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by Jeremy Schoemaker on August 21, 2009 · 77 comments is a iphone application that allows you to track how your website is doing including stats such as your site’s unique visitors, page views and over 40 others. This app can be downloaded from  iTunes for just $5.99

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1 Blaine Bullman

This is a very helpful iphone app because it does actually show all the stats not just a summary.Thumbs up :-)

2 Web Design | Goran


Now that doesn’t happen vey often! Cool shirt, but what interests me more is the iPhone app. Checking your analytics via your mobile rocks! Soon we will not need regular computers any more, and everything will pretty much be contained in our mobiles.

3 Chris Peterson

Yes actually It’s Rocking :)

4 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

Does that make me third after you then, Chris? ;-)

5 Craig

Shoe – Love the free shirt Friday idea. So much in fact that I just copied it for my site. (We got a few shirts from one of our clients in last week.)


6 Chris Peterson

Wow …really cool stuff Shoe :)

7 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Another black T shirt but I think they should mention their URL as well … otherwise this will look like as normal logo T shirt.

8 Chris Peterson

Every one has their own style. Sometime Bog letters in T-shirt looks SPammy

9 Online College

Putting the URL on the back up top wouldn’t look spammy at all to me.

10 Chis

Don’t think one is need, people will just do a search in the App store anyway.

11 Mickey

Analytics App is great! It’s a very impressive app, and useful from time to time. It’s worth having on your phone, for sure.

12 Michael Jensen

Thanks for featuring my app ShoeMoney!

13 R Kumar

Another black T-Shirt for Jeremy.
Good t-shirt.
Nice website but no use to me because I do not have an IPhone.

14 Kyle

Seriously, $6 I think I can live with not being able to see my graphs in google analytics in the browser.

15 Denise

Is that true we can see the graphs in google analytics. that very interesting

16 Medica Corner

Good T shirt give me one shoe :P

17 Posicionamiento Organico

does it work with blackberry? i dont have an iphone :(

18 Jeremy Schoemaker

sure you just use the iphone app emulator… err no it doesnt work.

19 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Jeremy we are getting frequent response from you in this post.

Seems to me that there application is your favourite as well.

20 Chris Peterson

It’s week end I guess Shoe is Free this weekend :)

21 Online College

Love the Free T-Shirt Friday idea you came up with. It is a great was to expand the T-shirt gallery as well. Half the shirt I wear come from trade shows, is that sad?

22 Jeremy Schoemaker

thats how i started it… all tradeshow shirts the first year or so

23 Chris Peterson

Jeremy i agree with your saying one has to start from some where :-P

24 NFL Predictions

Its a good app if you do a lot of traveling and want to keep up on the stats. 6 Bucks is fair but a little steep. If your getting it free anyways its a must.

25 Adam Struve

I’ve used the app and enjoy it. The only problem, as with any other app, someone will release a free rival app that is add supported soon.

26 Jeremy Schoemaker

if you really need a app like this …. your going to let 5$ stand in your way…

27 Web Design | Goran

Well put! $5 is small money, considering what you’re getting for it.

28 Bryce W

I bought it. I guess it was worth them sending a shirt to Shoe :)

29 Spica Casts

The app seems pretty cool to me, but yeah, I doubt I would pay $6.00 for it. I guess I’m just lazy like that. ;)

30 Michael Jensen

I have a money-back guarantee, so it’s like a free trial, if you don’t think it’s worth the $6 after trying it, I’ll refund you via paypal.

I don’t use Google’s web interface anymore, just the app, it’s that good! :)

31 SeoProfy

i am visiting every t-shirt friday and it’s good idea, i am going to send you t-shirt from ukraine in one week=)

32 PPC Coach

I like the simple logo in this one!

33 Affiliit

I’m diggin’ the shirt, Shoe!

34 Submit Links Free

How about a Windows Mobile version. Because Windows Mobile beats iPhone any day of the week :)


is there any other application for nokia smartphone like nokia 5800?
thanks :D

36 Bidet

This looks like a really cool app, too bad I dont have an iphone though.

37 Matt Ryan

Nice. I used Google Analytics which has some new features and is free.

38 Denise

That is good t-shirt shoe, I like it

39 cast

WOw that is great stuff apl
And a nice design t-shirt shoe simple and great

40 JoseGregorio

I love the logo! I still can not get over the idea of t-shirt friday! Love it!!!! Thanks!!

