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Recently I was talking to a friend who was asking me for tips on how he could get more readers to his blog.  He writes really great content, spends hours proofreading each post and yet can’t seem to gain any traction in readership.

I’m gonna be straight up with you.  I never meant to have a blog that made money and I wrote every day for years before it ever made a dime.  I get way more credit then I deserve in that regard.

I can tell you what I do.  I try to spend less then 30 mins per day on shoemoney.com.  I write my 1 post a day still (I have averaged over 1 post a day going on 6 years) and that’s it.  I do check back every couple hours to read comments and respond to them.

I think the biggest part is nobody has a unique story and everyone is trying to be a “news” site. BORING.

I don’t sit and think about a blog post for hours.  When I catch myself doing it I stop and I start writing or record myself on my iPhone using Voxie (dictation translation service).

If I have an opinion about a topic, I write about it.

If I think someone is an asshole, I write about it.

If I think some company sucks balls, I write about it.

Other then Firefox’s spellchecker, I don’t spell check my posts.

One of the biggest things is you have to be willing to stick your pecker out.  Quit being so scared.  Quit trying to be what you think people want you to be and be yourself.

Are people going to disagree with you?  Absolutely!

Are people going to make blog posts about how you don’t know what your talking about?  For sure!

But if you are willing to be yourself and show the world you’re a regular dumb ass like them, before you know it people will start to connect with you and subscribe to your blog.

163 thoughts on “Why Nobody Reads Your Blog

  1. Shari Weiss

    Different strokes for different folks, is what I say. I’m reminded of the advice that suggests we all be proud to sign our names to everything we do.
    Shari Weiss

  2. Phil

    Was I just called a dumbass? LOL Good advise, Shoemoney. I have to get back ot my blog soon. Just writing is a thoughtful process.

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  4. lilith West

    Agreed 100% I really need to break down some barriers being dyslexic, in regards to writing online.

  5. David Zemens

    There must be more to it than that? Surely there are thousands and thousands of folks trying the same technique, with no success.

    Come on, what’s the real secret?

    1. ShoeMoney Post author

      This is what makes me sad… people always waiting around for the “secret”.

      The secret is you need to get after it and start doing stuff.

      1. purposeinc

        He’s right. Most people are wayyy lazy on the writing part of a blog!

        For instance, Azoogle just had the best party ever. If you google around for posts about the party after it happened, you will find maybe 4 if you are lucky.

      2. Agent 001

        People are stupid. Just give them chocolates and they will say it is just a lump of mud.

        The only secret is trying the things yourself and giving it some time.

      1. Freelance Noor

        That is a great advice. The concern raised is also genuine. You can choose to right because you have a dedicated readers. But when new people do this kind of postings they lose credibility. You may say you only spend 30 min a day. But you have posts that are worth million. Treasure for a person aspiring to become a success here.

      2. Agent 001

        Sharing your experience is a good idea. People love it. You should post your experiences once in a while. You will get attention of your readers too.

        And if the experience somehow relate to them they are eager to discuss things.

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  7. Ahmadism

    I happen to write what I like even thought it’s not original content; and although my blog/site is relatively new, I’d have to disagree that what you said is the ONLY thing needed.

    Let me explain …
    Like you, I post one thing a day. But I have themed days: Inspirational Mondays, Tip Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays, Happy Thursdays and Funny Fridays.

    I try to find something inspirational that I’ve not posted every Monday. I try to write a tip every Tuesday, which in most cases is as tech tip. And so on …

    But I can’t help but think that there’s a minimum amount of time for a blog to be up and running. As a novice, I don’t know what that time is. I’m just sure that it’s not 4 months or so.

    That’s one thing. The other thing is definitely your domain name. The catchier, the better. Mine is Ahmadism (long story on why). But basically, my name is Ahmad and … well … let’s face it “Ahmad” if spelled correctly is not talking to the average person. Making it Ahmadism sounds like a religious movement more than a blog with themes.

    I’m not trying to start a political/religious debate here, but the media and general opinion out there (I think) is not favorable towards a name like Ahmad. Making that name an “ism” may even distance it farther.

    To be honest, it’s the reason why I’m contemplating changing the name and ultimately the brand … now that it has only been a few month, rather than wait any longer.

