SEO’s Need To Adapt Or Die

Companies have an unlimited budget for items that give them a positive return. Even in a recession this is true.

Unfortunately for SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization Experts) companies are considering their work one of these unmeasurable and many of theme are now out of work.

About everyone I know who attended (and was not a incisive media employee) was talking about how the SEO flag ship conference, SES San Jose, was completely dead… and everyone is blaming the recession. I concur the recession has hit the SEO industry very hard. In a recession people go into survival mode and if they cant easily justify the spend then they cut it.

Lately it seems like SEO companies have had to learn to adapt or die. SEO client work not only sucks but it does not scale and its definitely not stable.

Also there is no magic secret sauce to SEO anymore. Its pretty obvious how to get your site to the top of Google and people are making great products available to these businesses for a fraction of the cost.

Check out how the smart SEO’s are adapting:

Stephan Spencer – Stephan is a ninja when it comes to SEO but he has also embraced social media and creating super viral content. A bit ago we did a contest to design my business card. This contest was orchestrated by Stephan Spencers company Netconcepts. The contest generated a huge amount of buzz online and tons of links for his client

Aaron Wall – In addition to writing one of the best selling books on SEO, Aaron has a EXCELLENT paid forum. I wonder if Aaron takes client work anymore =P.

David Naylor – One of my best friends in the industry Dave is always constantly evolving. He owns a very large ISP in England and is also involved in many new cool products like firewall script.

Neil Patel After seeing their was no future in SEO Neil sold his SEO company and started making more service oriented companies like and the about to be unveiled

Patrick Gavin – Patrick was one of the first old school SEO’s to turn entrepreneur and start his own company – Text link Ads, maybe you have heard of it ? Patrick is now about to launch his new product Do It Yourself SEO. I have a feeling Patricks new service is going to put a bunch more SEO’s out of business but we will see when it launches.

Well I could go on for ever but the pattern is pretty clear. I am not going to go into the whole SEO is bullshit or seo is dead… the facts speak for themselves.

SEO Agencies providing client work are a dying breed. Especially when any monkey can have wordpress or any other CMS system up and running in 5 minutes and totally SEO’d as much as needed.

Noticed a trend it what dominates most search results lately? Wikipedia and wordpress blogs. How many SEO’s do you think they hired ? =P

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