Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

Recently I was talking to a friend who was asking me for tips on how he could get more readers to his blog.  He writes really great content, spends hours proofreading each post and yet can’t seem to gain any traction in readership.

I’m gonna be straight up with you.  I never meant to have a blog that made money and I wrote every day for years before it ever made a dime.  I get way more credit then I deserve in that regard.

I can tell you what I do.  I try to spend less then 30 mins per day on shoemoney.com.  I write my 1 post a day still (I have averaged over 1 post a day going on 6 years) and that’s it.  I do check back every couple hours to read comments and respond to them.

I think the biggest part is nobody has a unique story and everyone is trying to be a “news” site. BORING.

I don’t sit and think about a blog post for hours.  When I catch myself doing it I stop and I start writing or record myself on my iPhone using Voxie (dictation translation service).

If I have an opinion about a topic, I write about it.

If I think someone is an asshole, I write about it.

If I think some company sucks balls, I write about it.

Other then Firefox’s spellchecker, I don’t spell check my posts.

One of the biggest things is you have to be willing to stick your pecker out.  Quit being so scared.  Quit trying to be what you think people want you to be and be yourself.

Are people going to disagree with you?  Absolutely!

Are people going to make blog posts about how you don’t know what your talking about?  For sure!

But if you are willing to be yourself and show the world you’re a regular dumb ass like them, before you know it people will start to connect with you and subscribe to your blog.