    What do you think? Is there a minimum or “don’t expect readership under xxx time/months/years?” What about the domain name/brand?

    Better yet, what’s YOUR take on “ahmadism” as the name I’ve chosen?

    I’d love to hear your opinion and that of your readers/commenters.


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  9. Marko Saric

    Another piece of advice I would give is that nobody is reading your blog because no one knows about it.

    You must write the best posts you can, but you must also be the one who goes to the social media and spends hours and hours connecting to your target audience, you must be the one who writes guest posts on big blogs in your niche, you must promote.

    Nobody knows about your blog, nobody knows about all these great articles you are writing, you must get out there and actively spread the word about your blog!

  10. Robert Avila

    This is by far one of the best posts I’ve seen on how to attract readers. So many people over analyze every damn thing and never start!

    “Quit being so scared. Quit trying to be what you think people want you to be and be yourself.” – Nice!

  11. Jayme

    It’s good that you’ve had success with your content, but perhaps you could learn correct grammar too.

    You are = you’re a regular dumbass, not your.

    And there is no such thing as better then unless you are describing how much better everything was in the past. It’s better than.

    You seem to have gained the respect of readers by consistently posting interesting content. You might gain the respect of some educated people by applying some simple rules of English.

    1. purposeinc

      He does speak correctly. It is a little known Lincoln dialect. It is the same dialect that Abraham Lincoln spoke. You will notice the similarity in their writing style.

  12. Mia

    AMEN ! youre sooo on the MONEY ! ( shoemoney that is :) You cant spend your life worrying about what other people are thinking . Just LIVE your life – just BE who you are . Cause you cant please everyone , so you got to please yourself . Now smile :)

  13. Diana Taylor, Pug At The Beach

    “…a regular dumb ass…” As opposed to a special dumb ass? I love it.

    On being ourselves, I agree wholeheartedly.

    The first time I told someone that (my company) Pug At The Beach is where the Dalai Lama and Jimmy Buffett meet for lunch, I was told my comment was disrespectful to the Dalai Lama. I said, “Nonsense, if the Dalai Lama knew about Pug At The Beach, he’d be honored.”

    Make it a beach day whatever that looks like to you!

  14. Sohail

    I agree if you blog for 4, 5, 6 years you will have a reader base at the end.
    The problem is how to get traffic base at start (in your 1st year) and there are methods to do that and many work better than others. so again if you are writing best content things do not stop there, you need to go out to show ur content to people.

    1. ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

      But to that reader base you will have to do labour hard and that also on continuous basis.

      As Jeremy told that he was keep writing one posts everyday. This everyday post force people to come again to your blog to see what you write again. Provided you have unique style.

      I do not think that Jeremy decorate any word or use any diplomatic kind of style. He type what he feels … and I think that is his biggest plus point.

  15. Freelance Noor

    What I like from Shoe Money is that he speaks straight from his heart. The fact that he spends only half an hour a day is amazing. But following a schedule like a religion has made him a super star. He makes a post every day. This is something unique.

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  17. Adam Baird

    Its important to give your readers what they want, but if you’re constantly trying to be something you’re not you have no chance.

    I guess the best way I can think of to put it is you need to naturally be what your readers want. You can only fake it for so long.

  18. Ben

    Absolutely! I try to be myself as far as possible, I used to try and worry about what everyone thought about what I wrote and it stopped been fun. Now I just write my opinion and go with the flow.

  19. cheap bape shoes

    The first time I told someone that (my company) Pug At The Beach is where the Dalai Lama and Jimmy Buffett meet for lunch, I was told my comment was disrespectful to the Dalai Lama. I said, “Nonsense, if the Dalai Lama knew about Pug At The Beach, he’d be honored.”

    Make it a beach day whatever that looks like to you!air max shoes comment

  20. recipe4romance

    You hit the nail on the head. If you try to hard and care to much…what’ts the point. I post when I want. I write what I feel at the that time. I don’t try to force it…Fabulous tip my friend !!

  21. Aaron

    It does help to at least have a little focus to your subject matter. I don’t subscribe to websites/blogs just because someone talks about random stuff.