41 David Turnbull

Had this app for a while. Definitely one of the nicest ones on the iPhone. Works great.

42 sweaters

Hmmmm….not the most exciting T you’ve ever received, but a clean design nonetheless. 6.5/10.

43 Dave

WOW What a unique a creative LOGO!!!!

44 dawran

Nice t-shirt and app, keep up

45 watzabatza


Another good T-shirt huh!

I wanna have one like that…

46 Ian Fernando

I have this app and I love it. its great ot check web stats on teh go

47 Cheaper Parcel Deliveries

Jeremy, howcome you always wear tshirts and free tshirt friday gift shirts?

48 fas

Thats a nice tshirt. You seem to have put on weight shoe.

49 Technology Slice

Is this app only for iPhones?

50 Baby Nursery Decor

I have got this app and its great. It is actually setup better than the web version for quickly seeing stats and your best performing keywords.

51 Latest Tech News

Is that only once fee or we have to pay for it monthly by the way cool T-Shirt :)

52 Jacques Snyman | 3 Quotes

Black is my favorite colour for T-shirts. They are slimming, and don’t show the dirt, so I am really happy to see a lot of darker shirts featured recently. They just look sharper & classier.

53 ZK @ Web Marketing Blog

Seems to me that Jeremy is taking break in this weekend that’s why no new posts from him.


Don’t think much of the logo.

55 gagnerdelargentsurinternet

Thanks for the tip. Good for heavy travellers like myself

56 Nick Stamoulis

I’m still waiting for a decent analytics app for Android. There is only one right now and it’s not that great.

57 poorblogger

Wow.. Another good phone application..
But I’m poor blogger.. not earn enough money to buy that gadget

58 Jack Goldstein

The t-shirt look very nice and good. Hoping that i could have one like this.

I think the logo of the application should be improved a little bit to be more attractive to every one.

Regarding on the applications it is one of kind great creation of the one who has a great. It would be a big help for everybody.

59 Jack Goldstein

The t-shirt look very nice and good. Hoping that i could have one like this.

I think the logo of the application should be improved a little bit to be more attractive to every one.

Regarding on the applications it is one of kind great creation of the one who has a great vision. It would be a big help for everybody.

60 Paul Norwine

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the info about Analytics on the IPhone…very helpful and I didn’t even think to look for it before I read your post. I am new to your blog but have subscribed and look forward to the next post. Thanks!

Paul Norwine

61 Canada Immigration

I wish I could truly evaluate this without spending the $6. I know, relative to the gains we get from using Analytics, this is literally .5 seconds worth of expenditure, but some of the reviews that highlight the frequency of crashes, long delays in report display, and other issues give me pause (I choose to give the issues more weight than the positives).

This sounds very promising, but for my $6, I’ll wait for the an update that will hopefully fix these issues

62 Kevin

Nice simple shirt, Will check out their official website

63 kitchenhandmixer

it looks like a good application but the company should try to give it for free and then they can launch a pro version. they need to learn from google who make money by giving away its stuff free.

64 Chis

I’m not an Apple fan boy and don’t have or want an iPhone. But I can’t believe that people are moaning that it costs $6 lol

The guy needs to make a living ffs.

Make a Windows Mobile app and I’ll buy it. Although the market would be smaller I recon more people with Windows Mobile wouldn’t quibble so much over a few quid. Most iPhone users seem to live on a different planet.

65 Serket Watches

Free T-shirt Friday is an awesome idea. Who did you steal that from? ;) I mean borrow, who did you borrow that from?

66 Jenny

You look cool shoe with that t-shirt
Is great simple with dark colour
Like my favorite

67 Jenny

OH i forget one thing shoe
When you dilivery to me

68 Imran | IT Buzz

Awesome T-Shirt :)

69 CoolestGeek

Nice shirt. Its a very useful iphone app.

70 buy hytrin

Can I have a hug?
signature: generic sominex

71 Paula Yearns

Love it, webmaster apps coming to the Iphone.
I’m not surprised though. I think a lot of webmasters own Iphones and are doing some IM when on the road.

72 own

Good an advertising for Application. I have not got an iPhone, but I want the same t-shirt.

73 Mike Tompson

This is a great piece of writing, good blog.

74 Sally Puglia

Good info and right to the point. I am not sure if this is really the best place to ask but do you folks have any ideea where to hire some professional writers? Thanks in advance :)

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