Are You Scared Shitless?

Last week at Audience Conference I did something I have never done before. No powerpoint, no panel, just me on a broadway stage giving a talk at an event headline sponsored by Ford Motor Company in front of hundreds of people.

The attendees were also a lot of my peers or people in high places. People like executives from Ford, ABC News, Warner Brothers Records, Jason Calacanis (former AOL Exec, Mahalo founder) and many other heavy hitters.

It was by far the most intimidating audience I have ever spoken to.

Right before I went on Loren Feldman looked at me and said, "you nervous?".

"Shittin bricks" I replied.

I had never been on a stage with tons of lights, velvet curtains on the side and behind me, and microphoens all over. It was pretty neat.

I gave a talk about how I built an audience at How I blog in the space of making money online – but so do hundreds of thousands of other people. Why is it that I built one of the largest audiences in the niche and others have failed to get an audience. Even people much more “successful” than myself.

I believe it all comes down to 3 key things. I will be posting the video from my talk as soon as Loren gets it to me 😉 (feel free to prod him on twitter @1938media)

This post isn’t about my talk though… it’s about facing your fears. I was scared shitless to take the stage and give my talk but what was the worst thing that could happen? I sucked? I tripped and fell? I fainted?

I remember back when I did my first appearance on SEO Rockstars radio show. I remember the first time I flew in an airplane. I remember when I gave my first keynote speech. I remember giving my talk at the Elite Retreat on conversion and seeing Seth Godin in the audience! All pretty scary experiences.

Are you doing things that scare you shitless? Or are you happy to live in your comfort zone?

Failure is something I can deal with. Regret is not.