    I subscribe because they are either consistently funny, consistently on a topic I care about, or consistently have good information on topic(s) I care about. If it’s just the random ramblings of someone from Webland, I don’t subscribe and probably only visit the once time I’m sent there.

    That doesn’t mean you’re wrong, of course, it just means that what you’ve said has a caveat. Your site has a general focus, as do most highly-trafficked sites. People don’t visit Amazon.com to get political views and they don’t go to Facebook hoping to find the latest best seller for cheap.

    Thanks for the great info on your theme, though! :)

  22. Finch

    People have different motives for blogging.

    I’m an affiliate marketer who spends most of his time affiliate marketing and occasionally posting a few tips to give something back to the business.

    Many bloggers out there are posting in the name of profit. I don’t publicize it, but every single cent made on my blog gets donated to charity.

    I can list on one hand the number of affiliate marketing bloggers that I trust.

    1. Prostate Problems

      The origination of the term ‘blog’ is interesting. It was initially called a ‘weblog’ meaning a log or a diary or a journal that helps you to record your thoughts on a day to day basis. In that sense it was rather in its primitive stages and did not turn into an instrument for propaganda immediately. This term was later shortened to blog and this is when free blogging services like Blogger became extremely popular.

  23. Matt

    I like the Field of Dreams approach – ” If you build it, he will come.”

    People won’t read your blog if there’s nothing to read. If you do have readers, they won’t come back if there’s nothing new. Therefore, keep posting new content (even if reader growth is slow) and the readership will eventually gain trust and recommend you, and over time you will gain more readers.

    Of course, it should be high quality content, and it might help to be innovative, creative, controversial, or the first to announce interesting breaking news (even if local, or in a niche sector). I personally also appreciate other people’s opinions and the opportunity to debate opinions with others, so I like to offer that too.


    1. Chris Peterson

      I am sure about what you are saying :) New things on blog will keep readers busy always & contests are most popular among all the activities of keeping readers busy ..lol

  24. Byrne

    You can write a widely-read blog that makes you seem like an expert and gets you ahead in your industry. And you can do it in three steps:

    1) Hang out in forums and on Yahoo! Answers categories related to a subject you know something about.

    2) Every time you see a question asked twice, and not answered well, write a blog post that answers it.

    3) Do this every day for a couple weeks, and you’ll start to rank well on Google for long-tail searches related to your topic.

    That’s it. You’re never “done,” but you’re always making progress. It’s worked for me on several blogs I’ve written for clients. And now I’m doing it for myself.

    1. Freeance Noor

      Well that is a great Idea for sure. It is ideas that is important when it come to blogging. Yahoo answer is a great place to find new ideas. I always visit yahoo answer to promote my website and receive some immediate traffic. The problem though is Yahoo answer is not allowing the click through Link as it used to before.

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  26. Adam

    Totally agree. No one wants to read more news that is simply re-broadcasted over and over. You will definitely get more readers by showing opinion. Pissing people off gets attention!

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  29. Denny Sugar

    Once you work it into your routine it’s pretty gratifying. I’m posting every Friday for now only because that is a day that I typically have time each week. Not sure if I will be a daily anytime soon although if I feel it, I just write it and stick my pecker out there. Keep in mind not every post is going to be a hit, just write for yourself.

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  31. Needmoney.com

    Most of the successful bloggers started off writing for fun and because they had something to say, found a readership, and then turned their energies to monetization. A mistake I think a lot of people make is to start to monetize before they’ve found a readership.

    Sure, maybe you’ll pull in some Adsense checks for $20/month or something, but you’re not going to grow. Unless you’re planning to make a thousand more blogs just like that your get rich blogging plan will == fail.

  32. Keith Wilcox

    You just described everything I’m doing. I spend hours on my posts, and I’m constantly worried about saying something controversial. I’ve read many of your posts, and I’ve gotta admit that this one has been the most useful to me. You nailed all of my problems right there, in a nut shell. Thanks.

    1. Freelance Noor

      You are right. This is the mistake we bloggers make every day. The fact is we fail to recognize it. The Adsense follows smart pricing and we receive more revenue from an established blog.
      The difference lies here. We create blogs to monetize it. Great bloggers like Shoe money monetized established blogs.

