to be able to save the txt message as a sound and be able to set the ringtone that way. But how do you do it with the android?

70 sriharsha

Thanks a lot dude, you are a saviour

71 Michele

This worked the very first time I tried!! Works beautifully on my Aria.

72 Estefani Colmenero

Hey thanks for that vid. You did an awesome job explaining it. i really enjoyed your instructions. Nice voice at the end too when you sang the song. Take care and hope to hear from you later.

73 Mark

SUPER! Just what I needed in a brief, easy to use concise format. Glad I stumbled upon your website after spending 20mins looking at other useless sites. Thanks a million!

74 Jim

Thanks Shoe and Mike. I played around in the ring tone menu several times and then saw Mike’s instructions saying to hold on the sound/mp3 file, worked perfectly.

75 aivilo2008

Well it works great just would be better if my phone (expera play) would work when its pluged into the comp :)

76 Dawn

thanks so much for the how to, now my phone is a lilttle more me :)

77 Nate

Awesome awesome awesome! Thank you! I’ve spent two !@#$@# days clicking on files in the media player and having most of them come up as too large, or just getting the singularly unhelpful “Fail to set ringtone”. Then I find this page, and I’m back in love with my $50 Pantech Crossover all over again!

78 linda

That’s ok but I don’t have usb cable I have all my ringtones on here but when I click on the one I want the green button is there but when I try my phone its right back to the ringtone I don’t want then I go back on phone ringtones and the green light is back on the original tone this is sooooo frustrating seems I can download from verizon site and pay for the same tone I get free from some other site please help

79 Deepak143

good bro.

80 Doug

Yes even now it does work. I have a Galaxy S which I was screaming mad by not being able to edit ringtones. Sure I can’t delete the pre-installed ones but can now use my own. Unfortunately I can’t use .wma files but mp3 and m4a files work great. Thanks for the tutorial!!!!

81 Al

It should be an iphone killer. Apple contracted with only ONE cell service provider and created a monoply on that type of phone with only one service. that should have been shut down by the FTC but they were paid off.
Your government is the most corrupt ever on this planet! wake up!!!!!

82 File Sharing

Awesome! Simply brilliant!

83 Felix

Whats up

84 Bob

That was so confusing I mean you explained it great I just didn’t get it.UHGG

85 Richard Green

Hi Jeremy

I was just as frustrated as you about getting ringtones onto an Android Phone .. but luckily I’m a developer so I wrote a website combined with the phone to make it as easy as uploading a file… I don’t know if I’m allowed to plug it here but I would love to be able to show you – get in touch ?


86 Tori

Question: I used the USB cord to mount but nothing is happening… I know the USB cord isn’t compatible with a Mac but I tried it with a toshiba laptop and didn’t work either. Does anyone have any suggestions or know what to do??

87 Jay Asher

Thanks, this was a big help. Well done!

Shoemoney 88 Antonia

Thank you thank you thank you, this was so helpful and easy to follow! I have got the ringtone I wanted and it was really quick and easy – would never have worked it out on my own!

Shoemoney 89 Bob

Thank you for a concise explanation; you save me a lot of time

90 compare htc phones

I’ve read several good stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much attempt you set to create any such magnificent informative site.

91 Joe Schmo

Thank you! This really works and mp3s are a breeze to put on

Just one question though: Can you name a folder “ringback tones” and follow thew same method to make songs your ringback tone??

92 Jasmin

I just want to point out that the song is by Natasha Beddingfield, and not Natalie Imbruglia.

93 mike w

Re: ringtones. my droid does not have “mount” come up under usb connected, help

94 Viv N

neither does mine. (my phone is Ideos). Drag down the notificationto copy fis at the top left of your screen (my phone is Ideos), It should say “USB connected” Select topy files to/from your computer (ie Turn on USB storage). Then go to the next step and it’s pretty straightforward from there. Hope this helps.

95 Viv N

Thank you!! Have been trying (not very hard admittedly) to figure this out for my phone (Ideos) since I got it a couple of years back! It works!

96 Luscious

Help! This tutorial was great but did not work for me. Does my Droid phone need to be a newer version or something?

97 Bruce in south Africa

i’m 65 and my kids think I’m too old and stupid for a smart phone. Got some great ringtones as this article made it very easy. Thanks for great article


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