  33. Angie

    I’ve been thinking of a second blog….sort of a no holds bar sort of format. Thanks for the post, you’re right! I bet I’ll give it the least “attention” and it will blow my other blog out of the water. :)

  34. clarky

    Your blog is so hot just like Problogger.net, everytime when I visit your blog and want to leave a comment, I find that there are already so many comments there.
    You write great articles, and your design is so cool, that is why I like your blog, keep working :).

  35. David Fan

    I love your check Jeremy. Not because of the money, because you look so nerdy and you made soooo much money!! hahaha it’s just brilliant marketing indeed.

    I mean great content is always essential but I personally also think your friend should focus on doing something interesting, and people will be interested to hear his opinion.

    1. Prostate Problems

      In blogging, content is the lifeline of blogs. It is what makes each blog ticks, come alive or stand out from the rest. We cannot dispute the fact that content is the driver and the direction that the blog is moving is controlled by this driver. Whether we like it or not, content remains the primary yardstick to the success of each blog. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that good blog content matters the most as far as the success of the blog is concerned.

      1. Freelance Noor

        Content is the King. Create as much original and unique content for your blog. This is the most important yardstick for success. Second thing is get your contents indexed. Build some important links to get google notice your page.

  36. Delson Moo

    John Chow spends 2 hours a day to write a blog and you only half an hour, you ROCK man!! Anyway, have been trying to write for our business blog and so far the readership is rather pathetic. Am following your advice now trying to write it with a first person perspective rather than another news coverage. Hope it works for us :)

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  38. TheVegasGeek

    I’m sorry Shoe: “….One of the biggest things is you have to be willing to stick your pecker out.” I don’t have one of those either but the metafor fits and your point is taken. :) Great work.

    Some examples to think about:

    1) While most of the world is slobering over the latest Apple TV commercial and the thing about no viruses and such in the Mac. Take Apple to task and ask them why the Snow Lepoard thing has built in Malware/Spyware protection. Speak from your heart in a direct and FORCEFULL tone.

    2) You love your iPhone and so do I. Take the Apple store to task for distributing SPYWWARE which phones home with your cell number. No to mention plain text sent for password. Beat them up and tell it like it is.

    3) 9/11 is about here. Their is a faction that says the US suits planned it. NOT. Take them to task.

    I could go on for days. EVERY issue and story has another view and side to it. Find it and write about it IF your comfortable with it.

  39. shirl

    thanks for the advise.

    I also like no BS, simple, direct approach, easy to read, short and crisp information.

    But do you feel you cant do that in eZinearticles? I feel very much frustrated in trying to submit something genuine.

    Do you use eZine to attract readers to your blog?

    thanks for any advise

  40. Prostate Problems

    Sometimes we get into the mindset that whatever we want to write about is what we want to blog about. But that’s not always the case. Get to know your readers, understand their problems and find out their questions and then start giving them the answers.

  41. Melvin

    Well in as much as u are trying to stress out sticking the pecker out, i thnk another BIG factor is patience. Wat most bloggers expect is 2 be famous in a month or 2. It sucks too many bloggers quit 4 not really getting thngs

    1. Chris Peterson

      Money should come only once you start getting atleast 1k visitors on daily basis. If you start your blog and after one week put adsense, affiliate etc etc people will think that you are fool to do that lol

      1. Melvin

        Well to be honest, when I create sites/blogs, I give them goals to work for first before starting trying to monetize them. Of course its a different thing with affiliate sites and sites that I drive traffic through pay per click

      2. Freelance Noor

        Well receiving 1k visitors perday is a big thing. It is almost impossible to wait until we receive 1k visitors per day. It is been a struggle to receive 400 visitors a day.

    1. R Kumar

      You are right. The material in a blog should be simple and understandable. There are so many blogs that I read which has lots of good posts but which takes time to even understand. Probably the language is so Shakespearean, that midway I just leave the post.
      So KISS- keep it sweet and simple is the mantra.

  42. Brad

    Yea thats a great tip, –
    “comment on the comments” –
    people love to feel that their comments are important. When You respond they get validation, and probaly will come back to and leave more comments.

    As well, If someone leaves a comment why not goto their blog and comment back! . You’re to0 busy Shoe to do that for 150comments, but for the rest of us that only get a couple of comments it’s a great idea. Also this helps builds your relationship with your readers 😉

    1. R Kumar

      That was interesting. You have proved that it does not take an entire post to talk about ways of getting traffic to your site and creating worth for your posts.
      You explained it all in just one small comment.

    1. Sergey Rusak

      If you approach it with personality you’ll find people witimilar personality or people who like you type of personality.
      I mean, even if someone is a wierdo, he’ll always find 1000 similar wierdos across the globe and get 1000 uniques on his blog. 😉

  43. R Kumar

    Very valuable tips Jeremy.
    In fact it is true that the best writing is writing from your heart. Language, grammar, spelling etc. at times are not even looked at by people, because they are able to connect with your thoughts from their heart. And this is because you have written from your heart. I too believe that is what gets readerships.

  44. The Affiliate Marketer's Help Desk

    You’re right for pointing out how easy it is to blow a whole day working on an article. The reason most affiliate marketer’s chose this route of earning is to avoid working the same treacherous hours they would work everywhere else. I applaud your straight and to the point approach. It’s always great to find some truly engaging and useful content. Thanks!

    Follow me @ http://www.twitter.com/krenee76

    5 Tips for Writing Engaging Content: http://affiliate-helpdesk.blogspot.com/2009/07/5-tips-for-writing-engaging-content.html

  45. teresa rothove

    I thought your tips were genuine. It is extremely important to take a deep breath that just jump in there with your thoughts and ideas. It need not be a book………, but sometimes when your opinions are high it takes one out there. So be it.

    What I would like to see you write about next time…… How to get people to leave comments. I don’t know if my blogs are even being read, because I have no comments. Then what do you do?

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  47. Uniquely Cool

    LOL I love posts like this. It’s amazing how many people are doing the same thing over and over. A hundred zillion gadget blogs, a million knitting blogs, etc.

    Perhaps this mimicking behavior can be traced back to our early caveman ancestors?

    Who knows… but I’m glad they do it. Competition is fierce enough… the last thing we need is more creativity 😉

  48. Kim

    Thank you for a great post. I really appreciate you being straight and to (or would that be two?) the point. I guess it is time for me to get back to writing my posts, but it takes so much thought to think about writing.

  49. Sergey Rusak

    ProBlogger meant in one of his posts that 70% blogs die in 3 month. I guess people just don’t believe in their abilities to blog and attract readers. Others are scared by looking on other blogs thinking that they will never be as good.
    Time is the best source to get readers. It is simple formula. More you blog, more people stick with you. If you have 100 visitors a day and only 1% likes your posts… it mean that you’ll get 365 regular readers in 1 year. Next thing, this 365 fans will be adding your links on Facebook, Tweet your posts, and link you. Visibility, backlinks, social media precence will generate bigger traffic over time.

  50. SMConline

    I’ve been neglecting my blog for the sake of client work–but truly an excuse for me to do it someday. Yeah, right! Someday will never get here.

    I loved the post. It makes me want to get off my butt and get my blog going. Thanks for the cup of cold water.

  51. Imran | IT Buzz

    Yeah you should be natural in posts and critical thing is that how much you value your visitors as Shoe replying to them timely make a them prestigious. So give users what they want will increase your readership.

  52. Web Design | Goran

    You have to be willing to stick your pecker out. Scary words to the more inhibited amongst us, but true words nevertheless. Shy wallflowers are at a distinct disadvantage in the online world.

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  54. Paul Norwine

    “Quit trying to be what you think people want you to be and be yourself.”

    Best advice of the post and something I need to do a better job of. Thanks for the reminder…


  55. Teresa Rothove

    Though I interjected in an earlier comment that I have no idea if people are reading my blog because of not receiving any comments, I thank those of you who gave some encouragement.

    Don’t know if this is a good idea, but if you could take a look at my blog and tell me (try to be kind) lol what you think it is lacking or if I’m doing ok and there just wasn’t anything to comment on. I would greatly appreciate the critique.


  56. Harry

    I agree with this post but I personally feel that your blog has got this much popularity due to the AdSense cheque. People now consider you as their hero.

    Lets put it this way, some XYZ blogger who is not famous blogs about how he liked a movie…no one will appreciate or agree but if you write the same post there will be thousands of people saying that they agree with you….99% of these would have not seen the movie. So its all about being popular and having a fan following…once you have so many fans then you can post anything and it will get appreciated for sure.

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  58. Mike Cochran

    Fantastic points here, most importantly is the idea of sticking your pecker out.

    I struggle with this endlessly, I’ll write something from the heart, then post it, and wind up editing it later on so because I’m afraid I may have offended someone..

    The lesson to learn here is believe in yourself and other people will also believe in you.

    They may not AGREE with you, but at least they know who you are, and that is the first step to building a trusting relationship with your readers.

  59. Ralf Zmölnig

    Mehr ist dem nicht hinzuzufügen: But if you are willing to be yourself and show the world your a regular dumb ass like them, before you know it people will start to connect with you and subscribe to your blog.

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  61. Master B

    This sure did give me more insight about writing blog. I love writing, but when it comes to write post, I got confused with all this SEO things. Back then i just write anything i like in my personal blog. But i never think much of gaining traffic, let alone, making profit. But since I’m into this money making online, I started to put extra hard work in researching niche, good keywords, and linkbuilding. Sometime, I wanted to write something not related to my niche, and I get second thought and postpone it, if not to say, cancel it. I got stuck now and then to choose what topic to write becoz I narrowed down myself with certain niche. But truly lately, after reading some posting made by successful blogger like yourself, I gain different perspective on what to write. Off course, still take times before I can begin attracting people to read it. After all, being newbie myself, I don’t think people would like to hear words coming out from someone who still struggling to get into something. Or perhaps, I am wrong? I am trying to focus on certain projects these days. Trying to concentrate on tiny steps and lets see how it would turn out. After reaching the limit time, I’m going to write it down, to share it to my readers. But aside from it, I’m still confuse. I am lack in everything. Especially, lack in speedy for connection. I dream, of making good design blog like urs now.

    Money Making Blogspot

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  63. S. Williams

    I agree…

    What good is freedom of speech if you’re afraid to use it?

    If you can’t tell someone to go fuck themselves on your blog what good is it?

    Sometimes they even thank you for it.

  64. Huddson Lee

    Yeah, I somehow drove traffic to my blog almost by accident a few weeks ago!!

    My little dog died and I wrote about it in relation to online marketing and in all of a sudden people started to read that blog post and getting to know me.

    I soon realized that people love to read stories and it’s always good to just be yourself when you write blog posts as people are attracted to you not only for the good contents a blogger provides but the writing style(aka personality) as well.

    People will like you for who you are if you just come out of the closet and be yourself.

    I’m glad I discovered it almost by accident and I should thank my little dog(in heaven) for that!


  65. David Moore

    Great advice, I’ve always found it difficult to come up with new original content for our company’s blog and that it isn’t always from the heart. Time for a new start and hopefully better content…

  66. CABO International is too fly for the clouds

    Persistence is key to success, doing something at a constant rate for long periods of time pays. So punch the wall and make your mark. This is no joke guys, when you feel like giving up, don’t.

  67. Walter Paul Bebirian

    I don’t care about who reads or looks at my blogs – I say what I think only once in a while and some of my main blogs *(if a person can find them) are merely posts of images that I have created *(either photographs or abstract art) and the blog posts make up collections on display that I enjoy myself – perhaps others like them and see them now or perhaps they will in the future – in either case they are fantastic tools for me to enjoy my work – myself –

    besides a world where everyone is doing the same thing to all be doing the right thing is extremely uncreative!!

    thank you!

    Walter :-)

  68. Chris Peterson

    Wow Jeremy!
    I mean, it might sound rediculous, but there are people aout there somewhere writing about blogging & somehow have similar points to convey, like:
    1. Do it because you love it.
    2. Don’t quit
    3. Be yourself
    4. Write a lot to be good in it.
    But they are non even anywhere to be seen or known on blogosphere & you say the same stuff in your style & make money from it. Incredible,man.
    It’s almost buttering. But it’s true.

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